FULL VIDEO My first video to ever go viral, now is being BLOCKED on YouTube?

FULL VIDEO My first video to ever go viral, now is being BLOCKED on YouTube?

I’ve just arrived on the scene of an incident here in Greenville Mississippi that seems to be that the police department is all upset about something it looks like they’ve had a car wreck two police cars have collided and now we have every police car into town here looking at this mess hi girls how y’all doing this looks like they’re good ones for Facebook let’s look and see what it looks like on the wreck site well there’s one car obviously hit and that’s the other car this evidently has just happened we got two policemen running into each other well that’s a heck of a note it’s got a lot of road tied up that cars told that’s what it is he’s get over here on this side so what we’ve got is we’ve got two police cars Disick Dora I’m afraid it’s going on Facebook

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  1. You're a moron. The guy said that while making the video. Ever think he might have changed his mind later, or posted it on both sites?


  2. This dumb ass already has a show, it's called "King Of The Hill".
    You know, where they stand around and comment on other people's lives 'cause they don't have one.
    It's bad enough you have an accident, cops or not, but to have some butt-sniff making comments that aren't helpful to the situation makes you want to smash his f*cking head in. When someone this old takes glee in another's misfortune, it makes me wonder why.
    Was he arrested for pedophilia and that's why he's raggin' on the cops? lol.

  3. Yeah, we drive two to three hundred city miles a day. Accidents are going to happen. …and when you find yourself in need of law enforcement, i.e., your helmet or high heels are stolen, post that on Facebook. I'm sure that'll get your property back.

  4. I love that in the South, everything is a social event. lol. What you probably didn't see on camera… 25 lawn chairs and a case of pepsi on the sidewalk 😀

  5. T-Boned in the south, somebody's feeling the heat. …… Traffic control is after thought, get the stories strait first!

  6. I am really surprised that did not come after that guy for filming them in bad light. That mad rush for donuts got out of control quickly I see.

  7. Dumb ass cops with poor training…..this looks like a street in a downtown area with cars and vendors on both sides,,,,The cops were obviosuly speeding and driving wreckless on a crowded street

  8. I went to the Police academy with a great Greenville Police Officer, Jimmy "Taco" Wilkerson class#172" that was a great man, R.I.P.

  9. Thank you sir…good start to my morning. The almighty police show that they're not exempt from the laws of physics…2 objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time…lol….

  10. i was born in greenville and my mother left for cali when I was a baby.  I've never been there (greenville), but hope to one day visit. you look familiar. have i seen you in a documentary?

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