Gabrielle Union Was the Draymond Green of Her High School Basketball Team

-How are you? -I’m fantastic. But I got
to talk to you about — You have so much going on
right now. -A lot.
-Two giant projects. -Yeah.
-But then the biggest thing to happen to you — You have a
beautiful little baby with you. [ Cheers and applause ] How old is your baby?
-She’s 6 months old. -Oh, my gosh.
-Yeah. -Congratulations to you
and Dwayne, as well. Everything’s
just amazing, right, and better and just awesome? -We basically believe
that we’re, like, the parents to, like,
the newest X-Men. [ Laughter ] Like, everything
she does is like, “I don’t think
other babies do this.” [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. She’s a genius. -She’s a genius.
Well, she’s in swim class, and I posted a couple clips
on it of her in swim class, but, like, now she’s holding
her breath pretty much — She’s Aquaman, basically. [ Laughter ] -She’s Jason Momoa right now.
-Yeah. -Well, I know that she’s
definitely well read because I have the picture here,
Reading “DaDa” by Jimmy Fallon, and it’s a great book.
[ Audience “awws” ] [ Applause ]
Thank you. -We like to have a little plug
before we appear on the show. “Bring the Jimmy Fallon book! We’re gonna see him next week.
Just get it. It’s fine.” -Just put it
in front of her, yeah. -Is everyone just buying you
books and blankets? -Books, blanket, inappropriate
onesies, which I love. -Did you get
an inappropriate onesie? [ Laughter ]
-Well, I asked for them. -Oh, okay. I got it.
I gotcha. I never got one of those.
Yeah. -We got you.
-Yeah. How was Mother’s Day
with the new baby? -You know what?
I was a little nervous — what “D” would do
for my first Mother’s Day. You know, there’s a lot on it.
-Yeah. -And I’ve been waiting.
This is like the miracle. And he was like,
“Babe, I think I’ve got the most perfect
romantic night for you.” So, we kind of did
a little bit Saturday — Saturday night, and he showed up
with some Jersey Mike’s, like, an Italian sub. -You like Jersey Mike’s? -Oh, the Italian sub?
Are you kidding me? Oh, it’s amazing.
[ Laughter ] -I love that you love that.
-Yeah, and then like three different pies
and, like, a bottle of wine. I was like, “you’re perfect!” [ Laughter ]
“You complete me!” -Exactly.
What did people get you? Isn’t that the greatest thing?
How is he doing, by the way? Is he over his hangover?
-Oh. Oh, my gosh. -Last time he was on the show —
-He was so hungover. -Dude, he was like — He was like, “Dude, I don’t know
if I can make it out there.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] He woke up and he’s like,
“I think I got the flu.” And I’m like, “Ha, no.
You don’t have the flu.” [ Laughter ] I don’t know how you made it to
37 and never been hungover. -Yeah, he’s never been hungover.
It was fantastic. I was so excited to have him on. I go, “I can’t believe
I’m talking to Dwayne Wade.” And just —
first time he’s hungover. -Oh, he just flop sweat.
-Oh, he’s sweating. [ Laughter ]
-He’s like, “Is it hot in here? What’s happening?”
I’m like, “Nope. Baby, it’s a hangover.”
-But he still looked good. -Oh, he’s still cute. -But he’s not the only
athletic person in the family. I will say this.
-Oh, geez. -I found of photo from
your eighth-grade yearbook. “Most athletic.”
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s you there.
How cute. Are you kidding me?
How cute are you. -Oh, that’s, like,
with my braces and my haircut that was inspired
by Duran Duran. -Aha!
[ Laughter ] But, also, I found
this photo, as well. -Oh, yeah. -Little basketball photo
right there. See? Come on.
-We are truly loving basketball. -How were you
at high-school basketball? -I led the league in technicals. [ Laughter ] -Did you really?
-No, I really did. I was like the Draymond Green
of my time. -What?!
-You know, like, the Rasheed Wallace of my day. -You were?
-I talked cash-ish. -Wow! Really? -I once got a technical for talking trash
to a player’s mother. -[ Gasps ]
Gabrielle Union! -“Are you proud of yourself?!
You raised that!” [ Laughter ]
“You proud of yourself?! Way to go!”
[ Laughter ] -“You raised that?!”
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s a good burn.
Yeah. That’s a good one. Are you gonna be tough
on “America’s Got Talent”? -No. No, I’ve become a softy.
-That’s the old you. -Yeah, I mean, like I can’t —
like my whole career has just been one big long “no,”
and, you know, it’s depressing. So, I want to be
a part of telling people “yes” and making dreams come true. -Yeah, but you also got to give
a couple zingers in there. -You have to be really bad, like there was a poor girl
and — Spoiler alert — Who believed, truly,
in her heart that she had trained a chicken. “Ma’am, you know what’s
not trained? That chicken.” [ Laughter ] -“You raised that!
You raised that chicken!” [ Laughter ]
-But I just — I couldn’t. -No, of course not.
-She was so sweet, and I just — I was like, “So, next time” — Like, how do you give
constructive criticism for chicken —
-What did the chicken do? -Nothing that it was
suppose to do. [ Laughter ]
-Like It Was — -See? ‘Cause now I kind of want
to see this now. I’m rooting
for the chicken, man. That would be fantastic.
[ Laughter ] -It don’t make it.
-Okay, it doesn’t make it.

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  1. Don't forget to Vote for Papa Bernie Sanders.. the Man of all Americans… Straight on his views since 1980s.. fighting for Middle class Americans.. I believe in him . 🙏🙏🙏💕💞💖

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  3. SO she was a thug who rides on the success of her teammates and blatantly injures other players and shows no remorse. Good thing to be proud of!! 👌👍👍



  6. I love her so much!! I forgot how funny she was!! ( yeah I know how can I even forget that?!?!?)

  7. I didn't know who she is, but I started the video. Went on Google to see how old she is in the first 10 seconds of the video thinking she's probably 25ish and then it hit me – 46 years old…

  8. So Happy for u Gabrielle Union congratulations on your baby u are beautiful and talented i love ❤️ u and your movies.

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