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Gambler Full Movie | Hindi Movies | Govinda Movies | Shilpa Shetty

Hail Bajrangbali!
Daya Shankar Pandey
has done great deeds!
From heroin to cocaine..
from sword to weapon..
..and from ruffians to goons..
Daya Shankar Pandey has..
Nabbed them!
Who nabbed the smugglers?
– It’s your miracle.
Cheaters. – You.
Sir, you have a boon!
Why are you trembling?
Stand straight!
Sir.. you have done such great deeds.
But I have never heard your name.
Bald man!
Your days are over! You!
What is your father’s name?
– What did you say?
Look, he can’t hear properly.
Then how would you hear
about his deeds, deaf man!
When sir says something, it’s true.
It’s a serious matter.
And every matter is amazing!
So I have never eaten my meal..
..without touching my sir’s feet.
Get tea for Babulal!
Sir, come! Join us!
He gave a dirty look.
– I think he has got jaundice.
Forget that!
Tell me! Who nabbed Charles Shobraj?
I swear, sir. I didn’t nab him.
Fool, you can’t hold
your stick properly.
What will you nab Charles Shobraj?
Fine, you tell me!
Who nabbed Charles Shobraj?
Sir, that day I had
gone to recover money.
Did you see this? Everybody is lazy!
Fools! Charles Shobraj was caught by..
Mr. Pandey, fools!
Sir, where did you
nab Charles Shobraj?
At the corner of Bhindi bazaar!
Bhindi bazaar?
But he was nabbed in Goa.
When sir is saying Bhindi bazaar,
then its Bhindi bazaar!
It can’t be any other place!
Stay within your limits!
Talking about Goa!
Whenever anybody calls..
don’t answer it immediately.
Why, sir?
Because people should
think that the police are busy.
Hello. Sub-inspector
Daya Shankar Pandey speaking.
Heard his English?
I have planted a bomb
in your police station.
Okay, okay.
What! Planted a bomb
in the police station.
Scoundrel! From where are you calling?
I won’t tell you!
Your name!
Do people who plant
bombs give their names?
Hello! Hello! Listen!
At least tell me..
where did you plant the bomb?
That deaf man.. – Yes.
In his pocket. – I see! I see!
And the bomb will
explode after 10 seconds.
Still left? Thank you!
Hey! Hey! Don’t move!
You go home! Its your off! – What?
Its your off! You can explode at home!
We don’t have time
to pick up your pieces!
But sir, still 2 hours
are left for my duty to get over.
You go home!
Otherwise you will kill us too!
There is a bomb in
your pocket! – What!
Why have you caught me?
Why have you caught me?
Remove the bomb!
How can I remove the bomb?
I don’t know how to do that!
Bomb! Bomb!
It’s not my work!
You have nabbed dangerous criminals!
You will remove my bomb!
Criminals don’t explode!
But bomb does explode!
And it kills people!
Sir! Enough!
I can’t endure it any more!
Whatever you want to do,
do it within 5 seconds, Babulal!
Sir, I will find it.
Stand here. – Leave me! Leave me!
“Glory to God! Glory to God!”
Oh my God!
Don’t worry.
I am there. Then why to fear?
“There is too much tension of bomb.”
“The problem will
be solved immediately.”
“Glory to God! Glory to God!”
“Glory to God! Glory to God!”
Babulal.. Babulal.. I knew
that there is an apple in his pocket.
I was just checking.
Everybody is a coward! Coward!
And why are you laughing?
You bring apple without paying for it!
And they call to harass us!
Babulal.. there are very
few youths like you in our country.
That’s why we don’t progress.
Somebody bring cold water for me.
– I will get it, sir.
Cowards! Afraid of bomb!
Everybody is a coward!
I knew it was an apple.
The bottle is open.
Is it Bisleri? – Yes.
You are great! Everybody is foolish!
You are sober!
Everybody else is silly!
No, no, no!
Not so soon! The police are busy!
I was checking you.
Hello. Sub-inspector Pandey speaking.
Mr. Pandey! A very dangerous man..
has climbed a huge building.
And he is threatening
that he will jump down.
Then let him jump!
Why are you standing below?
Move aside!
Otherwise he might jump on you!
He will really jump!
All these are empty threats!
He is a fool!
He is fooling everybody!
And listen.. Pandey is
not interested in such cases.
You people bashed
me a lot in the lock up!
If anybody came up, I will jump!
No! No! No! No!
You surrender yourself to the police.
Nobody will say anything!
The police can’t nab me.
I am saying that I will jump!
Hey! Who are you?
You are a loafer.
I am also a loafer.
You are a cheater.
I am also a cheater.
Don’t come ahead! Don’t come ahead!
Don’t come ahead!
Otherwise I will jump!
Want a cigarette?
It has the best tobacco. Kashmiri.
You are from the same profession.
That’s why I asked you.
Want some?
Take this.
What is this?
Handcuff. – But you are..
A police man!
Inspector Shiva! – What!
You have raped an innocent girl,
haven’t you?
Come on! – Where?
Jump! To jump!
Who will jump! I will not jump!
You will jump!
I will not jump!
Now that the time has come to jump.. are saying I will not jump!
I won’t jump!
– You will have to jump! Come on!
Take him away!
Shiva! Again on duty!
When law needed me..
I fulfilled my duty.
Now old habits have beckoned me..
I drank this!
You have jumped from
such a great height..
..if something had happened..
if you had died!
Who wants to live?
As it is the real
life begins after death.
All this goes on.
Yes! This is the motto!
Your work should be
proportionate to your salary.
Understand? – Guru!
What are you doing?
I have touched your feet, now
I can peacefully eat my dinner. Bye.
Take care. – Okay.
Mr. Daya Shankar Pandey,
how are you? – Fine.
Where are you going?
– My duty is over. So I am leaving.
No! Today you will work overtime!
No, no, no! I earn decent meals.
I don’t want to earn more.
Mr. Pandey, it’s not about earnings.
Today Ramakant has
again not come on duty.
What is Ramakant’s problem?
Sometimes somebody is sick.
At times some other problem.
Who is he?
He is the one who
had climbed the building.
Why did you climb the building?
Get lost! – Come!
You nabbed him? – Then what!
Now there is no problem
in doing overtime.
Let’s go. – There is enough work.
Go inside! Come on!
Nothing. I was just telling Babulal..
..about my position
at my previous work place.
I would leave my house. And
the goons would leave the locality.
I would venture out of the locality..
..and the goons would leave the city.
I would venture out of the city
and the goons would leave the country.
I would venture out of the country..
..and the goons would
be within the country.
What are you doing? Am I lying?
No, sir! What are you saying!
Then why are you moving your thumb?
No, no, I am saying
that I have met many people.
But nobody like you.
What are you saying?
Hello. Sub-inspector
Daya Shankar Pandey speaking!
This is SP Kulkarni speaking.
– Yes, sir! Greetings!
We have received the
news that wanted smuggler..
..Babu Kana is in Dimple hotel.
Yes, sir! Tell me!
Quickly take the police
force and arrest him!
Okay, sir! I will definitely
do the needful, sir! Okay, sir!
‘I will have to do it.’
‘I will have to arrest him.’
‘Oh my God! Babu Kana!’
‘He has committed
107 murders till now.’
‘And 45 rapes.
And he has killed 7 families.’
‘He had even killed 2 policemen.’
‘Oh my God!
Why did I receive this call?’
What happened, guru?
It has not happened. It will happen.
Babu Kana will be arrested.
Yes, sir!
Today there will be a miracle!
‘Instead of hotel Dimple,
I will raid..
..Hotel Simple which
is in its vicinity.’
‘When this news will
reach Hotel Dimple..
..Babu Kana will become cautious.’
‘And he will run away.’
‘Then I will raid Hotel Dimple.’
‘And I will tell ACP
sir that Babu Kana ran away.’
‘When work can be
accomplished peacefully..
..then why to use bloodshed?’
Babulal, run!
What happened, guru?
The enemy might even
have automatic weapon!
Mr. Babu Kana,
how did the police come here?
That’s why I told you
to meet me in Hotel Dimple.
Now what will happen?
Leave! Leave! Leave! Go! – Okay!
‘He looks like a goon.
I will nab him!’
‘I will nab him here..
and Babu Kana will escape from there.’
‘Then I will take his
statement and release him.’
I know! I know!
Killer, smuggler!
You can fool the law!
But not Daya Shankar!
Hands up! Hands up!
Hands up!
Hey! You don’t know who I am!
No matter who you are,
you are not that man!
I am a big criminal!
No matter how big criminal you are.. are not bigger than him!
Beware if you tried to arrest me!
If I won’t arrest you,
then will I arrest him?
I am a dangerous man! I will kill you!
Bald man! You will kill my sir!
Babulal, control your emotions!
Just control your emotions!
– I will control!
And you are under arrest! Come on!
Well done, my boy. Well done.
– Sir.
Well done? – Yes, well done.
Finally, you nabbed Babu Kana.
Babu Kana? – Yes.
He looks so dangerous!
This idea was not so good!
With whom I have locked horns!
There must be something
in this too, guru.
What? It’s nothing!
It has made me tense.
I am feeling irritated!
I will go in the open air!
There must be something in that too.
Guru, you go!
I will handle him! You go!
So! – Hey!
Take care of him.
Oh my God! – What happened, Babulal?
This Babu Kana has made me tense.
Cowshed! Father told me so many times!
Don’t leave the family cowshed!
But I didn’t listen to him!
There it was so much fun!
And then milking the cow!
Kamala! Come.
Kamala! Kamala! Kamala!
Kamala, how are you? – I am fine.
Are you fine?
Are you feeling dizzy? – No.
Vomiting? – No.
Where is your father?
Your step-father?
My father has gone to the city.
Your father has gone to the canals.
Your father has gone to the city.
My father has gone to canals.
Then come and embrace me!
Get lost!
Kamala! Kamala! Stop!
“We both have united.”
“And we have lost our slumber.”
“My Kamala has entered my cowshed!”
Your face is smeared with cow dung.
Your buffaloes are bad!
They ruined my face! I am going!
Kamala! Kamala! Listen to me!
Buffalo, today because
of you my Kamala has left!
Kamala, wait! I will wash your face!
Today I will not spare you!
Dirty buffalo!
You don’t even take a bath!
You fool! Idiot!
I will not spare you!
Scoundrel, take this!
What are you doing?
You ruin the cowshed!
Babulal! Babulal! What are you doing!
Do you understand!
Sir was sleepwalking.
I will not leave you.
A truck filled with weapons..
is leaving on time.
When time is favourable,
everything runs smoothly, Saxena.
Mr. Jatin, your work is great!
The police raids terrorists
and seize their weapons.
And you rob the same weapons..
..and you sell it to the
terrorists and earn loads of money!
Let’s go!
I am tense about Babu Kana.
“The journey is pleasant.”
“Babu Kana, may you die.”
“I am afraid I might get trapped.”
“The sky is bowing
in front of the earth.”
Long live Dilip Kumar.
“I saw this union here.”
What is this?
I forget to refill the petrol.
I will get stuck in the jungle.
Police inspector!
Take me to the petrol pump! Come on!
Sir.. police officer!
Come on! Petrol pump!
Faster! Drive faster!
Hey! Stop!
My motorcycle!
My motorcycle!
It’s my duty’s motorcycle!
Stop! Stop! Hey!
Stop! What joke is this!
Boss, he is dangling!
He is dangling! He thinks
he is a daring man! Drop him!
Look, I will count till 3!
Boss, he is a dangerous officer!
He is trying to climb up!
What! He is trying to climb up!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Look, this is too much!
Look, do you see that branch?
Use that to brush him off!
He will surely fall!
1.. 2.. 3. Hail Bajrangbali!
Look! Look! Did he fall? Look!
He fell down!
The police officer fell down!
He thought he was very smart!
He thought he was very daring!
Hands up!
Since when I am telling you to stop!
Why are you not stopping?
He looks like a goon!
You should have stopped!
Listen! Listen!
You too are a goon!
What are you doing!
Listen! Look, I am politely
explaining! Do understand!
This is not the respectable way!
I am telling you!
Like a good citizen, give me the gun!
Along with the motorcycle,
we have to give..
..account of bullets
too to the government.
Don’t do this!
Why are you troubling me? The gun..
Now you are stuck!
Now you are stuck! Give!
You fool! You snatched the revolver!
You snatched the revolver!
Motorcycle.. get up! Get up!
Constable! – Yes, sir!
Arrest him!
Well done, Daya Shankar!
Well done! Well done!
Wow, Daya Shankar! Wow!
You have done a great deed!
Now what have I done?
You have seized weapons
worth crores of rupees!
‘I didn’t seize it. It just happened.’
Daya Shankar, go on!
Do more great deeds!
‘If I don’t stop all this,
soon I will die.’
I don’t want it! I don’t want it!
Why? What happened?
I don’t want such a garland.
This is the trait of a great man!
– How do you do all this?
Who does it? It just happens.
Yes! This is what
every great man says!
Great man? I am a great man?
You have still not heard my tales!
Look, to hear the truth,
a person needs..
..a kind heart..
a compassionate heart.
Do you have that? – Yes!
Then shall I tell the truth? – Yes!
Will you listen? – Yes!
Look, when I am narrating my tale,
don’t stop me.
And don’t stop me saying stop that!
“Stop that!
Stop that! Stop that! Stop that!”
“Stop that! Stop that! Stop that!”
“I swear that I will
only speak the truth.”
“But whenever I say something,
they say..”
“Stop that!”
“Don’t laugh at my talks.”
“Don’t think I am lying.”
“I don’t tell the truth. I swear.”
“I have not drunk whiskey,
beer or rum.”
“I met Madhuri Dixit.”
“We eat peanuts.”
“She said I will marry you.”
“I will cook for you. – Stop that!”
“I told Madhuri not to come home.
– Stop that!”
“I said no to Sridevi.”
“Even if somebody gives
me a car of gold in dowry.”
“Or a gold chain.”
“But I am still not
ready for marriage.”
“I am still a child.”
“My grandpa wears diaper.”
“His spectacles have wipers.”
“Daddy breaks his
bones when he plays.”
“I have played football on Everest.”
“I have pushed the
train with both my hands.”
“Dara Singh is my student.”
“My horse has shed on the moon.”
“Listen to the headlines.”
“Now my rule will reign.”
“I will give car
to everybody for free.”
“Everybody will get petrol on loan.”
“I will distribute food for free.”
“Liquor will flow in the ditch.”
“Now there won’t be
any tax on the income.”
“And my photo will be
published on 100 rupees note.”
“Bribe will be compulsory.”
“Latest trend will be undergarments.”
“The one who will lose the election.”
“He will shave his head.”
“The one who will give false speech.”
“He will not get any meal.”
“Everybody’s wife will be dumb.”
“Officers will wear only wrap around.”
“Doctors will perform
operation in network.”
“All the workers will work.”
“The blind man said,
let’s watch a movie.”
“The crippled man said,
let’s play football.”
“The bald man said, where is my comb?”
“When the handicapped gave a punch,
there was problem.”
“The old man eats areca nuts.”
“And a guy winked at him.”
“The dumb started singing.”
“The deaf man heard
and closed his ears.”
“A man drops the
coconut from the tree.”
“People with more children,
they will be imprisoned.”
“The mad man too plays chess.”
“And cricket.”
“Ms. India grows a beard.”
“Rambo will wear a sari.”
“Old people’s height will decrease.”
“Government will tax even the air.”
“Money will grow on tree.”
“You will receive the permit to wear.”
“My movie is going to be released.”
“Bachchan is the villain
and the heroine is Jaya.”
“When I was signed.”
“We drank wine together.”
“I taught fight to Jackie Chan.”
“Michael Jackson steals my songs.”
“I am not just an actor.
I am a cricketer too.”
“I am better than Kapil.”
“Kambli got nervous and he shouted.”
“When I board out Sachin.”
“When I went to buy gram flour.’
“I met Tyson.”
“When he didn’t give me flour.”
“I gave him a tight slap.”
“PT Usha had offered me a cold drink.”
“When I won the gold
medal in the Olympics.”
“When an astrologer saw my palm.”
“He said there is nobody like me.
– Stop that!”
“Don’t laugh at my talks.”
“Don’t think I am lying.”
“I don’t tell the truth. I swear.”
“I have not drunk whiskey,
beer or rum.”
“Stop that!”
“Stop that!”
“Stop that!”
“Stop that!”
Where is he? Karianna has not come?
He only had called the meeting.
How are you?
Sorry. I got late.
What’s the meaning of
calling for an urgent meeting?
Your man Udhay Shetty!
The police nabbed him!
That’s it?
Oh God! Flame is small.
Still it can lead to fire.
What if that Udhay
Shetty told the police?
Our men become tough
in the police lock up.
And Udhay Shetty
is not an ordinary man.
He is a criminal.
He won’t say anything.
today I am going to take a decision.
And I will take the decision.
What decision?
Your man! If the police
made Udhay Shetty speak up..
..then he will take my name,
not yours.
So I won’t work with
your gang members.
Now I want to end the tension.
Now I want to break ties with you.
You want to break ties with me?
Yes, yes!
I want to start my old business!
If I had sold a pinch of powder,
I would have earned lakhs!
Don’t act so smugly.
You will incur loss.
Karianna will not incur any loss,
I will make others incur loss.
I will put the whole
world into trouble.
You will put the whole
world into trouble!
What did you tell my brother?
You will put the whole
world into trouble.
Look, I have got this for you! Water!
And what is this? Boat! Boat!
This boat has drowned!
This boat has drowned!
Applause! Applause!
Brother, you too applause!
The boat has drowned!
Karianna applies
sandalwood on his forehead.
And he brings death upon his enemy.
Karianna’s enemy has
to pay a huge price, Jaichand.
High price!
Karia! – Hey!
Jaichand! You will have
to pay a huge price for this joke!
Your mad brother..
Brother, he called me mad!
I am bound to call a mad man mad!
Your brother insults me!
And you clap, Jaichand!
Karia.. I can see bloodshed.
But not tears in my brother’s eyes.
Go! Before the brute
within me wakes up!
I will not spare you!
Get lost!
Father! Father, look!
I will show it to mother too! – Okay!
Mother! Mother! Come quickly!
Brother, you are great!
Again great? It has shaken me up!
Now what did I do
early in the morning?
Look, brother!
Another great deed of Daya Shankar!
Sub-inspector Daya Shankar
Pandey risked his life..
..and confronted dangerous goons.
Brother.. what happened to you?
No! My hands are
shaking out of delight.
And brother, these tears.
These too are tears of happiness.
Son, today you have made us proud.
‘Mother, you don’t know.
My life is in danger.’
‘I have locked horns with smugglers.’
‘A big problem.’
What will happen now?
What are you thinking?
– Nothing, mother.
I am thinking about the future.
Brother, nab such smugglers
and goons everyday.
So that your photo
is published everyday.
Silence! Keep quiet!
Don’t praise me so much.
‘They all want to kill me.’
‘I will nab goons.
Everybody will be proud.’
‘And I will be dead.’
Oh God! Now what will happen?
Sub-inspector Daya Shankar!
Pleased with your bravery..
government is promoting you.
From sub-inspector,
you have been made an inspector.
Guru! – Thank you!
‘This will infuriate
the smugglers more.’
‘This is a troublesome promotion.’
‘Grave problem.
I was happy without this promotion.’
Mr. Pandey!
Who is it?
Mr. Pandey, what are you thinking?
I am thinking about my future.
Mr. Pandey, your future is bright.
Yes, I can see that.
Forget that, Mr. Pandey!
There should be a party
to celebrate your promotion.
Am I right, sir?
Shouldn’t we have a party!
How are you?
Is everything fine in the college?
Study well.
I do take rounds of that place.
Don’t bring this liquor! Look!
Come, Priya! Come!
Drink. But drink less, Shiva.
Otherwise you will
get health problems.
My heath has already deteriorated, Mr.
Daya Shankar.
Now I drink just to live. Cheers.
No! Look,
your friendship is very dear to me.
Don’t drink.
Nothing will happen to me,
Daya Shankar.
Our friendship will remain intact.
Daya Shankar.. where is your glass?
Sir, no! I don’t drink.
At least drink today! A bit of scotch.
No, sir! I have never drunk.
And I will never drink!
I have always drunk! – Babulal!
I will always drink!
I used to drink there!
And I drink here too!
I used to drink yesterday!
I am drinking today too!
I will drink to celebrate
guru’s happiness.
Sir.. guru is my God!
Sorry! Thank you!
Oh! She is.. my friend. Hi, Ritu!
Hi! – Come here!
Gosh! Good to see you
after a long time! – Hi!
How are you, baby?
– Fine! Long time no see!
You called me and I came!
– Thank you so much!
Ritu.. meet him.
He is inspector Daya Shankar.
Hi. – This party has been
given to celebrate his promotion.
Okay! – Won’t you congratulate him?
Sure! Congratulations!
Mr. Daya Shankar..
she is Ritu. She lives in Canada.
Hello. – I see!
She knows nobody in India.
But she loves India a lot.
I see!
She is my childhood friend. – I see!
She has come to see India.
To see or to fool? – What?
Mr. Daya Shankar, this is her style.
She stays abroad.
Whether it’s abroad or moon,
she is from India.
You are right.
When I see a girl like you..
I and my loneliness.. always say.
If every girl starts
wearing minimal clothes..
..then every young man
will have only one desire.
There will be sweat on the forehead.
And handkerchief in his hand.
Everybody will talk about them.
And every man will say.. be careful.
That time too will be amazing!
When girls like us will rule!
Very good, Ritu! – Thanks!
Mr. Daya Shankar! Mr. Daya Shankar!
I think Daya Shankar didn’t like it.
Why? Did I do anything wrong?
You didn’t do anything wrong.
But.. hold on. Neeta.
Listen to me.
Fine? – Okay.
You and your loneliness
always say this.
This loneliness too is amazing, guru.
Babulal, why do you think so?
It’s Amitabh’s ‘Silsila’, guru.
We both are from Allahabad.
That’s why our thinking is similar.
You know Amitabh?
Know? He is from my village.
The same locality..
the same lane.. the same house.
No! Same house!
There was a wall in between.
They lived that side of the wall.
And we lived on this side.
Since childhood..
Lord! Lord!
You meet Madhuri on the road.
You know Amitabh.
Why don’t you meet Amitabh once?
I will meet him, Babulal.
I will meet him.
Let me first become the commissioner.
‘Who is this beautiful
girl who has come in my party?’
Excuse me. – Yes.
I am Daya Shankar Pandey. Hello.
Greetings. I am inspector
Daya Shankar Pandey. – Oh!
Welcome. What’s your name? – Radha.
What? – Radha!
Radha! You look very pretty.
Come. Welcome. Come.
A beautiful girl like you.. hello..
A beautiful girl like you..
please come.
Seeing you,
I and my loneliness always say.
Indian woman, your attire is a sari.
When you lift veil,
its wards off evil eye.
And when you show a glimpse..
..people brace their heart forever.
If you had not been there..
life would not be fun.
Where you are..
this life is also there.
And if you are not there..
I will be where you are.
We would talk and chat.
We would share our thoughts.
Thank you!
Sir! Why have we come here?
Fool! The police are present
at the place of trouble!
A girl had called me saying today..
..there will be some
trouble in this hotel.
And there is no problem in my area.
There will be a grave problem!
I will drown. You will save me.
Then we will go for dinner.
And then gradually
the matter will progress.
Oh no! Leave my hand! Leave my hand!
I am not joking!
Sir, I can see beautiful girls!
Where? – There.
No! – Come on, Ritu!
I don’t know swimming!
I will drown! No! – Come on!
Oh no! She!
Sir, what happened? – Hey!
Sir, what happened?
Sir, what happened?
What happened?
What happened? – That tall girl..
she is a big problem.
She is mad. We will have to leave.
Is somebody there?
Help! She will drown!
There is no sheet! – No!
You all don’t know swimming? – No!
Then have you come here to drown?
– No! We have come to learn!
Somebody help!
– Why don’t you help her?
My clothes will get drenched!
Somebody throw the tyre!
Help the girl!
She is drowning! Somebody help!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
I am coming!
Help! – What has happened to her!
Come! Come! Carefully!
Where is she? Where is she?
You are here! Come! Come!
Carefully! Carefully!
Stick! Catch hold of the stick!
Catch hold of the stick!
Catch hold of the stick!
Thank you! My goggles!
Its over! We have almost reached!
Its over! Its over! Its over!
Its over!
Carefully! Carefully! Carefully!
We have reached! Carefully!
My goggles.
The water was very cold, wasn’t it?
He is a brave police officer.
Come! Carefully! Oh God!
Carefully! Carefully!
Ritu, are you fine? – Ritu!
Go! Go! Are you okay?
Inspector, thanks a lot!
You were great!
Thank you.
Shall I squeeze your stomach?
No, thank you. – Are you fine?
If you had not been there..
I would have died.
Thank you very much!
Do you eat? – Yes.
You eat at night?
– I eat at night too.
You eat alone? – Yes.
Why? Have it with me! – No!
I too am a swimming champion.
Wow! Babulal is right.
You are amazing!
Keep quiet!
First tell me.. who pushed me?
Sir.. that too is amazing.
Keep quiet!
What is amazing about a push?
What if I had drowned? And that girl..
Excuse me! Ms. Radha.
You didn’t recognize me? – No.
I am Daya Shankar Pandey. That party!
I see!
Listen! – Yes.
Today you are.. looking very pretty.
Do you eat? – Yes.
You eat at night? – Yes.
You eat alone? – Yes.
Why? Have it with me! – No!
If he thinks you are Radha..
then love him like Radha.
What’s the problem?
No. I want to tell him the truth.
That I am Radha as well as Ritu.
But I am scared.
After telling the truth..
I might lose my love.
Oh! So you are scared.
You are scared, aren’t you?
Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.
You are scared, aren’t you? Hang on.
Take this.
This! What is this?
After drinking this,
you can easily express your love.
And fear.. fear vanishes.
Is that so? – Yes.
You! – Yes!
You are drunk! – Yes.
But what are you doing in my room?
Daya! I want to tell you something!
Tell me in the balcony! Come!
Hurry up!
How did you enter my house?
You are so heavy!
Daya! Where did he go?
What are you doing? Oh God!
Where to go? – Come here!
Come! Come! Come!
Keep quiet! Keep quiet! – Brother!
Always calling me!
– Brother, what is going on?
Keep quiet!
I didn’t bring her! She herself came!
Come! Come!
Brother, shall I go to sleep?
Slowly! Slowly!
You will tarnish my image! I beg you!
Don’t tarnish my image!
Why don’t you understand?
I want to tell you something!
So say! What are you doing here!
Just now I had kicked you!
I will kick you again!
Cling to the wall!
Brother.. what are you doing?
Mind your own business! Go to sleep!
Go! Asking questions
from your brother!
Come here! Come here!
What noise is this?
Come here! Come here!
Mother! – What happened?
The noise. – Noise? From where?
Must be a rat. Go to sleep.
“Don’t stare at my slyly.
I will abuse you.”
“Don’t stare at my slyly.
I will abuse you.”
“And you will become pale.”
“Don’t stare at my slyly.
I will abuse you.”
“And you will become pale.”
“Chewing gum.”
“You stick to me like chewing gum.”
“Chewing gum.”
“You stick to me like chewing gum.”
“Chewing gum.”
“Swaying her tresses,
stomping her feet.”
“She is walking with a saunter.”
“She is clinging to me.”
“Her anger has raised
chaos in the whole city.”
“She is filled with rage.
She is mad with rage.”
“She will not get anything.
She will scream.”
“She will clap.”
“She imitates Laila for Majnu’s sake.”
“Don’t stare at my slyly.
I will abuse you.”
“And you will become pale.”
“Chewing gum.”
“You stick to me like chewing gum.”
“Chewing gum.”
“She arrogantly expresses
her love for me.”
“She is wayward.”
“I will reform her.”
“She is a girl with many troubles.”
“She talks rubbish
and quarrels everyday.”
“This thorn thinks she is a flower.”
“She acts smugly.”
“Don’t stare at my slyly.
I will abuse you.”
“And you will become pale.”
“Don’t stare at my slyly.
I will abuse you.”
“And you will become pale.”
“Chewing gum.”
“You stick to me like chewing gum.”
“Chewing gum.”
“Chewing gum.”
“She sticks to you like chewing gum.”
“Chewing gum.”
Where is Munna?
Where is Munna?
Karianna abducted Munna.
He says.. if you won’t
testify against Jaichand..
..he will kill Munna.
Your leader is Jaichand.
Sign on this.
Meow! Meow!
Udhay Shetty.
Tell me. When to kill him?
Stop his breath.
It should happen tonight.
Once Billa accepts the money..
..then you can’t change your mind.
Karianna. Udhay Shetty
has testified against Jaichand.
Then why to kill him?
You are a fool!
What if Udhay Shetty
changed his testimony.. the court out
of fear of Jaichand.
What if he took my name?
Now Udhay Shetty has to die!
And after he dies..
Jaichand will get trapped.
Meow! Meow!
Meow! Meow!
Here is your arrest warrant.
Udhay Shetty has said
everything in his statement.
What have you done, Jaichand?
Can’t you see?
The warrant got burned.
Now there won’t be any arrest.
Very soon I will come with
another warrant of your arrest!
And I will put an end to your crimes.
Meow! Meow!
The police commissioner.
Avtar Kaushik.
Commissioner? – Yes, Billa.
I will pay you handsomely
for killing the commissioner.
The murder has been committed
outside the theatre.
Meaning crowd must
have gathered there..
Inspector Daya Shankar! – Hello, sir!
Jaichand has threatened
to kill commissioner..
..Kaushik within 24 hours.
Very bad, sir!
This sounds very dangerous to me!
I appoint you for his safety.
Me? Why me?
I mean.. sir, you should appoint..
..some other officer for this task.
But I have heard
about your great deeds.
I am fed up of these deeds!
Sir.. do one thing!
Appoint inspector Shiva.
He jumps from 20-22 floors building.
And I.. I can’t even
jump from the table.
There is something in this too, guru.
What? It’s about life and death,
I know! I know!
Saying this you achieve everything!
Here is the order!
Now you will protect
the commissioner. – Sir!
Oh God! What all
things I have to face!
Tell me, Saxena.
Jaichand.. by making
a blunder of officer’s leave..
..I have appointed a coward
officer for commissioner’s safety.
Daya Shankar.
Meow! Meow!
There is a bomb beneath the car!
Sir, get out of the car!
What.. what happened, Daya Shankar?
What happened?
Where are you taking me?
There is a bomb beneath the car!
Let’s go!
Sir, wait here!
I will tackle that scoundrel!
Meow! Meow!
Sir, this is Sitaram speaking.
Commissioner sir has been murdered.
What! Commissioner sir..
what about Daya Shankar?
Can’t you see?
What has happened?
Hey! How are you driving the car!
I didn’t do it deliberately!
A woman was crossing the road..
..and to save her..
and my friend has been shot!
I have to take him to the hospital!
You are a police officer!
It means you can do anything!
Hey! Don’t abuse me!
You are drunk on duty!
I will not spare you!
Do whatever you want!
Get lost! – You don’t know me! Okay!
Get lost! Get lost!
You will have to pay a huge price!
Let me tell you!
Move your car!
I will not spare you! – Move your car!
Sister.. quickly test
Daya Shankar’s blood group.
And I want these tests to
be conducted immediately. – Yes, sir.
Doctor.. my friend!
He will be fine. Don’t worry.
Shiva! – Aunt!
Shiva.. Daya..
Aunt.. aunt, everything will be fine!
You don’t worry! Please! Sit, aunt!
Where is the operation theatre?
– There!
‘Today in the morning
some goons attacked..
..police commissioner
Avtar Khaushik’s car.’
‘And killed him brutally.’
He died! Brother, he died!
Commissioner died! He died!
He had come to arrest my brother!
He died! He went to heaven!
Good job!
How are you? – Fine.
Good morning, brother!
Ritu, you must not
have slept the whole night!
What are you saying, Neeta!
Brother is still asleep! – Oh no!
Neeta, you have come?
Yes, brother!
Look, Ritu stayed awake
the whole night for you.
And Ritu’s eyes too have turned red.
Ritu.. Ritu..
Tell me. Ritu what?
No, brother!
She is not Ritu! She is Radha.
Not Radha. Ritu.
Oh my God!
Hey, fool! I know you
have two forms but one soul.
Whether you are Ritu or Radha..
..I love both of them immensely.
“After falling in love with her.”
“Beloved, I cry day and night.”
“After falling in love with her.”
“Beloved, I cry day and night.”
“I lost my slumber and peace of mind.”
“I lost my slumber and peace of mind.”
“And she sleeps peacefully.”
“After falling in love with him.”
“Beloved, I cry day and night.”
“You taught my heart to beat.”
“Your love made me crazy.”
“You taught my heart to beat.”
“Your love made me crazy.”
“God knows what fervour is this?”
“Now I can’t sleep at night.”
“Now I can’t sleep at night.”
“I am enjoying love.”
“There is intoxication of love.”
“I am enjoying love.”
“There is intoxication of love.”
“I will merge in your breathe.”
“I will live in your
heart as your desire.”
“I will live in your
heart as your desire.”
“I swear on love,
we will never separate.”
“This is all that I pray for.”
“I lost my slumber and peace of mind.”
“And he sleeps peacefully.”
“After falling in love with him.”
“Beloved, I cry day and night.”
“I lost my slumber and peace of mind.”
“And she sleeps peacefully.”
Greetings, doctor.
What was the matter
that you called me here?
Some things are like wet cloth,
Daya Shankar.
On squeezing it, you get only tears.
And if you suppressed it,
it burdens your heart.
Doctor, what are you trying to say?
Since many days I was trying
to tell you, Daya Shankar.
But I couldn’t tell you.
Your love for your parents..
your affection for your siblings..
..I couldn’t create
barriers in your love.
And Ritu and your love had
also made me mum, Daya Shankar.
Ritu’s love has made me stronger.
Clearly say what you want to say.
Truth is very bitter, Daya Shankar.
What truth?
You have blood cancer.
You won’t live for long, Daya Shankar.
Get a grip over yourself,
Daya Shankar.
Come, bride.
Mother.. how will this
monkey look in red sari?
Shut up! – Hey!
She will look like a fairy! My dear!
Why do you always harass her?
The day Neeta will become a bride..
..she will look very pretty.
That’s why I have got
this gold necklace for her.
Wow, brother!
Listen.. quickly wear
the necklace and sari..
..and show it to your brother.
Yes, brother! I will just come!
Take this!
Brother, since when I have
told you to get a motorbike for me.
Yes, your motorbike.
I will get it tomorrow for you.
You don’t worry.
Thank you, brother.
We are so lucky.
That we got such a son.
Son.. at times I am
scared that somebody..
..might cast an evil eye
on the happiness of this family.
How is that possible?
Everyday I ward off the evil eye.
I think we should arrange Neeta and..
..Daya and Ritu’s
marriage on the same day.
‘No. I can’t get married
to Ritu and ruin her life.’
‘I should forget all
those promises made in love.’
‘What is human life?’
‘It is a painting on water.’
Oh, God, you write everyone’s fate.
Why did you write this in my fate?
You’ve brought such
a night in my life..
..which doesn’t have a morning.
If you had to
write this in my fate..
..then why did you
give me happiness?
Parents, love of my siblings,
Ritu’s love.
Why did you give all this to me?
If you blessed me
with all these things..
..then why didn’t you think about
how they will live after I die?
You didn’t think about
it earlier because..
..the whole world worships you.. what if one dies?
But oh, God, if you want me to
die, then why did you give me life?
If you have to destroy them, then
why do you send them to this world?
Why do you tie a person
down in relationships..
..when you have to break them?
Why did you create
something called death?
To induce fear in the human mind?
To beg in front of you?
To beg for their long life?
If yes..
..then I am
begging in front of you.
Oh, God, I don’t want to die.
Please bless me with a long life.
I want to live.
I beg in front of you to at
least grant me with so much life..
..that I can fulfill the
responsibility of a brother.
I can bid farewell to my sister.
I can earn so much money..
..that my parents could live
comfortably.. comfortably all their lives.
If you can’t grant me
with such a long life..
..then I’ll think that
you are not God. That’s it.
You and here? – Yes. Why?
What happened to your eyes?
Nothing. I was so
immersed in worshipping..
..that tears brimmed in my eyes.
Do you know.. this is the same place..
..where I had asked for your life?
And today..
I have come to ask for you.
Do you know..
here all your wishes are granted?
Aunt told me everything. – What?
That Neeta and our marriage
will be conducted on the same day.
What’s the hurry of marrying?
Life is very short!
I have lost count of days.
Forget it. What did you ask from God?
First time I have asked for something.
If you get everything by asking..
..then nobody would have
been wretched in this world.
What are you saying?
That too in the temple.
I am telling the truth. Let’s go.
Babulal, you?
Guru, I have not seen
you for the past 3 days.
I have not eaten for the past 3 days.
Everyday I change the lunch box.
But I have not eaten, guru.
Guru! Your deeds have
reached to my village.
When I write letter
to Kamala and father..
..I write all the things
that guru has done.
I received Kamala’s
letter in the morning.
She said guru has
achieved so many things.
But what have you done?
Guru, I too want to do something.
Otherwise Kamala
will not marry me, guru.
Babulal, have your meals.
There must be something
in this too, guru.
Hail to guru! Today I will eat!
Guru is great!
Guru was right! Eat your meals!
After eating, I will feel energetic.
And my brain will start working.
And then I will do great deeds.
Kamala.. now look what things I do.
So this is the den..
where culprits’ bombs..
..explosives and weapons are kept.
One bomb will end the matter!
Come. Come. Come. Come.
Now the bomb will explode!
My name will be
published in the paper!
My first achievement!
Kamala will be happy!
Great! Everybody will die!
Now it will explode!
Now it will explode!
Now it will explode!
Now it will explode!
Now it will explode!
Now it will explode!
He is already..
You will kill me!
You will kill me! Give! Give!
Give it to me!
Oh God! What kind of dog is this!
Run! Run!
P K. Diwan.
I am an agent of LIC. Have a seat.
Thank you.
I want to take out my life insurance..
and accident policy.
Accident policy?
What is your profession?
I am a police inspector.
I understood!
You will take out accident policy..
..and you will die on duty.
So you will get loads of money.
Meaning one accident policy
and one life insurance policy.
What’s your age? – 25 years.
Why are you joking?
If you will die in young age
then the company will incur loss.
What’s the hurry?
Live a long life.
And die in old age. What’s the hurry?
Mr. Diwan, who wants to die?
But.. when, who, where and how..
Now what do I tell you?
Yes, I understood! I understood!
You are right.
Because of death, we are in business.
People are scared of death.
That’s why they take out the policy.
How much amount of policy do you want?
1 lakhs or 5 lakhs?
15 lakhs. – 15.. 15 lakhs!
Such a huge amount!
Are you going to die soon?
Death is not predictable.
It can come anytime.
After your death who
should receive the money?
My family. – Okay.
My mother, father, brother and sister.
All of them.
Here is your policy. Sign here.
Do you know.. if you died on duty..
..then instead of 15 lakhs,
you will receive 35 lakhs?
You’ll receive Rs.35
lakh instead of Rs.15 lakh..
..from the insurance company.
‘Do you know.. if you died on duty..’
‘..then instead of 15 lakhs,
you will receive 35 lakhs?’
‘Enmity with Jaichand
could give life to my family.’
‘And if I died on duty..
then my family will receive 35 lakhs.’
Tell me. Who is this?
Jaichand.. this is inspector
Daya Shankar speaking.
I will end your illegal activities.
I will make you incur heavy loss.
If you are a brave man..
then shoot me when I am on duty.
Try to kill me.
Sir, I have got sensational news.
Inspector Daya Shankar and
Jaichand have become sworn enemies.
Oh my God! Jaichand!
Tomorrow Jaichand’s
goods are going to land.
Who is this?
Oh my God! Do anonymous
informers give their name?
But why should I believe you?
You will have to believe me.
If you thought this is a joke..
you will regret it your whole life.
The goods will land at Golden beach.
‘Jaichand’s goods..
and my death on duty.’
‘This is my mission.
It’s a good chance.’
I had gone to the temple
to pray for your long life.
stop praying for my long life.
Stop it? Why?
Police officer’s
life is unpredictable.
Shut up! Don’t talk like this!
You are a brave man.
May you life a long life!
God bless you.
What has happened to you? – Nothing.
I feel like lying at your feet.
And spending all
my time with you people.
And thus I spend my life.
You are talking childishly.
Son.. you are talking as
if you are going far away from us.
Brother, where are you going?
Brother, the house feels
so lonely without you.
When you are there,
it feels we have everything.
Without you, everything is worthless.
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
Kill me!
Kill me!
“Gambler!” – Come! Kill me!
“Gambler!” – Kill me!
“Gambler!” – Kill me!
“Gambler!” – Kill me! Kill me!
Come! Kill me!
Hey! Hey! Where are you running away?
Where are you running away?
Where are you running away?
“Gambler!” – Kill me!
“Gambler!” – Kill me! Kill me!
“Gambler!” – Kill me!
“Gambler!” – Get out of here.
Come on. Kill me, you scoundrel!
The inspector has
been following us.
Drive faster.
Otherwise, he’ll kill you.
“Gambler!” – Kill me, scoundrel.
Kill me! Kill me!
Kill me!
Run for you lives.
Who is that betrayer?
Whoever he is, reveal yourself.
If I found out..
..that man will die a brutal death.
Brother, shall I tell you?
I know, brother!
What do you know?
Karia had told you that
he will move ahead of you.
He did all this to make you inferior.
Karia only knew where are
your illegal goods. Am I right?
You didn’t do the right thing!
I’ll cause you such a huge loss..
..that no bank in this
world can bail you out.
He loves his younger
brother very much.
I’ll burn the younger
one on a small pyre.
Fire will come out of it.
Only corpses will be lying here.
And Karianna will sit on
the corpses and laugh aloud.
“I have come alone.”
“I have come alone.”
“Alone. Alone. Alone. Alone. Alone.”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“I am your Queen. You are my King.”
“I am your beloved.
You are my beloved.”
“To embrace me and make me yours.”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“Beloved, come and lift my veil.”
“The bangle is clinking.”
“Cast a spell on my heart.”
“Chant the mantra and make me mad.”
“I am your Queen. You are my King.”
“I am your beloved.
You are my beloved.”
“For the union of the
heart and to romance.”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“There is a black
mole on the fair face.”
“My heart is locked.”
“You have the key.”
“We will watch Bobby movie.”
“I am your Queen. You are my King.”
“I am your beloved.
You are my beloved.”
“For the marriage..”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“I have come alone.”
“I have come alone.”
“Alone. Alone. Alone. Alone. Alone.”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
“Get ready! Get ready!”
Brother! Brother!
Yogi! Yogi!
Brother! Brother!
No! No!
No, Karia! No, Karia!
Karia! You are still alive!
My brother’s murderer is alive!
I will myself punish Chote’s murderer!
Take a reverse!
Embark on that vehicle!
Inspector.. some goons have entered..
..children’s train in Nehru park.
And they are firing. Look,
our children’s life is in danger.
Please come quickly! – Okay!
Help! Help! Help! Help!
They will kill our children!
Please help us!
Mother! Mother!
Save them. Save them.
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
Shoot me! – “Gambler!”
Shoot me! – No!
Come on! Shoot me!
Hey, this is the same inspector!
Yes, I am the same inspector!
Shoot me!
Oh my God! He must be carrying a bomb!
He will kill us!
No! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!
Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!
Run! Run!
Where are you running? Kill me!
Inspector Daya Shankar!
No! No, inspector! No!
I will come! I will come!
Kill me! Kill me!
Inspector.. I gave you information..
..about Jaichand’s goods. – Why?
Jaichand and I are into
the same kind of business.
He is my enemy. My life is in danger.
Arrest me. I am safe in the prison.
Take this! Take this!
I gave you my gun!
Daya Shankar.. an ordinary inspector!
You arrested him and
put him in the lock up.
Daya Shankar.. is that brave officer..
..who saved innocent children’s life..
..and arrested a dangerous
and wanted criminal like Karianna..
..and thus made the
police department proud.
The police department gives
the reward of gold medal and..
..50,000 rupees cash to
police officer Daya Shankar.
Thank you very much.
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you very much.
Oh my God! So sweet! So sweet!
Thank you! Okay! Thank you!
Uncle, can I ask you something? – Yes.
Why do you do all the brave
deeds alone? – It’s my wish!
Why do you risk your life
again and again? – It’s my wish!
You do this.
You do that. You do everything.
It’s my wish! – But why?
“It’s my wish!”
“I can do this! I can do that!”
“I can go here. I can go there.”
“I can call a fair guy dark skinned.”
“I can call my brother-in-law
something else.”
“I can call the river, a tap.”
“I can open the door without the key.”
“Don’t say anything about me.”
“Sit quietly. Don’t say anything.”
“Don’t explain to me.”
“Even if I drink tea
and coffee with curd.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I can erect my statue
at each crossroad.”
“I will cut the newspaper
and make my suit.”
“I will go and shout
everyday at the hospital.”
“I will take the wrestler
in my arms and sing a lullaby.”
“I will print fake currencies.”
“I will use potato and
tomato as cricket ball.”
“I will go to swim
wearing Indian attire.”
“I will cry if I win a big lottery.”
“Don’t stop me. Don’t rebuke me.”
“Don’t be stunned to hear me.”
“I will wear fake beard
and moustache and become a thief.”
“I will rob at my
house and raise chaos.”
“I will sell water on ration.
I will sell oil for free.”
“I will give bail to everybody.”
“I can do this! I can do that!”
“It’s my wish!”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will not attend my own wedding.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will beat the drum with my leg.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will sleep in
the middle of the road.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will build my home on Kutub Minar.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will knot a long black
snake instead of a tie.”
“I will smear my clothes
with boot polish.”
“I will wear garland
of shoes at festivals.”
“I will drag car behind
the bullock cart.”
“I will add chilli in
sweets and whiskey in milk.”
“I will ask my wife,
whose wife are you?”
“I will make the bullock
cart rider ride a jet.”
“I will give 2 bedroom
flat to a beggar in alms.”
“Don’t stop me. Don’t rebuke me.”
“Don’t be stunned to hear me.”
“I will call the
confectioner a barber.”
“And laundryman as the gardener.”
“I will applause a lot
after watching at the theatre.”
“I will wear socks on
my head and shoes on my hand.”
“I will mix petrol
with oil and gulp it down.”
“I can do this! I can do that!”
“It’s my wish!”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will wear sari with suit.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will wear a tail.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will click ghost’s snap.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will harvest the
land with sherbet.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will tell the newsreader to sing.”
“If anybody gives a speech,
I will say keep quiet.”
“I will ask for concession
from bribe givers.”
“I will give horse’s
injection to the doctor.”
“I will make liars wear blouse.”
“I will shoot all the traitors.”
“I will give fake notes
to people into illegal business.”
“I will not vote sham social worker.”
“Don’t stop me. Don’t rebuke me.”
“Don’t be stunned to hear me.”
“I will arrest those
who create riots.”
“I will get the terrorist hanged.”
“I sing this song at my own will.”
“I will live and die at will.”
“I can do this! I can do that!”
“It’s my wish!”
“It’s my wish!”
“All the quarrels will end.”
“It’s my wish!”
“Traitors, keep quiet!”
“It’s my wish!”
“India will progress.”
“It’s my wish!”
“It’s my wish! Come true.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I can do this! I can do that!”
“I can go here. I can go there.”
“I can call a fair guy dark skinned.”
“I can call my brother-in-law
something else.”
“I can call the river, a tap.”
“I can open the door without the key.”
“Don’t say anything about me.”
“Sit quietly. Don’t say anything.”
“Don’t explain to me.”
“Even if I drink tea
and coffee with curd.”
“I will beat you if
you accused somebody.”
“You will die if you will
make an honest man tense.”
“Don’t take my name even by mistake.”
“Listen to my song and do your work.”
“It’s my wish!”
Now I don’t want to sing anymore.
It’s my wish!
Why so much tension?
Such ups and downs
are common in our business.
Mr. Jaichand.. we don’t know
when the police will raid which place.
Mr. Jaichand, we have decided.
Till the time inspector
Daya Shankar is in this city..
..we won’t do business.
Why don’t you kill Daya Shankar?
I will make arrangement
to kill inspector Daya Shankar.
Why are you ignoring me?
Why are you moving away from me?
What’s my fault?
Its not important for the
opposite person to be at fault..
..if you distance
yourself from that person.
But why are you punishing me?
It happens. This happens.
At times even innocent
people are punished.
Daya! Listen! I admit
that I have troubled you a lot!
I have harassed you a lot.
If you are taking revenge
for that today.. then fine. But..
Ritu, a person should
be practical in this world.
Practical! – Practical!
What do you mean practical!
Practical meaning..
there is a huge difference..
..between today and tomorrow.
What’s the difference
between today and tomorrow?
Didn’t you see my
snap in the newspaper?
Everybody is talking about my bravery.
Affluent people want
to make me their son-in-law.
So many beautiful girls are after me.
Car, motor, bungalow..
I can get it in a jiffy.
So? – What do you mean?
I have all the happiness in the world.
And you are after me!
And you are asking how?
What? I am after you?
For you my love..
Hang on! Hang on!
Look.. a cupboard has many drawers.
Today when I open
the cupboard of life..
..I see you at the last drawer.
Very down. And I am much above.
There is a huge difference
between you and me.
And I always gaze at the sky,
not the ground.
Don’t cry. Be practical.
Wow! Wow!
You have repaid my love well!
I did everything for you!
I changed my life!
I changed myself just for your sake!
Only to gain your love!
And you..
you.. have changed.
I can never forget this!
I hate you!
I am sorry, Ritu.
You will be able to love somebody..
..only if you hate me.
Daya Shankar, I called
you here to ask you..
..about your health.
I’m fine, Doctor.
Don’t you feel dizzy?
Doctor, I have consoled myself.
Now I don’t have any desires.
I wish to die, but I am unable to.
By the way, doctor, how
many days do I still have?
Not many.
‘Though I tried, still I didn’t die.’
‘It’s important for
me to die on duty.’
‘Only then my family
member will get 35 lakhs.’
‘I won’t live for long.’
‘Why don’t I risk my life and die?’
‘I will go to the dealer
of death and pay him to kill him.’
‘Contract killer.’
Inspector Daya Shankar.
Kill him only when he is on duty.
Where? I will tell you that.
Meow! Meow!
Here is 50,000 rupees.
With so less money
Billa won’t even kill..
..a dog standing outside
the police station.
This is Jaichand speaking.
Billa, amount is 50 lakhs.
Name of the person?
Inspector Daya Shankar.
This police inspector
should be dead within 7 days.
Why 7 days?
It will be done within 7 hours.
Billa.. will kill him.
But remember one thing.
Kill him only when he is on duty.
Hail worker’s union!
Hail worker’s union!
Fulfil our demands!
Fulfil our demands!
Down with the management!
Down with the management!
Hail worker’s union!
Hail worker’s union!
Fulfil our demands!
Fulfil our demands!
Down with the management!
Down with the management!
Kiran! Kiran! Kiran!
Quickly take him
to the hospital! Daya!
Excuse me! Please.
He has lost too much blood.
The blood group is B positive.
We don’t have this
group in our blood bank.
Quickly make some arrangement.
Please hurry up!
B positive. Daya Shankar!
Daya! Your group is B positive!
Come! Come with me!
Yes. But.. – But what?
If he didn’t get blood, he will die!
He will not survive
if he got my blood.
Nobody can save the dying man.
And nobody can kill
the person who has life.
Ritu was right! You got 2-4 medals!
Your photo was published
in the newspaper!
And God knows what
you think of yourself!
Daya! Daya!
All your medals should
be snatched away from you!
And your arrogant guise should.. published in the newspaper!
You are refusing to give
blood to a dying officer!
You can humiliate me and abuse me!
But I won’t give him my blood!
What did you say? What did you say?
You will not give him blood!
Selfish man!
You are not human! You are a brute!
Shiva.. I don’t want
to give him blood because..
I know why you don’t want
to give him blood! I know!
Because humanity within you has died!
Your conscience has died!
You have become an arrogant officer!
That’s why you can see him dying!
No! I don’t want him to die!
That’s why I am not
giving him my blood!
I don’t want him to always fear death!
I don’t want him to
die before his time is over!
That’s why I am not
giving him my blood!
I have cancer, Shiva.
I.. I have blood cancer.
What are you saying!
I.. I have blood cancer.
No, Daya! No! No!
How did all this happen?
When did this happen?
While saving commissioner
Kaushik I too had got wounded.
My operation was performed.
When blood was required..
doctor tested my blood.
And later the same doctor told me..
..that I..
That day?
That day I came to know..
that my blood..
Daya! Forgive me!
Forgive me.
Why? What happened?
You can’t die!
The person who has
so many responsibilities.. many blessings..
..he can’t die.
I am the one who is dying.
What are you saying?
And a person like me should die!
Because.. all this..
all this happened because of me!
Because of you?
Yes, Daya.
That day you were
admitted in the hospital..
..that day..
Rajesh.. Daya.. – Look, Shiva!
We have received the complaint
that you were drunk..
..on duty and you collided with a car.
Daya’s life was in danger.
That’s why I was driving so fast.
And.. a pregnant woman came in front.
In the attempt to save her,
my car collided with another car.
I am sorry, Shiva.
I have orders to
get your blood tested.
And if in the blood
report its proved..
..that you were drunk
at the time of the duty..
..then you will be
suspended from the job.
Let’s go. – Come.
What is Daya Shankar’s blood group,
sister? – B positive.
I had told to take out a
few more tests. What about that?
It’s still to be done, sir.
Okay. I am starting the operation.
Please hurry up.
‘If I exchanged Daya
Shankar’s blood with mine..
..they won’t find alcohol
traces in my blood.’
‘And Daya Shankar doesn’t drink.’
‘I will not lose
my job and the police..
..department’s image
too won’t be tarnished.’
Sister.. I am feeling dizzy.
Can I get a glass of water? – Yes.
So.. you did this?
You played this prank!
Why did you play with my life? Why?
Why did you play with my life?
How had I wronged you?
How had I wronged you?
Do you know how much I have suffered?
I always died in the fear of death!
Because of you, I left my Ritu!
I gambled with my life!
I waited for death! Because of you!
When you are not aware
of the approaching death.. can easily live your life.
But when you know you
are doing to die very soon..
..your life becomes miserable.
Do you know?
Beat me.
Beat me, Daya.
Why did you stop?
Beat me. Beat me, Daya. – Shiva!
Beat me!
Beat me! – Shiva.. forgive me!
I got sentimental, Shiva!
Shiva.. forgive me! Shiva!
Shiva, forgive me! I had forgotten!
That you are now in my place!
Forgive me!
I made a mistake! Forgive me!
I got sentimental!
What has happened?
What has happened?
I want to know why the
inspector didn’t die.
Did your wild cat die out
of fear of Daya Shankar?
He is lucky that he escaped.
Otherwise, no one has
ever dodged Billa’s bullet.
You should kill Daya
Shankar within 24 hours.
Because once Jaichand
pays money for some task..
..he doesn’t take it back.
You have saved me.
But you snatched my Ritu from me.
You know..
no person can forget his first love.
God.. I will tell Ritu the truth.
But she should believe me.
“Loafter.. – No, no..”
“Trader.. – No, no..”
“Crazy.. – No, no..”
player, magician, challenger..”
“No, no, no, no..”
“Neither you are a
player nor a challenger..”
“Neither you are imbecile
nor a magician..”
“I don’t know why I fear you..”
“Gambler, gambler.
You are a gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler.
You are a gambler..”
“You stole my heart, you made
me yours, I know you will betray me..”
“Gambler, gambler.
You are a gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler..”
“Neither I am a player
nor a challenger..”
“Neither I am imbecile
nor a magician..”
“Beloved, please trust me..”
“Gambler, gambler.
Yes, I am a gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler.
Yes, I am a gambler..”
“After stealing your heart, making
you mine, I will not betray you..”
“Gambler, gambler.
You are a gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler..”
“How should I trust
you..” “ your talks..”
“The one who trusts..”
“..he is betrayed..”
“I am not a person like that.
If you want, you can test me..”
“The one who sacrifices his life
for love, he is called a true lover..”
“The feelings of my
heart are in my eyes..”
“You see and analyze..”
“Gambler, gambler.
You are a gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler.
Yes, I am a gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler.”
“Gambler, gambler.”
“Gambler, gambler.
“Then congratulations..”
“..for meeting me..”
“I will be turning around..”
“ night times now..”
“You have to live in
memories for some time..”
“How can I live with your memories..”
“..i am crazy about you..”
“You can click my
snap through your eyes..”
“Gambler, gambler.
You are a gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler.
You are a gambler..”
“After stealing your heart, making
you mine, I will not betray you..”
“Gambler, gambler.
Yes, I am a gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler.
Yes, I am a gambler..”
“After stealing your heart, making
you mine, I will not betray you..”
“Gambler, gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler..”
“Gambler, gambler..”
Enjoying the darkness of the prison?
Oh God! Inspector!
Forget darkness, even the
light of this place scares me!
Shall I open the lock? – Yes.
How much will you pay me?
1 lakh! 2 lakhs!
5 lakhs! 10 lakhs! – 15 lakhs!
Fine! Fine!
10 for me and 5..
Fine! I will give you!
First open the lock!
Jaichand! You framed me!
This is a false accusation against me!
It’s a conspiracy against me!
I don’t know how 5 lakhs
were discovered from my house!
Sir, I didn’t help Karianna
escape from the prison!
Sir, he is lying!
He snatched the lockup keys from me!
He released Karia
and helped him to escape!
He even hit me when
I tried to stop him!
Scoundrel! A slave!
I will not spare you! Scoundrel!
You try to tarnish my image!
Sir, leave me! Leave me!
Daya Shankar! Control yourself!
How did you get so emotional!
Sir, how do I erase the stigma..
..of being a dishonest police officer!
How do I endure the stigma
of being a dishonest police officer!
I have joined hands
with the criminals!
He has accused my honesty!
And my endurance level has shattered!
And I lost control!
I am sorry, sir!
Daya Shankar.. you are
an extraordinary police officer.
But time, situation and
evidence are not in your favour.
So you could be suspended.
And you could be called a deceiving..
..and dishonest police officer!
Still seeing your record,
I give you a chance.
Hand over Karia to
the law at all cost.
But Daya Shankar.. for this
I can’t give you more than 12 hours.
Thank you, sir.
12 hours are enough for me.
Don’t act smart!
Everybody is in our custody.
Who are you people?
We are Karianna’s men.
We know that to erase
the stigma on yourself.. will release Karianna
from Jaichand’s clutches.
But you won’t hand
him over to the police.
You will hand him over to us.
Where is Karia?
I will tell you everything.
All the best!
– “Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
Meow! Meow!
Meow! Meow!
Meow! Meow!
Meow! Meow!
Shiva! Shiva!
Shiva! Shiva!
What have you done for me?
Daya.. there was a
big burden in my heart.
Because of me..
you were leading a miserable life.
Why did you do this, Shiva?
As it is, Daya..
my life will begin after death.
Daya, you always used to say..
give up liquor.
Give up liquor.
Daya.. I give up liquor forever.
I give up liquor forever..
Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
“Gambler! Gambler!”
Take me to Jaichand!
Oh my God! Inspector!
Before too you saved my life!
Now you again saved me!
I made a mistake by
saving you the first time!
That’s why today my family
is in your men’s custody.
Very good, Daya Shankar! Very good!
This was Mr. Jaichand’s ruse!
To bring you here!
Look around you.
Karia’s men have kept
my family as hostage!
If I don’t take Karia along with me..
my family will be killed.
If they died then why will I live?
And if I die,
then you all will also have to die!
Come, Karia!
Come on!
Oh my God!
Walk straight!
Daya Shankar!
Hand over Karianna to us!
Look, your family is also with us!
Mother, leave! Go!
Shall I kill him? – No!
Fool! Don’t do anything!
Don’t do anything!
Bomb! There is a bomb!
Don’t do anything!
Commissioner.. every person in the
world has to become a gambler.
He has to put his life at stake.
Sometimes for himself.
Sometimes for his love.
Sometimes for his family.
Sometimes for his country.
Here is your culprit.
Everybody drop the weapons! Quickly!
Well done, Daya Shankar!
Karianna, let’s go!
Guru, you’ve done a great job by
apprehending Jaichand and Karianna.
Babulal, these sinners
were destined to be ruined.
I used to have a great time
where I was posted earlier.
There every rowdy,
thug, cheat and thief..
..used to tell me
not to work long hours.
And I always used to tell them..
..that work is worship.
Do you know what state I
was in when I was there?
According to my wish every goon
used to shiver like a dry leaf.
“It’s my wish!”
“I sing this song at my own will.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will travel by
train without a ticket.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will break the
stone with the glass.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will run on the water.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will climb the roof in the dead
of the night and play the clarion.”
“I will shave everybody’s
moustache and beard.”
“I will call the son as father.”
“And grandson as grandfather.”
“Every morning I will
eat 11 raw bottle gourds.”
“I will shave everybody’s
hair and tie braid on my hair.”
“I will attend the marriage
wearing loincloth.”
“I will hold the donkey’s
tail and kick him.”
“I will give 7 slaps to the lion.”
“Don’t stop me. Don’t rebuke me.”
“Don’t be stunned to hear me.”
“I will sing in the
mourning ceremony.”
“I will go to the office
everyday spraying onion perfume.”
“I will drink 2 bottles
of water and sway.”
“I will open all the
doors of the flying aircraft.”
“I can do this! I can do that!”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will wear sari with suit.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will wear a tail.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will click ghost’s snap.”
“It’s my wish!”
“I will harvest the
land with sherbet.”
“It’s my wish!”

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