look at the size of that billboard ah he’s the main street of Hollywood Sunset Boulevard and that’s a huge ass billboard Wow is that a big billboard that’s as big as a building maybe much bigger bigger than that that’s our production gonna be produces the show well how can you get any better advertising right here in the Sunset Strip this is where it’s at this is where it’s spitting net to be if you want to advertise you want to do it in Hollywood because Hollywood is a entertainment capital of the world and that’s exactly where that should because that’s an awesome I’m gonna watch that [Music] mmm okay that’s my next flight I flew from Canary Island right now I’m in London and the reason why I’m flying to Los Angeles is that the biggest thing that has happened to our production company is happening we will have the premiere for the ultimate expedition YouTube bred series and it should be a pretty good party so let’s go this should be a really good trip very good and now I have a full bed in here and can’t wait to see all of the guys you can Joey al appalled JC John the whole cast of haldeman expedition and the whole crew of ultimate expedition [Music] that’s my favorite me Gabi CI really happy that I’m spoiling myself hard work pays off is the first time I’m paying wheezes fast again very proud of myself that working hard many years remember to be proud of yourself yeah no let’s heat [Music] thank you so much fine so now we are in a Ross because I have three hours to get to the party and we have to get through the customs and go to the hotel chains and then get to the party so let’s do this [Music] all right got through the costume it’s got my back and here’s my uber so we’re on a good path hey what time is it actually so the poori starts at 6:00 so we still have two hours you should be able to make the party in time you should but you never know LA traffic is LA traffic [Music] there’s actually three years ago when me and you cup moved here to LA with our families what’s happening tonight that was just like a dream back then this is almost impossible what has happened that we were actually able to sell a show here in the USA which we actually also produced by ourselves it’s really hard to sell a show here really really hard and you guys mean the guy who sold this show he hosts the show he’s been producing the show so a huge respect towards you like that guy has made the impossible happened I’m really happy that I can be here and celebrate this this piece of history tonight this is huge for us what’s happening tonight as I grow up I make d’bari in fine that’s the LA traffic right yeah are we still on schedule yes sir about 23 minutes away oh yeah [Music] it was really nice to meet you look at this place Oh hey hurry man that way yes sir yeah I miss that sir thank you yes oh wow a lot of things had to happen that this ultimate expedition show got sold here in Hollywood the first thing was that our creative director – am Asuman and Tom but created this format and the show and then our CEO only Swami nine and tompa so that show in Finland for MTV tree which is the biggest commercial network in Finland and then our amazing team in Finland produced the show and then we had this great show which we were able to show for you – Bret look like if this show would be done for you guys and YouTube Brad was able to see how great the show could look that wasn’t that fast because I spent like ten minutes in there I just wanted to like I was just feeling it how special moment this is thinking how much we have gone through that this happens tonight I story rapid film 17 years ago so to get here it has taken 17 years there’s a funny story how I got this lucky I was playing floor is lava game with ERP and HP we were in a mall ERP Charlotte floor is lava and I saw this shop which had all these luggage bags I just had to jump on top of all those luggages and one of the luggages took out a small hit there’s a small crash here and here and I made a deal with the shop that I’m buying this like 80 then we’re all good [Music] we actually took quite a big of a risk when we wanted to make this dream come true that we have a production company here in LA we were willing to risk almost all of the money we have ever made to this operation to million euros we would have lost that money if this show wouldn’t have happened that’s a lot of money and now that this show happen we have been able to get someone on my back this is the first step here in USA the second step is to sell another show and now this is true this is happening bring Hollywood [Music] believe in your dreams don’t give up I’m not sure if I’m gonna use this footage this is emotional I hope all these translates how big of a thing this is for us like to come here to Hollywood from Finland things like this don’t happen usually this is the first time a Finnish production company have sold this peak of a shell to any network in USA I have believed that something like this will happened and I’ve been willing to invest all the money to this operation so I want to thank the whole rabbit films garbage films Finland gravity film see USA you don’t but only the whole theme which make the original Finnish version the whole thing which made this US version this is truly incredible that this has happened and I need to thank myself as well it’s really important to thank yourself well I just wanted to take this moment and although the poor II probably have already started well it’s 6:00 so we should go now this is big it’s really big now regarding thanks for the right yeah my pleasure all right let me go and say hi to this guy you got buns of steel [Music] I’m on the red carpet with and I’m going to bear with me yeah oh yeah yeah I’m ready for the party so ready for the funny that’s there’s half of the cast of all the dick munitions you guys want to meet Wendy hi Andy so this is the dark Steve all saved from Peru Oh they’re happy I’m happy crying them happy and JC’s news we don’t look the same at all [Music] they have the base camp here [Music] so there’s all these finished delicacies here robbery’s meatballs whose testicles are you looking for the pickles reindeer testicles oh yeah where are the reindeer testicle this will be pedal me there’s Joey that’s right I don’t know how you think you can win [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] that’s a great show and the show saw red check it out dudes page and all the other craziness that we did is on do to slow and I loved it but I saw you on red carpet when it’s blasted in like there here’s to thank you now go to the futures page and check out ghost episodes tell me why you think about the show yeah

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