Gambling with High Tide! • ALASKA BEACH OVERLANDING

Gambling with High Tide! • ALASKA BEACH OVERLANDING

Good morning guys …I’m like dumping the cassette toilet to start the day…
So we’re here at our favourite Alaska
State Park Campground called Deep Creek Recreation Area… So I
guess this is the official first Overlanding video in our home state of
Alaska for you guys!…. And the beaches on the Western side of Kenai Peninsula are an overlander’s playground….
So there is an
element of danger with this experience
because it’s on the shores of Cook Inlet.
Which due to its geographic location has
some of the largest tidal swings in the
world! And if things go wrong, this rig
could literally be from the roof…. Have
ten feet of water over it within a
six-hour time period! This is something
kind of unique to Alaska. They actually
have a boat launch here where they use
those tractors. And drop boats on to the beach then the land…This Beach
is pretty amazing! We used to come clam
dig in here! But now clam digging whooo…
There’s a big hole!
Now clam digging is only allowed on the
other side of Cook Inlet. But we used to
scoot around these beaches with our ATV
and have a blast! But now, we can do it in
our RV!…Oh my goodness…It’s a bumpy!
Oh my!…Oh I don’t think we should do that!… No that’s not..That’s way too deep…
Alright well… First lesson of the day:
Don’t break your rig or take unnecessary
risks before you even hit the beach!
Seriously! You got to look at the bigger
picture. And I know this truck is bad
enough that it could have easily done
that with the approach and departure
angles… Fortunately there are plenty of
options to get onto the beach… Like this
one right here…Boom!
Going where most Motorhomes cannot go! Hahaha yeah!…I love this!
This is awesome! I think this will
always bring a smile to my face!…. I don’t
think we’d call this extreme off-roading!
But there’s still plenty of hazards out
here… Either way, I think we’re going to
find some fun today!
I leave you alone for five minutes with the
I think we need to accept that the tires need to be aired
down anytime you hit the sand in this
piece…. It’s a heavy track! But it
always…. You know. If you don’t get yourself stuck…
It does pull itself out!
This is a lot of fun guys! If you don’t
want to stay in like the established
campgrounds, there are a few spots along
the bluffs…. That are actually above the
high-tide mark where you can camp for
free! And you know, you can’t beat free
and then you’re all by yourself!
So there’s no reason you can’t just stay
on the beach but the object of the video
is to show you things…. So we’re gonna
head up here into the village which
requires going through
a little bit of a gravel patch!
This is the village of Ninilchik….
Right above us on the hill is a Russian
Orthodox Church and…. The village is kind
of broken up into two parts. So this is
the village down by the harbour. And then
up on the hill is a little bit more of
the modern development along the
Stirling highway!
There’s many cool things about this area
but it is literally littered with bald
eagles! And it’s something we definitely
take for granted here in Alaska… So this
little stretch of road heading North
through the Ninilchik village takes
us along the harbour. And as you can see,
there’s not much water for those boats!
And it just is a direct reflection on
how much water movement comes in on
these tides. Because the boats have no
problem getting in and out. When the tide
is high but once they’re in, they’re in!
Until the tide comes back!
But there’s a very strong commercial
fishing presence in Alaska for obvious
reasons and….. A lot of really fascinating
stories and families that have been just
you know, homesteading and doing it for
generations upon generations…. Well now
it’s time to get back to the beach right
here North of the Ninilchik River…
It is just a fascinating area down here!
Some of this
gravel…. We’ve got it! No problem at all!
First gear is definitely granny… Alright!
Second gear and we are off!
So…. Speaking of a commercial fishing
history you’ll see these lines heading
on out into Cook Inlet. This is a set net
fishery for sockeye salmon. So literally
at the end of those net or at the end of
those lines… Way out there our nets and
the gill nets in the sockeye swim into
them. And then every day high tide they
come in and work the nets. Seriously
there’s so much fascinating and unique
lifestyle here in Alaska, I’m always just
happy and excited to share it with you
Here’s a little bit better of a look! You
can see the buoys attached to the set
Nets out into the inlet…
And how far out they go!
Well this is as far as we are driving on
the beach in this section today! And it’s
also another over landing lesson or
off-roading lesson! We’re by ourselves
right now. To the North of us is about 15
17 miles off Beach. Totally drivable Beach!
But if anything goes wrong, you literally
have…. Okay! Well high tides in about six
hours and 15 minutes…. So depending on
where you are, that clock ticks! And that
ticks hard. We’re gonna use good judgement
but…. We’re gonna show you, how far up you
can go if you’re with friends. And it’s a
totally safe adventure if you plan it
with the tides and… You’re not alone!
Because I’m not about to put this
beautiful, awesome expedition vehicle in
danger by going 15 miles down the beach
there! I have had a certain level of
comfort being right here because I
know there’s civilisation right there!
There’s tractors at Deep Creek for the
boat launch…. You know, somebody could help
us out and we’re also making sure time
is on our side!
Because…. Like I said, it’s six hours and
15 minutes or so to high tide. We’re not
gonna mess around and get all down low
there! Big picture guys!…. As tempting as it
is to keep going down the beach… Because
it’s beautiful and it feels really easy
right now, we have said this for years….
Alaska is not to be messed with! She will
eat you up and spit you out if you’re
not really careful and very well
prepared! It’s just not worth it! We’ve
learned our lessons maybe one too many
times…. So we hopped on the Sterling
Highway and came Northbound about 15, 17
miles. Just so we can show you the Clam
Gulch area. This is one of the pretty
much, aside from maybe a fish camp would
be the next spot where you could get
back up to the road. If you’re heading up
the beach! So if you guys ever want to
hook up with us for an over landing type
adventure, just message us! Because it
truly is painful sometimes… Not being
able to do these things when we have the
vehicle capable of doing these things!
But prudent decision-making says don’t
do it! I often really think that I was a
lot more fun when I was younger! Because
I was a little more reckless! Now I’m old
damn!…. The reckless teenager in him still
lives though! Because last night he made
me promise that I wouldn’t let him drive
that stretch of road. He was afraid he
was gonna talk or not road but beach…
He’s afraid he is in to talk himself
back into it. He’s like: “Whatever you do
don’t let me drive it tomorrow.” I’m so
conflicted….So maybe I have to be the voice
of reason!…. Well, we have about
five-and-a-half hours until the tide
switch and that’s plenty of time to
drive on the beach here and… Get the drone out!
I’m not gonna lie…. We knew this was here
and it washed ashore about one month ago…
But it’s an opportunity to let you know
something that’s happening on the
Pacific Ocean right now! But this is a
baby gray whale that has washed ashore
here. And they’ve been washing ashore all
up the entire Pacific coast from Baja to
here and up into the Bering Sea!…. I know
it’s mother nature but it’s kind of sad…
We feel a special connection! Since we’ve
actually pet baby gray whales in Mexico
to see them having this experience this
Not sure why other than they’re saying
it looks like starvation. But what’s
causing the starvation?…. So die-offs in
nature are common! They happen! It’s just
thinning of the herd….
The last gray whale died off was back in…
I believe the year 2000. But hundreds of
these things have been washing ashore. So
you could only imagine the amount of
them that have not been washing ashore!
And just going out into the current out
at sea. So something serious is going on…
I just thought It’d be nice to tell you guys
and share a real-life experience with
you. Because this is a calf that was born
this past winter in Baja! So we re-aired
up the tires for that journey up the
we’re running at 65 pounds right now…
Which takes some forethought and a
little bit of speed helps but… I’m making
sure to stay in our tire tracks. Because
I know we didn’t get stuck on the way in
and theoretically, if I follow those… We
shouldn’t get stuck on our way out!… So here
to our left is a perfect example of a
fish camp! Where people have permits and
rights and all that to ahh….
Oh gosh! It gets soft, let me get down here!
Well hey! At least there’s a tractor
right over there… Ooh…
Come on! Have faith in the FUSO
So we’re about 15 minutes North of
Sterling on the Sterling Highway. Just
before you head up into the hills where
Cooper Landing is…. There is a wildfire
burning over here! It’s called the Swan
Lake wildfire and so much for the clean
air that we’ve been enjoying for the
past couple nights! Because all this
smoke with the prevailing winds the past
week, was blowing right at home in
Seward…. You see little smoke billowing out…
Hot spots…Yeah hot spots all through the valley here. Oh!
And it’s really burning on the back of that
hillside you see that?… Oh yah!….You see that?…. So this
fire started on June 5th I believe…. And
it was caused by lightning… And the
fascinating part is that its burning
since June 5th and it’s July 3rd now. We
have literally had one month without
heavy significant rainfall!…. Which is
seriously unheard of! It’s been
phenomenal weather but it has been so
smoky in Seward. And there’s literally
a ten-day forecast…. There is still
no rain in sight…. Could you see minimal?…
The vehicle is pretty steady….
Guys so last time I checked this fighter
was at 80….
70,000 acres burn so…. It’s sizeable! Not as
sizeable as other parts of the country…
But you got to think that there’s a lot
of moisture and swamps out amongst these
trees!…. This fire is definitely putting a
damper on tours and on the side of the
Peninsula. Normally Cooper Landing is
bustling! And it is…
Yeah! Nothing like usual!…. We noticed a lot
less traffic headed down this Western
side of the Peninsula….and ahhh…
Yeah! I feel…. I really feel for these
folks with the sun… This they rely on
their summertime business. So it’s
definitely gonna be a struggle this year!
No matter what’s going on in the sky
though….. The Kenai River is always that
beautiful, green, glacial colour hahaha…..
The cab of the truck is fairly airtight.
But it is not airtight enough to handle the smoke we’re coming through now!
Approaching Moose Pass here….
And this is not looking good!..You can just
barely make out the snow on top of those
mountains!…I can
literally see smoke going across the road…
First stop…. Wow the diesel has gone
down again!…Oh shoot! Who’s not loving these
diesel prices of low gasoline? It’s
Okay! So first stop here we go again….
We’ll try this again! That car wash….
So you really have to break up the salts
from being out on the beach with some
soap…. Not good enough just to rinse
things off! So when we’ve finished
playing on the beach, we always come and
wash this thing down. So that it lasts! We
don’t want to have a big rest bucket on
our hands!
Alright! Finding our way down into the
campground… Looks like the tides high
tonight! There are… Alot of people here!
Although I will say, I fully expect there
to be a lot more before this show is
over! It is total chaos here!… How people
are holding campsites!… Yep! So our friends
came over for dinner the other night and
they’re staying here. They said there
have been people holding you know, like
paying for campsites for the last two
weeks so they could have this weekend
Stealth camps… ghost camp..Yeah ghost camps…
Fireworks are tonight at midnight! Doubt
I’m gonna be awake for that one! We never
are! We went one year on the boat. That
was fun!
This is a nice campground with its
proximity to the water which you really
can’t see too well right now!..Water front campsites here uhhmmm..So your fire pit is actually on the
other side of little walkway so you can be right on
the ocean!
And that right there….
Is the mountain that people will run
tomorrow, mount marathon!… I think that
concludes our tour of the camping areas
of Seward. At least down by the
waterfront. There are people camped
everywhere here… Down exit glacier road,
on the other side of the bay…. If it will
tolerate a campsite, they use it!…So hey!
Thanks for riding with us, hit that
SUBSCRIBE button if you haven’t already…
Because there are more Alaska over
landing adventures coming and…. You know, we want to go overlaying the friends! So…
If you have the availability and you
want to hit some trails and adventures
with us that are best suited for… You know, more
than one vehicle to go on for safety
reasons…. Hit us up and let’s see if we
can put a trip together! Thanks for
riding with us! See you in the next one…

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