GAME MASTER 24 HOUR HIDE And SEEK Challenge! In Abandoned Movie Theater

GAME MASTER 24 HOUR HIDE And SEEK Challenge! In Abandoned Movie Theater

yo guys if you think we should sneak
back in here and do a 24-hour challenge smack that like button down below let’s
try and crush 50,000 likes alright guys so make sure to smack that like button
if you think that’s an awesome idea how’s happening who the man is or why
he’s messing with us it all started when we put a USB inside our computer and
found a link to a website where we were able to sign up for something called the
game we didn’t know what it was or what game we were signing up to but it looks
like it’s some sort of Internet game that we’ve joined we’re now players in
it and even have a rank and every one of his challenges ranks us in this game the
first challenge she had had is escaping from a prison cell inside some sort of
escape room yeah which then led us to some kind of
mummy room where we had to find the Mummy’s necklace and then next thing we
knew the lights went off and we were brought back home
they drove us back home and led us out and told us that they would be coming
for us again when the time was right it looks like as you just saw the time is
now so I guess we’re in another one of his games know if you listened to what
he was saying he wants to take us to the game he’s here to collect us Logan he’s
here to take his back in the car and we’re not going with him look he said
he’s had his associates doesn’t look like one once here yeah they took the
doors if they had it could be the projector
that would have had to have been someone in the projector britain don’t see
anyone either where did everyone go did they clear I
don’t know who the man get rid of everyone there’s no one here what’s going on the
movie ticket guy up then everyone just packed up and left guys okay as of right now it looks like this
guy who’s working for the man is trying to take us to the next game dude I don’t
want to be on this leaderboard and who are these other players are the
youtubers are the random people you can’t tell me that other people are
playing this game willingly I don’t know what kind of game this is if they’re in
the projector room maybe they left some kind of clue you’re right they had to
have played that movie from something don’t play that moving of something
maybe there’s a USB or something in there some sort of clue we got to make
your way back around towards the projector room we’re gonna be able to
lose some weight I don’t they know what I look like yeah either all Oh howdy there partner can I interest
you in some popcorn or movie snacks Oh Jake nope haven’t seen them so what can
I get for you uh large popcorn slushie hi guys that was close
okay we’re gonna make our way to the projector room see we can find any clues
then come on let’s go Jake I don’t like this one bit are you serious dude all this rice got
me thirsty yes I think so which I hear em coming
hide install oh you keep that one sorry come in here the projector room is up here look it I
ripped his chain off it could be a clue I will look at this later
this is what he was wearing all around his neck it could be an important clue
well let’s look at here and see if there’s any clues inside whoever played
that video how do play different min here maybe they’re still there before
they left something hi well whoever did it would have had to
have been in here Jake all of this stuff wasn’t here
before it wasn’t a lot of this stuff wasn’t guys we might have used this one
or this one I mean this one’s already turned on so they could have used this
maybe they maybe they hooked it up with a USB or something over here hello
search for any clues you can find anything around here with G what’s Lego
doing yeah and the USBs this must have been it this musta been what they used
to play it why would they leave Lego in here wait there’s something inside it
this could be important Logan okay you know what grab the USBs I’ll take the
Lego we need to get out of here and fast if there is a clue we can find it and
don’t forget I was able to find his necklace let’s just gather a stuff and
get home and then we can try and figure out what’s going on come on okay guys we
just made it home from the movie theater and how it was closed it looks like the
man sent his minions or whoever they were to try and get us and take us to
the next challenge in the game luckily we were able to avoid them but it looks
like we’re still part of this game and we’re still being ranked on his
leaderboards we don’t know what happens if we lose but maybe this is a clue as
to what’s happening next it’s open it yeah it’s box of Lego that’s extremely
weird guys not only that but we should also look at this necklace that I was
able to rip off one of his minions okay ready to open this yeah give us a little
lego people take I don’t know there’s for five different Lego people here well
there’s some sort of note okay we’re like a scroll Congrats on your last
victory in the game however remember the game is still long and you’re playing
against many others the next challenge will be with you and your friends these
are friends these are friends the challenge will take place where your
characters run free and remember when the game is over only the winner will
keep his channel Logan maybe maybe that’s it who whoever
loses the game loses their YouTube channel so so maybe it is other
youtubers playing this game maybe the man created this game for youtubers then
the winner keeps his channel but the losers lose their channel where where
would this challenge me where do our characters run free where in the world
but Lego characters run free guys you’re gonna need to comment down below where
what these Lego characters be in the entire world where they could run free
if we can figure out where this is we can go there maybe we can spy on them
and figure out what they’re doing and who is part of this game and this this
might just help us figure that out as well well guys don’t forget to hit the
subscribe button and do not forget to hit the like button to follow along and
help us solve this mystery and figure out how to stop the man we’ll update you

100 thoughts on “GAME MASTER 24 HOUR HIDE And SEEK Challenge! In Abandoned Movie Theater”

  1. Hey guys! Do you think think the Game Master is working with the man? Who should we be more worried about and what do you think that clue at the end means???? Where do we go next 🤔😱

  2. Why do I have a feeling it's one of your old friends Papa Jake you might know who I'm talking about you have put them through a lot of bullets to the but maybe and he might be a little bit upset he's little and pink his first part of his name starts with m and the second part of his name starts with p do you think that he might be it after all you kind of did put him through a lot of pain and maybe I'll be a good way to inserting back into the Channel

  3. Seriously you should put the the USB on the computer is because maybe the hacker something that you stuck there for 6 months I don't know more like 1 ear

  4. At the beginning there was a was a voice of a boy and a girl so the game master would not just work alone but he is the leader of a group of people (mabye project zorgo) it could be carter and lizzy or chad and vy chad could have fakend his own capture just to be left out as not suspect

  5. 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏍🏍🏍🏍🧠👑

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