GAME NIGHT – Official Trailer

GAME NIGHT – Official Trailer

We’re down to two teams so for double points, what is the name of the purple Teletubby?
Tinky Winky!
You’re both correct.
He always carried a…
Red purse.
Max is very competitive, as am I. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him.
Oh it’s easy he was, uh, Incredible Hulk.
Eric Bana.
Other one!
Mark Ruffalo.
Lou Ferrigno.
Primal fear!
Richard Gere never played The Incredible Hulk.
Jesus Christ Ed Norton.
Primal fear!
Yeah, right!
Guys, what do you say we do this at my house next week?
This will be a game night to remember.
Oh boy.
Tonight, we’re taking game night up a notch.
We don’t need a board and we do not need pieces.
We won’t need any extra rudeness, either.
Someone in this room is going to be taken.
Aw, it’s a murder mystery party.
Whoever finds the victim
wins the grand prize
the keys to the stingray.
Just the keys?
No, Ryan. The whole car.
Aw, yes!
Just wanna wish you the best of luck tonight.
Baby hand me those matches
I’m about to burn this door down.
You’re gonna light a fire in a windowless room that we’re trapped in?
Why you gotta make my idea sound stupid?
You’re not gonna know what’s real
and what’s fake.
Is this gun real?
Oh-oh no, Annie.
Oh no – bang, bang.
Oh my god, I shot you!
What the…
I’ve always enjoyed the camaraderie of good friends.
Often we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone.
Oh, because your wife left you?
Ah, shit
Oh, sh…
so we take a little bath.
Aw, it’s so much worse.
I have one idea it’s so crazy it just might work.
You’re gonna crash the car into the plane like Liam Neeson in Taken 3?
He did that in Taken 3, huh?
Uh, you missed it.
Thanks baby.
This is instructions on how to remove a bullet.
They didn’t have rubbing alcohol
so I got you this lovely Chard.
Good idea, way to pivot.
What is helpful in Country Living?
Oh, that’s for later there’s a
corn chowder recipe that looks really good.
you love corn chowder, huh?
sweet I do ya.
That’ll cheer ya up.
Thank you.

100 thoughts on “GAME NIGHT – Official Trailer”

  1. This movie was very entertaining! It had humour that will hit the spot for most adults and it was fast paced keeping you on the edge of your seat through out the movie. A must watch!!!

  2. Dry humorless movie trying to pass itself as comedy for the simple minded to laugh.

    Put this next to Punch Line and even then, Punch Line still slightly above it.

  3. I love Rachel Mcadams….thats why watched the movie…ended up loving the whole movie….the whole cast is awesome, especially Garry….chemistry between Jason bateman and rachel mcadams is lit…….best comedy of 2018.

  4. Finally, a comedy movie where I actually laughed!
    It's a good thing I didn't watch the trailer first though, because they already kinda showed a lot of the funny stuff here… Except for Bill Nye the Science Guy…

  5. Looks absolutely dreadful.
    I swear if you know any of the names of the teletubbies and you don't have any kids you should walk into the other room and blow your brains out.

  6. Max’s Wife : wahhh..
    Max : Wahh
    Max’s wife : wahhh
    Max : wahhh
    Max’s wife ::: stop doin’ that wahhhh..
    Max : wahhh…you started..wahhh
    Max’s wife : Wahhhhhh
    I ass hurt more 😒

  7. i love jason bateman but this was s#!t – extremely disappointed….turned it off after 20 minutes….jason bateman is one of my favorite actors…but this film : NO !!!!!

  8. Booooring. Couldn't finish the last 20 minutes because I was not interested in the end at all. I amnot sure whether the positive comments here are fake or I am missing something. Not worth watching, sorry.

  9. im not even going to watch the trailer first, just because of Dorian Zagorshi's comment below. Im rolling up my joint and sparking up while I watch Game Night!!! shout out to Ozark!

  10. don;t get fooled by the comments…just watched the movie and it was not THAT funny..i agree some scenes made me giggle but there are better movies

  11. one of the best movies, with about 6 plot twists, if you are not watching this already idk what you are doing

  12. Movie is really good but the trailer has some great scenes that will ruin them for you. I watched it without watching the trailer and loved it. Reminded me of jump street, stupid and funny throughout.

  13. Rachel McAdams has great chemistry with any actor the's acting with, doesn't she??
    Also, looooove her haicut..

  14. that was a hilarious movie, loved the denzel impersonations haha, jason bateman is superb as always.. 8/10 !!

  15. I think this movie has not got that good storyline but it holds the viewer from going anywhere. I think its because the surprise effect they have put in

  16. Funny movie, but the Ed Norton clue pissed me off. Everyone and their dog would have said, “American History X.”

  17. Lol a movie that is so dam confusing and then you realize it's all Just a game the intire time……… right? Seriously tho gucci movie when I watched it on an airiplane

  18. Can someone tell me why they liked this movie? I thought it was funny but that’s it. Other than it being funny it was shit

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