Gamers Reactions to Spontaneous Bootay Intro | South Park™: The Fractured But Whole

Gamers Reactions to Spontaneous Bootay Intro | South Park™: The Fractured But Whole

Oh, booty, booty, oh, booty (nice jams)
(gamers react intro)
Go get ’em, Bootay!
Look out ladies and gents, here comes the queen of quiffies,
the mistress of BDSM, your dominatrix dream come true,
it’s…Spontaneous Bootay! (oh wow)
Hey honey. You ain’t ready for this bootay.
Imma crush you in my booty cheeks
Imma sit on you till your eyes pop out of your head, honey. (please no)
(super mario ground pound)
(so done already)
(same game dialogue as before)
(same game dialogue as before)
Oh, god damn.
(weird grunt/mating call) get it.
Jesus! (so shocked)
Captain Diabetes: Oh my God! She’ll crush us alive with her massive butt! (uh ew)
(game dialogue again)
Uh oh.
Oh ****.
(laughing) Oh my God. (wheeze)
**** is going on?
Nooo! Get away!!
Hahahahahaha! (at last someone’s having a good time)
So…oh, we got to avoid her, aw, we can’t fight spontaneous bootay?
(yes bootay is coming we understand)
**** me dude, look how happy he is though.
This isn’t good. I think we might have lost, I feel like…
This isn’t good.
Aw, not anyone but Bootay! (do you even know who that is pewds?)
Oh wow. Oh, oh, oh, wow. Oh, oh wow. (eddy wally is that you?)
Oh wow. Please. Oh. Oh no. Aw. (noises of disgust)
Very nice. (slightly different inflection) Very nice, as you say in Sweden.
(starts laughing)
(clap clap)
(starts laughing again)
What is happening right now??
Hahaha 😀
(laughs again)
(laughs harder) Spontaneous Bootay.
Oh God.
Oh God help me out.
Oh my god.
(starts laughing)
(he’s having so much fun lol)
(can’t stop laughing)
WHAAT the ****!! Hahahaha!!
Avoid Spontaneous Bootay!
Oh no.
I’m not. I’m really not.
That poor guy in the background! (idk he looks fine to me)
Run. Run!
Just run, kids!
Jesus! (everyone is saying that lol)
We should really run now. Yeah, just run. Run for the hills, kids!
Uh oh.
Oh, no.
Oh no.
UH- (lol mood)
It’s Spontaneous Bootay.
Oh no, we need to get the hell out of here!!
Avoid Spontaneous Bootay-why can’t we just kill her?! (cuz she’s got too much health that’s why)
(jamming out to this sick beat but otherwise at a loss for words)
(is scared, but then again i am too)
(still jamming)
(begins to laugh)
Please don’t! I would rather not. DESIST!!
DESIST!!! (lol poor jack)
******* hell! Okay!
Yeah, I’m legitimately terrified right now (me too tbh)
Oh my god.
(cute laugh)
Earthquake attack! (watch out)
Look at their faces!
(starts laughing very hard :D)
Noooo!! Ohoh noo!!!
Oh NOOO!!!
Avoid Spontaneous Bootay!!
Uh oh.
OHHHHH MY–(laughs)
(continuous laughing lol)
HOLY S*** F*** (watch yo profanity)
(laughing again) (why does he low-key sound like a seagull)
What the f***? Avoid Spontaneous Bootay
Uh oh..
Oh no…!
(quiet) damn!
Please don’t
Run!! Run for your goddamn lives!!
Who’s Bootay?
She came through the wall!!
Aw, she got one of those action things too!
Ah, please no, please no!
All right…
I’m shooketh (appropriate reaction)
(starts laughing really loudly)
Oh no. Who’s there?
Oh no, the wall. It’s Kool-Aid man!
Oh no. Spontaneous Bootay.
This is insane, alright?
Avoid her? How??
BOOTAY??? Who’s Bootay?
Aw, Bootay!
What the f***, those are some big ass nipples!! (um ok)
Ayyy (starts laughing)
(over laughter) No, Bootay!!
Well I still have my ultimate, so we’re ok (are you sure about that?)
Bootay is cray!
(the faces are killing me send help)
Spontaneous Bootay…
Avoid Sponta–Spontaneous Bootay.
Bootay?? Who the f—
Who the f***-
Well, her belly button looks like a butthole. I’m disgusted.
Oh my ****
Avoid Spontaneous Booty. Bootay.
Who’s Bootay??
Oh my–
Spontaneous Bootay!
Jeez. Right, this is our first boss I guess. Oh my god, she’s just destroyed any and all terrain.
Stat time!!
(Side note: Never want to type the word bootay ever ever again)
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100 thoughts on “Gamers Reactions to Spontaneous Bootay Intro | South Park™: The Fractured But Whole”

  1. I’m mad that GameRiot turned down the music he missed out on that dope beat 💀💀💀💀💀

  2. The kids used bootay to snap chef out of his pedo mind control. Sad end to one my favorite characters. Bootay was chefs kinda woman.

  3. I'm not even a huge fan of South Park, but I Gotta admit heavily, The voice Actor who is the Announcer and the voice actor/actress who does Bootay are killing it 👍

  4. Dear god havn't thought about this game in ages and finding this accidently..makes me think my mind was trying to help me cope

  5. 0:20
    Me,Frisk, and Caroline screamed with horror.
    BJ was shocked.
    Chara, BoBo, and Asriel fainted.

  6. Captain Diabetes: HELP! HELP! She’s gonna sit on us! >~<

    New Kid: I don’t wanna die like THAT! :0

    Captain Diabetes: Me neither! Hurry, we gotta catch Classi before it’s too late!

  7. SwingPoynt is still one of my favorite reacts.. everyone goes into commentary and laughing right away and what does he do? he starts dancing and when she body slams the floor, he's looking away like he did something bad… then laughs

  8. I'm surprised when cap diabetes said "omg she'll crush us alive with her massive butt" no one said "ya think!!!"

  9. The kids look actually traumatized

    And I love that but I would be too.

    Also why is no one pointing out on how she can Wear heels and do the splits…

    And how normal they all act when they see Bootay*

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  11. I'm surprised only like two brothers reacted to this and I was waiting for them to look at the camera like "really n****"

  12. that mass and acceleration means certain death

    the force over area on those heels means the floor will have holes in it

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