Okay, yes, I know last episode
total Cliffhanger with some of you expressing frustration that we left you with
these apparently whatever that means
Anyway, we never meant to lead you on but between the desk
the monitors and the
Troubleshooting it was just way too much for one video
But we’re back at it with 16k gaming and this episode will be the last and it’s going to work
we hope
Synergy allows you to share your mouse and keyboard
Between multiple computers at once check it out now at the link in the video description
Okay, so here’s where we left off some of the monitors are running correctly 4K 60 hertz some
Of them are not working at all and some of them are somewhere in between at this
1024 by 768 resolution with pillar boxes
So troubleshooting we reseated our graphics cards. We double check the connections on our quadrille sync card and
finally it might be the
painstakingly cable managed 25 foot Generic displayport cables
I’ve got the new ones
freakin fantastic okay, so while jake
Works on swapping the cables out I want to get into a little bit more detail about the 16 K experience
We are trying to create here
we wanted to update our last insane resolution gaming setup in every possible way, so
We reached out to aether who graciously provided
16 of their 4k Predator xbone gaming displays
We weren’t able to make use of all of their gaming features like G-sync in our config
But their IPs panels are an absolute must for a monitor array
that’s so large that in regular youth you could actually be looking at it from
30 to 50 degrees
Let’s move around to where Jake’s working and take a closer look at the cabling even with some clever
Cable management using these stealth power bars that we’ve got here. We needed four
Pounds of power cord, and we actually need to wall circuits in order to run this monstrosity
Because with a typical power consumption of around 70 watts each
our monitors alone draw more than
1,100 watts from the wall and
Sending an image to the monitors was no easy battle either so our original setup had a whopping
300 feet of
displayport cabling all nicely managed into the desk save for a
Little bit, that’s kind of hanging out the back here dick
drinking that down to
240 feet now basically a lot of displayport cabling, and I think we’ve got all the replacements in right yep, okay?
Wait for it wait for it. Oh
What is this?
This isn’t sixteen gamers one CPU is it no
Yes, yeah, wait. Are they all 4k butt-fuck again?
There it is
Sixteen k’s of soon to be gaming Glory, and this is probably even more
Impressive than you realize because remember
16 K is not twice as much as eight K and 8k is not twice as much as 4k
we are talking about a
4x increase in pixel count as we move up so to put this thing in perspective
Look at the 1080p full Hd monitor that you’re probably watching this video on right now
16 K is
64 times the total pixels your 1080p monitor would be this big
That’s it
Now let’s talk about how we’re planning to drive them
We learned a lot from our last crazy
Experiment when we were the first to game at 8k on YouTube and there were three problems
We needed to solve one
We are running a mere two graphics cards last time with consumer amounts of video memory
That needed to be rectified to NVIdia is consumer grade display standing
Envy surround is not very flexible and free when you run a 3D application
across multiple cards there can be a desync Rijn eyes
Jelly effect when you move left and right, that’s pretty nauseating
Guardian-Angel NvIdia saves the day supplying us with four of their quadro P5
thousands valued at a total of about
10,000 u.s. Dollars I saw a lot of comments on the last video with why quadrants quadros are for gaming
Okay, if you went to linus university you would know that they gain just fine
And you’d also know that they address a lot of those problems for us each of our P5
Thousands has similar performance to a GTX 1080 but with a whopping 16 gigs of vram
But it’s 64 gigs total for all dim pixels since we’re not running an ethical I also
professional Quadro cards have a
different display combining utility called mosaic that can scale to far more
displays than NB Surround and
Finally to address the Jelly effect and keep this entire
wall of monitors in sync
They have this extra little connector to plug into a quadro sync to cards and it works
This looks like the last video you told me it was going to work. It is gonna work
And is well. I’m a bit worried
And it works
ok now to be clear this feature is really designed for
jumbotrons and large Format, digital signage like a time square video wall versus gaming
But we appreciate NvIdia agreeing to let us showcase it for that
Which is coming?
Very very soon now
See you can tell I’m going to be gaming because I have a gaming chair oh
Okay, my leg is recovered and more importantly we’ve got all the monitors arranged correctly now so check this out each
Row of monitors is running off of an individual card
So what we should see if we wiggle something back and forth is we should see some
jelly in this line here, but because of the sync card
It’s actually pretty darn clean, okay also since we’re in here holy crap
That’s right my friends
15000 360 by
8640 and we are going to launch some freaking games
After we take a closer look at the table
So if you didn’t see it in part one this custom version of I see tables desk
extends their normal design from 6 to 16 monitors
But everything else about it is actually this cool even if you just get a regular one
so the entirety of the desk is
customizable from the Bluetooth
Controllable RGB lighting to the swappable Fascia panels which might I mentioned come in a variety of colors
The tempered glass desk can also sport a graphic under it just pretty 6 you can shop your favorite game car or waifu
If that’s your mojo, and there’s built-in cable management for the integrated case that they call the t-con
This is from desk PC. Final form
right here
Are you ready to launch a game now? What should we do first?
First minecraft here do some Minecraft yeah
You almost need a separate desk, so you can guess while your desk, or oh?
Okay, hold on I got this
It’s like oh my goodness. That’s a lot of pixels
loading world
Wow, whoa, holy?
Actual balls, I will confess to you. I have never played Minecraft do we have a frat counter
This is probably what like 800 by 600 so F11
So we were at 400 FPS. It’s just gone
Click F3. I think you can see up this there we go there we go
So we’re running at like oh
Sonic’s there we’re running it like 40 to 50 frames per second at
It’s like 5 billion pixels a second or something like that
No, we can’t see as you randy’s. I’m just going to hit get over here area
No way
but every GPU is using exactly
The same amount of memory it might be shared jake yeah
Alright next game. Let’s do one that
We haven’t tried yet
Right rise of the tomb Raider go low settings just so we like have some vram possibilities there sure ok
Here we go you ready. Yeah, oh
Ok game launched. No way
3 fps
There never start Benchmark remember there’s more there’s more to lag about a game than just the framerate
Holy Crap like the game’s not even running in real time right now like you notice how long that pain took yeah?
Yeah, I mean looks great
Even like up close right because this is this is still
4k level of detail on every screen right yeah, I think this is about one frame per second
Lara croft is actually like on your side all over the moon look at this. This is actual size
You heard it here first. This is video games in real size. Maybe I didn’t hold the escape key for long enough. Oh
Wow, yeah, oh wow?
holy Balls, I
Got a know what video memory. I mean it must have just been pin. Yeah
Oh, we were purely limited by vram like it was swapping out to system memory
So that’s interesting that means so we were at 65% so there was 30% more performance in there
We could’ve been running at one point 3 frames per second look at the Power usage
You only ever went up to 50 on the hall that’s really interesting, so this is like frame frame frame frame
frames like frame system Memory
frame system memory
very interesting great there we go. I mean this is running on this dough. Oh
Damn, no way
whoa, oh
Look at these tiny options
We’re at the right resolution. Go to advance the bottom right now. Hell. Yeah can we try oh my God?
It’s like way over here. Oh
Sorry, I mean give me the mouse
But you know I can do it you could do it and then once you get this our frame rate uh
100 now 70 no way. That’s totally playable – – like insane tearing
Okay, let’s turn vsYNC on does it not has built-in be saying. Oh here. It is in a work area
That actually fixed this area
That’s not bad wow
What do we got 40?
How’s the input legs you know what a lot better than you would think memory usage is only eight gigs
Yep, the temps are getting up there and powers getting up there actually not as much as I would have thought
very interesting
So you can play Half-Life 2 at?
Okay, what else we got shadow of mordor?
This is a disaster
Geographical coordinates of virtual putting Billy Bob Thornton on your arm is a disaster
I’m just looking for a little lunch it. Oh there you go wow wicked
This is not the right resolution though not even close. Yeah, this is like
1080 or something loading and
Also, it’s completely crashed now, okay. Well this games just broke
You did manage to lock up the system. No, okay, something’s up all right
So we’re going to try one more game then okay 500
Oh my goodness. This is impossible to read. Oh, oh my God look at the you I?
Got your the mini maps over here. They took a mini map. We’ve got the settler over there
How am I supposed to okay choose production for the might? Go on where is it? Oh my god. It’s way up there
I’m Gonna make a granary
Upon you mentioning is it a monument. I don’t know I can’t read it. What framerate is this running at, 20 FPS?
Not bad you have afterburner open, not bad
All right, let’s find out
V 5 medium details 8k
not bad
9 gigs
So there you have it guys once again. You saw it here first
16 K gaming on the PC. Let’s see you do that on an xBox?
if you do 4k on an xbox
There are a hundred reasons for wanting multiple computers at your desk. Maybe you’re a Mac person primarily, but you need a
non-virtualized windows environment for some reason
Synergy solves the problem of having to have two keyboards and two mice for two or more
Separate computers you can share one set of peripheral
So you’ll no longer get confused and the whole thing is seamless you just drag the mouse from one screen to another
we’re talking PC mac and
even Linux support they offer a basic and pro option for synergy with a one-time payment and
Features include advanced stuff like clipboard sharing between computers dragging and dropping files between computers
The ability to set up hot cheese and more so use our link in the video description to get 50% off synergy today
So thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video
Go home
Just go home, and if you’re at home go home again
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Now it’s time for me to go do wan show time is
4.55 and that is how it ends up late?
If you’re doing cool

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