Gaming in the 90s!

Gaming in the 90s!

♪ Gaming in the 90’s ♪
You’re my best friend!
And you’re my best friend!
And nothing could ever come between us!
A Sega Genesis!
A Super Nintendo!
(dramatic tones)
♪ The ’90s ♪
(heavy metal music)
What’s up?!
Are you ready to play Quake II,
(dial-up connection loading)
♪ ’90s ♪
Hey, man!
You wanna head to the skate park?
What is happening here?
I finally cracked it, Jerry.
Okay, cracked what?
The location of Mew, Jerry!
The hidden location
of that freakin’ Mew.
Ohh, they thought they were so clever.
Thought they could throw us off
by having us go up and
down and up and down
on Cinnabar Island,
teasing us with MissingNo
trying to corrupt my game,
well, they didn’t get me this time,
no they didn’t, because I saw the pattern.
I connected the dots,
and do you know where they led me?
Uhh, no?
To the truck at the
Vermilion City Harbor.
It’s so simple!
It was right under our noses
this whole time!
All you have to do is lose
to somebody on the SS Anne
after getting HM01.
Then you respawn back at the PokeCenter,
you keep playing the game
’til you get the rest of the HM’s,
then you go back to Vermilion City!
You surf off the pier,
and Mew is waiting for you
right underneath the
hidden offscreen truck.
I mean,
it is so obvious now, Jerry!
I don’t know, man.
Sounds a little crazy.
Don’t you mean,
just crazy enough, to work?!
(Game Boy music)
♪ Gaming, in the, 90’s ♪
Come on!
The angle
Stop it!
Stop, I got it!
No, no, no
right in the corner!
Take a chill pill, take a chill pill,
I got this!
All we gotta do
is just, angle her right over
(classical choir music)
[Both] Boobs!
I know we’re only eight years old,
but I’m telling you, buddy,
this is as good as it gets.
♪ 90’s ♪
(dial-up connection continues loading)
♪ Gaming in the 90’s ♪
(Game Boy music)
(heavy metal music)
Dude, come on!
You’re still playing a Lame Boy?
Quit bein’ a fartknocker
and get a Game Gear already.
It’s got full color, a bigger screen,
you can play in the dark,
hell, I can even watch TV on this thing!
Honestly, I don’t know why anyone
would keep playing a
ah, wait, batteries are dead.
(Game Boy music continues)
Hey, could I get next on that?
(Game Boy music)
♪ The 90’s ♪
Honey, you’ve got to
get off the Nintendo.
I got it this time, Jerry.
It was right in front
of me this whole time.
I just gotta run around this fountain
64 times, and Luigi will pop out.
I can’t believe no one figured it out,
it’s so obvious!
64 times,
it’s in the game’s freakin’ name
for God’s sakes, Jerry!
Sweetie, please!
There is no Jerry!
I don’t know who you’re talking to!
Can it, Jerry!
I’m gonna lose count!
and 64!
No no no.
Maybe it’s 64 times 64,
because it’s Mario 64 in the Nintendo 64.
That’s gotta be it, Jerry!
That’s gotta be it!
I can’t live like this!
Doctor, take him away!
[Doctor] All right,
little buddy, it’s nap time.
I can see Luigi!
(dramatic piano music)
I can,
see him.
♪ Uh, gaming in the 90’s? ♪
(dial-up connection continues loading)
[AOL Man] Welcome.
(heavy metal music)
(disconnect tone)
[Mom] Oops, sorry honey!
Didn’t know you were
surfing the interwebs!
[AOL Man] Goodbye.
Hey everybody,
Odom from the Warp Zone here,
thank you so much for watching.
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All right, how the heck did I get in here?
I’m gonna, head this way.
(upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Gaming in the 90s!”

  1. Gameboy was gutter trash. Game gear was awesome. Super Nintendo was the superior platform but Sega genesis had some sweet games.

  2. XD Can't say I know much about the 90s or the internet or online gaming itself as I was born in 1997. The first time I would of played online would of been on the original Xbox Live on Halo 2, it was great.

  3. The game wars between Sega and Nintendo was no joke. It was serious. I still have my Sega and orginal playstation. What would of made it even better is if you had an orginal playstation upside down while it was being played.

  4. Meeemooriiiiies.. all alone in the.. well.. 90s?
    great video, i am always laughing about it.. the only thing that i was missing was the sound of the first printers..
    my dad had one.. everytime he was printing something i went out, that noise was so terrible..

    to all you who are screaming because of the dial-sound of the modem..
    you know nothing!!! xD

  5. I remember my brother and me wearing that Solo Cup Shirt Print LMAO. We played Hexen, Heroes of Might and Magic, and Zoombinis back then lmao. Before that we had every hand held and console made even Virtua boy lmao. We had Jaguar and Sega Saturn/CD, the Sega Genesis with the 32x adapter or whatever that was with Sonic and Vectorman…..good times….

  6. Used to take my Sega Gamegear with the tv adapter to the feild out in 29 palms. I would get about 8-12 Marines crowded around that tiny screen to watch The Simpsons. Good times.

  7. I'm sure @ 2:33 its almost verbatim of a conversation my older brother had with me back then. I haven't heard "fart knocker" since the 90s probably lmfao 🤣😂

  8. My neighbor had the snes I ha the genesis, it was better, so we could play every exclusivity at each other's place!

  9. I used to carry around a notebook that had the moves/fatalities for MK1 & MK2 (which my brother and I had for the Sega) along with all the cheats. I got them from all from a Gamepro magazine. My friends and I would compare with each other our notes we took for games and would share moves/codes and such during school lunch. It was such a different time than it is now.

  10. Fucking game gear I went through so many damn batteries on that damn thing. They literally made it impossible to beat any of the games

  11. You guys forgot about waiting to play the demo at the department stores. There was always some other kid there, at all times.

  12. in the time of diablo 3 my dad had a friend who killed 5 people on the streets bcs he couldnt beat 3 guys in diablo 3

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