Gaming on a Chinese Mini PC? Gole1 review and games! (Skyrim, Fallout 3, Half Life 2 and more!)

Gaming on a Chinese Mini PC? Gole1 review and games! (Skyrim, Fallout 3, Half Life 2 and more!)

What the heck is this thing?
A combination of a million small brands fighting
to land a hit product and tons of readably
available industrial resources has lead to
a bizarre culture of throwing ideas out there
and hoping for the best.
One of the devices to come out of that
set of circumstances is this, the Gole 1 mini
I saw this floating around my twitter feed
and I knew that I needed to get my hands on
one for a video, simply out of nifty it looks.
The Gole 1 is a miniature PC that apparently
went for the TV aesthetic rather than being
a regular tablet…
It even the wifi antenna attached in way reminiscent
of old televisions.
It is thick like a brick as well, specially
if you compare to a modern tablet but uses
that extra space for ports.
In a relative small size this manages to cram
micro USB, USB 3.0, MicroSD card slot, 3 USB
2.0 ports, ethernet, HDMI, headphone jack,
this thing has more ports than any laptop
I own.
But what exactly powers this thing?
Inside you will find an Intel Atom® x5-Z8350 with its included IntelHD and 4GB of ram.
Since it is similar to the x5-z8300 on the
second version of the Intel Compute Stick
that I covered in the video in the corner
you would expect the Gole 1 to perform better
but it actually performs a bit slower.
I suspect the cause of this might be the passive
cooling it has versus the active cooling on
the stick, or it might have to do with the
fact this runs both Windows and Android and
I believe a significant amount of hacks went
into making the dual boot possible because
the device has some weird… erm… quirks.
It will occasionally not recognize my 128
GB sd card, it will occasionally not power
up USB external hard drives correctly and
there is weird humming occasionally comes
from the device…
It’s weird, this whole thing is weird.
What is the use case for this thing?
The selling page does not seem to be entirely
sure either: connect it to a monitor to use
it at the office, connect to a projector,
watch netflix, it’s the world smallest computer!
(I am starting to see this is a claim chinese
brands love to make), and use it to play games?
I mean? Really?
Well, it does have the windows partition so
games can be installed but what can we expect
on something like this?
Usually I use the HDMI output to show you
game footage but I opted to film the device
directly this time to try and communicate
how weird it looks to have games on this tiny
screen, although this screen in particular
proved harder to film than expected, but we
are still going to do it.
I started with Half Life 2 with the super
low configuration for the well received video
I did a while ago and this device handled
it fantastically, with high performance on
most test areas.
Granted, even without the super low configuration
the device could at least maintain 30 FPS
so I needed to try something stronger.
Like Portal 2 using super low graphics on
720 which also manages to maintain itself
between 30 and 40 fps on test chambers…
not bad… not bad.
So, how about Skyrim with shadows disabled
and the super low graphics mod?
The advantage of having such a small screen
is that you can use low resolutions without
really noticing any difference and on this
instance with 768×432 I managed to maintain
over 20 fps on towns and very close to 20
even with combat which I am sure some people
will consider playable.
Let’s dial it back a bit.
The small size of this device kinda reminds
me of a pip boy so why not try Fallout 3 with
the super low graphics from the video in the
This game did great, close to 30 fps in most
instances and this is at 720p.
If you are willing to go low res you might
be able to play this game without much tweaking
and this is one hell of a good and long game.
But no everything can be perfect.
Since I have had some success with Rocket
League in the past I tried using the internal
resolution scaler to get this working here
but not matter how much I dropped, the device
struggled to keep up and the killing blow
was CSGO… even on 800×600 and a 50% resolution
scaler with super low lod bias for the textures
the device failed miserably.
So, is this going to be your new gaming machine?
Maybe, depending on what you expect.
I still do not understand what the exact
purpose of this device but hey… it looks pretty cool and
I might have some ideas for this in the future.
Thank you to BangGood for sending this device
for review purposes after energetically emailing
them after seeing it on twitter, if you want
more info about it the link is in the description.
And if you are contributing in Patreon thank
you for helping keeping this channel alive.
You are awesome.

17 thoughts on “Gaming on a Chinese Mini PC? Gole1 review and games! (Skyrim, Fallout 3, Half Life 2 and more!)”

  1. How does this thing have more ram than my 800$ PC,
    Mine is extremely old like from the doom days and i play SO MUCH doom on it

  2. Seeing stuff like this makes the notion of the nintendo switch running games properly even more impressive.

  3. LowSpecGamer, Just some info.
    They didn't do any hacks to do multi OS.
    There is a setting in windows to activate a screen that can let you choose what OS you want on startup (if you have multiple OS).

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