Gaming Setup!

– We’re gonna do something
a little different today.
Now, lately, when you’ve been
seeing most of my videos,
it’s in this set right here
but this isn’t actually
where I do most of my gaming.
That’s actually over here.
This is the lounge area of our offices.
This is where we don’t really do
a lot of editing or anything.
We’ll occasionally shoot up here
but the main point is it’s a
place for people to decompress
or in my case, play
games in between videos.
So let’s take a look around.
(upbeat music)
First, let’s take a look
at the wall of peripherals.
Now, the main point of this
section is the top shelf
where I keep all of the
different controllers
for different systems that I use
including some DualShock 4s
for the PS4 in silver and gold.
We’ve got a number of
different Joy-Cons here
on an actual Switch itself.
Also, on these grips,
I never really use them
when I actually play games
but I like having them
as a way to display other Joy-Con colors.
Also, a couple Amiibos rounding
it out, my favorite Link one
and a Cloud which I actually
just picked up today.
These just launched and further back,
there are all the different
Xbox One S controllers
we have right now.
I just did a video on these
plus a couple of designs
that we got before
from getting different
special edition systems.
Now, I kinda filled in a lot
of space here just for display.
There are a number of different
collectables that I have.
Some are ones that I bought
straight up on their own
like other Amiibos or the Pixel Pals
but there’s also some that
belong to collector’s editions
for some more recent bigger games.
For instance, I’ve got Aloy
over here from Horizon Zero Dawn
and further down, the
mask from Dishonored 2
to fill that space down there.
Now, all of this isn’t
necessarily just for show.
We have a couple other things
we’ve picked up over time.
For instance, I’ve done a couple of videos
ranking all the different colors
of different special edition systems.
So for instance, here’s
all the other Xbox Ones.
The white one’s missing right now
’cause it’s actually hooked up to the TV
and PS4 Slims as well which
I just ranked more recently.
On top of all that, we have
a few other peripherals
aside from controllers.
Some are a little more for display
such as the LaserScope here.
Kinda just a lesson in history of things
not to do when you’re developing
another kind of controller.
– [Narrator] And this game
will be coming out in April.
– I retire this in glory.
– But we also have further down the PSVR
which we do hook up every
now and then to the PS4 Pro
for playing some games.
It’s just, it’s a big mess of cables
if you leave it hooked up all the time
so we store it over here in the corner
when we’re not using it.
Now, let’s take a look at the back wall.
Now, this next area might
look familiar to some of you
’cause we’ve actually done
a lot of shooting up here
right here on this couch.
So behind me, I usually try to showcase
some more of my collectables.
Right now, I’ve got the Mega
Man Nendo and my Titanfall Pop.
There’s also a very small
collection of games.
This isn’t my full shelf obviously.
It’s just a couple games I bring in
that are either recent hits
or stuff from my backlog
that I’m trying to get into.
Now, there’s also a
couple Call of Duty games
thanks to Ralphy which speaking of which,
the really big centerpieces
on this back wall
are these huge LEGO sets that
Ralphy has recently built
on his new channel, Build Play Repeat
and to kinda round those out
are a trio of really awesome posters
that I’m so glad have finally
made their way into a video.
I’ve had them for a while
but we just haven’t found
the place to fit them yet
so really cool that you guys
get to see these finally.
Before talking about the TV though,
let’s take a look at the setup beneath it
showing off all of our systems.
Now, this is a shelf we got at IKEA.
The top row was all of our recent systems.
We’ve got the PS4 Pro on one
side, Xbox One S on the other
although later this year
that’s gonna get replaced
when the One X comes out
and kinda breaking the combo
in the middle is the Wii U.
Obviously, the Switch is newer
but having it in an
enclosed space like that
doesn’t really play nice with the dock
so we keep that up above
and the Wii U still gets
some use now and then
so there, it’s right there.
On the bottom row are some older systems.
Some of them are a
little more for display.
We were giving Sega a little bit of love.
– [Narrator] Genesis does.
– [Narrator] What Nintendo.
– With the Dreamcast on one
side, Genesis on the other
and in the middle is the Analogue NT.
That’s actually a more recent system
that lets you do old school NES gaming
but in 1080p on nicer TVs.
And to really make these systems pop out,
we actually have these hue strips set up
on the back of the shelf
which gives a nice separation
between the systems
and the back wall.
Right now, we’re rocking this purple color
which I think is the
perfect accent in this room.
And then of course is the TV.
This is an LG OLED TV.
I don’t remember the exact product number
off the top of my head.
We’ll put that link down
below but the point is
it’s a really pretty TV.
I’m gonna be honest with you guys,
it’s not necessarily the best choice
if you’re doing hardcore
competitive stuff.
The latency on it is a bit serious
but when it comes to playing
just single-player games,
things are focused more on visuals
and a kinda cinematic feel,
it is an incredible choice.
So that wraps up our little
tour of the gaming room
here at the office.
If there’s anything you
guys saw in the video
that I didn’t really talk about,
ask me down below in the comments.
I’m also gonna link
some of the cooler stuff
down below as well and
we’ll see you guys later.

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