Garena Free Fire Best Pro Sensitivity Settings after update 2020 | Free Fire PC Gameplay Video

Hi guys. Welcome to my channel Lazy Pazy
Gamer. I hope you guys are having a good time today and if not, this video of me
in which I’m playing Garena Free Fire will help you divert your mind. Okay. So
let’s go. Today, I’m going to tell you everything about the most preferred
Garena free fire best pro sensitivity settings. Yes, that’s correct
you heard me right. I will be talking about only the best sensitivity settings
after the update that only the pro player uses in order to have a guaranteed
win in this game. Well, there will be other videos too in the future on this
channel that will tell you about the tips and tricks that you can pull off in
the game, to get ahead of other players, but settings too, play a big, very big
actually, a very big role. Because maybe, okay maybe, there could be a chance that
your game is already good, but the only problem is that the game settings are
kind of pulling down your performance during that game session. Yes, so let’s
start with it. But first, I want you all to launch your game and come at the main screen,
like I am right now. Yes, because this is where it’s easy to tell you everything
about the settings. Now, I want you to look at the top right corner of your
screen and locate that gear icon. That gear icon. That gear icon is where
your settings are. So, click on it. Now you’re on your game settings page. You’ll
be able to see the different kind of settings tab on your left like the basic,
sensitivity, controls, auto pickup, sound and others. Right. Now each of those
settings tab controls different parts of the game. You’ll see soon what I am
saying right now. Now, let’s go to the first settings tab, which is the basic
settings. Now, let’s go to the first settings tab
which is the basic settings. No matter, what your PC specifications are. The
settings I’m going to tell you can actually make a difference. Okay.
So stay tuned. Now, set your graphic settings to Ultra. Ultra is important. It
helps you to clearly see the far-off players on the map without any tear or
loss in the game graphics. This is one of the reasons most players can actually
snipe from a far-off distance very easily. Now, come down and see that
brightness option, set it to classic, what it does is it’s less hurting to the eye
especially during your long game sessions. Set your FPS at the high
because you obviously don’t want to miss any frame. Shadows doesn’t make much of a
difference to your gameplay so it’s up to you. You can turn them off or
you can turn them on. Language, you know what to choose. Now, come to the mini-map
setting. Now, go with the rotating option as it’s clearly visible in this display
and that when you move it around in the game your map rotates with you which is
actually what you need so you don’t get confused up with the in-game north-south
directions now you don’t get lost when you’re moving around and looting items
with your friends. Okay. Now, let’s move on to the next part which is a second
setting tab. Sensitivity settings. Yes, this setting is something which actually
differs from players to players depending on their mouse settings. I want you
to first click on that reset button on the bottom of this page. Now, what it
will do is that this will reset all the all the values that you have either used or
changed before. Okay. It will bring all the values back to their default
position. Yes. Now, you don’t have to mess around with
all the values in here. Just look at the top option, which is the General Value,
which is the general setting. Okay. Now, you have to change the general value
which is the top option and play around with it.
Now, I would recommend keeping it at 40 and set your mouse dpi around 800 on
your computer. This will work fine. Now, whatever your sensitivity settings
works best for you just let me know in the comments below.
Cool. Now, let’s move on to the third part of this Garena free Fire settings video,
which is controls. Yes, so at first we have the Aim Precision. If it is at default then you’ll be getting aim assistance.

During both your off scope and on scope gameplay. Okay. To turn off this aim
assistance option, just select the full control option which will remove the aim
assist feature. Now, what will happen is you’ll have to manually aim and lock the
target before you shoot them down. You will not be getting any aim assistance
from now on. Turn on all the necessary features that actually helped you in
your gameplay like that quick weapon switch, quick reload and auto parachute.
Turn them on. Now, set the awm sniping to the normal mode. This will let you put
your scope using the right-click button and then shoot your target. Set the
visual effects to classic, in-game tips to default and that’s it. Yeah.
That is pretty much it in this section. Let’s move on to the next section. Let’s
move on to the next section. There isn’t much in this section actually. Just set
all the values to on from off except the camouflage option because you don’t want
to carry around those bushes every time you find one while looting. Right. And the
rest, yes, set them on weapons, armor and backpacks, medkits, ammo, attachments,
grenades and event items. Your player will keep picking them up automatically
depending depending on the level of backpack you’re carrying with you.
So yeah, that’s it. That is it guys. That is what I was talking about before the
start of this video these settings will actually help you out in your in-game
performance. There are other things too like I said earlier like the tips and
tricks. But then that is for another video for another day. Now, I want you all
to do this first and use my video to make changes to your Garena free fire
settings because you know if that’s how the professional players do it then why
not you. You see, it’s always the advice that bridges the gap between two things.
I think I’ve said a lot. So yeah, if you liked this video then please please please
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