got into the game and congratulations
icon what do you think guys should we have
the game settings on but lower or turned off completely
I set by random hi mr. glitzy man I came by the way he’s sorry I was the sitting okay so how he’s every they’re saying
Ebony’s years so she’s saying turn it off yeah alright so we’ll do the the
soundtrack just bear with me I’ll get that one and set up let me know if
that’s too loud and if anyone plays the game as per usual give us some tips
tutorials you know we’re hopeless that sounds a bit loud all right so that’s
done see how is everybody sorry for the delay today we had a very
late night last night catching up with some old school friends of mine turned
it off I got a copyright strike by that oh can you explain that a little bit
more random Cain says what the heck kind of game is this
sighs an idea what was the movie what was the movies that you binge watched
the other day this is like Hunger Games this is why I chose it for you they’re
stinky it looks like pee yeah it’s a little bit like PE BJ apparently this
one’s very popular as well I kind of expected that at least some people in
the stream that play it because I’d sort of for this one did a tiny bit of
research in terms of looking at some other videos and they they get a lot of
use on them so I left to wait and see what happens it’s similar to PE BG I
guess say that one in also they do have different formats they like you’ve got
an arena version I think where you don’t fly in all kinds of stuff
who knows Shang just bear with me southern watch
needs cash foundation thanks for that again mr. glitzy man guys ain’t this
dream showing or lighting scream it might just be you because we just tested
it say that game will be better than fortnight I think so not a fan of
fortnight not that we’ve played it yet yeah I’m really tired everything I just
had a well it was good yesterday I caught up with some school friends of
mine that we sort of three of us live in the same area but the other one flew in
from interstate and yeah we had a pretty late night and then I took one of the
mine it doesn’t leave anyway me me say sorry for that oh my I’m trying to get
the high energy from stink pants because I probably haven’t had a enough coffee
yes yeah you’re fired up fine away and what about everyone else how how are
they going say it’s been a fantastic weekend just today was a lot you’re good
at running away I think you have to pick up a weapon some backpack so I can’t do
anything except punch well they’re saying the game is lagging is that the
same for everyone or is it just random and came because it shouldn’t be I don’t
know whether I should set it to ultra-low latency or low latency we’ve
been doing latency for a while and it didn’t seem to have too many problems
for people oh I gotcha hey man you put up yeah we’re we’re good
relaxing this weekend I think I don’t think we’ll do too much today we’ll
probably go back to bed but what about everyone else has he wake Ben you were
weakened so far you got up to anything exciting school going well is YouTube
not going well Oh yeah having it doesn’t look like we’re
having trouble on our end and ebony saying that she’s not lagging at all say
I’m not too sure what’s going on but it seems to be alright on our end it’s
always a tiny bit laggy but yeah looks alright it’s laggy for me and maybe
refresh it Cain I’m not too sure but given that ebony is not having problems
doesn’t look like Seth’s having problems either how can I Drive this thing does
anyone play this game or is it just us did I hear stinky sake man I think she
said that you watch your language stink pants I didn’t hear anything but yeah he
just made it up every time to get you in trouble yeah yeah was the reunion of
sorts came there is a great to catch up with these guys small friends if you
manage to hang on to them they’d they end up being sort of lifelong friends
you’ll lose a few over the years if you make a number of friends but the good
ones stick around I’m not that the some friends that I’ve lost that good it’s to
see you end up losing contact and Seth says that he plays peb G which we’ve
done before we’ve had a peb G stream I was kind of hoping hoping that this game
is popular enough that we could be playing live with other people so that
they can carry us again have you got a weapon
yeah looks like something else like I got so much on my back there you go look
you’re all weaponized already so tell us about what’s been going on is there
anyone been having any dramas like we have well not yet but we will most of
this play peb and this is a ripoff of PBG say maybe
spoon tips it is a bit of a ripoff but I think free fire is been around for quite
some time as well not the mobile version but yeah just doing a quick youtube
search it’s extremely popular and you’re talking like lots of different countries
play it so I guess maybe a little bit similar to clash of clans everybody’s
asking how are you stink pants I’m good thanks and you
yeah we’ve been asking how everyone is no one’s really said anything except for
one person I think pirata I agree with you this game will be popular yeah it
looks like it because even if I go and visit smaller channels I see it quite a
bit it’s there’s quite a few people that do
either streaming or just normal gaming videos on this particular one they’ve
got some diehard fans to be sure and just yesterday but I guess the the
downside for us was a lot of it was not in English say for a Portuguese speaking
or spanish-speaking countries hugely popular Vietnam as well Indonesia India
they they certainly do a lot of gaming uploads for that
I’ll rupestre 7 60s here hello how are you it’s good to see you again
how’s your week been so far all weekend and ebony says that she’s okay which is
good I’m a download this game so I can play with boot up that’s what we want we
want people that can actually play and carry us like they do in every
first-person shooter game that we do green meat I should avoid it I’m not too
sure yeah it’s good to see you again as well rupestre I’m sorry it’s been such a
long time just to remind leave a comment on one of the videos so we’ve got soken
have a look at your channel because that’s half the problem with the streams
that if you say hi in the stream but I don’t get a comment I’d tend to forget
to visit a channel so sorry about that it’s not that I
don’t mean to do it it’s just the the workload but we’ll have to wait and see
what happens with these YouTube updates it’s kind of scary at the moment it’s
really scary actually because we could be in the firing line as to whether or
not our content is going to be heavily restricted for lack of a better word
it’s not looking good but we’ll have to wait and see
I guess Peter and stinky what’s your opinion on gutter life now I’ve spoken
to stink pants about this before gutter life is hugely popular I see that a lot
now my guess is that either really young boys play it or it’s more of a girls
game I’m not sure but it’s just the the channels that I’ve come across and
they’ve been numerous I think they’re run by girls and it looks like a lot of
fun I was talking to stink pants of maybe doing one of those one day but I
don’t know a lot about it it looks like it’s a cartoon storytelling type like
you tell your own story which may or may not be interesting for us we should do
try that I guess and what’s your thought is yes I’d like to know what people
think you’ve got your life because that’s certainly a hugely popular one
all I do is download the game that put a place and just delete it seven days
later okay kind of liked that too you play a player once and throw it away
everything you started with the water cane started with the water we’ve got
our in jokes going now we got the DL G’s here as well what’s the topic my friend
say topic of today there’s gonna be a few of them and Ethan 8 is
guessing wanting to save giblets but he said niblets from the clan ethan ater is
so yeah the the topic of today we really made this start discussing with you guys
what kind of games we’re going to play so i don’t know if any of you have had
to look at either the new terms of service that are coming up on December
the 10th I think and also the changes that are going to be made on the 1st of
January that does look like it’s going to affect gaming channels quite badly
and the basic premise behind that is we need to determine whether or not we’re
targeting children which to my mind we don’t do yes we’ve got a lot of well I
wouldn’t say children by definition because according to the FTC I think it
was that child means under 13 and most people in our streams are actually older
than that we do have a couple that are a younger I know that there’s like a nine
year old and a eleven year old we don’t target them specifically but if you end
up having a channel that is targeted to children it’s basically gonna die by the
look of it you won’t be able to leave comments or get notifications probably
not get monetized it’s pretty bad so we’ve been thinking that for the game
yeah and there you go seven is fourteen eight and eight is 15 so they’re not not
children by definition they’re teenagers I call it well look at you guy here made
a bike rider now so and this applies to all of you as well if you are played in
gaming videos you’ve got to be very careful you’re doing donuts teen pants
look at you doing the day nuts you’d ride a motorbike like your drivers
that’s what’s going on there so at some point you’re you have to let YouTube
know you have to specifically say is this
video for children or not and that applies to everyone that’s got a channel
so for future games we were thinking we’re only gonna start playing games
that are thirteen plus rated which again is not that easy cuz a lot of them don’t
I’m not even sure what this one is I think it was twelve plus so yeah it’s
it’s going to be very interesting on the one hand I guess but also very scary
because we’re getting quite close to the four thousand hours watch time she run
away shoot you’re getting shot at can you see he’s shooting you I have no
idea what I’m doing try and hide in the building or
something I think I won’t go back so how do I totally agree with that kind
there’s another one clash of clans getting rid of global has just ruined it
for a lot of plans it’s getting very difficult to recruit and same problem
here that when you try and recruit the in boxes of full see if you’re under 13
you can’t no we’ll see this is the the weird thing set that the the way they’re
talking about identifying who’s a child and who’s not a child
number one doesn’t really make sense it doesn’t seem viable so sorry if this is
getting into a serious conversation here but it is something that needs to be
talked about and hopefully YouTube doesn’t care that we’re doing it on this
stream so one of the things that they’ve suggested is depending on the type of
content that you actually watch that could determine whether YouTube thinks
you’re a child or not which is ridiculous so if you watch a lot of
nursery rhymes even as an adult let’s say you watch a lot of nursery rhymes or
children’s games and then you come to our channel and watch a video YouTube’s
gonna recognize that as us being a kids channel which is kind of silly
I mean from the the logical point of view it’s pretty easy to work out which
channels deliberately target children you know you’ve probably all seen them I
guess when you are younger where you get the simple songs and that’s Nursery
Rhymes and kids games that adults really wouldn’t be interested in they would be
the the sorts of channels but the problem is like we could also be
affected and also some people here say now I know that a lot of people in the
stream to do gaming stuff as well so yeah it’s it’s not good
ap don’t you wanna hear the best name I ever heard yes please
kane says town hall 13 is coming next month
really that’ll be good I’m maxed out already so I’ll be looking forward to
that the name might be new troops and maybe a new seeds machine in the next
month Wow hopefully they’ll give us some more
magic items so it can be prepared for that I know but I’m only 10 or 11 and
can’t get the new update oh I can’t you get the new update wait i watch you guys
and got your life will he yo but see on that mode for those that we’re asking
about and got your life like second evany is that it will you survive quite
a while you did quite well there is that game targeted at children or not I don’t
know for that one but it is hugely popular so it is worthwhile doing that
one we’re kind of cool oh you’re a legend there is a hint the update might
come on the 13 for 15 awesome the best year the best name ever is bend over
bend over last name Dave her first name Bend then what about Eileen Fraley Eileen wall you didn’t get any of the
Jake’s last night either did you stinky yeah it can be our sets off for Eddie
well thank you for joining the stream Seth we might be getting another haircut
if I’ve got the right person quite regularly more regularly than I do
went to the hairdresser the other day and they said Dowling’s have been since
he got yeah four months probably maybe longer
but wait he’s got me under suspense now what do you call his sister has one leg
I said it before by Lane I need a pair gaming here is here hello how are you
it’s good to see you again I can’t remember if pad gaming plays free fire I
think you might say if you do pad we’d love to either have you play live with
us or give us some tips I’m not a hundred percent sure because he does
through a lot of gaming content excellent channel by the way guys
everyone should be checking out each other’s channels you’re all great
supporters and please don’t forget to leave a comment for me so I can remember
to visit yours your channel is the greatest so I think Seth’s talking about
everyone else in the stream not talking about our stinky channel that is more
than one word well that’s true to say paddy played
this game i’m very curious tonight and how’s your week been so far and it’s
always interesting to catch up with people from all over the world to know
what they’re up to in their part of their the universe you – you never mind bye have a good day
you too Seth he might end up seeing him later he tends to disappear and then
come back and I know mr. glitzy man was saying that he was gonna download the
game so you can play with this but I guess he’s disappeared for a bit to try
and get it then you ranked number Tony believable very impressed you’re
becoming a bit of a first person shooter fanatic now aren’t you he’s ranked number two without shooting
anyone that’s super impressive the one that
killed me right so yeah Ethan aider asks how do we
celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia the answer is we don’t it’s an American
thing so we we celebrate Christmas like they celebrate Thanksgiving we have a
lot of the same food got Christmas Eve we got Christmas we got and we have the
turkey and the ham and then cranberry sauce and you know Christmas pudding but
they they put on a good fair – you know they’re green beans and corn and they’re
mashed taters and all kinds of delicious goodies so yeah it’s not not really a
thing here cuz I thought Thanksgiving had some quake ISM it wasn’t the quake
is in there what Quaker what are you talking this
that was like a no not really Wheldon about too sure what I should
know a little bit about Thanksgiving something to do with you know people
coming together and celebrating unity that sort of thing I’m not mistaken
someone will have to give me a history lesson on that I Canada celebrates
Thanksgiving I didn’t know that Kanan says we’re having a Leonid meteor
shower where I might be invisible where I live it might be invisible in the sky
it’s always good to see cosmic and events
I saw Halley’s Comet you probably only get to see that once in a lifetime if
you’re lucky is that it’s a comment that revolves revolves
that’s the web around the earth every 76 years
I’m not mistaken I don’t think you’re even born then when it came round it’s a
comment I’ll come it hmm say there’s certain events that you can see once in
a lifetime or rare events solar eclipses that sort of thing I’d say someone I’ll
have to give you see history lesson on Thanksgiving really Thanksgiving is the
best to get out of school for a week and eat a ton of food and we don’t know
where you look like eath nadir but I’ll say yeah you’re slim and trim
he says he’s fat you haven’t seen me I’m the one that’s fatty fat a power good
play FF free-fire to Kate and CD play pal guys still waiting on an answer and
that anyone notice that he said Hades instead of potatoes that’s what you call
him isn’t it Hades that’s what Beauty Tatas that’s the
source really isn’t it do you have some strange expressions as an Australian I
guess we tend to be very lazy with the way we pronounce things what do you
think about that stinky anyone notice oh I said that I’m chubby God’s already
seen you Kane I don’t think so he’s a strapping young man
all he eats is hot sauce from what I’ve seen in the videos doesn’t eat anything
else just hot sauce okay today I don’t think he is if that’s Chavo I’m in
trouble isn’t it no we’re friends last night are all pretty skinny are they
they used to be chubbier than me used to be yeah really two of them will be given
me when we were younger one of them’s always being rather slim
jealous really well I’m gonna say exercise is very important wasn’t really
encouraged in our family but needs to be done they encouraged it now but back in
the day is all about the school work make sure you study hard don’t worry
about sports pad gaming send me the picture and I want me to make a did for
power and showing the thumb fat only if you’re eating hot sauce and sucking on
lemons that’s what we want to see put some hot sauce on a lemon cane do a
video and that apart to this is what we get we like to torture cane he torches
us all the time doesn’t mean stinky and hey yeah what’s the countdown for well
you’re not in I think this map remember Peggy beige a closes in yep this one
will do the same thing I don’t know which one is better
so shut down David shoddy shoddy yeah but which one his shotgun and was it’s
this what am i carrying I don’t even know ah no choice let’s go before
something bad happen that’s right getting there and do your stuff canes
making excuses he says he’s out of art sauce so don’t believe it for a second
add some nothing was particularly spicy last night was it we had Indian
there is wind Allu that is a little bit a little bit one mate was complaining it
was pretty hot me out on his saying ass not too bad I didn’t think it was too
bad it was delicious dinner they lemons hey Peter what is the difference between
a guitar and a fish you can tune a guitar but you can’t tuna fish tuna fish
you get that one tuna fish stinky great reaction there love it love
the jokes what’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup pea soup that’s
a huge difference anyone can roast beef and no one can pea
soup Oh everyone can hear soup it’s not quite
soup when you pee though do you think you’ll know you’re saying it is it’s the
same thing I haven’t eaten the refrigerator with sugar I don’t know how
much I should put in go easy on the sugar cane this is what I’ve learnt
getting older that you got to try and not to have too much sugar in your diet
because you’ll get it in virtually everything these days it’s the same with
salt you don’t have to add a lot of salt or she’ll get to products with the newer
generations and as food develops the big corporations put a lot of that stuff in
there now now we talk you’re gonna have another one now you’re talking about PM
giblets what do you think about that do you think anyone would buy this stuff if
we haven’t put it on merchandise big giblets on a t-shirt and water because
you’ve lit yep I saw you say ccino ccino yes
hey now they haven’t he got me again why cuz I say you know and it sounds like CH
as opposed to tunak tunak I did I know okay say you probably
should say – not with a tip do you know you didn’t do that I kind of say – no
with a CH you dear Dane Dane LAN don’t learn English for a minister him sting
pads of looking at youth for that one I could stay and eat much candy might
cavities yeah well that’s true cane it’s something that’s happening more and more
these days very easy on the candy when you young if you don’t get a craving for
soft drinks are really bad by the way guys you stay away from soft drinks as
much as possible the amount of sugar that’s in I was quite shocked when we
had a news report saying the amount of sugar that was in a can of coke it’s
ridiculous so here he says tuna should we should we have another in Jacob Gina
people will not understand only only the dlg will know everything when when you
spell water W 80 år would Gianna CH you na this is what we’ve gotten dlg no
one’s gonna know do we have kids no not yet unless you count the kitty cat say
we would talk I guess talking to me out of more and more lately but we’re both
too immature ah isn’t it stink pants as image you up oh yeah well that’s true
you kids cost a fortune to raise so they’d be very grateful to your parents
if you’ve got a roof over your head clothes on your back and food in your
belly that’s all on your parents doing that bet stayed count and let’s face it
that kitty cat is pretty much like a little human being isn’t cheap she acts
like a human most of the time oh I think the kittens outside playing with
neighborhood gather so she’s got a little boyfriend that
comes around every day and they kind of play and then fight and then play again
I don’t know what their relationship is they’ve been running around for a while
so I don’t think she’s anywhere near us at the moment what’s her name a names
ratbag I’ll never understand an Aussie yep we don’t understand ourselves half
the time but we like making fun don’t mind laughing at ourselves there’s a lot
of that going on last night it is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars yeah
I heard that as well that I think in Australia it’s even more expensive so
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to raise a kid from 0 to 17 it’s crazy
isn’t it it’s a lot of money the kid knows a boyfriend yes sort of
her ex is Evan well she’s been spaded so it’s not like she’s gonna marry the guy
and had kittens herself and I think he’s been been spaded as well by the look of
him but he’s a grumpy eating out kitten learns bad habits from that catechins it
tends to growl a lot hissing growl doesn’t like to be patterned that sort
of stuff but slowly getting used to us mum and dad has three kids five in the
family no there’s another five in the family look at that and there’s five in
or was five in yours too stinky yeah three kids and the two parents yeah I
wonder if that’s the the typical now I thought it would be for maybe two kids
and two parents that’s what we had Logan’s the second oldest are there you
go I didn’t know I didn’t even know you had
a younger sibling came I thought it was just the two of you Reagan is the oldest
I feel bad for my mum she has eight kids eight stinking that’s a family of ten
right there you don’t have to answer seventy if it’s see personal but I’m
just curious as to whether you’re Catholic or not whether your parents
just like having lots of kids that’s a whole basketball team they’ve got their
with the bench five on the court three on the bench they’ve got a basketball
team and also curious tonight sort of the age range and boys versus girls how
did that one end or nice one hey Cain Cain P dot and stink pants are
going to come home and there will be twelve kittens he’s made have been
spayed and there are a few cats that roam around the neighborhood but I think
between our kitten and good old Newton the old rat bag they tend to keep every
other cat away from the third-youngest okay so that’s fourteen wow that’s quite
a range my mum is eleven of twelve kids look at that that’s the next generation
isn’t it I can’t remember exactly I think from a dad there is seven or eight
and what about for your mum and dad my mum is the eldest one of the first oh
that’s not too bad my dad is number three out of nine yeah that’s more like
it it’s a lot of kids Susannah I don’t know
how they managed to do it when they were that young the third youngest my mom’s
11 12 kids Ethan Ida my family is not Christian or Catholic
so just has lots of kids but we feel sorry for the poor mum it’s we’re
sweating there is can I talk about annex stinky do you care if I do that you
don’t care dear that poor mother they were Catholic and they had something
like nine boys and a couple of girls they had to have that many boys in a
family well you’re planning on raising a football
team I can’t imagine that’d be too fun to have that many boys in a house isn’t
it or is it just as bad to have that many girls in a house so wouldn’t I yeah
probably not good is it stinky hey whatever what are you doing
there where’s my where’s my thing yeah the
other tab that’s what I want to say so I can say it now my mum said it’s easier
to raise boys well that’s interesting I can imagine girls would be I don’t
know that’s the thing I didn’t go out with girls say I wouldn’t know but yeah
you’d think that I play a little bit more difficult to boys of just naughty
naughty yeah because higher maintenance girl so
high maintenance boys are just naughty boys can entertain themselves doing
naughty things girls want to go to the mall get makeup do this do that isn’t it five older siblings and then two younger
ones fair Bini they take care of the younger ones and hopefully you can look
up to the older ones now I want to know why people call french fries because
french fries are originally from France true story
you got to love the pomfret here that there is French pommes meaning potatoes
Katie’s that would be then it would be girls right yeah
maybe we should do a poll one day and get the parents in the stream say is it
easy to raise girls or boys I have two brothers and five sisters
so that means six girls in the family and two boys but I’d like the Navy
does your mother think it’s easier to raise boys or girls cuz that’s a lot of
girls in the household I hate makeup and going shopping
ah sounds like stink pants sort of yeah the stink pants is funny she’s quite
feminine but she’s also a tomboy thinks like a man behaves like a woman don’t
you girly girl anyone with no response no boys anyone with a big family have
the problem where you go to the family reunion and end up talking to someone
then after you’re done your walk over to your mum and ask who the heck was that
I’ve been like that with the family reunions overseas because we don’t know
them that well and you’d tend to forget unless it’s the direct uncles and
aunties and cousins everyone else’s who is that get to know them over time
what’s up with the wife I don’t know Kane your problem and I take care of my
little bro and young you see style that’s good boys – my mum say boys are
easier to take care of VJ stinky I’m easier to take care of man you are
evany have you ever seen a king herd get keeping the giblets you be actually I
have I can’t believe I’m saying that what when kangaroos fight they tend to
kick each other in you know in the stomach area and sometimes it can go a
bit lower and they’ve got I don’t know if I should be talking maybe add these
bit they’re dangly okay so they’re definitely out there right I have
actually seen it but they don’t kangaroos seem to be pretty tough like
you wouldn’t want to get kicked by a kangaroo they got very sharp claws and
very powerful legs fly you through the air like a horse when they kick each
other they seem to be able to handle it not too badly I’ve never seen a kangaroo
get hurt you know what I mean like one just gives
up after a while and says alright you mean I have 23 23 first cousins and what
feels like a thousand second cousins I don’t have anywhere near that we don’t
have that many because a lot of my uncles and Artie’s either didn’t get
married or didn’t have children so it really got a few cousins what about you
stinky you got a lot or not many too busy concentrating on the game oh my god
I can’t breathe you’re laughing again that’s it today what we do entertain
it’s probably not me it’s probably what’s being said in the chat there
uh-huh that’s right evany certainly gets a good laugh out of airstreams I don’t
know how to make the more entertaining it’s more about just talking to you guys
which I love I wouldn’t want it any other way rather than trying to comment
on a game won’t have to get better at that one day we really haven’t practiced
that at all anyone see that underwear ad where a dude gets punched in the giblets
and you wonder how that was underwear and yes I haven’t seen that ad that’s a
Ozzy full blown Ozzy type ad that you saw it right where they the guy gets hit
in the giblets and I can’t remember the punchline but it’s funny it’s one of the
better ads of the same in racing times have you guys seen a really buffed 60
year old kangaroo there’s one on I mean a dangerous on get out of the danger
zone run away what are you doing I mean yeah kill that guy and then run away how
can i cue it there’s a very famous kangaroo that’s on YouTube that I think
is passed away now he seriously looks like Arnie Schwartz nigger that buffed
I’ve never seen one that buffed in real life but I have seen some kangaroos that
are very muscular but that thing looked like it was
steroids and seriously yeah the muscle it had weblink muscles and certainly
looked very strong too you wouldn’t want to miss for that thank you like kangaroo
what’s going on I don’t even know all of my aunts and uncles are married and have
kids that’s probably why you got a thousand cousins and second cousins and
did they have big families as well the the uncles and aunts or did it start to
reducing number my good she’s laughing again
like he was buffed I have he had big strong arms it might be the one I’m
talking about cane he’s got a name – he’s went viral that I showed you in
photos in their video of that kangaroo didn’t I that was extremely it looked
like a worked out in the gym for ten hours a day no you are in the middle of
game play kangaroo bath kangaroo muscular lagardère doing research doing
a stranger Rajah that’s his name Roger the Kangoo look at him look at Roger the
kangaroo the right thing nice muscular kangaroo on the planet six foot seven
six foot seven 200 pounds sounds like me six foot seven in the brain matter I’ve
got a six foot seven brain squished into a five foot nothing body have you seen
the World’s Strongest Man realized that is not me I thought it was you Ethan ADA
from memory Ethernet is one of these huge young people as well I can’t
remember who is what but if he was the six foot three or four 15 year old
that’s it’s gonna be a monster when he gets older
have you seen the worlds oh no I just read that lols I saw a kangaroo get hit
by a car and Friday I was so sad yeah it happens a lot unfortunately and
hopefully the driver that it’s kind of an unwritten rule that if you hit a
kangaroo or any animal for that matter but if you do hit a kangaroo you should
stop and check to see if it has a Joey in its pouch because a lot of the times
mothers get hit and they’ve got a Joey in the pouch and it’ll just die if you
don’t save it so I’ve hit a kangaroo once in a car and couldn’t find it after
afterwards it just took off it kept running we saw it kept going but yeah
they’d sort of jump out from nowhere which is unfortunate and swing yeah
three to four kids now four hearts and uncles
no wonder they got a huge family that’s that would be incredible wouldn’t it and
three to four kids per I’m Colin arm is like nine uncles and aunts per each
marriage on both sides it’s gonna be a huge family I was going to say that
stink pants no offense just thought it was funny
six-foot four fifteen year old supposed to be six foot seven or nine does that
mean have you got any plans of being a professional sportsman like a basketball
ER or maybe a if you had wanted to play AFL in Australia could be a rock limit
that height that’s pretty tall and then you know there’s other sports where
height is definitely an advantage isn’t it it did say stinky is short and P dot
is tall thank you for that came hollow gnome dwarf stinky do off you’re a gassy
stinky dwarf just like the little kid Jake from Two and a Half Men
stinky dwarf peered out his fall stinky might be jealous she’s like I wish I was
tall as Peter your dad is shorty there’s like you will never get told
shorty and stinky cries and runs to her room she does that on a daily basis
Lebanese five foot seven and fourteen cheesie’s kids are getting taller these
days and a girl the younger generation are gonna be giants by the time I’m
grandpa age boomer age which I’m not maybe list saying look at these little
people where did how did we how did we get to
the point where you know two generations down the track they’re giants compared
to us must be all the good food these days know I’m fat and slow and that
would not work well what about if there is I’m thinking rugby is also you don’t
have to be particularly fast if you’re big and then it helps in the lineup I
don’t know about a gridiron whether it’s the same nice some of those guys are
huge so if they’re big might work out not that I’m encouraging to do that a
you got talents in other areas UPC that and whatever you decide to do in life
make sure you’re passionate about it and try and do it to the best of your
capabilities hopefully Lambert land a job that you actually enjoy 350 XD yeah
I’m not a Barry may have any they keep saying baby this is an expression mer
it’s another new one I forgot to mention that to my mates last night saying you
had Burma now and they’re calling us boomers which means they don’t really
know what a boomer is once again it’s the you know I don’t see anyone because
you’re running around in the dead zone they’re like 1945 in front of me go you
don’t want to pick that thing up that’s rushing because it’s backpack I already
are you getting good at this no I’m actually getting worse 160 pounds
isn’t that heavy is it I wouldn’t have thought that’s heavy particularly it
he’s high I don’t know what you’d have to tell me in kilos we’d sort of don’t
do counts that much but yeah I wouldn’t have thought 160 is too big for for
someone that’s well over 6 foot 6 foot 3 4 no sir a spider what kind of spider
Bini you know we got the dangerous ones here that we stink pants is being
introduced to a red back which is pretty pretty much the worst one that we’ve
encountered in your house or near our house you know how to look out friends
red back spider don’t see stinky it’s got a red back pretty easy way to
identify I’m kind of glad that we don’t live where the funnel-web spiders are
they do scare me a whitetail they’re apparently not that good you know I
don’t think they’ll kill you Ben if they bite you it’s not much fun you
have to educate me on that one oh my god oh man GT how are you how are you it’s
been Jade all the way from India and probably really early in the morning for
them again so sorry for that it’s great to see you how’s your week been so far
and I’m also curious to know if the crickets still going for near means
we’ve had all of the World Cup and and that’s finished already and we’ve
already started our cricket season which is I thought really early ok I’m done
playing Minecraft I’m good and you they hit my math teacher yeah that’s
that’s true what’s what tale spiders can be quite
damaging and yeah we’re good man Jade how are you if your aspire to everyone
everyone would you be fat black back spider slimy skinny spider didn’t quite
get that one but I’d be the fat black one you’d be the skinny one stinky that
much I know I’m saved a good name Sadie play this
game is well mangie their free fire because he was asking about clash of
clans we will have to do one sooner or later right I guess we’ve still got a
few of these games too gay for you who is a noob mr. Cain I think they were
talking about random playing minecraft adapt diamonds
I don’t know adoptees it’s good to see these people from all over the world in
the stream at the moment you know that stinky T busy running away the whitetail
is say bad so a million diamonds yo is playing but at last I got bored okay say
we might ask tips from Iman G because so far I would have thought that there is
quite a few people that join this stream that played this game but so far no one
does so stink pants has been trying to figure
it out on her own and you’re doing quite well let’s face it stinking I’m gonna be
eliminated why you near the edge of the safe zone you run run like the wind
no I’m version 9 so I’m not sure if he’s talking about Minecraft or free fire at
this point and the curious to know white gets a space first-person shooter games
can get boring after a while come a woman’s new for us for the e in the
wrong side or the right side so you can’t get in Oh what happened yeah you’re in not in
see laughing ah does it stop er it doesn’t Shirley stopping is it gonna
just keep doing that until you’re dead I don’t know but it’s a it’s drinking
you’re on the wrong if you’re on the wrong side definitely on the wrong side stink pants is very silent today what
happened stink pants yeah you didn’t talk a bit last night I play years craft
a ripoff of minecraft that he please play minecraft we will one day but again
you know that the start of the stream I was talking about the scary changes on
YouTube finally stop well don’t stop keep running yeah yeah did the edge of
the where you’re at and you gotta get in there close and fight so yeah we have to
be it looks like we actually have to be careful of what games we play in
minecraft is one of those that’s really under fire because they buy all the
counts it seems to be a game that targets children and we have to try and
stay away from those type of games hence not playing there was tempted to get
stinky to play Angry Birds but that’s for for Plus don’t know what YouTube all
think of that extinct pants a Vegemite says evany and so you want me to get
some Vegemite for you stinky no thanks being alive wastes time I’m not married
yet 15 but I told my wife no so that’s another joke I’m sure I’m not married at
15 but I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high
oh this one I know she looks surprised just like you on a daily basis stinky
better I’d eat more veggies my head I did that doll house
should I have another spoonful of Vegemite
I don’t mind it we were talking about Vegemite last night believe it or not
every one of my wife’s friends partners was saying that they like Vegemite if
they’ve had a little bit too much to drink it helps and she said spread
evenly that’s what you do she said put a whole lot of butter
yeah Manjeet says Angry Birds is also a good game and sting pants used to play
Angry Birds won back in the day so I would like to do it I think that would
be popular but again with these changes with YouTube we are really quite worried
that our channel might die before it gets started this because gaming’s
gaming is really under the hammer at the moment although having said that no one
really knows what’s gonna happen yet until they introduce those changes
Vegemite says Cain again I wish I can feed Cain some Vegemite I’d hold him
down with a big tablespoon of it put it in his mouth and see that’s how you eat
it eat it all Ethan and it says and the Lord said unto John come forth in your
receiver eternal life but John came fifth and was a taster and one a day
start to like that well like that what NSYNC he’s not even listening to me at
this point Vegemite sounds like a jug well it is in
a way that if you haven’t too much of it it’s gonna pack you up straight away
it’ll pucker your mouth I threw a boomerang a few years ago now I live in
constant fear I think I’ve put that as a pin to comment somewhere your YouTube
channel is 2.1 4k subscribers watching is very low yeah so partly to do with
the time zone difference mangie say if this is what I’ve noticed with the
streams and subs and all of that kind of thing
I’ve stopped trying to approach other channel
lately because you end up getting dead subs there they’re not really
subscribing to you because they enjoy your content they’re just doing it
because they want support for their own channel so you you end up with a lot of
people are just they don’t unsubscribe but they don’t watch your content either
so and you’ll find that a lot of channels are like that number two it’s
fairly typical that I’m support another channel that’s got eight or nine
thousand subscribers it does pretty much daily streams and they average about 20
to 22 people prayer stream so it’s hard to get you know if you think about it
we’re in Australia say ow our timezone is not good for everyone else we we try
to match it as best we can but even for the Americans for example half of them
would be asleep by now and the other half for awake and then for you in India
it’s really early in the morning there so you’ve got to be quite dedicated to
come watch and he’s going on about the Minecraft again so it does we’ve noticed
that our streams at the moment tend to fluctuate between about eight and twelve
people but certainly when we started streaming is more like two two two four
we we didn’t have a lot of people joining but we have noticed in analytics
that those that can’t join there’s at least a few that will watch the whole
stream even though it’s not live get on the motorbike and find him you don’t
like the motorbike my wife accused me of being immature
I already told her to get out of my Forte’s I should do that build an indoor
for pillow for what do you reckon stinky please they minecraft this is last time
now well again random we have to be really careful about what we’re gonna
play in the near future and minecraft is one of the scary ones besides I’ve
only got one Condor which was the one that did you die where did you rank it’s
not telling you but I am a supporter for your channel yes we we really appreciate
that man gee he’s like another one of the DL G’s that has been I mean we’ve
noticed now that we have some DL G’s that turn up every single stream can’t
cane and random have been doing it for ages as has ether NATO but now we’ve got
Evan Ian Manjeet tend to turn up every stream which is awesome it helps us a
lot the watch time is very important so we’re getting there slightly and it’s
because of you guys we love you guys make me stinky yeah it’s we have
surrounded ourselves with good people some bad ones but that’s not well
they’re the ones that have been harassing us that we just ignore who by
the way harassed me again the other day you can’t help that
when you’re online you’re gonna attract all all sorts so we interact with the
people we like and ignore the people that we don’t like it’s probably what
you should do in life really don’t waste your time and energy on people that
aren’t worth it isn’t it sting that’s why I’m ignoring you now yeah yes better
and they say you’re a star or Jian will be behind in the chat okay someone stole
my mood ring I don’t know how to feel if I started World War 3 we would all be
dead yeah you don’t want a world war 3 to happen cane and sand Avenue Davis
even ate a man Jeep man who died I think he’s naming everyone in the
stream there these are the people watching this stream we loved him came
guess what man my grandfather has a heart of a line and a lifetime ban at
the Z as a heart of a lion a lifetime ban a disease you get that no
stole Alliance up now we got the DOJ for life awsome tane love these in jokes
that we have and I’m not sure if Manjeet knows the dlz you’ll have to let us know
if you’re aware of what that is yet and ebony for that matter because that’s
been a long-running joke er chicken but yes I am supporter yes we we appreciate
you guys doing it and we love the fact that you get to know each other as well
so if you haven’t joined the discord yet that’s a great way to get to know each
other outside of the streams but they do it in the streams anyway which is good
guess what came a –then ater guess what what random they’re talking to each
other I’m playing Minecraft get off the street miss totally me women only call
me ugly until they find out how much money I make then they call me ugly and
poor I always support this channel thank you for that ebony weeding I’d say she
knows what a day LG’s mangie yeah after let us know if you know what a day
O’Jays because we’ve got to let you in on the the secret in jokes
what with the water and the giblets and the dlg and what was the other one that
just came up today the way I pronounce something I’ve forgotten that already
Juna Juna Oh peanuts got a terrible memory yeah well that’s true too discord
does mean early access to the streams because random does the spoiler alerts
he got mad with me lastly cuz I left like til Sunday he’s like I couldn’t
couldn’t do it early so I did it yesterday just so he can do he’s spoiler
alert I break my finger last week on the other hand I make a I break my finger
last week on the other hand I’m okay can’t get a laugh out of stinky Ethan
he’s got great jokes I love him yes Kame Kame do you play CAC he sure
does guess what what do blitz yes so d man G now you can bat nice cane buddy
okay chicken giblets it’s just chicken giblets everything at the moment do you
want a friend me man G where you’re from came good they’re talking to each other
which is good and it looks like almost everyone in the streams a clash of clans
player speaking of which even ater I’m not too sure what we should be doing in
the clan at the moment good old pop just booted three or four
people yeah fair enough but it’s slightly hard during crate 9 Global
makes it really hard to recruit same nice what does senpai mean am i confuse
can someone been by is Japanese term for master like no no like senior same yeah
yeah like you enroll into the school before another generation the nura
senpai yeah in it you are in the gang and you are the former member like blg
you were sent by if you’re an IE j original gangsta yeah something like
okay I’ll give you my player tag where’s Rex packs yeah he hasn’t been in a
stream for a little while has he but Rex packs is a bit with that group of
friends it’s not great times for them either because I think three of them are
friends in the clan in real life and they sometimes join but not often but
you know a fair enough it’s hard for them to join like when the time zones
say bad for them working in a mirror Factory is something I can totally see
myself doing well luck that wheezing get all of these awesome jokes from I’m
gonna steal them you know because I put them in the pinned comments
because my friend called me a senpai oligo
send bread from Japan well I’ve noticed they’d say it a lot
online as well senpai oh my they’d ask me for pronunciations particularly in a
different language I’m gonna struggle how does Moses make his coffee he brews
it Hebrews it my stinky doesn’t get any jokes I got that one didn’t I look he
can make him clash of clans friends what do you think of that we should have I’d
like all of these clothes to join our clan but Cain’s not loyal he disappears
he joins for a short time and then he goes you want the the dudes that stay
that a good donate is that fighting war and three clan games and I got people
biting on me heels of the moment in that my god what’s going on oh this one is
poison ah run away get into the safe sign did you not safe saying that again
it’s a banjo but he doesn’t say what safe sign an online friend called Deveny
senpai well there you go inactive Clem what did the pirate say when he 1080 ciao
hey matey hey maybe I may be thinking oh maybe I’m very active isn’t that the
truth pay dot yes it is even eight is one of the most active in our clan hallo
hush that’s all feastin run he says say he might be a or she’s sorry I don’t
know if you’re male or female might be a player of the game say if you are harsh
fest that’s all we’d love to get some tips from you so it looks like we might
have a new person that’s more expert than you
but this game you can team up it’s last person survive like hunger game anyway
so don’t think you can team up feed anyone I think they have like an arena
vision that you can team up with other people but again I’m not so sure I
really don’t know how this game plays any tips would be appreciated
hush so far I’m just basically running around why do cows wear bells stinking
because their horns don’t work their horns don’t work okay
stinky feet up buddy you missed my car I didn’t miss a comment above do you know
where was it put up buddy you’re very lucky you have very kind and great
people in the stream thank you for inviting me into your strength yeah no
really we should be thanking all of you because what we what we hoped originally
we’re starting a YouTube channel was to get a group of good people together and
we’re doing that slowly you know and particularly it’s also helps that
they’re almost all around the same age anyway so if you end up being online
friends with each other it can be a lifelong thing which is what we hope and
then you know encourage each other to do good things in the world try and create
positivity because there’s a lot of negativity online so hopefully we will
change the trend there if we can that’s the aim anyway particularly with the
doing the streams so sorry I missed that sometimes I do miss some some chat so
I’ll catch up now bear with me you fist around the thread that already missed my
stream I’m active say he means for clash of clans bit odd sounds like an Amish
person I don’t know what Amish people sound like they are normal person okay
what are you being ye being ready to pay doubt he’s being rude to me I don’t
think anyone is Peter I acknowledge I don’t like technology
I entered 10 pan Zenith in a pan contest hoping one would win but no pun intended
I know he’s looking at at least one website that I’ve seen guess I’ve seen a
lot of these jokes before you know that one no pun intended and – 10 pounds in a
10 minutes adds a couple more that explaining it okay just thinking I can’t
get it I got a nice friend like you and stinky
and I got a new friend Kane I’m happy and I am Indian would you like to be my
friend I’m sure they all would it’s great learning about other cultures as
well I find it fascinating and what better than to get some insights from
firsthand a first-hand experience from a person that lives in a country that
we’ve never been to he’s gonna never been to Canada never been to India both
want to go there I’ve been to America but stinky hasn’t and Stinky’s probably
been in more places in Australia than I have you’ve certainly been to some
states I haven’t been to having you sting pants once Kane what’s the radio
voice again hmm why do they really like the radio voice
we’re going to lovely sounds of the 80s and some problem is like I can’t I can’t
do that hang on I’ll try and do it now I can’t do the the radio voice really
loudly this is to get that lower register that puts everyone to sleep is
very difficult to do do you like that stinky does that radio voice do it for
you what do you call the dog with my legs
it doesn’t matter won’t come anyway I’m Andy did you send me a friend
request Oh ten newbies here hello hell are you welcome to the stream
do you play free fire tan noob because if you do let us know because we had
moves at every game we play our easting pants total noobs that’s what we are
why should I’m trying to do the radio voice telling jokes that’s even harder
why should you never date a tennis player because love means nothing to
them so Smith says came get me a minute I’ll move now water and so Smith and I’m
guessing tan noob you might be from Vietnam so I’ll say Tsingtao I would
like that mean that means hello normally I would say sin child annoyed depth
which means hello pretty girl but I don’t know tan is a male or a
female and then I can say come and which I think means thank you
well maybe that’s name that’s means goodbye or Tom B it might mean thank you
I’m not sure my Vietnamese isn’t great I only know a few words here and there so
smooth it says Kate is it really that much of a difference between the way I
talk in the normal stream voice and then when we go to the radio voice tell me I
heard it all the time so do you different you hear the radio voice so
you don’t these oh hello Lucas caddying do you speak Portuguese hola como esta
now what we do do if you can’t speak English or they they’ve written in
English is to do this so just bear with me I only know a few words in I don’t
even know if that’s Spanish or Portuguese but yeah hola como esta amigo
ombre ombre what buenas tardes when it studies I mean
hola I’m struggling now there is a song that I learnt a little bit
yeah well parabola bomba ah so he cut me Tom the soy copy done ah ah good say you
speak English I’ll just ask that so I don’t have to do translations although
I’ll do one more but translations take a little bit
longer just because I’ve got to use Google Google Translate to do that but
we’ll do one more just because I can so put that in there as well
just bear with me do that as well so I sent cane request saw your profile
pretty cool you’re a co-leader of a level 13 Klan
man Jayde is now my friend on CAC he gets a lot of friends kind of in clash
of clans what are you doing they stink yeah how do you feel how do you find
Will Smith in the snow you look for fresh prints do you know Fresh Prince of
bel-air probably not now Peter can you speak Hindi
oh man gee I learnt a couple of Hindi words through work but they’re not nice
words I can’t really say them I only lent the the bad words say if you want
to teach me I know by by the EHA I but the the other way I can say mother I
just can’t say the other word I think mother means mother but the other word
is the one that you shouldn’t say and then for the others I don’t know whether
I should say them so I better not I’d say let me know if any of that was
right Hindi Manjit and teach us a little bit of Hindi would be happy to learn how
to say how are you how are you how are you
his Dems are pristine even men too easy I’m not sure whatever you speak it looks
like it might be Portuguese what kind of music friends say this music is all from
the YouTube copyright free music so we’ve got a few different soundtracks
that we play depending on the type of game I really need to do some more
soundtracks but this is a real mix to be honest Lucas so try to mix it up between
you know all sorts funky dramatic spooky you name it get a different array of
music happening so let us know if you like it or if you don’t like it and you
know what they say about cliffhangers I’m waiting for the end of the Jake but
it just goes dot dot dot get that one stinky she doesn’t get that one either
oh yeah bye means brother Oh namaste I didn’t
know namaste say how do I say numbers say bye
and then how are you how how are you kiss a hole direct you’re not gonna
remember these I might even write that down just for future reference
so when Mandy joins again I can say I know a little bit so say
I’m gonna put it how can you do that what happened look at this guy he has a
bush oh yeah they have different you can get different skins and things I think
so I’m just gonna practice this once what was the last one to kiss a home so
they let me know if the pronunciations right number stay by kiss a whole
namaste hello bottle by me they say brother even when its sister
from what I’m saying oh like a lot of people say bye I don’t know whether they
you can use it for a female but I say it a lot
i’ma stay by kiss al what what is the last one can say ho means how are you
then why you said by this Brahmas day hello also hello say namaste hello bye
brother no can say oh how are you you’re pretty
good you’re pretty good though that’s what yoga people say they do they
may they say my mistake I know namaste yeah it’s similar to my language but we
don’t use that yeah you’re right came there you go
say yoga is originally from India these are them from yogi the yogi did yoga not
not Yogi Bear hello boo boo let’s go for a picnic let’s see you know yogi the bit
yeah yogi the bear in the park having a picnic with a boo boo oh you just put on
various voices they me yeah you’re right came to the handicapped guy he stole my
bag you can hide but you can’t run dee dee met dee dee means sister so I could
say Dee Dee as well I’m gonna stay didi kiss a home brother
all manjae’s a guy oh they got me you are your QB he’s also a guy I don’t
know what boo boo is think he’s a guy I take I’m not sure he can be Americans
say either as you say hi that our that is say Trey take say I said either I say
either oh but sometime I also say either we
will see influence they’re getting very good at Ray spelling the Aussie Way of
pronouncing things Jane’s very good at it that’s very
impressive his haircuts
oh it’s Albanian we translate all our videos in donbas nyan not that I can
speak any of it that’s him and now pronunciations Wright says Manjeet
awesome we’re getting there I’ll have to
remember to every time he joins to give him a hello and a how are you in Hindi
we do translate everything actually man G that’s another thing that if you ever
could be bothered taking the time I’d like to see how accurate that the
translations are that we do the subtitles because we do do it in Hindi
and the kitty cat is back so just bear with me for a minute while I let her in how can I know that cane cane what the confession I need to
make minecraft is better than you he’s picking on cane again not true cane is
better what Ethan either said what does the chicken coop have why does a chicken
coop have two doors stinky two doors yep chicken coop coop a why does the chicken
molé why does the chicken coop have two doors Adam because if it had four doors
it would be a chicken sedan what’s that sedan car you know car type scoop a
sedan station wagon four-wheel-drive all stinky stink you have a cat yes we’ve
got a kitty cat I don’t know if you’re asking us like is he be aware of that
already I wouldn’t think don’t understand whatever he’s saying there
Connor Connor Cheever means hello in comet Cheever means filet in China
this word is a Chinese weird I thought that was niihama con Konishi bar konnichiwa konnichiwa us
or konnichiwa that’s Japanese can eat UI means hello in Japanese and Niihau ma
means is it a hello al agree you know why don’t our hellos
what is hollowing in Chinese when they weigh weight way
but that’s for like telephone yeah what is with that with certain certain
nationalities well Japanese are the same mushy mushy because they don’t see you
maybe oh it’s more like informal I guess so
again Aziza just lazy get a may distinction between whether
it’s on a phone or not this I like I think the kitten is done
talking to her boyfriend that she’s been talking to for years she’s not that old
yet but yeah I think she’s done with a boyfriend for today come in allez-vous
that’s French bonsoir Bonjour means good well it’s Hawaii but
it can also mean good morning I think cuz bon soir is like good evening sir
good morning Sabah how are you sir baby man you’re responding in a
different language there’s a get a we’ve got to get a from Anansi there what is
the real name stinky pants she’s not gonna tell you that one so we we have to
try and keeps sooner or later you know if you get big enough all of this stuff
will come out but we do want to try and maintain as much online privacy as we
can while we can especially when we have you know how high it is yeah cuz we do
we’ve we’ve got at least one if not more people that don’t like us for whatever
reason they they like to pick a stinky weak cab don’t go to sleep
I was gonna get you to come here and say hello on the stream salud what’s that I
know that selling that’s no it’s what language is that
French again I think I’m what not about that I had just researched it
in Google I don’t know about China peas they’re all doing our Google research ok
case occur to him fair all right I’m gonna try with that cuz I know a little
bit of French you ain’t I would like to say something about I love you but I
don’t think that’s right I’m so bad with the French these days I’m ego Cellini’s
French means higher salary uh-huh Australians are so damn lazy than that
and like to say the full word you got that right that’s okay you know this is
afternoon what do you call it Ave Ave Oh so and what do you call a
woken up by how do you say you eating a vocal for your you know in this
afternoon or something like that do you want to have an event in Ave Ave do you
want to have an Ave Ave and that’s much quicker than we all version how about
you want to have a volcano for your breakfast bricky ever break yoga I’m
loving that keep it coming that’s great Selita see
and these poor people like mange might be struggling a little bit gang what are
they talking about why why say ever Cardo when you can just say Ave then
everyone knows what you’re talking about why do you call afternoon a ver because
afternoon three syllables what where is we coming from other
afternoon there’s no beef fi I’m cracking myself up at least give me more
stinky I love it that’s funny know what’s in Z yeah what else you got
what are you doing you got me on the floor don’t get me started on the aberration also use a brave oh that’s
right but then sometimes we do extend it a little bit us did something I can’t
believe that tell me something well I’ve got to try and think of it I’m gonna try
and think of something they break it well why don’t know why we say break II
just breakfast and brekkie is the same numbers that’s one thing I found out for
Aussie also you like to make it shot and put ie a beer that’s true we’re big fans
of ie it’s 9/11 in India at the moment so it’s still very early well man Jesus
7:00 p.m. for Cain there the time zones and it’s what 243 for us p.m. CL Faber
oil fame of a bear in Australia oh my French is so bad now fed you might
hate do we call it might you uh need some my Vegemite
you can’t abbreviate some words cuz Vegemite is you know but ok what do you
call your football woody what else and there is anyone football Australian
rules soccer is not football rugby is not football gridiron is not football
forties 40 I get napping at a stinkier and I do that sorry can I can just visit
your clan I have my own clay yeah that’s fair enough 10:00 p.m. in
North Dakota say even in America you’ve got 10 p.m. for Ethan aider and then 7
p.m. for Kane I wouldn’t mind going to North Dakota it seems very rustic like
more wilderness correct me if I’m wrong Mary tonight a bit yeah North Dakota
just reminds me of cowboys for some reason go camping in Dakota
what do you think of that stink I don’t know I’m have to run away from the
dancer thorn everything’s all about killing me weird
light battery or Eddy you’re done charging huh
busy playing C or C before you stop a stream that’s why well do we put it on
the charger and make the you might lose a little bit of quality in the the
speaker because we can’t plug the headphones and the charger in at the
same time maybe let it run down to 10% and see how you go but we’ve only been
going for about an hour and a half it’s very flat they’re so big open spaces is
what I’m thinking as well that you know you have a campfire and sit in the
Prairie do they have Perry’s in North Dakota
with lots of bison running around look at me with my American knowledge more
American knowledge than Australian someone looking at me in there you get
the danger warning there already I don’t worry about danger I got someone
trying to kill me I wonder if they have to is where you can get on a wagon in
America and try and relive the the Western days you know you get on a wagon
and you’ve got a cook there that cooks up your daily meal and you sit around
the campfire drinking coffee that’d be awesome
you’d like that wouldn’t you stink and Amanjit also says that they’d like to
visit the the USA it’s bevery things big there man gee
that’s what I’ll tell you I’ve probably told this story once before in a stream
but I’m going to tell it again sorry what one day my
relatives took me to one of their huge supermarket type things like a Walmart
or something like that they’re massive and I always have the free samples in a
cup which we occasionally get but when you look at the our free samples which
is like a tiny thing on a toothpick or if we ever they’re the people in the
stream aren’t gonna be able to see this but they put them in like a paper shot
glass that is much bigger than our shot glasses mm-hmm
and now you have one virtually at the end of each aisle right say a child’s
got to one on one end one on the other end and then for every aisle you get to
taste something I swear to goodness by the time I’d finished in that store I
didn’t need aid lunch but I already had lunch from the free samples and then you
look at their cars they’re massive the people are big everything’s big in
America prairie is not much because 90% of North Dakota is farmland are there
you go say what kind of farming did they do there is a lot of corn growing or no
what they they grow in America is their primary produce a lot of wheat well we’d seen a bread products you got
to think of what are the staples rice bread wait I mean
rice bread rice sweet corn they’re all staples canola well leave that Perry
music how appropriate yeah you run away they’re stinking what
do you think where’s the next destination
you keep saying Japan that’s where you’d like to go next I’d follow em hmm
I’d like to go to Japan be interesting expensive those things we have to leave
direct back with someone yeah the powerful Eve the rat bag with
some and that’s a problem when you got kids / pets you can’t leave them to
their own devices you don’t know what kind of mischief they’ll get up to
mm-hmm you know this one’s gonna be all
mischief here and mischief there Prairie my mobile battery is 27% it’s not good
I think house is less than 20% now we might have to do it quick can you can
you try to not cover up the the microphone you’re gonna struggle a
hassle because it’s one’s gonna once he hit the 10% we have to switch over you
know what I mean well we could just let it run and then it’ll cut out on its own 24 more minutes that’s true I’m not sure
if it’ll go for 24 more minutes they can’t remember how much longer it lasts
when it’s like that so there you go they’ve got a little bit
quiet in the chat now they’re just a voice again what happened someone killed
me there I didn’t know you can respawn in this
game kill me oh it’s a replay he just ran up behind you he just ran out to get
my stuff here and then me you have to keep watching him play Nia’s at this
time you can you can but you don’t have to you can just press back and have you
you’ve been ranking not too badly your night because I’m running around maybe
is that what it is are you getting any shade people shade him up you can do it
you’re a legend your crack shot Deadeye dick McCoy Eagle Eye there you go I
Deadeye dick and get in there and do the good stuff stinky because you can you
can’t spend an entire stream running around hiding from people do you dainty
that’s probably why people don’t stick out happening like I don’t want to just
run around or nothing you can’t you if you can like the last last game then I
don’t care I can just go in and can you then um instead of doing that once he
died you just started a new game straight away ya have to wait until
people join have you tried doing it different cuz I
thought there is one way you don’t fly and you just all there in a crowd and
then you got a run run away and do stuff I don’t know I’m pretty sure there’s
different variants doing arenas or whatever they called I already joined
this one so you want me to she’s if Gordon really Oh actually
No maybe they haven’t ah there’s my computer’s phrasing again what yeah I
don’t know why it keeps doing that that’s it did it the last stream to you
ah sorry guys I’ve mean you can just refresh I suppose I can count of course
yeah sorry I’ve may not paying attention to the chat at all because I didn’t
think anyone was talking oh he said is back I thought they’d bang crap yeah I
heard that as well so how come they come back I might have to Siemens switch
seats with you stinky because that’s not real a ting it’s just getting around in
circles I don’t know how much I missed a lot okay all right hang on we’re just
gonna rearrange ourselves here unresponsive again I wonder why it keeps
doing man that’s two in a row now there you guys thinking take the driver’s seat and what’s I probably done lost okay
just bear with me guys I might not respond to everything on
just highlight of different stuff what technical game is is here my goodness I
didn’t even say hello I’m so slow today I’m not sure if they’re still here
because I didn’t say hello to deeply apologize for that Sam’s Club or Costco
is what you’re thinking of yeah well that’s it well it might have been Costco
wow that’s a huge store with lots of food there lots of variety as well shout
out yes we’ll give you a shout-out to the technical game is excellent channel
go check them out I think I mean just visited it yesterday
technically game is a Indian cotton corn beans wheat sunflowers either you go see
seems they’ve been responding to everything Gina Gina India is also a famous place
to grow paddy rice paddies I guess canes there you go canes picked up a sub
during this stream that often happen is when you join in our streams welcome to
my radio channel today we talk about pet stores that have gone bankrupt Toys R Us
thanks for subbing I mean I am interested Toys R Us is back not in
North Dakota there’s none in North Dakota we are chatting yeah it’s um feel
terrible about that but I didn’t see any of that there we are in and it still
doesn’t look like mine’s updated and it’s gotten rid of the chat now how
weird there’s a school shooting in Southern
California a classmate that has been bullied became the school shooter – yeah
this is I feel very sorry for the Americans because this sort of thing
happens in their countries so frequently like you know the mass mass shootings
are not good it’s a very sad state of affairs hopefully one day again I don’t
to get too political big guns are not good news
you know you really don’t need to have them it’s something you give to the
military in the police unless you a farmer or something farmers need them
I suppose if your recreational hunter or something maybe but as a general rule no
same minecraft is awesome enough minecraft is awesome he’s already some
toys I know what these folders come to yeah well that’s very excuse me that’s
very true then it’s becoming a darker place
unfortunately the Internet has a bit to do with that to be honest with
information becoming more freely accessible it’s got its benefits no
doubt about that but there’s also bad things that come along with it
and it’s not going to change unless you start getting rid of some of that
technology which is not going to happen so hopefully just you know my best
advice is be careful have situational awareness you know we’re fairly safe
where we are but even in Australia these days you’ve got to be a little bit more
careful than when I was a kid there’s more sort of gang stuff happening that
didn’t there is always around but it’s nothing like America there’s got to be a
little bit careful I guess you know it’s like crossing the street look both sides
be aware of the people that are around you all the basic stuff that’s there
having a Minecraft battle at the moment they got rid of global clash because
people were using yeah well that’s right I mean they getting rid of global chat
in clash of clans was a good example of how it’s difficult to monitor and
control what happens online is that even since we’ve been doing this dreams we’ve
had people tell us that they got scammed in clash of clans I know a few people
that have been scammed because of global chat and then they’re using it as a
dating site and all this kind of crazy since I know you see it all the time any
girls in here and it’s just usually well whenever I was on I would always say
it’s not a dating site like what are you saying that for if you hear to play the
game play the game but you’re not you know try and pick people up that’s
just silly so but you know on the one hand they say well that’s why we have to
get rid of it but by the other taken it’s been detrimental to trying to
recruit because that new system doesn’t work are you hearing stinky pants stinky
pants you’ve been very quiet I am trying to chew be is P eBay Jamie just won
again run away run away and shoot people pdb g
as far as i’m aware is not banned because we’ve played it already as a
live stream i heard that there is there was again I think more American than
Australia but they were trying to crack down on the ultra violent games whether
that’s been successful or not I don’t know but these these games are kind of
harmless I think anyway that there’s been no hard evidence from any kind of
study saying that playing games creates more violence you might have to switch
over at that point stink leave that one up to you so what meaning what to the
charger because you are getting let me digits on again run away serious
question Peter did your parents ever tell you about a monster being under
your bed to keep you in your bed at night this is Western thing you know I
never heard monster you know in the what would he go close it or whatever
mmm-hmm that is just weird so you never had that no we never did because um I
got to try and figure out how to say this without getting to be personal
my my father was pretty relaxed when it came to to us I don’t know how else to
put that because he worked very very hard and was basically on-call 24/7
so he didn’t really we had a bedtime but it wasn’t that strict and I would often
say really night late at night reading even after he’d gone to bed I’d get told
off for that he’d wake up and say what are you doing you should be sleeping go
back to sleep and then I’d get a torch and read under the covers so I was
pretty naughty that way but no we never really had that say did that happen to you
you can either pixel guns is the best game best game from PBJ where they do I
didn’t know though though with the same company that made both games are they
they look very different okay thank you for all I need to go now well thank you
for staying as long as you did banjee much appreciated awesome to have the
support there and happy birthday to your brother – Kade today’s my brother’s
twelfth birthdays cake was delicious what kind of cake someone want to eat
the cake yeah yeah they do you love the cake I depends on what kind of cake I am
thinking about lazy lumps today too by the way
yeah you’ve got meatballs you haven’t eaten that’s true if you don’t plan a
volunteer to eat maybe he’s still here she was quiet for a little while but
been there the whole time and I don’t know what we should be doing at this
point we’re almost at the two-hour mark bed stinky it’s you know and you might
have to put the charger in you’re less than 10% you basically taking a gamble
right now gamble you’re gambling gambling yes so I get no intelligible
response from you oh yeah it happened because I would never stay in my bed
because I never felt like sleeping such as go upstairs and play with toys when I
was younger and Menzies says bye stinky bye thank you for staying thank you I
can’t think of anything now I have to run away I can’t see anyone choosing
confetti kite I’ve never heard of confetti cake before Shirley had
something made of paper made of confetti what if confetti I don’t well you know
confetti ‘he’s like that paper that they throw at a wedding the colorful paper
then Oh instead of rice that’s confetti or at a parade tell us all about it
Santa Fe confetti you peanut can you tell me the truth
you’re Santa Claus real for all of the kiddies out there if you believe in
Santa Claus he will visit you know how I’m a this my brother still believes in
Santa Claus still gets presents from Santa Claus and if it looks like the
writing of your mother or father that just a coincidence so yes Santa is real song as you believe
he’s real you don’t believe he’s really stops uh visiting can’t believe my
brother I got into trouble one day when one of the teachers at school played
Santa and then she said tell him that’s mr. so-and-so and I said you want mr.
so-and-so he was really upset with that don’t say that you ruin it for the keys
thanks Jason Briella they believe you made all these
days Santa fake real you parents buy you the
present Santa’s real yeah well that’s it see it just means that random you don’t
get visits from Santa but I bet he does that’s how it works that’s had and
seriously does work that way can you imagine one of us boomers still with a
visit from Santa yes we do and I maybe you kind of reject that you’re not a
boom what happened now they’re selling
cookies Santa cookies now did you know that did you see that at the supermarket
you’ll leave out milk and cookies and you’ll see they’re gone in the morning
no depending on how much she wants to drink maybe some of it’s gone now look
up confetti cake I am foot in and I still believe that’s the way to go I
still get presents from Santa Claus they gauge you believe you’ll get presents
then our crow X is here la la good to see you again ain’t got the this inside
scoop as to what the game is gonna be you asked me yesterday so told him it
stinky remember your battery what are we doing here you’re gonna battery up or
not after you are thinking and I have to because you don’t know when that phone’s
gonna cut out say sorry we’ve got to keep reminding stink to not cover the
microphone you do I have to run away stinky this is why I kept saying do it
before if the string cuts out we all blame stinky for that one cuz you don’t
believe in Sammy watch it whoa whoa whoa what are you being up to this weekend
cracks charger stink okay not good charger you getting the charger there
I’m having a pizza pie or pizza Steve who I can’t see anyone sure thing for
short me I can’t say anything any boy okay tape it up what’s your favorite
pizza that’s a really good question I kind of want to say pepperoni but I
shouldn’t because it’s such a there’s not enough ingredients on it
but pepperoni pizzas are really good I always used to say why would you water
that until someone said to me if you hadn’t yep
try it and then I was sold but things like the meat lovers are awesome pizzas
in Australia just get more and more fancy they have lots of toppings I kept
telling you to put the charger on every which is not I do it when I can and you
covering up the microphone I she’s covering up the microphone she hasn’t
put it on the charger and you need to flip the phone over so it’s facing this
way as well what are you sniping away oh we don’t know what’s gonna happen
pineapple pizzas are quite controversial apparently Gordon Ramsay certainly
doesn’t like them what’s your favorite eat tonight oh my – burn just ask ya see
pepperoni black olives and sausage on that night
he reminded me I love pizzas that have olives and mushrooms
he got me mushrooms and olives on a pizza and then anything else that goes
along again same dude Bush guy how can I get the boys fun I want the books give
it a Vegemite I should give you some Vegemite stinky
with some pineapple have you had a pineapple pizza with Vegemite on it no
why has Australia not carp with the Vegemite plates yet
you got other things like chips where you might write which one sheeps so a
guy no snack you know like shapes I’m not sure it’s like cracker but you got
Vegemite really am I saying that yet oh we have to try that you know tinkin Glen
free chips and fish but today shouldn’t be doing that but it’s gonna
be easy if I get camp see now you can if you want and get free it’s getting on
the KFC bender at the moment I’d say you fuckers
I hate sardines funnily enough we used to have sardines made for us for
sandwiches a lot when I was a child my housekeeper do a lot of Sade and yeah
you do you ate them on the regular I wouldn’t want them on a pizza they know
it’s gonna be too soggy and you don’t like anchovies on a pizza
either be I can’t handle small amount I scream Vegemite that’s a good idea
ah yes the man walked into a library and ask the librarian for books about
paranoia she whispers right behind you why am i doing that into that when it’s
not even plugged in uh-huh what should you do if you’re attacked by a group of
clowns run away go straight for the jugular jugular he one held me juggler
that’s how historians pronounce juggle ah have you watched the movie
Joker oh yeah what is that for mature audience restore I’m not sure I might
have to probably Plus to say that one I know that it’s kind of big thing that
they say traversée right they sake not for the mental health disability person
and why is that because it’s gonna make you wear so yeah they said gonna make
you have the Prince or something really that’s what I heard and I heard
they got a good twist at the end or something I Bob the Builder Peter can
you fix things no he can fix anything
he’s so handy man as much as I so you know I can change a light bulb
hey at least I can saw snap like a girls do oh so you mean like yo dude I see
I might be a Buddhist say you never done it you keep eating it to me okay
stink big space yeah yeah I’ve got a few holy socks at the moment
holy soggy smash say now you handy tonight oh there’s a lot of kids that
are very handy you know much more handy than me of course what random what Peter
are you a Star Wars fan he’s my favorite maybe in series what compared to my
sibling not as much because he’s an absolute fanatic but yeah I like that
well I like that all the Star Wars the original Star Wars the the latest one
struggled a little bit to get in T isn’t it we haven’t we haven’t even watched it
you can’t say that one and a half maybe or one an accord sorry any new ones i
watch the first one in fall that was in the cinema and maybe even the second one
I’m not sure but nya they’re the new series so struggle with
a little bit and say to sting pants again what I what about everyone else
Star Wars and Lord of the Rings they are they’re both good sorry I have to say I
like a lot of the ring not that all too much do we have Disney Plus no I don’t
it might be like Netflix I don’t know you’ll have to explain what that oh I
see me too I came from – ah I just downloaded a Star Wars game huh we
haven’t played it yet oh no say I was wondering whether you
should buy yes spoiler alert or just whiteford for when it’s Star Wars maybe
comes out what do you think about that uh everything can change a light bulb
there you go handy woman as well hmm I do Mandalorian is great I don’t know
Orion is can I kind of already said that paradigm and Jack eNOS trained some of
these Jags have been are played in the Old Republic is what you like is that
this is where I had fights with my bro


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