– I want to welcome you
to the first presidential debate.
– No!
– (Lester Holt) …first president debate.
– Oh god.
– (Holt) The participants tonight
are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
– I don’t like either one of ’em.
– I haven’t watched the debates,
so this is gonna be
my first time seeing it.
– Oh my gosh, it’s them.
– This is gonna be a very
opinionated episode.
– (Donald Trump) To be
president of this country,
you need tremendous stamina.
And I don’t believe that
Hillary has the stamina.
– That’s correct.
– I– I…
– (Hillary Clinton) As soon as he travels
to 112 countries and negotiates
a peace deal…
– There you go, baby.
– (Clinton) …a ceasefire,
or even spends 11 hours testifying…
– I’m tired already just listening to her.
– (Clinton) …in front of
a congressional committee,
he can talk to me about stamina.
– She’s really wearing her hand out
patting herself on the back.
– The guy’s got a point.
I think there is a present
situation with her health.
It’s chronic.
– (Clinton) Why won’t he
release his tax returns?
Maybe he’s not as rich as he says he is.
– If he’s not rich and he’s
been saying that he’s rich,
that could possibly mean that he’s a liar.
– (Clinton) …to know that he’s paid…
– (scoffs)
– (Clinton) …nothing in federal taxes.
– Well, that’s because
he’s using our tax codes, lady.
– Why is it bad about his tax returns?
Really? Tax returns, emails.
– Look at him. He’s so smug.
– (Clinton) The only years
that anybody’s ever seen
were a couple of years
when he had to turn them over
to state authorities when
he was trying to get a casino license,
and they showed he didn’t pay
any federal income tax.
– (deep sigh)
– (Trump) That makes me smart.
– (Clinton) So if he’s paid…
– Yeah.
– (Trump) That makes me smart.
– (laughing)
“That makes me smart.”
– (Trump) That makes me smart.
– “That makes me smart”?
– I’m, like, getting upset.
– There’s not an American that doesn’t try
to beat their tax return fairly.
– Why can’t you just talk about yourself?
– They’re just saying, “Oh,
well, you know what? He sucks.
So vote for me.”
– The man smirks. He makes faces.
He’s disrespectful.
And I thought she was very clear.
– (Clinton) I made a mistake
using a private email.
– Ya think?
– Oh boy, a little mistake.
– (Clinton) …obviously
do it differently.
– (Trump) That was more than a mistake.
That was done purposely.
– Yeah.
– (Trump) That was not a mistake.
I think it’s disgraceful.
– Slay.
– That’s, like, probably her biggest flaw.
– If she’s gonna lose this election,
I think that’s gonna be
one of the main reasons.
– They’re making a big deal
about those emails.
I understand that,
during the Bush White House,
there were all kinds of private
emails all over the place.
And nobody ever said anything.
– (Trump) If I win, I am going
to instruct my attorney general
to get a special prosecutor…
– If he wins, I refuse to be in America.
– (Trump) …to look into your situation.
– Ah-ha-ha! Good for you!
She needs a special prosecutor
to look into her situation,
because she feels she’s above the law.
– This is something that dictators do.
– (Clinton) …with the
temperament of Donald Trump
is not in charge
of the law in our country.
– (Trump) Yeah, because you’d be in jail.
– Ooh-hoo-hoo! That was the best one!
– (Trump) Because you’d be in jail.
– (laughs)
– (Trump) Because you’d be in jail.
– That’s right. She belongs in jail.
– He should’ve dropped
the mic right there.
– She looks like a kindergarten teacher
listening to one of her kids ranting.
– It’s hard for me to be eloquent
when speaking about him,
because he’s just an awful person.
– (Chris Wallace) Nine women
have come forward and said
that you either groped them
or kissed them without their consent.
– (Trump) Those stories
are all totally false.
– “Totally false, because
I was caught on tape,
but that was false, and because
all these women came forward,
but that’s a lie too.”
– (Trump) I think they want either fame,
or her campaign did it.
– Almost unbelievable
that he believes that.
– (Trump) And I think it’s her campaign.
– No, I think it’s her campaign too.
– (Clinton) Donald thinks
belittling women makes him bigger.
– Oh, there you go again.
She pulls out the woman card.
She pulls out the race card.
She pulls out the victim card.
– (Clinton) It’s really up
to all of us to demonstrate
who we are…
– Come on, Hill.
That’s right.
– (Clinton) …and who our country is.
– That’s right!
– (Trump) Nobody has more
respect for women than I do.
– (guffawing) Oh, that’s just not true.
– Your actions prior to this
haven’t really indicated
that you’ve got a lot of respect.
– How does he…
– (Wallace) Please, everybody.
– …go on and get busted saying
that he can grab women “by the [bleep],”
whether or not they like it,
and then you have all these women that go,
“Yeah, he did it to me,”
and he goes, “Oh, I don’t do that”?
– The harassment thing
just plays into the rape culture.
– I’ve done Miss California USA.
He runs pageants.
And you know, he helps women
become powerful, independent people.
– We had a video with Donald Trump
in my band 25 years ago,
and he was a lecherous [bleep].
He was all over the 17-year-old
guitar player in our band.
I’ve been on the Trump boat.
He’s an [bleep].
– (Clinton) We need to put more money
in a Social Security trust fund.
My Social Security payroll
contribution will go up,
as will Donald’s,
assuming he can’t figure out
how to get out of it.
– (laughing)
– (Clinton) But what we want to do
is to replenish the…
– (Trump) Such a nasty woman.
– She is a nasty woman.
– Now, that’s mean.
– He is just so rude.
– He really had to say that?
I mean, we all see she’s being nasty.
I mean, when he makes the comments,
it just takes away from him.
– (Wallace) One of the prides
of this country
is the peaceful transition of power.
Are you saying you’re not prepared now
to commit to that principle?
– (Trump) What I’m saying is that
I will tell you at the time.
I’ll keep you in suspense.
– Ha ha! Good for you!
There’s already been found voter fraud.
– (Trump) I will tell you at the time.
– That’s so dangerous.
That is so dangerous.
– That just sounds like
a little kid not getting his way.
So he’s gonna, “Nah-nah,”
you know, “This isn’t fair.”
– (Clinton) That is not the way
our democracy works.
We’ve been around for 240 years.
– Hmmm.
– (Clinton) We’ve had free
and fair elections. We’ve accepted
the outcomes when we may…
– I feel like every election’s
rigged, honestly.
– (Clinton) That is what
must be expected of anyone
standing on a debate stage
during a general election.
– He has no business being up there.
– He has a temper tantrum
when things don’t go his way.
– Trump is like a little kid,
and she’s like more of a mature lady.
– You’re gonna reject
the results of an election.
That’s what happens in countries
where we have dictatorships.
– When he says everything’s
rigged against him,
I know he’s exaggerating
about a lot of stuff.
But the media is kind
of rigged against Trump.
– (Clinton) I will stand up for families
against powerful interests…
– Which she has done her entire career.
– (Clinton) I will everything that I…
– Oh, you’ll do [bleep].
– She wants to be
a president for everybody.
So even if you don’t vote for her,
she wants to be your president.
– (Clinton) I will do everything
that I can to make sure
that you have good jobs
with rising incomes,
that your kids have good educations…
– We’ll see about that.
– Hillary just trumps Trump.
– (Clinton) I hope you will
give me a chance
to serve as your president.
– I wouldn’t.
– I already voted for you, baby.
– I hope we all give her a chance
to serve as our president,
’cause it’s about freakin’ time, you guys!
– (Trump) When I started this campaign…
– I can’t. No.
– (Trump) Make America great again.
– I agree.
– (Trump) Make America great again.
– What was wrong with
America in the first place?
– You mean, “Make America white again.”
– (Trump) We cannot take
four more years of Barack Obama.
– Well, you know what?
Barack Obama was wonderful.
– (Trump) We cannot
take four more years…
– You’re right.
– (Trump) …of Barack Obama.
– You can’t take it.
– (Trump) And that’s what you get
when you get her.
– And even worse.
– (groaning) Oh my god!
I’m speechless.
– I’ve seen presidential
debates in the past.
But I’ve never heard one so competitive.
– God, we are [bleep].
– I have a small business.
And the regulations and hoops
that I have to dance through
are incredible.
She wants me to make nothing
and them to make everything.
And I can’t run a company that way.
– This guy’s got the nation
turned upside-down.
He’s got white people hating black people,
black people hating white people.
We’re all the same species.
– Everybody talks about them.
It’s on the news.
It’s in my school newspaper.
It’s everywhere.
– (FBE) Okay, so we have a lot to discuss.
We’re gonna run down
some of their political stances,
talk about some of their controversies,
and then we’re gonna get
your opinions on them as people.
– Okay.
– Let’s go.
– (FBE) So the reality is this video’s
gonna get a lot of negative comments
and stir up controversy
by even just talking about this,
especially compared to when
we covered the election back in 2012.
– I can see that.
It almost seems more like a game show.
Like, I don’t know.
It doesn’t really seem legit.
– The previous times, there was always one
who’s obviously better.
Now there’s just, like, not–
It’s just like, “ehh” and “ugh.”
– (FBE) This is so divisive
that a lot of people feel like
both candidates are no good.
– Well, that’s pretty bad,
because that means they’re
not doing such a good job
trying to run for president.
– (FBE) Well, do you feel
the best Republican and Democrat
are the nominees, or do you wish
we had different choices?
– I think they’re not the best choices.
Because there’s so many things
wrong with both of ’em.
– I see how people might not like Hillary.
I see how people might not–
I definitely see how people
don’t like Donald Trump.
– The election should be delayed
until we can get more candidates
who are better qualified.
– I think Bernie would’ve been better.
– I would’ve gone for Ted.
He’s constitutionally strong.
– I think the best Democrat was.
As far as the best Republican,
my god, absolutely not.
– I wish there were other choices.
Pluto and Donald Duck
would’ve been much better
than what we have.
– (FBE) And candidate aside,
what do you think is
the biggest issue today in the U.S.?
– The issue’s we need
to bring jobs back to America.
– Getting it out of debt.
– I think climate change is huge.
– I want the next president
to do as much as they can
to stop all this gun violence.
– Our justice system is trash.
I think the way police officers
have been handling
their personal justice
and whatever is trash.
– Safety of American people.
People that’ll spring up out of nowhere
that are disciples of the
ISIS or ISIL organizations
and doing bad things.
– Terrorism, because that’s really scary.
Before, it seemed like a foreign thing.
But now, when you got homegrown
terrorists, that’s really scary.
– (FBE) We’re getting
into some of the issues.
We’ll start with healthcare.
Clinton would like to expand
the current Affordable Care Act
to cover more people,
while Trump wants to repeal
Obamacare completely
and replace it with a different system.
Do you think that Obamacare
is something that has worked
for our country thus far?
– Well, I can’t say that it’s made
much of a difference for me,
because I’m low-income.
– Obamacare has not worked.
– Obamacare has not worked
for this country.
You got more healthy people
paying for more sick people.
– It has worked for a lot of people.
Because there are people who could not get
any sort of healthcare.
Obamacare’s actually saving their life.
– I know a lot of people
who couldn’t afford
any kind of healthcare,
who’ve stayed sick because of it.
And I know that it’s helped them.
– The Affordable Care Act
has worked in many ways.
I’ve had cancer.
My daughter had a spinal issue.
We would not be able to get
insurance under previous rules,
because we have preexisting conditions.
– If they’re gonna get rid of it,
they need to come up with
something that’s gonna work.
Because if they just get rid of it
and they have nothing,
we’re gonna have a lot of people
that aren’t insured.
And they definitely
need to have insurance.
– (FBE) So let’s talk immigration.
Donald Trump is known
for his strict immigration laws
that he wants to enact,
like building a wall along
the border with Mexico.
– I think the wall is ridiculous.
I don’t really get how that’s
gonna work in the first place.
– That, to me, is the opposite of America.
That’s like making America
not America again,
because we are a country of immigrants.
– Quote-unquote “wall”
in between the United States and Mexico,
which I think is just HORRIBLE.
Be a good person and don’t
build the wall and get a haircut.
– There should be a way to get in,
but it’s been abused.
Yes, I am for a wall.
– (FBE) Also, Trump stirred up
controversy when he proposed
placing a temporary ban
on a large number of Muslims
entering the country.
– What he’s trying to do
is the most un-American thing
you can possibly do.
He’s equating Muslim with terrorist.
I don’t do that, because I have a brain.
– I was one of the few people
that thought his idea
for temporarily– that’s
the key word, “temporarily”–
banning Muslims, especially
with a heated crisis such as ISIS–
It makes sense to ban–
and it’s like, I know
it’s racial profiling.
And I totally get that
there’s innocent Muslims.
And I have a lot of Muslim friends.
My good homey Labib.
You have to stop it somehow.
– Me personally being Muslim
and of Pakistani descent–
yo, like, most people are not here
to do anything wrong with the country.
Open invite to my house for dinner.
I got really good kebab.
I’ll change your opinion
in a couple hours.
– (FBE) So Hillary Clinton has said
she wants to have tighter border security
and wants to reform immigration laws
by allowing those who have
entered our country illegally
to have a pathway to citizenship.
What do you think about that?
– I think immigration’s huge.
– They definitely need to have
stricter laws on the immigration,
because we keep bringing people in,
but we don’t have the
benefits, ’cause it’s like
everyone wants to come here
’cause they want to get a free pass.
– I hear a lot of folks talk
very poorly of illegal immigrants.
And I want to ask those people
the same question of,
what would you do for your family?
Would you be willing to break laws
so that your children
could be taken care of?
Would you be willing to do that? I would.
– (FBE) And of course, there are
many more issues to discuss.
But let’s turn to the
controversies on both sides.
Among other statements
that Donald Trump has made
that have offended many
or been looked at as anti-diversity,
recently tapes were released
where he said some things
that some took as claims of sexual assault
that he says is “locker room talk”
and that he apologized for.
Since then, many women have come out
saying that he has harassed
them as well or he’s done worse.
What do you think about this controversy
that has surrounded Trump?
– I think people are just really focused
on being politically correct.
I think if he really did
sexually harass someone,
he wouldn’t be making
jokes about it like that.
– Always amazes me that
they come out right at election time.
It’s just such a surprise
that several women
are so prompted to tell their stories.
– Boys will be boys. And when
boys are with all their friends,
we’re all– like, I’ve said things
behind closed doors that,
if there was a microphone
behind me and it got released,
like, oh my god,
it would be the end of me.
You can’t permanently
be offended by something
that happened so long ago.
– People can come out and say,
“Oh, 10 years ago,
Donald Trump slapped by butt.”
Like, honestly, big deal.
You’re deciding between
who’s gonna be the president
of the United States.
Does it really matter if he says
these things about women?
– It’s an issue that he’s got to handle.
Some of the stuff that was said
was locker room, bar room talk.
That’s why some people like Trump so well.
– From the viewpoint of an athlete
and locker room talk,
that is complete bull[bleep].
– Presidential candidates
should be a role model
for every American.
He is not a role model.
– His locker room talk,
right? We all do it.
Groping a woman,
grabbing her by her [bleep].
Um, yeah, maybe I don’t want
my president to do that.
Maybe I don’t want any man
in my life to do that,
because it is sexual assault.
– (FBE) And now back to
Hillary Clinton controversies.
You know, there have been
a number of women
who have accused her husband,
former president Bill Clinton,
of sexual assault,
with some claiming Hillary
tried to discredit the accusers
in various ways over time.
Some people say they don’t
like a possible future president
being associated with someone
who may have done something like this.
Is this a fair criticism of Hillary?
– Yeah, she’s a hypocrite.
She’s married to someone
who’s cheating on her
then yet stays with him.
What does that say about women either?
– He did the same thing that Trump did,
but now he’s not in the limelight.
And she’s still with him.
So she forgave him.
So why wouldn’t people forgive Trump?
– She was complicit in his messing
around and what he did
so that she could further her own career.
– I don’t think it’s fair for people
to just criticize her for that.
– It shouldn’t affect her
presidency at one thing.
– I don’t think that we should discredit
her ability to get the job done
based on actions of her husband.
– Man runs for president,
we don’t really go on on what
his wife has done and hasn’t done.
We look at him.
It’s very unfair that when
a woman runs for president,
we keep talking about her husband.
– (FBE) And jumping back to Trump,
he’s stated that the
election system is rigged
and that he may only accept
the outcome of the election if he wins.
What do you think about Trump
making these types of allegations?
– Well, that’s damn stupid.
– He sounds like such a big brat.
– Trump making these
statements doesn’t sit well,
but he’s speaking the truth.
– There have been presidential
elections that were rigged,
like the one recently with George Bush.
It should be watched
very carefully in each state.
– You say, “I reject that.”
And your supporters go,
“That’s right. It’s time for a coup.
Let’s just overthrow the government.”
And that’s what happens.
I mean, that’s what happened
all over the world in other places
that don’t have democracy
or have shaky democracy.
So it’s terrifying to me.
– (FBE) So there’s also more
controversy with Clinton
with her private email server,
where she’s being reviewed by the FBI
for sending classified emails
from her personal email account.
Many have said that this
is an irresponsible oversight
for someone who wants to run
our country. What do you think?
– I don’t know if she’s listening,
if she is watching this,
so I’m kind of nervous.
– Her emails, which everyone
does really want to know about.
Even though Hillary’s
are probably just coupons
of Nordstroms or something.
– I think the whole email
thing is nonsense.
It’s been done. It’s been answered.
– It was definitely irresponsible
is putting it mildly.
That said, she has
definitely owned up to it
and taken responsibility for it.
– Why are you acting like
there’s nothing important in the emails?
Obviously there’s something important
if you went and deleted them.
We shouldn’t have a president
that’s so untrustworthy.
– It was irresponsible.
But I also think we have to see the good
that she’s going to do on office
and that she has done.
She’s being held to a different
standard than what he has.
I mean, even like when
those tapes got leaked,
like, didn’t Billy Bush get suspended?
And it’s just like, we’re not holding him,
someone who’s running for president,
to the same standard as
a talk show host. And that’s insane.
– (FBE) And Hillary Clinton aside,
this is the first time
a female candidate has won
a major party nomination.
So what are your thoughts about the idea
of a female president
of the United States?
– It’s about [bleep] time.
– Men have [bleep] it up for long enough.
– I think it’s a fine thing.
I mean, women aren’t weaker than men.
– I think it’s great.
The guys are gonna hate me when I say,
I think women are smarter than men.
– It’s time. So many countries have it.
Why are we so far behind?
– She beat me in being
a presidential candidate.
I wanted to be the first lady
president of the United States.
– America as a whole,
that’s a very big step forward.
Less than 100 years ago,
a woman couldn’t vote.
– I don’t want a woman
just because she’s a woman.
I want a woman because
she’d make a good president.
– I think we should have
a his and hers president.
They have to work together.
Wouldn’t that be great?
– It’s our time.
And anybody who thinks that
a woman is not qualified to lead–
anything, but this country–
has got another thing coming.
I have a daughter, and this is
really a watershed moment.
Right now, there are a lot
of changing moments,
like Obama with the first black president,
and then gay rights came out.
And I’ve been alive for all of this.
And then if we have
our first woman president,
then I’ll be alive for that too.
And I’ll be like, “Yep, I remember that.”
– (FBE) And are you comfortable telling us
who you plan to vote for?
– Honestly, I’m probably not gonna vote.
Some people might say every vote matters.
But I just don’t think
my vote will matter.
– I’m not comfortable
in relaying who I’m voting for.
I think that I would like
to leave that as a surprise.
I’m with her!
– I’m with her.
– I’m gonna vote for Trump.
– I voted for Donald Trump.
– I’ve already voted for Mrs. Clinton.
– I plan to vote for Trump.
– I’ma vote for that lady.
– I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.
– I’m voting for Trump.
I think the biggest thing with Hillary
is there’ll be no change.
I mean, jobs will continue
to leave the country.
– I’m voting for Hillary.
– I’m gonna vote for Hillary.
Donald, if we pick him,
it might not just be a national crisis.
We might go into a very
big international crisis.
– I’m voting for Trump.
I believe he’s the most
responsible, the most capable.
– Do I agree with his personality
and things he’s done and said?
No. But in the big picture,
I think he’s gonna be the better one,
if we can control his mouth.
– Donald J. Trump.
Everyone looks at me and criticizes
me saying I support him.
I support the idea of Donald Trump.
And if it could be anyone
other than Donald Trump
and having the same mindset as him,
everyone would be on board with it.
– I have to vote for Hillary,
because, hell, I can’t vote
for Donald Trump.
– (FBE) So a lot of people will say
that anything a kid says
is only because of what
their parents have told them
when it comes to opinions
about someone running for president.
When you hear that,
do you think that’s true?
Or do you have your own opinions
separate from your parents’?
– Some kids only do their parents’.
But I– personally, I do my own opinion.
– We talk about it in school.
We see it on social media.
We have a good sense of what’s going on.
– I have opinions
separate from my parents’.
When all the candidates were
running, I was going for Hillary.
My parents were going for Bernie.
I’m like, “Why can’t we go for Hillary?”
– Kids have their own opinion.
Like, don’t think that they are just
little people under your feet.
No. They have minds of their owns.
They could turn on you any second.
– (FBE) And final question that we asked
in our last presidential election episode:
with the election in two days,
what would you want
to say to potential voters
who are watching right now?
– Get out there and vote.
– Either side, please vote.
I mean, it’s really important.
– At least pick one,
because if nobody votes,
then it’s just gonna keep on
going on and on and on.
– Don’t fall into what
the media always tells you.
Do your own research.
Don’t just look at
the memes, laugh it off.
Pay attention to the issues.
– Somebody fought their [bleep] off
to give you the right to vote.
So get out there and exercise that right.
– It is our responsibility
as American citizens today
to go exercise that right to vote.
So whatever you do,
do not sit at home. And go vote.
– Vote from your mind as to
who’s gonna move America forward.
We’re a little chaotic right now.
We’re a little bit divided.
We all can come together
and pull ourselves up.

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  6. "boys will be boys" yeah? Have someone grab you on the chest, then you go to the principle and you get "boys will be boys" or some bullshit. 14:21

  7. 7:32 kè
    Um excuse me
    Obama is better than the two of you combined and I'm sure he could run this country better than you, blindfolded with his arms and legs tied to a chair.

  8. This election has really the divided the so called UNITED states. Whatever happens we will all get through it. Let's just be glad that this election is finally over.

  9. This is a fair video in my opinion, because this video has multiple people with multiple different views regarding the issues mentioned in the video.

  10. What so many people don't realize is that Hillary has been apart of this government for the past 30 years and she is saying she is going to do this and that but if she was actually good at what she does she could have done all of these things already

  11. 21:44 did she just assume my gender. I'm sorry but I'm a bloodsucking attack helicopter, I've had my vote since the start of this PC NATION back in 2004.

  12. hillary supporters are hilarious. they mock the president-elect and his supporters for throwing temper tantrums yet they went out and started protesting when trump won. y'all just became the people you were trying to belittle. hypocrites.

  13. "She looks like a kindergarten teacher." if she were my kindergarten teacher I would have tied myself to a train track and waited for the train.

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