Get Paid to Play App Games – Android & iPhone

Get Paid to Play App Games – Android & iPhone

what is going on YouTube John here with
non-stop affiliate and in this video I’m
gonna show you guys an app that anybody
could use to start making money through
PayPal guys now it’s kind of funny this
happen has been around for a while it’s
one of the first ones that I use when I
first got into making money online
making money from my smartphone back
like two or three years ago guys when I
first started I thought it was so cool
using this app making some extra money
and it’s kind of funny that um now I get
to share it with you guys so I want to
go ahead and share this app with you
guys I want to make a few extra bucks
check this app out right here guys so
the first thing you’re going to want to
do is just go over to and
what you’re going to want to type in is
called featured points so once your
featured points you go ahead and just
click on that right there and sign up
and make an account for you guys it’s
very easy to use
anybody that has a smartphone could
start using this guy right here so the
way it works is let’s say you have an
Android phone you go to the Play Store
if or if you have an iPhone you just go
to the App Store guys go to the App
Store look up feature points download
the app and create an account once you
create an account guys feature points is
going to give you all the possible apps
you can start downloading so you can
start earning money and as you can see
they pay off your amazon money real
PayPal money so real paypal could be
actual real cash once it gets to your
PayPal account and there’s tons of other
different rewards you could claim
Bitcoin Starbucks PlayStation Xbox app
store tons and tons of rewards with
feature points guys so it’s a very cool
easy app to use to start making some
real money and again guys all you’re
doing is just downloading apps once you
log into the feature points it shows you
guys all the apps you can download and
all the points you will earn for every
single app once you earn enough points
you just redeem your points for real
prizes and so what you can also do to
make money with this app is refer other
friends so once you get into the app
it’s going to give you a referral code
that you can start sharing around with
your friends with your family once they
sign up and start using the apps you’ll
get a referral commission from that too
so there’s actually two different ways
to make money from this using it
yourself and referring it to other
people will earn you some quick easy
points guys that you can redeem for real
cash so again guys this one’s called
feature points all you have to do is go
to your google play store or go to your
App Store and download the app and start
using it start taking action to start
earning real money and this is actually
one of the first ones that I use back to
three years ago guys when I first got
into the business when I first started
making money from my phone making money
from my computer
I remember being all excited using this
app right here telling my friends about
it so it’s been around for a while guys
it’s definitely a trustworthy app you
will actually get paid for it so I
definitely recommend you to use this app
right here if you’re if you need some
extra bucks now if you really want to
start earning some money from your
computer start earning a real online
passive income guys start earning three
to five thousand dollars every single
month check out my first link in the
description guys is my number one
recommended online business to start
guys it’s what really helped me start my
online journey guys which really helped
me understand business in general so
definitely check it out if you’re ready
to start your own online business guy
and so that’s basically it for this
video if you enjoyed the content go
ahead and subscribe to my channel I’m
going to be coming out with a whole
bunch of great great online money-making
videos to help you get an edge this is
really for you guys right here to give
back from everything that I’ve gone from
the online community so go ahead and hit
that subscribe button hit that like
button and I’ll see you guys on the next

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  1. Surprised not an Indian guy with a clickbaity title in English. heh

    I've used apps like this before and it gets really tiresome, plus sometimes it doesn't track correctly so you spent time downloading/using an app or game you didn't even like.

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