Ghostbusters: The Video Game All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360, PC)

are you troubled by strange noises in
the night do experience feelings of dread your basement or attic have you or
your family actually seen a spook Specter or ghost and the answer is yes
then don’t wait another minute just pick up the phone and call the professionals
call the Ghostbusters yep but by the new coats or exhibit yeah why something edit
your way wait I hear something I’m gonna take a look want to hear something
really creepy I was reading about Shandor you know the guy who donated
most of the kosher stuff he was into the occult
you know supernatural why don’t we talk about it some other
time any other time hey you Pepe idiot stop strange Ghostbusters is you’re wanting an
apparition poltergeist phantasm rate Banshee demon Spectre tortured solo what
now we do not summon dead family members then catch them so you can ask the
combination to the safe yeah well same to your mail hey it’s the new cadet
welcome aboard this might be a little dangerous great
danger is our life let’s start at 50% capacity enough to keep any burning or
tissue damage to a minimum hey if you’re gonna burn any tissue do
it to the new kid you can’t use ray on mortgages enjoy I guess he’s right
what’s your name again kid no names ray I don’t wanna get too
attached to this kid you know just in case these toons and ready to go you may feel
a little tingle good we’ve perfected an extensive and rigorous training regimen
that will teach you all your equipments basic functions it takes some time to
achieve master throw skills but it’s definitely worth the effort was that us
I don’t think so granny needs some sort of Sai energy pulse substantial a
significant collected and centralized necromantic convulsion level seven or
more agreed we need EMF measurement checks now I know the answer anyway is a
level seven whatever bad or very bad on a scale of one to ten I would say let me
guess it’s a seven let’s just say we’re about to get real busy there it is it
seems oddly drawing up a containment grid he’s been fascinated with it ever
since you added the viewer to the unit okay easy now cadet I’ll talk you
through this use the proton stream to get his attention now first and foremost
before things get out of hand I want to get to know your protons it can be your
best friend out there in the field everything you need to know is displayed
on the pack itself here’s where you keep an eye on your current physical
condition the more green that’s on the box the more damage you can sustain and
still stay on your feet this far indicates your packs heat level get to
the top got the pack from shorting out and reset
hey how come this mum gets all the new stuff these are new experimental
equipment technician he gets a cool title too
it means he gets to carry around a bunch of untested extremely dangerous hardware
that if not handled correctly could blow him somewhere into New Jersey oh this
knucklehead lugs around are very dangerous prototype hardware that could
potentially blow us into New Jersey Thanks keep the title kid it’ll work
hard for you where to ray besides Rick hotel that’s the first place that little
spud will go right back to its initial manifestation point
I’ve got a real good buffet it is a great 120 when Winston returns from the
Opera extend an invitation to join us at our table at the sedgwick hey you you’re
up buddy training will be on the job tonight find out two destroyed too many
men having land mines well hello you’re perfectly safe no miss
the Ghostbusters are here back off loser never gonna happen that
approach rarely works with me I’ll show you why later all right ace get ready
dr. Stan’s if you do the honors proud to dr. Venkman
part of our settlement with the city proton packs must remain often heavily
populated public areas and in close quarters it minimizes the City
liabilities and satisfies the restraining order the made here that put
on us where we live in today you shoot a proton stream of highly charged
particles and someone they get all sooo happy it’s him show time do you wear them out then we
capture him that’s what your proton stream is for all right Slimer you’ve
had your fun the elevators off-limits you gon come in
I think we’re stuck in the elevator we need some help think we’re stuck well
let’s see think we’re stuck think we’re stuck think we’re stuck ray you guys
good with officially stuck in the elevators show of hands here it comes kill it ray
need a hand you always family they’re the el hombro ballroom no way he
could pass that absolutely not you can’t go in the Rodriguez bar mitzva is set to
start in half an hour I’ll bet the beef brisket is today’s
special and you’ve done quite enough already I’m sure the thing will just go
away I’m willing to risk it you’re not going
in there that’s all we needed to hear all right we’re out coffee time everyone
service has been declined beyond this point perhaps a place sitting disturbed
still pretty much ready full go for the Rodriguez blowout yeah hammer Ballroom
the Bob mitzvah what have you done the guests are arriving in 15 minutes what
seems to be your problem thanks to me and my new exclusively assigned recruit
here the festivities can now proceed in an entirely ghost-free environment so
you’re welcome huh and to the Rodriguez oh hi I’m from the ghost busters this
way looks like he’s drifting upstairs get across there neat take the leap take
the straps good work are you alright nice going you might
really be the right person for this job yes you have destroyed a significant
section of a five-star New York Hotel in just under three hours your mother and I
are so proud how are we gonna anybody here from Santa Marta glad you
could make it but first how was i eating but we had to make do with this new
specimen here I know that fun Winston what do you see
up there it’s me it’s clean and salt white this is not possible not here not
now but again wasn’t me this time I swear it Time Square post urban renewal all shiny
and clean I love sake is that it’s hard to miss he got of
course we have to get the big trap for real is a lot closer than this
what’s he a petunia he’s looking for something is he looking
for something or someone if you can see behind me the streets are
an absolute chaos authorities are doing everything they can to quell the panic
and maintain order it is madness out here the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man star
of the popular children’s television show is on a rampage this is not the
Stay Puft we’ve come to long fortunately the Ghostbusters have
arrived to put everything back to normal all full going up he just passed gas
attachment relaxer we handled bowel vapors all the time let’s stay in for
lunch you said I leave the building you said it’ll be quiet you said you know
you’re fine you’re right I secretly knew our lives would be in danger and thought
hey I’ll make sure I trap mark with me inside an elevator there we go hey rain save $3 the size of your finger
knock you off the side of a 30-story building and you had to climb all the
way back up there the terrible part how mad would you be at those three little
piggy types I’d go with mighty pissed bro in a suit
to that giant blue and white toy BAM famous or whatever it’s still coming
it’s climbing the building I’m impressed with his agility
considering this complete lack of by you you mean less than one then sure we can
do that no sweat kid we’ve got you now where’s your towel
did you see if we could knock off with the sweeper you guys alright just plain
how do you feel pretty good all extremely weird things considered so far
just another screwed up to have the office you know I never forget a face
attached to all the rest of them I think we met earlier at the sedgwick hotel you
gave me this sideshow chicken drop my name’s elissa dr. Elissa selling and I
am dr. Peter Venkman and that’s C Egon
sir ray winstone do you know uh-huh the Ghostbusters have you ever been
involved in this type of quantum temporal rift event before quantum what
it’s called arcing a large pulse of psychic energy actually yes I was at the
Museum a pulse of blue light surged through the building and then I was
standing outside a room on the thirteenth floor of an old hotel the
Sedgwick the Sedgwick doesn’t have a 13th floor it was pulling me like a
magnet I felt as though I was in a deep dream I came to and ran over here here
it’s a temporary office while I’m in town I came to do some research after I
woke up we’d like you to come to our labs we can run some grief tests and ask
you more questions here’s an easy one and we’d like to go
out for Thai Mexican Japanese Wow dr. Venkman that time you almost went 45
seconds without saying something ablation want to try for a whole minute
next a doctor and a fiery one – Charlie so charming so you know so much about
Gozer because because I’m a specialist in ancient Mesopotamian cultures and
architecture Sumerian primarily those aren more specifically I’m here as a
guest curator for the go Zairian exhibit that’s opening tomorrow at the Natural
History Museum you are aware that we also have some history with Gozer yes of
course Gozer was a bush leaguer before he met
us a strictly farm team deity we put him on the mat but our getting stiffed on
nights – opening night just an oversight right I don’t have
anything to do with that that gentleman was all me and I can assure you it was
not an oversight oh by the way you have visitors thanks Jeanie your first class
look out Walter Peck I did not recognize you without the mayor’s backs I detest
your nose okay everybody put them back in their
skivvies apologies dr. Selwyn are you all right I think so but I’m worried
about the exhibit are you kidding you can’t buy publicity like this the guest
curator of the Gozer exhibit the expert Peck recommended is attacked the night
before the opening by Kozar himself please tell me that was goes here
those are manifested in a familiar form one he had used before to Stay Puft
Marshmallow Man but this event was weaker than his first encounter with us
that’s all I need Thanks come on Chuck what’s the idea bringing crap around
here Oh have I coughed at the wrong time listen here’s the deal you impact and
all you guys are going to work together what no way no how
impossible look this city has given you at least a dozen contracts for the
jail’s courthouses and wharves you guys want to grow your business get
some county and state work too I’m all for it
you’ve been big supporters and great for my campaign well some have said our
endorsement is what got you elected but not out loud anyway after all the damage
you’ve been causing lately the City Council wants you under close
supervision for a period of no less than six months we file the courts on time
there’s no need for extra supervision funny guy Bateman you’ve always been my
favorite well that’s why your old friend pet comes in he’s annoying a stickler
for the rules in other words the perfect pet for the job he’s our new head of
peacock peacock pee COC paranormal contracts oversight Commission and my
first official act is going to be suspending you clowns operating license
lighten up peg launch your investigation if you have to but for now just keep
them under control and my office in the loop but remember if the Ghostbusters
cease to exist so does your job so you need each other beautiful in an ironic
symmetrical kinda way isn’t it hey Mulligan come on its mayor Mulligan
to you Venkman so we have an understanding this kind of protects us
all you want more government business I want to keep my approval rating and tech
wants his little fiefdom you play by the rules easy we all get what we want
in the City Council gets what they need okay big night tomorrow Alyssa get some
rest so now that we’re all friends
can we get invites to the museum opening not likely but I’ll be seen soon
you can count rain I’ve been talking and we think we should have a look at the
museum whatever happened tonight it started
there okay I’ll take one for the team stay with Alyssa you guys go with
Winston and the crew I’ll be your personal protection what about Pitt he
supposed to be informed of everything we do but he doesn’t know can’t hurt us hey God you need to make a detour
something thing is going down go ahead then win now una den and another ghostly
sighting past staff at the New York Public Library scrambling for answers
the Gray Lady let’s get her for realist it’s been there for a hundred and four
years where’s it gonna go today this thing you guys have for the great lady
borders on you know she made us look like Schmucks not this time come on we
can do this at the Museum we’ll be there in the periodical section checking the
box scores from the knicks game last night says here that this collector used the
grey lady to get to the rare books in her care specifically a book called
get this the bazarian puddings great yeah and when she found out what he was
up to she dumped him evidently he murdered her
the grey lady was his first victim but he killed a bunch more bingo
ray you get to buy me dinner and here’s the last on the clicker seconds before
he was hanged he said he would return as acid lure some sort of God to keep watch
over the library and every rare book in its collection sounds like sounds like
the can we run into all the time what’d you find there Youngblood
good work Spangler the kid found the exit added something new to the pack this is
the PDS plasm distribution system basically its slime lower mark too
heavily modified from the earlier version your Pleasant banks are now
integrated into the proton pack it uses a base culture of ectoplasm that can
impair entities cause caustic black slime to go inert and reveal otherwise
invisible ethereal structures that reside on this plane eerie place I wonder if this is where
the collector killed the librarian I think that would be a safe assumption
that book she’s reading is emitting massive energy that’s your cue killer go
get them I don’t like what they’ve done with the
place here but I hope that portal would have taken us back to the library
actually we are back in the Public Library the dimensional memory must be
extremely thin here someone’s holding us here the collector yes as it Laura wants
to add to his collection and he’s probably not too happy about us taking
the goes Aryan codex with us oh yeah what can a twisted little bookworm do to
scare us he murdered Eleanor Twitty for it when he was alive and a dozen others
just to cover it up hey collector we’re taking your book
what do you think about that he’s right behind me isn’t it yes I think you got
his attention right oh boy what the hell were you guys I’ve been
running all over this library calling you looking for you nothing we passed
through a cross-dimensional portal into an alternate version of the New York
Public Library in fought a 40-foot monster made out of priceless antiques
to steal an ancient magical book oh well that would explain it next time leave a
note ray does this mean anything to you nope it wasn’t here the first time it
came through what is not entirely sure but whatever it said he just turned it
off you thinking what I’m thinking in cross
new york-style with no visible angel maybe later right now I need to go back
to the lab and take a look at this codex and analyze the data we’ve collected it
could help us when we go to the Museum slice to go on the way
rook this tree to know what this is again well it’s a great read but nothing
about that I know that someone oh it shows up sometimes in sumerian ritual
magic there’s a statue unknown at the museum that features it what does it
represent just the symbol signifies a path to obtain great power most of my
colleagues assume it’s an old constellation no consolation high
episode and I used to tell fortunes on Kodiak is that right did you want turban
no man a red velvet cape with Mozilla plush get this the codex does indicate
there is some kind of feeder system required to channel energy to a
destructive form a destructive form like Stay Puft it’s entirely possible that
system and this pattern are connected it’s possible wait you said the goes
Aryan statuary at the Museum is not alone well the Shandor foundation they
control Shan DARS remaining estate and holdings either was a big collector of
goes Aryan artifacts by evil Shandor the architect you mean evil Shandor the
genocidal maniac right that’s what I was researching one goes our attack me
Xander’s architecture firm was involved in a number of projects around town in
the late 18 early nineteen hundreds including Dana Barrett’s old building on
Central Park West mean the one with the extra dimensional antenna that drew
Gozer to our world so he could attempt to destroy it had a nice view of the
park though yes but he also did some renovations on existing buildings and a
number of public works there was controversy
because a lot of people thought the work was unnecessary let me guess he did some
renovations on the public library building on Field Museum of Natural
History recent visitations specific localized
paranormal activity singing Vikings they’re all connected to
Shandor and dis pattern we should Wan to me I don’t know he’s
likely to just sick pack on us even more you should get a closer look at the
museum well the mayor is gonna be at the Museum for the exhibition in opening
wallet it’s where I need to be to vilasa you
sure make work fun for me is business casual okay I don’t have attacks are you
kidding he doesn’t want you guys within three city blocks of Museum
he thinks he make his campaign contributors nervous besides that Peck
guy will be at the product – okay Egon I’ll stay here and finish analyzing
the data from the library the rest of us will go in by the service entrance of
the museum and lay low Peter can attend the party is Alyssa’s
guests and stay in plain sight of pack and that frees us up to check out the
rest of the building I love this plan it’s just dull enough to work ill I’m
gonna bring you a corsage don’t you worry you’ll have to go
through me first there’s so much to show you where to
start things have been very strange since they started setting up that
exhibit well hello there
spigot Peter we got possessed again Ozzie you’ll have to go through me first
that’s exactly what he said just like a puppy every day’s the first day no no no I want the Ghostbusters ejected
from this facility immediately where’s his honor pecker we’ve got news
forum and photo op the mayor is indisposed right now anything you need
to tell him goes through me not happening technique security remote these men with excessive
force why did the good rings always play hard
to do hell is going on here got about nine I never got all right you guys go after ELISA be
careful I’ll get the security I love this plan
I’ll man the security cameras to triangulate them on the monitors and
talk you through see you soon ray let’s go guys see you
soon guys dr. Rutherford if you’ll show me to
security let’s just pass through here as quickly as we can how do you think you
can do it just thinking happy thoughts we made it to the security officer I can
see you guys on the cameras no sign of Alyssa of her kidnappers though in the
early 1900’s the museum was run by a Board of Trustees powerful guides
tycoons captains of industry the chairman of the board was Cornelius
Wellesley of International steel the more use the museum is respectable front
for all kinds of dubious activities mainly though they were part of a club
run by our favorite architect they hired women from the st. Nicholas
rehabilitation mission for wayward angels rumor has it the board conducted
all kinds of nasty rituals using these women nightmare
thank you not the words of rescuing Hera wants to hear from his damsel in
distress may I say your eyes are much prettier when they’re not glowing like
hot coals Peter I’ve made extraordinarily frightening distance you
all go away all my data indicate that the ghost world is beginning to push
through multiple cross portals from their dimension into ours well more
overtime God now she calls my name Winston get the
lady out of here before he hit fire again into the big yellow line who wouldn’t like to have that
superpower care to tell me why my library museum and parade are all going
down the toilet I keep telling you sir the Ghostbusters are nothing but scam
artists determined to throw a negative light on you and the city and it start
you for more money hello Peck I own that suit in blue Buffy
you bite down mr. mayor an enormous event is on the horizon something at the
Museum exhibit triggered a systemized psychic occurrence some mechanism we
don’t know the nature of yet no of course you don’t but a speeding enormous
energy somewhere something that’s now in the process of breaking down the walls
between our world and another one this Otherworld is crossing through into ours
it started with simple ghosts and animated monsters now it’s getting
bigger we don’t know exactly what’s next but there’s only room for one city here
in this dimension two physical worlds can’t exist in the same space that’s
just elementary particle physics we got a glimpse of the Otherworld chuck it
ain’t pretty it’s like Brooklyn and the Bronx with no
points in them whole city blocks sinking into a fifth dimensional abyss
cockroaches the size of polo ponies panic in the streets
don’t you like disco come back bigger than ever I get it we’re in trouble so
what am I supposed to do you need to prepare the city for the city’s my
responsibility not yours now go do your job and stop that thing I should have shuddered you fraudulent
gangsters forever when I had the chance you know what I’m going to put an end to
this madness now right now I’m shutting down your containment grid for good
you can kiss off a permanent license not to mention any chance for more
government contracts you give this to me and you’re going to pay your welcome you
pack alright that’s it that’s it you’re done smart guys you are done smart cool
guys I have the authority and I’m shutting you and your phony containment
grid down now the whole city will have to pay because of your shenanigans the
whole city what but that shuts you down too well so be it I have bigger fish to
fry and get him off me I think we need to keep an eye on him
you think no I mean we really need to keep an eye on him what does this symbol mean of guys perfect bit it’s not a constellation
it’s a mandala I can’t believe I never saw it before okay
but one minute pretend someone here doesn’t know what Mandela’s mandala is
like a spiritual labyrinth and this one looks like a spiraling system that feeds
into each successive node along a line until it reaches a culmination point
before he died Shandor must have set some mechanism in place similar to the
antennae and Dana’s building you know I think you helped to make that clearer so
this was the gizmo that’s supposed to feed energy to the destructor form
that’s that’s right Peter Wow dr. Venkman well I had to get one
right eventually all right I’m just speculating but it’s possible that
ghosts are trapped in the system funneled from node to node and they get
stronger and stronger until they reach the end and then they look the first
portal the library the second the museum and the third the sedgwick and that
means the fourth portal must be right here the middle of the Hudson River well
according to the mandala yes it may need a little tweaking Oh plenty of bodies in
that River could become ghosts but what does this have to do with me what did I
do you were at the Museum and the Sedgwick
maybe you were some sort of catalyst accidentally setting things in motion
you’re saying this is my fault you are blameless what Egon meant to say
was that you have some sort of connection to this thing and we’re going
to go back to this edge we can find out what isn’t that right Brainiac that’s
right Peter Alisa do you remember where you were going when you were at the
Sedgwick I was standing outside a room 1221 something was compelling me to go
in but I woke up just before the door opened I ran out of there as fast as I
and then some jerk tried to pick me up on the elevator okay you need to stay
here where it’s safe and where you can’t sit off any more cross-dimensional shock
waves hot stuff here read up on the Mandela and the boys
we’ll check out the sedgwick the boys and what about you should you stop I
mean if you drop me off near pecks office something tells me he’s not quite
what he seems good idea meet us at the hotel when you’re done whoa this place were any more dead we
need a corner Egon used to be a licensed coroner
no kidding it’s just a hobby now closed until further notice by the paranormal
contracts oversight Commission entrance into this establishment is
strictly forbidden and it’s punishable by fine and imprisonment but now this
notices for the general public it doesn’t apply to us we’re bonded
contractors for the city especially the Ghostbusters all right heat him up we’ll melt our way
wait I have a better idea good pick hmmm this is disappointing No
disappointing is the Jets losing in the last two minutes not being covered in
slime by phantom ghouls out to kill us doesn’t exactly make me reach for a
hankie why they shut down you guys didn’t bang the place up that
bad last time you were here if this place is a mandala note a few burnt
walls and broken ceilings are the last thing that anybody’s and smashed
furniture broken chandeliers destroyed paintings shattered vases probably some
minor structural damage thanks Egon my point being that there’s
more to worry about here than some minor cosmetic issues definitely a Mundell
anode if we don’t shut down SH and ORS mandala soon most of Manhattan will
become as vacant as this not to mention also becoming a bastion of absolute
mind-numbing horror for centuries to come eh I definitely don’t lay out two
grand a month for 600 square foot walk up to live in a bastion let’s get to
work god someone you know I don’t know most
the old staff knows the story of the spider which a professional Widow who
did unimaginable things in a room on the 12th floor back in the 1920s
I mean why do we keep seeing new ghosts okay think of the mandala as a city bus
line at the bus station ghosts or waiting passengers are drawn into the
system here and trapped this concentrates their pique energy which is
then eventually forced through to the next node or station and so on until it
all ends of the final terminus at each successive bus station the station
manager absorbs some of the energy this makes the station manager or node
guardian stronger so that it can keep the ghosts in line and destroy anyone
who comes to the station to interfere with the flow these nodes or bus
stations gather the power used to feed a central point thus creating a much
bigger threat to our world does that make more sense now after you buddy well that was terrifying
be extremely careful this is likely to be a point of dangerous concentration look the mandala man Ray Winstone come in you’re there all
right they’re crude found the 13th floor and we shut it down t ke levels are back
to acceptable parameters this note of the mandala is fully neutralized all
right where are you my back down on the 12th floor I couldn’t find anything
everything seems pretty normal looks like we’re back in the Ruby
ballroom we’ll meet you at ecto-1 Egon remind me why are we driving aimlessly
in the fog the final note Beckman closed it and we sealed them on dollar trapping
the ghosts inside sorry to break this to you Egon on but I just don’t see a
Mandela you’re saying Shem nor island it’s here unstable I’m gonna have to drop you guys
in circle and go eight-six we’re sup to rate since you’re the most excited about
going to ghost island why don’t I just take the boat I thought it was making a
nice gesture you’ve given me the suspicious look drop it instantly let’s
get going cuz nobody enjoys rushing headlong towards their death more than
this fella elissa I see it you and me both she’s
wearing she’s a symbol of terrycloth room that she’s probably confident
that’s her all right spitting image the resemblance is uncanny
this is Evo Chandler’s mother painted in 1885 way what Alyssa is a Shandor why
does this always happen to me I mean a girl she’s crazy about me but she always
turns out to be some kind of unbelievable fixer-upper this is all
making sense Melissa must have inadvertently triggered the mandala
because she has shandar blood and she doesn’t know it when I did her profile
she told me she was adopted some coincidence huh you don’t really believe
this happened by accident no someone must have known and set this up the
mayor did say that Peck personally recommended Alyssa to be the guest
curator of the Gozer exhibit months of PEG always obtained Tech is join unless my sensory array is
malfunctioning that is definitely the place we’re looking for cool breeze was it cool what did it look like did
you get any samples didn’t help both of Lies shut up oh thank god you’re here
what’s going on Janine where’s Alyssa she’s gone they took her
one minute everything was fine the next it was chaos ghosts flying everywhere
Janine slow down start from the beginning okay well I was a little late
this morning because one of the heels on my favorite pair of pumps broke unless
this was out of my favorite tea you know how I love my camera my well and okay
maybe not beginning start where things went haywire around here okay
okay somebody jumped me from behind and before I passed out I heard Alyssa
struggling and yelling now and the last thing I remember was the screams of the
dead and Damned echoing in my brain so I thought there was a mass escape from
Rikers or someone shut down our containment grid again then again just
like pick threatened to do it’s funny I always knew that Peck was a pencil-neck
bureaucratic prick but I never pegged him as an evil occultist but where did
he take her and where are all the ghosts cause no offense but if all the ghosts
we’ve ever caught dis escaped I’m clocking out yeah they would be awfully
mad at us exactly it’s generally a bad idea for
the guys to hang out in the cellblock just after a prison this just in as authorities continue to
supervise the Thanksgiving evacuation of Manhattan increasingly powerful tremors
are rocking Central Park the question is where are the Ghostbusters tell you what
good of a nice day why don’t we go to Central Park can
round up some ghosts so there’s the girl get back in time her naps okay
ghostbusters ride again just once I wouldn’t mind running with these other
goons away from the trouble where’s the fun in that any guesses on where we’ll find Pecola
listen I suspect that we’re going to need the
super slammer up there no telling how powerful pekus drone that means we got
to take the ecto-1 I’ll Drive maybe the trainee should drive now thanks Winston any ideas ah juniors pretty spry even with that
hundred pounds of proton accelerator oh that was that was out there make your
way around to the other side and open this gate for us you saw him too didn’t you they think
they’re sneaky let’s spread out and flank him wait a minute oh I get it now this has been bugging
when the necromantic shock waves someone goes her back to our planet
why didn’t he assume a more effective destructor form immediately I mean the
marshmallow man is scary sure but there has to be a better way to destroy the
world it’s simple when he enters our plane of existence he must be locked
into that form from our first encounter one destructor form for God for
dimension I like it sounds like the kind of symmetry these things tend to operate
on hey so maybe I didn’t choose such a bad destructor after all huh wait it’s
Alisa can we place them just once really hard it’s the mayor no array it’s not
it’s evil Chandeleur schandle possessed the male turn pick on us to slow us down
and when we shut down his Mandella before he could get fully juiced he
hijacked our ghost out of the containment unit as an alternate energy
source very good and they say here’s a slow one wait what who says been
everybody what’s the girl have to do with it
taking her was necessary assume my own destructor for my required blood my
blood what about Gozer I thought you built
this all for him I did but he failed me twice how he
earned the title the destroyer is beyond me anyway I thought to myself why
worship a god his true self deactivate your pulse and
will cross the streams with the class function the hitches on down ray
he sued me neither I mean who decided to reinforce these shoulder straps we keep gods for breakfast we eat gods for breakfast too much you
think no I liked it I’ve got you get me down this is not the last you will see you the Ghostbusters thanks fellas
what are you doing here what am I doing here
where is here you were the victim of a transdimensional possession your honor
what’s that mean an evil ghost who’s walking around in your body for a few
Milou did anyone notice well how’s my approval
rating well you got reelected by the way you’re a descendant of shangela yeah I
kind of got that strange looks like things are gonna be a little
slow around here for a while which means we might be headed by one too many girls
buses India wait you’re not gonna fire him after everything he’s done no of
course not Louis has been scouting locations and I think we’re prepared to
offer a potentially lucrative Ghostbusters franchise and neither
Chicago Los Angeles or Cincinnati pulpit so are you ready to expand the
Ghostbusters family on a semi equitable basis and be your own boss and we’re a
very cool financing is available so cadet what do
you say

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