GHOSTBUSTERS THE VIDEO GAME Gameplay part 7 Spider Witch Lair

GHOSTBUSTERS THE VIDEO GAME Gameplay part 7 Spider Witch Lair

alright guys so welcome back to my
channel oh just like a man fly
my name’s Joseph so welcome back guys to
another gameplay plus pressure
remastered of a game where is Slimer
crazy slime air we are you see um Slimer
it’s upstair Slimer
Slimer Slimer the audience over my back
and see this work Oh too hot
ok so sly merry now up here always want
to do that
let’s see you slime we’re down here
not anyone mess with it so I yeah see
what happen okay cool
yeah I thought it goes come out now what
does this symbol mean guys
perfect fit it’s not a constellation
it’s a mandala I can’t believe I never
saw it before okay for one minute
pretend someone here doesn’t know what a
mandela’s mandala is like a spiritual
labyrinth and this one looks like a
spiraling system that feeds into each
successive node along a line until it
reaches a culmination point before he
died Shandor must have set some
mechanism in place similar to the
antennae and Dana’s building you know I
think you hope to make that there so
this was the gizmo that’s supposed to
feed energy to the destructor form
that’s that’s right Peter
well dr. Venkman well I had to get one
right eventually didn’t I think it’s
just math all right I’m just speculating
but it’s possible that ghosts are
trapped in the system funneled from node
to node and they get stronger and
stronger until they reach the end and
then they look the first portal the
library the second the museum and the
third the sedgwick and that means the
fourth portal must be right here the
middle of the Hudson River well
according to the mandala yes it may need
a little tweaking Oh plenty of bodies in
that River to become ghosts but what
does this have to do with me what did I
you were at the Museum and the Sedgwick
maybe you were some sort of catalyst
accidentally setting things in motion
you’re saying this is my fault you are
blameless what Egon meant to say was
that you have some sort of connection to
this thing and we’re going to go back to
this entity we can find out what isn’t
that right
Brainiac that’s right Peter Alyssa do
you remember where you were going when
you were at the sedgwick I was standing
outside a room 1221 something was
compelling me to go in but I woke up
just before the door opened I ran out of
there as fast as I could
and then some jerk tried to pick me up
on the elevator oh yeah you need to stay
here where it’s safe and where you can’t
set off anymore cross-dimensional
shock waves hot stuff yeah read up on
the Mandela and the boys we’ll check out
the sedgwick the boys and what about you
superstar man you dropped me off near
pecks office something tells me he’s not
quite what he seems good idea meet us at
the hotel when you’re done so we’re
going back to the hotel again how many
time check of that now third time whoa
if this place were any more dead we need
a coroner Egon used to be a licensed
coroner no kidding it’s just a hobby now
closed until further notice by the
paranormal contracts oversight
Commission peacock entrance into this
establishment is strictly forbidden and
is punishable by fine and imprisonment
what now hmm this notices for the
general public it doesn’t apply to us
we’re bonded contractors for the city
especially the Ghostbusters
yeah he’ll sit I’ll write heat him up
we’ll melt our way in wait I have a
better idea
good thinking I really really you got
hmm this is disappointing No
disappointing is the Jets losing in the
last two minutes not being covered in
slime by phantom ghouls out to kill us
doesn’t exactly make me reach for hey
why they shut down
you guys didn’t bang the place up that
bad last time you were here if this
place is a mandala note a few burnt
walls and broken ceilings are the last
thing that anybody’s and smashed
furniture broken chandeliers destroyed
paintings shattered vases probably some
minor structural damage thanks Egon my
point being that there’s more to worry
about here than some minor cosmetic
issues definitely a Mundell anode if we
don’t shut down SH and ORS mandala soon
most of Manhattan will become as vacant
as this not to mention also becoming a
bastion of absolute mind-numbing horror
for centuries to come
Hey I definitely don’t lay out two grand
a month for a 600 square foot walk up to
live in a bastion let’s get okay so they
checked out damn we did much damage on
my bath checking here
can’t go in there it’s on it it’s an
ambush get him hot wait a minute wait I
don’t think they’re a threat they may
only be residual hotties
I think Ray’s right they haven’t crossed
entirely into this dimension they’re
just psychokinetic echoes goats are
ghosts completely harmless great I was
hoping to meet a friendly go someday but
I’ll settle for Harmon now I’m getting a
strong valence spike higher up in the
Alisa said she was called to the 12th
floor let’s start there okay
hmm this is our utter normal Ghost
no they’d have shut down the power when
they closed can we take the stairs
well we can try climbing but the last
time we were here a level-3 animator
took out the bottom of the staircase
yeah that’s right I forgot you weren’t
here last time Winston
so no stairs no elevators did you hear
something yeah don’t listen every fun
with a level 5 anchored ambusher be
careful the stairwell the manager what
are you doing here ghosts monsters there
was another voice a woman screamed are
you alone in here look I just said
ghosts and monsters everywhere does that
sound like I’m alone then yes I think so
it’s not tough that explains it sure
there’s no need to fear these are just
shadows echoes of actual ghosts they
can’t hurt you we can lead you to see
yeah let go
my god someone you know I don’t know
most of the old staff knows the story of
the spider which a professional Widow
who did unimaginable things in a room on
the 12th floor back in the 1920s faster
day what are you still doing here
why didn’t you evacuate with everyone
else I came back last night to retrieve
some payroll records but the hotel won’t
let me out the door shut on me and the
phones are down too
that means we’re trapped now too and we
have to hope that Peter figures out
we’re missing there goes a weekend
not necessarily the 12th floor is
apparently the core of this node if we
can get the power back on we can take
the elevator
give the elevators don’t even yes if the
elevators don’t eat us
where are the circuit breakers for this
place we don’t have a lot of time
breakers in my office but the city came
and turned off most of our power after
the electrical fire on the third floor
there’s no way to turn it back on from
here it’s inconvenient we’ve got to find
some way to get the elevators more
there’s a backup generator in the
utility room off the kitchen it’s for
emergency black ops perfect let’s give
it a try alright kitchen they try out
they have oh my gosh ray holy shit what
the fuck is is
pick out belly fat
oh crap
on the right hey Mark
I don’t my back oh crap
you gotta be
thank you right now let’s find that
backup generator is he there okay he’s
dead but he’s had fainting Tim you like
scream in faint
okay oh gosh
there we go give it some more like slime
okay here we go
you know this is a lot worse than they
left it this is the word or something
maybe even bigger yeah
ever tell them for the door
I’m hearing y’all hear voices that I’ve
now that
not my gosh that found the emergency
generator look around for a switch or
something to start it up or something
okay bother
I got Oh rats I feel that table down the
water how about some slime heathering hi
come on kid
the elevators should be working unless
something nevermind let’s get back to
the lobby okay listen what’s that smell
oh crap
so nobody did anything in here really
oh crap
Arius ah crap
there it is help me thank you
back out
oh crap
sit come on ow
there is a and I’ll see you guys I’m
all right down nope I don’t
rather one oh you right this way
there he is I go down there we go
the other one my bad all right right
are they another one help him out
alright help them out I know is Jesus
like out
hurry up their camera
my Rizk
I wish it down help me thank you alright
have a mouth
name it rinse it down the heck need some
alright way down I’m down
alright where is it
there we go
I’m down damn everybody gave you now you
gotta be kidding me
help me Ariel alright now come on help
me right
hi there yeah
are you gotta be kidding me man Jesus
almost got him you gotta be kidding me
so I had to use fly Jesus Christ almost
got him listen what’s that smell over
I know that guy
even if you’re really hungry
test law down
I who down it on down
Ariel Ariel
run damn it
come on now sorry
come on come on now Arielle go in I got
stand up for the spirit chatter there
you go
come on now
come on now
come on now really Rea down okay help
him out now win sit down
all right
there you go
my god
yes okay Egon now come on now
oh come on now erielle
all right down what sit down oh come on
now everything going
there you go oh come on now
really oh come on now erielle almost got
there we go
yes all day yours alright got my so that
was difficult
alright he is everything checks out here
it’s about time we’ll split the
difference but stay in this place is
extraordinarily dangerous something
right here Oh
there we go okay so we got go to Ella
Fair now are we going already okay well
let’s see what’s on the 12th floor just
take your time
g-god what were you saying earlier about
the math ballon mean why do we keep
seeing new ghosts yeah okay
think of the mandala as a city bus line
at the bus station ghosts or waiting
passengers are drawn into the system
here and trap this concentrates their
pique energy which is then eventually
forced through to the next node or
station and so on until it all ends of
the final terminus at each successive
bus station the station manager absorbs
some of the energy
this makes the station manager or node
guardian stronger so that it can keep
the ghosts in line and destroy anyone
who comes to the station to interfere
with the flow these nodes or bus
stations gather the power used to feed a
central point thus creating a much
bigger threat to our world
does that make more sense now
DTC totally trap transit company yeah
you were going strong right up until the
passengers got trapped inside the bus
station when is my performance review
again I deserve more stock options no
that was terrifying be extremely careful
this is dangerous concentration is
higher like oh god it’s coming from
everywhere in nowhere impossible to get
a significant face ray come in their
bodies were hung from the ceiling they
were drained of blood
and dragged around he says the victims
were found in a pretty bad state
blood was encrusted
she seems to have vandalize the room
badly – hmm I don’t want to be hung from
a ceiling and drained of blood got
I got something though here oh fuck what
was that mean yeah what was the spider
witches room number okay so let go
come on I thought I got something
oh whoa so we going um that’s right
I hate you gotta be fucking kidding me
no no hell no ain’t go through there
fuck that no alone in here no no I
alright guys until we quickly some you
already know me tell me don’t I hate
spiders I love our time I do but spiders
spying will not will pale the fuck no oh
my god oh my gosh no no no no no no say
wait for me
stay away from for me no ahh hey wait
for me oh yes no no no you guys are
y’all y’all you’re always going oh my
gosh I hate spider oh my gosh
no no oh my gosh
oh no not it’s so disgusting
oh my gosh it look like and take off oh
hell no no no no no no no no no no no no
yeah y’all you got ghost world’s
aggressively encroaching on ours oh my
gosh I did not sign up for it is
it’s the ghost world crossing through
happening sooner than we expected it
looks like this is where the node is
focused we can use some help ray are you
come in ray looks like it’s up to us
let’s find 12:21 and finish this oh no I
won’t go back damn it I hate spiders oh
hell no save way from me stay away from
me say we’ve no no you go ahead
no you go ahead man fuck I do by myself
I go ahead first oh my gosh
oh my gosh no no no no no no stay away
from me say wait for me
hell no I’m running fuck this shit
no stay away from me
fuck you follow me he’ll the fuck no
y’all yo you got by shit stay away from
me I’m running fuck that shit I don’t
stay away from me oh fuck oh my gosh
he’ll the fuck no I go back no choice
handle choice go back guys
damn it I did not sign up for this shit
where are you you got oh fuck
sorry you got 12 2012 22 no 12 21 where
is it 12:21 has to be here Oh No
why are you walking backward scare me
man I am this work I’m sure it’s here
even if we can’t see it welcome back
we’re all right
found it oh fuck oh hell no you got
going there please
Egon fighting
now you coming here fuck you
oh fuck I will have a nightmare about
this mirror I know it does I am afraid I
don’t like this doll
I don’t like this can we guy here please
we aren’t alone
Oh No oh man hi Jess
I don’t like this
egon okay
damn I thought like this Oh No
I don’t like this oh I don’t like this
all these shit no no hell no oh this way
man oh shit oh my god oh my gosh he is
stay away from me stay away from me No
oh my gosh oh my gosh
hey wait stay away from me hey wait
where is he
ah we’re gonna loosen oh hell no oh my
gosh oh he’ll die burn her fucking ass
spy your booty man I hate spider
I hate spider you did he say wait for me
oh man there we go where is he oh fuck
oh man ego oh fuck
there you are
Egon hey Rosie
oh yeah oh man
so hey spider ah hey spider oh fuck man
okay we almost got her you almost got
her oh there it is
there we are Percy racy racy you got
where see I don’t see her
I’m a racy oh fuck
I’ll sit
there we are
pop better oh my god
look the mandala map
I’m in there all right
their crew found the 13th floor and we
shut it down t ke levels are back to
acceptable parameters this note of the
mandala is fully neutralized all right
where are you we went back down to the
12th floor and couldn’t find anything
everything seems pretty normal
looks like we’re back in the Ruby
ballroom I’ll meet you at ecto-1 you
gonna remind me why are we driving
aimlessly bug the final note Beckman
close it and we seal the mandala
trapping the ghosts inside sorry to
break this to you God but I just don’t
see a Mandela no you were saying
shunned or Island it’s here
– unstable I’m gonna have to drop you
guys in Circle echo eight-six we’re sunk
– great since you’re the most excited
about going to go silent why don’t I
just take the boat nice gesture given me
the suspicious look drop that instantly
let’s get going because nobody enjoys
rushing headlong towards their death
more than this time
what’s the story behind this place he
got the shamblers on this island for
generations the castle was built in the
1860s Evo Shamu used it as a refuge lab
and attempted for he and other cult
members to okay that’s all well and good
but can someone explain to me how an
entire island
good idea look at bad rookie move the
crane all right swing it around almost
work it over the highway to cover the
whole area
nay’s without working bring it in
almost there whoa great
new guy good work okay that was come
please II it was
oh you all right what’s with you you
know you only get paid if we live okay
yes that’s a three million dollar you
even see what they mean by okay so let
out place now go check ups there oh
there we go
oh fuck
there we go
is that explains why they attacked us in
Times Square their gargoyles from
Shandor buildings yes evil only five
now I go
ah man I’m down Matt down thank you
there you go
because of oral
Aereo can I go this off
oh fuck
all right oh fuck all right close to
Claire okay cadets you first I’ve got
your back
really all right let me see something
now are you working
so when we go um let me do by myself are
designed to conceal a secret shortcut I
heard something okay
okay I don’t see nothing
there we go now well we’re going area
now we’re gonna go holy stop
I’ll run it move
I’m Ronnie
by that hell no ticket we’re not welcome
yeah there’s the first I’m gonna get us
all name badges that say okay so I’m
gonna stop right here for a while so
thank you for watching of Ghostbuster
the video game remaster all right we
appreciate don’t forget put the like
subscribe comment share thank for check
out my channel also got my fly alright
guys see ya

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