are you troubled by strange noises in
the night to experience feelings of
dread in your basement or attic have you
or your family actually seen a spook
Specter or ghost if the answer is yes
then don’t wait another minute just pick
up the phone and call the professionals
call the Ghostbusters we’re ready
Russell amen yep but by the new coats or
exhibit yeah why something edit your way
wait I hear something I’m gonna take a
look want to hear something really
creepy I was reading about shaft you
know supernatural weird
why don’t we talk about it some other
any other time
hey you can’t be here stop
man we miss him Ghostbusters is you’re
haunting an apparition poltergeist
phantasm rate banshee demon Spectre
tortured solo what now Slimers dead
family members didn’t catch them so you
can ask the combination to the safe yeah
well same to you pal hey it’s the new
cadet welcome aboard
this might be a little dangerous great
danger is our life let’s start a 50%
capacity that should keep any burning or
tissue damage to a minimum hey if you’re
gonna burn any tissue do it to the new
kid you can’t use ray our mortgages in
his name I guess right what’s your name
again kid no names ray I don’t want to
get too attached to this kid you know
just in case we hate you remember
whatever the lands gay but he’s tuned
and ready to go you may feel a little
tingle good we’ve perfected an extensive
and rigorous training regimen that will
teach you all your equipments basic
functions it takes some time to achieve
master throw skill but it’s definitely
worth the effort oh boy
was that us
I don’t think so ray he had to be some
sort of psy energy pulse substantial a
significant collected and centralized
necromantic convulsion level seven or
more agreed we need EMF measurement
checks now I know the answer faulty and
I asked anyway is a level seven whatever
bad or very bad on a scale of one to ten
I would say let me guess it’s a seven
let’s just say we’re about to get real
oh no and that is not the fun kind of
getting busy is it look out Slimers
escaped again no wait come back
alright guys so welcome back to my
Joe secure for life my name Joseph so
welcome back guys oh baby like 10 years
fake ghost buzzer the beer game there it
it seems oddly drawn to the containment
grid he’s been fascinated with it ever
since you out of the viewer to the unit
okay easy now cadet I’ll talk you
through this use the proton stream to
get his attention okay
oh my bad that’s some highly sensitive
equipment you’re disintegrating there
kid hello I was fine tuning the
interspatial gasket this afternoon I’ll
fix it did you get those ghosts back
okay Roger that hey this will work out
great since you’re already strapped into
a pack it’s a perfect opportunity for
some training taking the right
precautions Slimers harmless more or
less not sure about the other guy though
okay let’s go get them
alright ray they do it they cache some
gold don’t sweat the containment thing
it’s easy to get excited your first time
out with a proton stream years do been
10 years avenues on a weapon to catch a
first and foremost before things get out
of hand you want to get to know your
proton it can be your best friend up
there in the fields everything you need
to know is displayed on the pack itself
here’s where you keep an eye on your
current physical condition the more
green that’s on the bar the more damage
you can sustain and still stay on your
feet this curve indicates your packs
heat level okay okay okay spark
capturing a ghost is pretty
straightforward we break it into three
basic steps sap them castle and
traveller spectral hands arrive all
their strengths from an accumulation of
PK energy blasting them with your proton
stream or other offensive equipment
helps to dissipate that energy deciding
their PK energy also makes them easier
to capture okay
that’s our Slimer come here slime here
all right may he pass
come here you slime oh crap there there
we go good mare Slimer come here
ain’t no way oh my bad
I forgot don’t cross the stream come
here so I’m here come here
ain’t going nowhere oh ha ok
here you come here Slimer ah man no
uh-uh Oh me got away holy crap
Oh alright guy I got him oh ha class 5
huh alright see actually to come so
dammit he passed forever wrong if a boy
oh they are
come here come here okay
crap mother
come on
okay um yeah there we go so his square
so yes God
I got them guys there we go now come
here you dumb
all right way rock kid I got I got
we’re gonna need some place to put that
see the beacon signal there we go go get
em fat boy there we go
calm guys wanna ski accounted for oh and
always remember to retrieve your traps
we’re batting 500 Slimer slipped up our
cadet bagged his first one though a very
nasty customer oh and you’ve got to be
very careful about crossing the streams
in a word don’t do it seriously stings
like the dickens too
so hey how come this mum gets all the
new stuff
he’s our new experimental equipment
technician he gets a cool title too it
means he gets to carry around a bunch of
untested extremely dangerous hardware
that if not handled correctly could blow
him somewhere into New Jersey oh this
knucklehead lugs around our very
dangerous prototype hardware that could
potentially blow us into New Jersey
thanks keep the title kid it’ll work out
for you thank you very much scooter
let’s roll
scooter can I Drive okay where’s ray
the Sedgwick hotel that’s the first
place that little spud will go right
back to its initial manifestation point
they’ve got a real good buffet it is a
great one too when Winston returns from
the Opera extend an invitation to join
us at our table at the sedgwick hey you
you’re up buddy training will be on the
Jazz I try not to destroy too many
Manhattan landmarks that’s our job
oh come on Oh what you try darn it darn
it beat up on the 12th floor again
wreaking havoc I demand a refund right
now sir if you check the fine print on
our invoice invoices write invoices
you’ll see that your warranty on rehan
ting expired some time ago you should
have taken the extended service
agreement hi that roll and getting some
interesting pke spikes here disturbances
don’t seem to be exclusive to the 12th
floor I’d like the chance to look around
the building okay pick up what you can
little greenie shouldn’t cause us too
much trouble okay so follow Peter and
Ray well hello you’re perfectly safe no
miss the Ghostbusters are here back off
loser never gonna happen
Wow that approach rarely works with me
I’ll show you why later you got burned
I wish that Korean characters get ready
doctor stance if you do the honors proud
too dr. Venkman part of our settlement
with the city proton packs remain and in
close quarters minimizes for City
liabilities and despite a restraining
order the maid here had put on us where
we live in today you shoot a proton
stream of highly charged particles at
someone they get all sooo happy it’s him
okay nice now we got another plaintiff
so which way we going oh come on
right I’m the one that gets a face full
of slime every time the little green
buddy escapes he doesn’t even know me
well enough to hate me watch it
contact you went down ser oh shit
oh man jeez
all right okay all right cool there he
is we’re amount and we capture that’s
what your proton stream is for okay
I got him come here Slimer I’ve seen
this one already know how it ends
you two have fun though I’ll cover the
elevators and escort any ladies say oh
gosh yeah okay and this signal looks
just like your elusive little target
identity okay
your meter will flash and buzz when it
detects a potential signal the pair of
goggles are linked directly to your
active PKE meter this lets you see
otherwise undetectable phenomena while
you track it those trails object guards
all kinds of cool events now when the
center bar Peaks you’re headed in the
right direction when it’s flat you’re
following a full trail okay target up
with the smallest circle for the best
skin way to go oh that was easy
rad signifies the hidden ghost green
indicates an environmental paranormal
anomaly blue means an active sample okay
so you’re on red oh I got something I
got something somewhere okay
your red-hot Paris
oh it’s sort of like taking a good snap
cool oh ooh ah okay
yes upgrade cool so we follow Paul of a
great Oh
okay oh it’s at a um spider oh okay whoa
holy cow
like a cursed artifact we get paid extra
for everything we scan and collect then
go back into research and development
the extra funds let us experiment with
new equipment and offensive technologies
which in turn you get to wear on your
back to test remember you could always
review techniques tutorials and
equipment in your online Ghostbusters
field manual it’s all accessible from
your PKE meter oh no come in you okay
oh man down we’ve got a man down go go
peer down he’s down shake a leg you
could move faster than that can’t you
double time connect Oh
whoa-oh I eat there all he’s been slime
again hustle over here and help him up
happened I was covering the elevators
and mutant Stromboli snuck up on me
damn the fire again when one of us goes
down we always help each other out it’s
all about teamwork oh no my friend that
was back in the priest line the era
right now more ghosts but we gave this
hotel a clean bill of health five years
ago call the elevator Junior well that’s
why should I become a ghost not very
true people die every day
there’s nothing new about it alright
Slimer you’ve had your fun
the elevators off-limits you gon come in
I think we’re stuck in the elevator we
need some help think we’re stuck well
let’s see think we’re stuck think we’re
stuck think we’re stuck ray you guys
good with officially stuck in the
elevators show of hands
oh boy here it comes
ray need a hand look you always feel
don’t you true
oh this Slimer whoa
you know low alright god I got no I know
come here you almost out
oh crap I got no
there I go
there we go awesome guy
oh come here you
all men like I hit oh gosh no I got hit
but the trouble
come on God
by Michaels
that’s not friendly
novels of pique shockwave really stirred
the nest man this Lobby was so wrapped
can we please call Winston and tell him
his night office officially ended what
the heck oh man here we go
whoa come here slammer we thank you
going man oh boy – that way is sly my
golly great follow me the others are
floating back upstairs
Venkman you to pull our friend Slimer
into a trap as fast as you can
there’s a massive bulging these spikes
indicating this isn’t just some routine
oh my bad he gets so okay so that chat
downs that cyber honey glazed ham there
the Alhambra ballroom no way he could
pass that up
absolutely not you can’t go in the
Rodriguez bar mitzva is set to start in
half an hour I’ll bet the beef brisket
is today’s special and you’ve done quite
enough already
I’m sure the thing will just go away
Tech Lena I’m willing to risk it you’re
not going in there that’s all we needed
to hear all right we’re out coffee time
everyone service has been declined
beyond exactly so we have to go this way
no no nobody slimes Pete Venkman twice
oh yeah oh no you bring your apron we’re
gonna take a little shortcut through the
kitchen okay yeah hombro should be right
through here hello
okay champion you leave okay I got holy
crap damn don’t touch the slime slimy
that oh crap
holy crap I can’t move it fuck that go
this way holy crap
okay oh man holy shit
various oh my gosh oh man
well punch the dead fish ghosts huh oh
all right okay okay I got I got no I
don’t I don’t I don’t know these
wholesale okay check this out – tram
you’ve got to grab them and grab them
you use the other half of the proton on
the capture stream okay there we go
so what’s already going go this way
check ah this very expensive price about
oh say puffs okay we can’t go in there
okay where is Peter Peter where are you
Matt oh there you are
okay so we going this way
you know I thought that guy said
Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah are you sure oh
there is there Slimer
would it kill him to mix in a green
salad once in a while
come here Simon oh oh man come on
okay Oh serious uh-huh
come here Slimer oh no Simon oh you
can’t slimy
I’ll try sent away from slime where we
think you’re going Simon oh right here
no you’re not crazy
ryu Siemer Slimer alright where are you
oh there he is
my bad
hold still you got to wear them down Pau
Darius sorry
come here
we’re trapped soon you’re almost there
come here you go in there don’t see
that’s a big WOW I don’t teach that
oops act is slime pigment and by
extension you that was play seem
disturbed still pretty much ready full
go for the Rodriguez blow up the bar
mitzva what have you done in 15 minutes
what seems to be your problem thanks to
me and my new exclusively assigned
recruit here the festivities can now
proceed in an entirely ghost-free
environment so you’re welcome
huh and to the Rodriguez hello I am from
the ghost master Oh God all right that’s
the case nice of you guys to join us you
grab the little spud right yes we need
to have a heart to blob talk with this
Oh heads up your initiation info gosh
all right all right here we go
where you go
almost I am
all right come down
oh gosh
come here you go down ah go in oh crap
where are you where you go oh crap
that’s yoga cow
Arielle there one more than F okay my
bad my bad
try and catch a ghost go a gal guys
come here you
there we go go in yes don’t worry guys
docos busser got them no need to worry
sir as you know the mayor wrote to
office on a strictly Pro Ghostbusters
platform and we now invoice the city
directly for all captures and
eliminations and unhaunted New York is a
tourist friendly New York no but damage
the mayor in the city have taken out an
extensive insurance policy as well so
you’re covered
honestly I’m sensing some hostility here
perhaps we should just leave that goes
here that’s when you work professor
no no but please uh-huh be discreet
discretion is our profession holy crap
Wow where did my bat I suppose we should
go after him unless you want to discuss
it first connect go with dr. Spangler
check out the angry fishermen
okay guys so I’m gonna stop right here
for a moment
so thank you for watching a Ghostbuster
already sure
don’t forget put the light scribe
comment share and thank you for check
out my channel up just a comer for life
alright guys

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