GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME REMASTERED Gameplay Part 5 Natural History Museum

GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME REMASTERED Gameplay Part 5 Natural History Museum

alright guys so welcome back to my
channel Joseph gamer fly my name’s Joseph so welcome back guys to another
gameplay of Ghostbuster the veal game remaster alright guys so here we go well
it’s a great read but nothing about that I know that symbol oh it shows up
sometimes in Sumerian ritual magic there’s a statue on loan at the museum
that features it what does it represent just a symbol signifies a path to obtain
great power most of my colleagues assume it’s an old constellation no consolation
I ever saw and I used to tell fortunes on Coney Island is that right did you
wear a turban no man a red velvet cape with moons it was plush help this the
codex does indicate there is some kind of feeder system required to channel
energy to a destructor form a destructive form like Stay Puft it’s
entirely possible that system and this pattern are connected it’s possible wait
you said the goes Aryan statuary at the Museum is on alone from home Evo Shandor
the architect well the Shandor foundation they control shonduras
remaining estate and holdings Evo is a big collector of goes Aryan artifacts by
evil Shandor the architect you mean evil Shandor the genocidal maniac right
that’s what I was researching when Gozer attacked me Xander’s architecture firm
was involved in a number of projects around town in the late 18 early 1900s
including Dana Barrett’s old building on Central Park West mean the one with the
extra dimensional antenna that drew Gozer to our world so he could attempt
to destroy it had a nice view of the park though yes but he also did some
renovations on existing buildings and a number of public works there was
controversy because a lot of people thought the work was unnecessary
let me guess he did some renovations on the public library building on fifth
right and the Museum of Natural History recent visitations specific localized
paranormal activity singing Vikings they’re all connected to
Shandor and this pattern hello Daniel so who is um Sandor again he’s a I think
so the evil Hill of God or I don’t know guys
Oh No so all right guys Oh Nizam see how much I can upgrade or
her tests on my phone alright guys sorry about that um let’s
see pardon sorry like you’re found salt war he’s not happy he says that if you guys
fire just one more unauthorized proton stream he’ll shut us down for good
oh I’m so scared please either do it we should warn the mayor I don’t know he’s
likely to just SiC peck on us even more you should get a closer look at the
museum well the mayor is gonna be at the Museum for the exhibition opening gala
tonight it’s where I need to be – Melissa you sure make work fun for me
his business casual okay I don’t have a tux
are you kidding he doesn’t want you guys within three city blocks of Museum
tonight he thinks you make his campaign contributors nervous
besides that Peck guy will be at the party too okay Egon I’ll stay here and
finish analyzing the data from the library the rest of us will go in by the
service entrance of the museum and lay low
Peter can attend the party is Alyssa’s guests and stay in plain sight of Peck
and that frees us up to check out the rest of the building I love this plan
it’s just dull enough to work ill I’m gonna bring you a corsage yes we just
arrived at the loading dock keep Peck distracted we’re gonna poke around golly okay all right meet us right here
or in the house holy cow look at this Jesus Christ dude out
Master Splinter a bunch of cousin or brother or kids a rat’s kid I’m not
talking about teenager okay I don’t see any more slime amen
I got something I got something oh there you break these okay break it all right
come on now break it daddy aunt my back here we go all right got something good
work go I look at this something’s trail packing material down
the hall packing material and slide all right let’s check out there we go get rid of all the black
slime I gave this one ain’t working i real my right Oh was mad a possessive maybe
looked like a level 7 or above too okay stir things up around here hi let me get this on how they got it all
my guys sorry by that guys sorry about that all
right hurry up okay I don’t see oh oh haha I
got something hello who’s in there somebody that wants out okay who’s that
get in here and clear this off please be ready for anything
possesses my back Oh dr. Rutherford Zee meet the assistant curator of the museum
is that horrible terrible thing gone yeah she’s gone you good eye
yes I suppose so I’m a big fan I even had you over for my daughter’s
birthday a couple years ago is that so yeah now I think we can get you a
sticker or button or mug or t-shirt or something when we’re done all with that
would be wonderful follow me we’ll go through the
restoration Department okay it’s all my man okay cool can I see home I can upgrade okay I got
like um seven thousand three hundred $80 so I need to upgrade get more money to
get by this one or these other guys I don’t know I see uh I got some of them but I’m
missing like some more okay so I need to do is some very some
more LJ oh hello there it is again don’t let it
get me don’t you worry you’ll have to go through me first oh
man he possessed he Bizet I am alright alright get her get her get her
oh crap okay got her all right Izu listen no come back Arielle duh thank you
fusion base exorcism in a nutshell cleat have been somebody’s head spinning all
around and barbing pea-soup will he be okay are you doing right
how’s the buzzer buzzer buzzer buzzer was ish oh you’ll be fine in a second
after you know if this place is possessed by possessors we better get to
Peter fast all right we found the curator we’re on our way to
the goes our exhibit now yes I um keep pausing on game punch to
show you where to start things have been very strange since they started setting
up that exhibit because um I was testing so big Peter we got possessed again
Ozzy you’ll have to go through me first that’s exactly what he said uh-huh every
day’s the first day no no no I want the Ghostbusters ejected
from this facility immediately where’s his honor pecker we’ve got news
forum and photo op the mayor is indisposed right now anything you need
to tell him goes through need not happen faculty Oh No Oh No security remote these men with excessive
force why did the good news always play hard about 9:00 you never got me oh man here
we go oh yes all right rats are freer right I
got her come here we think it going yeah I got you all right come here
wait they keep going on but the whole jump down here wheel very illegals I need scan night guy oh thank you
not beter fake me oh man all right tell me
he’ll pray help me hey help me please thank you no real there you go all right
rad help them help me they help me thank you all right gotta help them out Harry
oh I will now someone possessed oh come on now ray Aereo okay we gallop nothing go in yes pull them down there y’all okay come here you aah help me please help me somebody help me
Edie help me booze take it no man all right god I helped break again yes the
best live all right god they’re real go in yes come here you oh fuck they’re real okay we have here no no
guys close it down alright God John Donne’s gone across the
screen all right yeah so I got three and they
saw it all right no we got another one
it’s down there all right cool got no one right here come here you go okay all right into the trap yes oh boy oh boy what’s up huh all right you guys go after Alyssa be
careful I’ll get the security I love this plan
I’ll man the security cameras to triangulate them on the monitors and
talk you through see you soon ray let’s go guys see you
soon guys dr. furred if you’ll show me to security
pick up Tove at the rescue holy shit what the heck is is which I felt crap there we are we buy I almost got now they’re more real there we go perfect cuz I Arielle come on hurry up hi there you more I thought so
alright so let go this way oh boy I’m good this way
holy crap a lot easier I haven’t go this I alright here we go
figure down here down okay um I see see I’m I can’t upgrade so okay finally I
got like $19,000 and 730 so finally all right so what I need to upgrade Oh okay so I need to agree on all right
which one I want to do look for your cheaper one then don’t
freakin cheaper one I’m go with this one so okay so I got left like um 8730 left so all right oh crap before head now what
the hell oh my gosh why did 4head what legend of
the Hidden Temple Oh No what’s it what’s it down oh you gotta be
kidding me that’s I like fuckin cheese shot right
let me hit your back you won’t win yeah I come on now I’ve really bullshit dammit shit fuck oh gosh alright let’s try again guys there we go really again okay I’m try take out all of them all
right oh there’s is REO
no sighs do soothe them come on now beer down
oh no that’s a me of them all right come on now okay come on guys help me think
of listen okay oh man I’m gonna try and get this on my gold work but no i squish it where are you Saban wholesale Jesus Christ sorry my back there we go got one one
more are you alright check the door okay okay okay they’re very creepy and
buzzing surprised about it oh crap we’re Peter do you hang over here there we go I wasn’t coming out buddy all right wicked or i Mennonite Venetian
Assyrian Mesopotamia Sumeria making it all up
just one of those things now you pick this stuff up you know okay how we get
through when you’re free no rush open gate three four eight seven doctor
if you’re still there can you go catch dr. Stan’s please okay okay I shook off that possessory found a
different security room that fine dr. Rutherford though it must have scared
him off you’re not pretty when you’re possessed
great sir huh I’ve got you on the cameras you should be coming to some
more exhibit let’s just pass through there okay yes oh boy torkoal’s dark
holes that not good the soldiers and this one have guns a very true let’s
just pass through here as quickly as we can oh boy bring a civil war now define Center okay all right so grandpa’s come on I got this one now oh that was easy really somewhere you there we are now go and another so come here job come on
come on there are you voice a maple wizard ow come on there yeah that’s a lot Oh whatever they are
down oh wow sooo your son opens it down okay go I make that stuff gust up real going going alright shit go erielle no lousy yeah hey wait get a
scan for rain database area come on
wholesale Arielle go ahead yep they took some casualties okay that
was easy is it was okay are we going this way we made it to the Security office I can
see you guys on the cameras no sign of ELISA or her kidnappers
though in the early 1900’s the museum was run by a Board of Trustees powerful
guys tycoons captains of industry the chairman of the board was Cornelius
Wellesley of International steel the board used the museum as a respectable
front for all kinds of dubious activities mainly though they were part
of a club run by our favorite evil architect they hired women from the st.
Nicholas rehabilitation mission for wayward angels rumor has it the board
conducted all kinds of nasty rituals using these women all right so at the
rescue ELISA here we are the Egypt exhibit I practically lived here while I
was working on my Dodger okay all Bunton black if it’s flying what was that on and give it all the best slide my bap here very often there you go man whole bunch of blacks
live erielle ah okay here they come okay I wanna be there you get this one hey over here my back how to do that I give it all black slime Arielle oh no they’re not getting an old
flashlight blows out so all right I go this way we watch it now oh boy yeah of course the trap locks is
in with the ghosts gonna be nice to get locked out every now hi
titoo rocker Oh I’ll Peter reality here how you over
here oh crap oh crap pickup I got here we are hey Whizzer hi gah all right Peter ah come by now
where are you Peter there we go now Whizzer all right oh shit
help me it was is now I got sorry my bad area god find some cover there we go dime in okay what survey are
you I come may I break everything and I good there
we go yeah you’re as proud rook hey ray how do we
get out of the Egypt exhibit the main doors blocked up tight
the Egyptian man bro check the west wall there should be a door leading through
the next exhibit okay I’m looking right at the west wall and I don’t see a door
well I’m the branch under Terry oh okay oh boy where Peter what beer go okay holy crap ah all crap okay god don’t have real
whoo beer Oh there we go come on okay stop call me scooter ah
damn man I oh cool let go this way holy crap right now oh my bad all right here we go well I saw something way man what okay that guy where oh there we go thank
you alright seen feel so clear ah bah alright guys sorry about that guys
um I kept up with some I got a phone call so all I guys sorry about that
because my arm game are you all right so I got the fight song goes so after you okay guys so I’m gonna stop right here
for a moment so thank you for watching Ghostbuster
the video game remaster I really she ate it
don’t forget click the like scribe comment share and thank for check out my
channel just get my 5

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