Giant Pink went to a casino to get money from her dad? [Happy Together / 2017.07.13]

Giant Pink went to a casino to get money from her dad? [Happy Together / 2017.07.13]

Jane, did you contact Mystic
several times to get in?
I didn’t have an agency and I was deliberating…
Mystic must’ve been very popular then.
Lim Kim and Park Jiyoon were successful there.
And when I came it seemed like he expected me.
What did he say?
“It’s good you’re here. The director will be in touch.”
And you signed with them right away?
I thought I would but I waited for like 2 months.
I bet that was torture.
I thought maybe things weren’t official yet.
I called to see what was up
and he said in a super annoyed voice,
“Hey, they’ll be in touch, alright?”
Sorry, but can you say it in that tone?
They’ll be in touch, alright?
What a nuisance!
“What a nuisance!”
Jane actually visited me near my home.
After ending her contract at her former agency
she said she wanted to join Mystic.
So I spoke to the board of directors.
How many people are in the board of directors?
We’re picturing this big meeting room.
Was it a conversation with one other person?
They can interpret everything I say.
Why do you need interpretation for Koreans?
There are people from different Korean provinces.
Sometimes the dialect is different.
So what was most important was
what kind of plan and agenda we’d make with Jane.
Agenda… Wow!
We need that at our agency.
What’s agenda mean?
Ah, she’s the one.
That’s what it means?
(Shakes his head)
You shouldn’t have said that.
The direction the agency should move in.
We needed a big plan for her.
We had to consider those factors.
This is the first time during this shoot
that you sounded like the head of Mystic.
I hope this clip circulates online.
You just ruined it.
Totally ruined it.
That was terrible.
You’re just the worst.
He’ll probably make it and post it on his social media.
If you go like this and this you can cut video clips.
Eddy, how did you come to join Mystic?
Honestly, I wanted to become a musical slave.
I think that title is important.
All of Jongshin’s former slaves
have become legends.
So you need that title?
I need the title.
It’s all for business.
You don’t want to live as a musical slave.
You just want others to call you a musical slave.
So you’ll live as a slave a bit to get the title.
How about buying the title?
Like buying a government position in the past.
Like buying your way into nobility.
Jungchi, you’ve been freed as a musical slave.
I have a kid so I thought I was free
but sometimes I feel a chill on my backside.
This morning I woke up to find a text from him
saying we should finish a song we started.
Back during the slave generation…
Slave generation…
(Slave generation…)
(We weren’t alive then)
Your child is your slave too.
Jungin and Jungchi’s daughter…
I feel like she’ll be musically gifted.
You get that feeling.
So I’ve got my eyes on her.
– Pass down being a slave? / – Right, right.
Jungchi, you had a child recently.
– What an angel. / – How cute.
What a pretty baby.
There are prettier photos
but I find the ugly ones to be cuter.
Jungchi, came in today with hair like that.
It’s a bit longer than it was back then.
Don’t ever tell people that you’re a father.
Who does she look more like?
She looks a lot like her dad.
She looks just like me. Totally like me.
My wife is a bit upset about that.
Jungin’s pretty.
But I really worried about how their baby would look.
(Why, Jongshin?)
Why would you worry?
Jungchi’s forehead is really wide without his glasses.
– The space between his eyes… / – Is far.
He’s like a flatfish.
But his baby is so pretty.
He has a wide field of vision.
She looks very pretty considering…
Yes, the baby is very pretty considering her parents.
– What a bundle of joy. / – She’s so cute.
How do you write songs, Jungchi?
Do you write songs intentionally?
This is so old-fashioned but I think about
what story I want to tell through an album.
The story…
So you think of the story first and then the song?
Is this “Radio Star?”
This suddenly felt like “Radio Star.”
– What are you doing? / – What was that?
Who do we play on “Radio Star” then?
He’s Gura.
(They all imitate Gukjin)
What is music to me?
(3 Gukjins)
(Thanks for playing along)
(TV is about tolerance)
Jungchi once called Jongshin a slave to money.
He said that once.
Is he still a slave to money?
I don’t remember saying that.
But I think it’s true.
If it’s for money…
He does look after the younger artists a lot
but I feel like he sees us in sales figures.
As numbers.
He’s very thorough in his analysis
about how much to invest in someone.
So who’s worth the most?
Who makes the most profit?
It’s Eddy. Among our singers.
For our hosts, there’s Seo Janghoon.
He does many shows.
Janghoon makes a lot,
but the agency doesn’t get much of it.
The agency doesn’t take a big cut.
What about Kim Youngchul?
A lot of appearances but he doesn’t make much.
(A failed diversified investment)
He does work a lot…
His song is great but he’s not getting many functions.
I think he needs to do a few more songs.
“Ring Ring” has to progress on to functions.
It’s not there yet.
Jongshin, you have so many hit songs.
From the popular summer song “Patbingsu.”
“Rebirth,” “Your Wedding,”
“Break-up Taxi,” “On the Road.”
So many hit songs. How much is that in royalties?
What’s your most money-making song?
I think it’s “On the Road.”
Everyone thinks it’s “On the Road.”
I love “On the Road.”
I think it’s “Break-up Taxi.”
I heard a rumor.
After Kang Seungyoon sang it
he moved into a bigger house.
It wasn’t much of a hit when Jongshin sang it…
That was a rumor I heard.
“On the Road” made me a lot in royalties
but only enough to buy me a new porch.
– But? / – A new porch.
“Instinctively” paid for a new home.
Most importantly… The royalties
from karaoke bars are really big.
– So that’s where. / – At karaoke.
When I go to karaoke, I can hear the next room.
They sing more fast songs than ballads.
And the lyrics for “Instinctively” are great
for when a guy wants to make a move on a girl.
♪ I felt it by instinct ♪
(She hates it)
(Fails at making a move)
Do you hate me?
Do you want me to send you to Amoeba Culture?
How could you send her off just like that?
JYP will forever be 1st in royalties
because he has so many songs like that.
So the royalties are incomparable to hit ballads.
I thought it would be “Patbingsu.”
– For “Patbingsu…” / – It’s a seasonal song.
What about “Chicken Soup?”
That song did well too.
What about “Rice Wine?”
That did pretty well too. I made a lot of food songs.
What about “Good-bye Taxi?”
– “Good-bye Taxi?” / – It’s “Break-up Taxi.”
I want to make the song, “Good-bye, Myungsoo.”
I want to end it with you.
(A song for Myungsoo who’s always being ridiculous)
You actually went with that?
I take in all the jokes.
It’s like poison for us.
Now that I’ve taken in too much, I’m about to puke.
– Myungsoo’s words… / – It’s too much.
Jongshin’s mouth…
I need acupressure. I’ve taken in too much.
(He has indigestion…)
(Jongshin’s jokes come non-stop)
Jongshin, there were times when you struggled.
Now it’s time to shed tears.
Jongshin, you became a star upon your debut.
You really went on a path to success.
But then you hit a slump.
I think I struggled for 10 years before I got married.
I went to the army late at 29.
Before I went to the army
my songs would get 1st or 2nd in the charts.
Then I was over 30 by the time I was discharged.
The age 30… Now that I think back…
I really considered myself an adult then.
I felt like I couldn’t make a mistake in my 30s.
So I got a bit greedy then.
I figured if I worked like I did in my 20s,
I’d make enough money to last me forever.
That was my mentality as I made songs.
I invested all the money I made in my 20s
and by 2004
I was in debt for $600,000.
I lost my home.
– Was that your life savings? / – It was like that?
The money was leaking out.
I heard from Hareem that during those hard times…
“I’m ruined.”
He’d say that to himself in his sleep.
– I never knew. / – I didn’t either.
I really struggled then. I wasn’t that close with you.
I think I started doing variety shows to save myself.
Why am I always being rejected?
Why? Why? Why?
I got on “Ya Sim Man Man.”
I did “Family Outing” with Jaeseok.
I was doing well on TV, which inspired my music.
I hear people’s stories on talk shows.
And their stories helped me change
some of my perceptions on life.
I got married. That’s when things started working out.
From 1999 to 2005…
That was the hardest period of my life.
I never knew.
I never knew you had a slump like that.
It was a hard time for me.
Things started going well after you met your wife.
Giant Pink, I hear you’re from Busan.
Your nickname as a kid was Female Cho Saeho.
Open Wallet.
I love throwing events.
I throw my money around like a guy.
As long as I’m happy for that day.
I bet her friends love her.
I don’t remember but in elementary school…
My dad was a casino pit manager.
He made a lot of money.
When I was in elementary school
I’d have like $20 to $30 in my wallet.
I don’t remember this though.
An elementary school student…
I’d buy my friends bags at the stationery store.
Or so I was told. I don’t remember.
“Here, buy some pogs.”
That’s on a different level.
My friends remembered that. I was like, “I did?”
They said I’d take them out to a diner
during break time and pay for everything.
I bet you were popular with the other kids.
– In Busan dialect, “Eat up.” / – Yes. Eat up.
Spending money so freely.
Most kids can’t do that.
Did you go to the casino to get more pocket money?
So scary.
There’s usually a guard in front of a casino.
The guard was a huge and scary looking guy.
He told me to leave and that
Koreans weren’t allowed in there.
And no little kids allowed.
I got so angry.
My dad’s a high ranking guy here.
So I told the guard.
I told him my dad’s name is Park Yeonghwan.
I told him to bring Park Yeonghwan out.
He was like, “How do you know Park Yeonghwan?”
“I’m his daughter!”
(So powerful and bold)
My dad was surprised and came out.
“Why are you here?”
“Dad, come here?” “What is it?”
“Give me some money.”
I asked him for money to go out and play.
And he gave you money?
“Asking me for money at work… Here, take some.”
I took it and then he yelled at me over the phone.
You grew up in a unique environment.
I feel like I should be hosting.
This is Happy Together.
Today’s Thursday.
I keep reading the questions on the teleprompter.
That’s why you’re getting these questions.
Who will be the winner of Happy Star K?
(Who will be the winner?)
That was amazing.

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