Oh no… I cannot believe this. Again?
K, I thought this was a costume party
Why did you think that?
Oh, I don’t know, because you dressed us up in costumes??
We’re disguised for a mission
The purpose of a disguise is to go unnoticed,
but in this case we’re the only ones
here going unnoticed
We are an Australian couple, completely natural
We’re Australians? I thought the theme was cinema
Which also works, people only know Australia from the movies
If we were not dressed like this they would find it strange
So if the disguise was of a couple from New Zealand
we would be dressed as hobbits? Is that it?
Panther, careful! The desk where Dr. Cyclopuss is going to sit is at 7 o’clock
Dr. Cyclopuss? Okay, central, that’s it
If he’s not a real Cyclops, we’ll have to
talk to HR tomorrow!
I don’t see him
It must be because he’s in a disguise Kay,
like not wearing a disguise like we are
Welcome to the Golden Lucky Mirage
Yeah excuse me, is there any logical reason
why this casino was built in the middle of the Sahara Desert
I don’t know if you noticed this but there
isn’t even any road to get here
I think you’re going to have to ask the casino owner that question
In fact we’d love to meet him
He is already coming to greet
you mr. and mrs….
Ah yes it’s mr. Russell Jackman and miss Nicole Blanchett
Yes, Russell Jackman and Nicole Blanchett
Maybe I better announce that the Ginger
Panther and K are here
What even is the point of using these fake identities? Hm?
Well it’s our job, right?
Oh is it? You know, know I don’t seem to remember you disguised as a can-can dancer in France
Sumo fighter in Japan, Viking warrior in
Sweden and Samba dancer in Brazil
Yes, all disguises of strong and eminent
characters with established careers
and active in the culture of their own
Did you know that the sumo wrestler was also one of Japan’s top lawyers
They don’t exist Kay and I’m always discovered the moment I step into a party
What’s the point of being a secret agent
if every time I walk into a place everyone already knows who I am?
Hello my dear Ginger and…I mean my dear and unknown
miss Nicole Branchet, it seems the most polite thing now would be
to take you for a tour in my sinister
casino in the middle of nowhere
and tell you my evil plan to conquer the world to an app capable of transforming
all the world’s diamonds into bitcoins
Oh what the fuck…
I am Lord Tomo…em…I am dr. Cyclopus
That’s right… because of my
eye, and I hope you do not have to disguise yourself
as an odalisque to find the documents in my living room
on the second floor of the casino hahahaha
Oh, yeah… got it
Central I would really like to talk to HR
It’s because of the eye patch isn’t it?
Nope, it’s because of my resignation letter


  1. E então descobrimos que o K e o To-, quer dizer, Dr. Ciclope tem um plano juntos para algo muito maligno, que envolve ursos de pelúcia, uma cama, um guarda roupa variado e uma série de instrumentos de tortura perigosissimos

    Cuidado Pantera, se eu estiver certa, nem o RH conseguirá dete-los.

  2. At least Dr. Sin actually committed Sins…..I think… unless you count trying to take over the world a sin or not ^_^
    Oh, wait…. his name was Dr. Zin according to google……Never Mind! 🙂

  3. Its funny, Daniel Craig (playing Bond) gave the best explanation for using his name instead of a cover in Quantum of Solace. It was pretty amusing.

  4. Let me see if I get this straight. The so called "disguises" is just a way for the agency and the villains to trick Panther in to dress up so they can satisfy their strange transsexual sexual fantasies?
    I know Ginger Panther wants to be taken serious as a superhero ( which I'm pretty sure is just an excuse to go to gay-bars) but it's kind of hard when you're dressed up as a cast-member from Rocky Horror Picture Show. And before you guys say anything, I'm not a homophobe.

  5. Caraca mano! Esse é o melhor vídeo da Sociedade da Virtude! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tô rindo sem parar diretamente aqui do BR/ RS

  6. What is the fetiche with transvestites? never get how the idea works… I like women, dressed as women, it is obvious right? gays like men, dressed as men, right? but in what universe is interesting a women dressed like men (if you like women), or a gay dressed as women (if you like men). Please, someone explain it to me.

  7. Kkkk agente secreto que todo mundo conhece, e reciclagem de vilão, por isso o pedido de demissão. Já fica a dica, pantera ruiva larga o emprego e os vilões ficam atrás dela, como padeiro, entregador de gaz, todos vilões kkkk

  8. Melhor vilão, só de olhar pra ele e lembrar as atrocidades que ele aprontou com a Pantera Ruiva eu já dou risada!

  9. Why is the ginger Panther villains are always trying to have sex with her it's like the reverse James Bond LOL keep on doing what you doing when are LOL keep on doing what you doing and when are you guys going to do the Punisher

  10. Adorei a Ginger é um dos personagens que mais me identifico. Tirando o fato de ser espiã, é claro! Mas se fosse logicamente que não comentaria.

  11. Kkkkkkkkk, a pantera já tá putassa com esse sistema dos super heróis. O japa tarado foi a gota d'água.

  12. Sumo wrestlers, samba, and can-can dancers do exist. DO exist, despite what the ginger panther says. Viking warriors DID exist, but not anymore.

  13. 2:08 I used to live in Japan, and I can assure you that sumo wrestlers do in fact exist. Not-so-fun-fact, sumo wrestling is actually very boring, it's like 15 mins of tradition, and purifacation, and rituals and then two huge guys spend 30 seconds trying to knock each other over, and then the whole process starts over for the next match.

  14. So hold the superhero phone. So a villain this stereotypical can get away with existence yet Majestic has to don clothes because her outfit is pissing off sjws? Bullshit I say!

    Bring back old Majestic! She literally had an entire episode defending how she dressed!

  15. Well , Mrs. Kidman and Mr. Jackman should bring a herd of cows with them since they are cosplayong Australians and we only know them from the movies.

  16. Tranny complaining about dressing up as a woman….falls flat. Missed opportunity to riff of .007 always being noticed. Missed opportunity to riff off Octopussy.

  17. A casino in the middle of a desert…well that's what Las Vegas is,except everything mentioned is in plural.

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