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  1. Hey Jon! I'm not sure whether you're supposed to refill the rondel after the die takes its "turn". The rulebook is a bit vague on that point. On page 7 under "The Die" heading the last sentence says: "After the Die has moved, and has most likely removed a Tile, the next Player on the Rondel is determined." This seems to indicate that after discarding the tile landed on that we should proceed directly to the next player's turn and therefore not bring out any new tiles. Furthermore, only under the next heading "Player Turn" on page 8 do they mention refilling the rondel. I was a bit confused after reading all this. Wonder what you think. Is it correct or not to add tiles after the die's "turn"? Thanks 🙂 (I've played this a few times now and really enjoy it)

  2. I was pretty sure you could move orthogonal or diagonally, activated orthogonal and diagonally, but had to build orthogonally to a scotsmen. Am I just wrong?

  3. Hope you have an amazing holiday, Jon!!! Thanks for all the videos this year!
    19:22 – "Victory points are great because the player with the most of these at the end of the game is the winner" – I never knew that! 😛
    I like games with a Discard Mechanic. Keeps things fresh. I wish Clank! had that option available for their Adventure Row because there are times when the Adventure Row has a bunch of junk in it.

  4. Thanks for this, Jon! You really got me interested in Glen More 2. It wasn't a title I felt was for me, but I grabbed a copy at my FLGS after watching your video. 🤓

  5. Thanks so much for the great videos for this game. I had heard of the original Glen More, but had never played it. After watching your videos, this reboot looked really awesome. In a very rare move, I bought it along with the few promos available and the metal coins as a package deal from my FLGS (I bought it Christmas Eve). It took a LONG time to apply all the stickers and get everything organized after unboxing, but I really hope to get it to the table soon. Thanks again for your great videos and I hope you have a great holiday.

  6. Pretty disappointed with the changes they made…reduces the tension of the first game and seems like unnecessary additions to a wonderful gem.

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