Glendale Casino Update & Arizona Giving and Leading: The Grant Network & National Pet Week

20:30:12:26>>>Coming up next on
20:30:15:04 “Arizona Horizon,” an update
20:30:17:03 on the controversial tribal
20:30:18:05 casino being built near
20:30:19:05 Glendale.
20:30:20:27 We’ll hear about a new
20:30:21:27 project that connects
20:30:22:28 nonprofits with funding
20:30:23:28 sources.
20:30:25:06 And it’s national pet week.
20:30:26:10 We’ll discuss responsible
20:30:28:14 pet ownership.
20:30:29:13 Those stories next on
20:30:30:13 “Arizona Horizon.”
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20:30:41:23>>>Good evening and welcome
20:30:43:00 to “Arizona Horizon.”
20:30:44:00 I’m Ted Simons.
20:30:45:22 The U.S. Senate Indian
20:30:46:27 affairs committee recently
20:30:48:09 passed a bill that would
20:30:49:15 block a new casino already
20:30:50:17 under construction next to
20:30:51:15 Glendale.
20:30:52:18 For an update on the
20:30:53:21 casino’s legal status we’re
20:30:54:26 joined by Robert Clinton, a
20:30:55:26 foundation professor at
20:30:57:03 ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor
20:30:57:28 college of law.
20:30:58:22 Good to have you here.
20:30:59:29>>Thank you, great to be here.
20:31:02:28>>What is the status of the
20:31:04:21 casino?
20:31:05:06>>The casino is in a complex
20:31:07:03 situation.
20:31:07:22 Litigation going on through two
20:31:09:10 rounds with an appeal
20:31:10:15 presenting pending in the
20:31:12:11 United States court of appeals,
20:31:14:00 9th circuit, about whether the
20:31:15:21 construction�– not so much
20:31:17:03 construction, the gaming in the
20:31:18:23 casino is lawful.
20:31:20:16 Additionally there has been
20:31:23:22 attempts of legislative
20:31:25:19 amendment of the underlying act
20:31:26:29 of the basis of the claim that
20:31:28:05 they can build the casino.
20:31:29:26 That statute passed out of the
20:31:31:26 Indian affairs committee April
20:31:33:20 29th.
20:31:34:09 It is awaiting full Senate
20:31:36:17 action.
20:31:37:02 There is a similar bill pending
20:31:38:20 in the house of representatives
20:31:40:14 that has a number of
20:31:41:28 supporters, including four
20:31:43:09 members of the Arizona
20:31:44:08 delegation.
20:31:44:22 So, it’s basically a race to
20:31:47:06 see whether the casino is first
20:31:50:09 constructed and opens, or
20:31:51:12 whether Congress acts, or
20:31:53:08 whether the courts act.
20:31:54:20>>Now, the tribe does have
20:31:56:03 legal go-ahead to build,
20:31:58:15 correct?
20:31:58:29>>They don’t need legal
20:32:00:04 go-ahead to build.
20:32:02:21>>It’s their property.
20:32:04:19>>It’s their property.
20:32:05:10 They own it.
20:32:06:07 Land taken in trust pursuant to
20:32:08:02 the first round of litigation.
20:32:09:20 And that just means they can
20:32:11:17 build whatever they want on it.
20:32:12:27 It doesn’t mean they can open
20:32:14:13 it and this doesn’t mean they
20:32:15:26 can game on it.
20:32:17:01 Limitation is on operating the
20:32:19:00 gaming facility.
20:32:20:09 I want to get to that in a
20:32:21:21 second.
20:32:22:03 I heard the governor and state
20:32:24:05 gaming director�– before we
20:32:26:04 get there, two bills in the
20:32:27:11 house and Senate.
20:32:28:18 John McCain says that what the
20:32:30:22 tribe is doing, the Tohono
20:32:34:24 tribe, violating the intent of
20:32:37:02 the Indian gaming act.
20:32:38:27 He said he should know, he
20:32:40:24 helped write the act.
20:32:42:21 Valid argument.
20:32:45:11>>He definitely was involved
20:32:47:11 in the drafting.
20:32:48:21 Section 20 of the act, designed
20:32:52:07 to prevent gaming on Indian
20:32:54:09 lands acquired after the
20:32:56:00 effective date of the act,
20:32:57:18 1988.
20:32:58:08 This land definitely acquired
20:32:59:27 after that date.
20:33:00:25 A number of structured
20:33:02:16 exceptions in that section,
20:33:03:17 which, of course, he helped
20:33:04:29 write.
20:33:05:09 What the tribe is claiming is
20:33:06:20 that one of the exceptions,
20:33:08:16 settlement of an Indian land
20:33:10:01 claim exception, covers their
20:33:12:04 situation.
20:33:14:17 Obviously, senator McCain
20:33:15:27 thinks it doesn’t cover that
20:33:17:04 situation.
20:33:17:18 He has been joined by senator
20:33:19:10 flake in that respect, also
20:33:23:21 cosponsoring the bill.
20:33:24:09 I think it is a very
20:33:25:10 interesting question whether
20:33:26:07 that section does or does not
20:33:29:18 cover the situation.
20:33:30:12 Right now, judge Campbell of
20:33:33:25 the district court has ruled
20:33:35:09 that it does cover the
20:33:38:10 situation, and that the gaming
20:33:39:24 therefore would be lawful.
20:33:40:27 That is what is part�– part
20:33:43:02 what is on appeal to the court
20:33:45:02 of appeals of the 9th circuit.
20:33:49:11>>All happening because the
20:33:50:11 tribe got money as part of a
20:33:54:06 settlement for tribal land�–
20:33:57:24 Way back in the 1980s, and they
20:34:00:05 were authorized to buy at least
20:34:01:25 three parcels.
20:34:02:20 This is the last parcel.
20:34:03:29>>State of Arizona says that
20:34:04:26 the tribe committed fraud
20:34:06:23 because they did not tell of
20:34:08:29 their casino plans when the
20:34:12:20 compact was being negotiated.
20:34:14:17 Is that valid?
20:34:16:08>>Oftentimes fraud happens
20:34:18:06 because of misrepresentation.
20:34:20:03 Not failure to disclose.
20:34:23:04 There is no apparent
20:34:25:15 misrepresentation that TO made
20:34:27:14 that Arizona seems to be
20:34:29:28 arguing for.
20:34:30:16 And usually we don’t find fraud
20:34:32:29 where there is just a failure
20:34:34:18 to disclose.
20:34:35:19 And this is a failure to
20:34:37:13 disclose.
20:34:38:11 Further more, the fact that
20:34:40:24 on�– T.O. had the ability to
20:34:44:15 buy a parcel of land was public
20:34:47:09 knowledge.
20:34:47:22 Part of a public act.
20:34:49:19 The fact that Arizona didn’t
20:34:51:12 discover that they might, in
20:34:53:07 fact, buy such land, is in part
20:34:55:14 Arizona’s problem.
20:34:57:06 Also, the compacts themselves
20:34:59:16 when you look at them, just say
20:35:02:05 that the gaming has to be on
20:35:04:05 Indian land, and this is Indian
20:35:07:00 land.
20:35:07:12 And that it has to be in
20:35:09:26 compliance with the Indian
20:35:11:18 gaming regulatory act, and if
20:35:13:06 it is land acquired after the
20:35:15:06 effective date, it has to be in
20:35:16:24 conformity with section 20 I
20:35:18:00 was talking about.
20:35:18:27 Judge Campbell has ruled that
20:35:20:12 it is in conformity with
20:35:21:15 section 20, though I have some
20:35:23:21 doubts about that.
20:35:24:12>>I was going to say, it
20:35:25:15 sounds that you are not quite
20:35:27:02 convinced that judge Campbell
20:35:28:09 made the right ruling.
20:35:30:04>>The way section 20 reads, if
20:35:31:10 you look at the statute, it
20:35:32:25 would seem that it is a
20:35:34:13 settlement of land claim.
20:35:35:17 But there have been regulations
20:35:37:00 under that statute that the
20:35:39:03 gaming commission has
20:35:43:05 promulgated and they go way
20:35:44:05 back.
20:35:44:16 Those regulations define what
20:35:45:29 the settlement of land claim
20:35:47:11 is.
20:35:47:19 They basically require sort of
20:35:49:07 a number of things, but one of
20:35:50:26 them being that the title to
20:35:53:12 the land or possession of the
20:35:54:29 land had to have been at issue
20:35:56:16 in the dispute and that the
20:35:58:25 opposing party had to have
20:36:00:26 claimed an adverse title or
20:36:03:00 possession.
20:36:03:29 United States was never
20:36:05:01 claiming title or possession of
20:36:06:15 that land.
20:36:08:06>>Judge Campbell’s ruling
20:36:09:24 ignored the second part of the
20:36:11:04 definition.
20:36:11:12 He just looked at the first
20:36:12:18 part.
20:36:12:27 By looking only at the first
20:36:14:10 part he came to the conclusion
20:36:15:24 that possession was at issue.
20:36:17:27>>Is the state arguing the
20:36:19:08 wrong things?
20:36:19:28>>The state has been arguing
20:36:21:05 the wrong things since the
20:36:22:18 litigation started.
20:36:23:08 They first argued that the land
20:36:25:00 couldn’t be taken in trust when
20:36:26:25 the act mandated taken in
20:36:29:16 trust�– in discretion, he had
20:36:31:05 to take it in trust.
20:36:32:29 Having the state argue that it
20:36:34:20 shouldn’t lawfully be taken in
20:36:37:22 trust�– now they’re focusing
20:36:40:00 on fraud and misrepresentation
20:36:41:14 in the negotiations, and as I
20:36:44:05 look at the prop 202
20:36:47:18 literature, the prop 202
20:36:50:26 statements, everything seems to
20:36:53:28 be consistent with what T.O. is
20:36:57:07 saying.
20:36:58:00 The point being that what they
20:37:00:03 should be focusing on and
20:37:01:22 should have been from the
20:37:02:28 beginning is whether or not
20:37:05:11 this is within the exception in
20:37:08:12 section 20, which I’ve always
20:37:10:18 thought would determine whether
20:37:12:03 this casino ever opened.
20:37:14:15>>With that in mind, governor
20:37:15:23 said that the casino will not
20:37:17:18 open, state gaming director
20:37:18:28 says that the casino will not
20:37:20:09 open.
20:37:20:18 Can the state keep this thing
20:37:22:02 from opening?
20:37:22:24>>The state has an obligation
20:37:23:27 to perform its duties under the
20:37:26:07 existing compact.
20:37:26:29 Some of those duties include
20:37:30:11 reviewing tribal licensing
20:37:32:08 decisions.
20:37:32:25 If the state breaches that
20:37:35:25 compact, a number of things can
20:37:37:16 happen.
20:37:38:13 Arbitration can happen.
20:37:40:02 The flow of money to the state
20:37:41:27 from the casinos, including the
20:37:44:01 flow from T.O.’s existing
20:37:47:12 casinos can be disrupted.
20:37:48:22 A number of adverse
20:37:50:10 consequences can occur if the
20:37:51:09 state follows through with its
20:37:52:24 threat.
20:37:53:04 So, I kind of think it is a bit
20:37:55:03 of an idle threat if T.O. wins
20:37:57:21 the litigation.
20:37:58:17 But�–
20:37:58:27>>If the Tohono O’odham, if
20:38:01:14 they open this casino, critics
20:38:04:09 argue it blows the gaming
20:38:06:09 compact wide open and all
20:38:07:11 things are open for
20:38:08:24 renegotiation.
20:38:09:04 Is that valid?
20:38:10:09>>Not at all.
20:38:11:02>>Not at all.
20:38:13:15>>Not at all.
20:38:14:10 This is a unique situation
20:38:16:06 related to a unique land claim
20:38:18:15 settlement that probably, if
20:38:21:12 judge Campbell’s interpretation
20:38:23:07 of the settlement of the land
20:38:24:16 claim is accepted, brings this
20:38:26:16 case within a very narrow
20:38:28:12 exception, there would be no
20:38:31:09 other situation like it that I
20:38:32:23 could imagine in the state, an
20:38:34:13 its inconformity�–
20:38:45:00>>If the state somehow
20:38:46:27 prohibits the tribe from
20:38:48:09 opening the casino, can they
20:38:50:06 sue for damages?
20:38:51:11 Are we going to start paying
20:38:52:21 for gambling losses here
20:38:55:03 essentially?
20:38:57:09>>Essentially preventing the
20:39:00:24 casino from opening,
20:39:06:18 speculative damages�– I would
20:39:07:27 be very surprised if the state
20:39:09:09 would be on the hook for those
20:39:10:21 kinds of damages.
20:39:12:26>>One to 10, zero mean it
20:39:15:06 ain’t opening, 10 no doubt it
20:39:17:25 is opening, where do we stand?
20:39:21:07>>Before the district court,
20:39:22:18 would say four.
20:39:23:15 After the district court
20:39:25:19 ruling, I would say a 6.
20:39:28:02>>Close to five on both sides.
20:39:30:13>>Thank you for being here.
20:39:31:18>>Nice to be here.
20:39:32:12 Thank you for having me.
20:39:34:01 MM
20:39:53:20 MM
20:40:15:29 MM
20:40:43:16>>>Tonight’s edition of
20:40:44:27 Arizona giving and leading
20:40:45:29 looks at an effort to connect
20:40:47:01 nonprofits looking for
20:40:48:18 funding with corporations
20:40:49:27 looking for nonprofits to fund.
20:40:51:24 The clearinghouse is called
20:40:52:28 the grant network and it’s a
20:40:54:05 joint effort between ASU’s
20:40:55:14 Lodestar center for
20:40:56:22 philanthropy and the
20:40:57:24 nonprofit innovation and
20:40:58:26 valley leadership.
20:40:59:26 Here to tell us more about
20:41:00:26 all this is Julia Patrick,
20:41:02:01 founder and CEO of the
20:41:03:14 Arizona nonprofit academy,
20:41:04:26 and Nicole almond Anderson,
20:41:06:00 marketing manager of ASU
20:41:06:28 Lodestar.
20:41:09:25 Good to have you both here.
20:41:11:23>>Thank you.
20:41:13:07>>Let’s define terms here.
20:41:14:10 What is the grant network.
20:41:16:03>>It is interesting, we have
20:41:17:06 about a little over 20,000
20:41:19:23 nonprofits serving our state.
20:41:21:08 And every second that a
20:41:23:04 nonprofit spends trying to find
20:41:24:17 money through finding grants or
20:41:26:23 opportunities there in, that is
20:41:28:08 time that is taken away from
20:41:29:21 their serving their mission.
20:41:31:17 And so as part of valley
20:41:33:15 leadership, in conjunction with
20:41:34:21 ASU Lodestar, we came together
20:41:37:14 and decided that we would start
20:41:38:27 a forum, an online portal where
20:41:41:14 grants, grantors and nonprofits
20:41:43:26 could go and learn about what’s
20:41:45:08 out there and what’s available.
20:41:46:16>>ASU Lodestar obviously
20:41:48:15 involved here.
20:41:49:00 What is ASU Lodestar and how
20:41:52:03 did you get involved?
20:41:53:16>>The ASU Lodestar center,
20:41:56:05 capacity of the nonprofit
20:41:57:25 sector here in the valley and
20:41:59:12 greater southwest.
20:42:00:03 We offer online trainings and
20:42:01:15 in-person trainings.
20:42:03:04 One facet has always been
20:42:05:09 serving the community.
20:42:06:10 Part of that is through
20:42:08:15 philanthropy and access to
20:42:09:21 grant funding.
20:42:10:19 The grant network really
20:42:12:25 spawned from an original
20:42:13:28 platform called AZ gate.
20:42:15:20 And that started way back in
20:42:17:00 the day when the center was
20:42:19:06 first founded in 1999.
20:42:20:22 And through the years, it has
20:42:22:04 needed some updating.
20:42:23:09 So, through valley leadership
20:42:26:00 class 36 and group of Matthew
20:42:32:02 Whitaker and Julia�–
20:42:35:29>>And us.
20:42:37:18 We have decided to take on AZ
20:42:39:19 gates and give it a new name
20:42:40:27 and refresh it.
20:42:42:00 Make it more fitting for this
20:42:43:26 year’s nonprofit organization,
20:42:47:01 and through the philanthropy
20:42:48:18 side.
20:42:49:03>>So, I’m a nonprofit.
20:42:50:22 I’m looking for help here.
20:42:51:28 I need funding, and I know
20:42:53:22 there are corporations out
20:42:54:29 there, but I do not know how to
20:42:56:15 connect.
20:42:58:08>>I hear about the grant
20:42:59:13 network.
20:42:59:23 How do is it work?
20:43:00:24>>It is really a fabulous
20:43:02:15 opportunity.
20:43:02:29 Because what we’re finding with
20:43:05:26 nonprofits, there is in dearth
20:43:07:09 of mission.
20:43:08:20 You are nonprofit, probably at
20:43:11:09 the heart and soul of what you
20:43:12:26 do.
20:43:13:13 Reality is that you might not
20:43:14:18 know what corporations are
20:43:15:24 going to align with you.
20:43:17:06 Right?
20:43:18:12>>So, what this does is it
20:43:20:21 gives our community an
20:43:22:05 opportunity to find the right
20:43:23:28 matches.
20:43:24:10 So, maybe we can build more
20:43:26:02 sustainable funding
20:43:26:27 opportunities for somebody.
20:43:28:08 Perhaps we find a funder for
20:43:30:04 your network or for your
20:43:32:02 nonprofit that might last
20:43:33:24 decades.
20:43:34:05 We don’t know.
20:43:35:15>>We want to really get
20:43:37:00 almost, if you will, a
20:43:38:10 match-maker kind of service.
20:43:40:08>>I go to the portal and I say
20:43:42:06 Ted’s nonprofit, here is what
20:43:46:03 specialize in, geographic area,
20:43:48:06 my history, my future outlook
20:43:50:04 and then what?
20:43:51:10>>So, the bread and butter
20:43:52:25 really of our site and what
20:43:54:16 differentiates us from other
20:43:55:20 organizations that do similar
20:43:58:10 projects is that we will match
20:43:59:21 you to an organization that
20:44:02:16 could potentially fund your
20:44:04:21 nonprofit.
20:44:05:02 Say there is an organization
20:44:05:25 that only wants to fund
20:44:07:19 animals.
20:44:08:00 They can go to our site and
20:44:10:29 search by nonprofit that
20:44:12:26 specializes in outreach to
20:44:14:13 animals or education or
20:44:15:21 children and they will get a
20:44:17:12 comprehensive list.
20:44:18:02 And they can fine-tune
20:44:21:10 potential grant awards to those
20:44:23:13 organizations, and it works�–
20:44:25:28 flip side.
20:44:27:11 Nonprofit organization that
20:44:28:04 needs specific funding, I can
20:44:30:09 search for grantors that
20:44:32:04 specialize in my area.
20:44:33:20>>I’m a corporation now.
20:44:35:03 Decided I have become a
20:44:36:09 corporation.
20:44:37:02 I would like to fund
20:44:38:14 nonprofits.
20:44:38:24 I go to the portal and what
20:44:40:09 information do I give?
20:44:41:09>>What’s interesting, you can
20:44:42:04 talk about that service area.
20:44:43:18 So, perhaps you’re only�–
20:44:46:03 you’re bound by your structure
20:44:47:16 to only serve people in rural
20:44:49:17 Arizona.
20:44:50:09 Or perhaps, you know, southern
20:44:52:03 Arizona or Maricopa County.
20:44:53:29 That will allow you a lot of
20:44:56:16 time saved.
20:44:58:00 One of the problems that we
20:44:59:12 have in the nonprofit world is
20:45:01:05 that people that are funding
20:45:02:26 things have to say no a lot.
20:45:04:26 It’s really hard.
20:45:06:04 And, so, with the grant
20:45:07:23 network, we’re able to bring
20:45:09:06 people together and put them
20:45:10:19 into�– more comfortable
20:45:12:17 situation and a more realistic
20:45:14:05 situation that will allow them
20:45:15:18 an opportunity to actually make
20:45:17:00 a match.
20:45:17:19>>How have the two sides
20:45:20:09 connected in the past?
20:45:22:12>>Really word of mouth and who
20:45:24:26 you know.
20:45:25:25 Hitting the pavement and
20:45:26:26 establishing the relationships
20:45:27:24 with the grantors.
20:45:28:23 That is why some nonprofits are
20:45:30:17 more successful than others.
20:45:32:09 At the end of the day, we want
20:45:33:28 every nonprofit organization to
20:45:36:19 have access to the same amount
20:45:37:26 of funding.
20:45:38:19 Build the capacity of the
20:45:40:00 nonprofit community for the
20:45:40:24 better.
20:45:41:11>>How long has the grant
20:45:42:16 network been around?
20:45:43:12>>It is really exciting.
20:45:45:00 We started to work on this
20:45:46:11 project in the fall.
20:45:47:08 As a matter of fact, we are
20:45:48:03 just opening up the site now.
20:45:49:15 And we are affording a grant
20:45:51:04 that has been sponsored by blue
20:45:54:10 cross and blue shield for
20:45:55:27 $1,000.
20:45:56:19 We are going to pick some
20:45:58:10 valley�– Arizona nonprofit
20:45:59:27 that comes to our site and puts
20:46:01:27 their profile information in.
20:46:03:19 And they will get a thousand
20:46:05:24 dollars to help kick start this
20:46:07:18 off.
20:46:08:10 Pretty awesome.
20:46:09:27>>Sounds pretty awesome.
20:46:12:21>>Ted’s nonprofit might have
20:46:15:22 to sign up.
20:46:17:00>>Wheels are spinning�–
20:46:18:04>>Have to be a registered�–
20:46:20:19>>What reaction?
20:46:22:23>>Taking off.
20:46:23:12 Social media today, we have
20:46:25:10 been blitzing about it and it
20:46:27:09 is hitting everywhere.
20:46:28:28 What’s great, smaller
20:46:30:15 nonprofits have access to the
20:46:33:03 same amount.
20:46:33:24>>Where do nonprofits and
20:46:35:18 corporations go to get more
20:46:36:20 information?
20:46:40:03 And they can look through
20:46:41:24 ultimately it will be a massive
20:46:44:10 directory.
20:46:44:25 Right now they can help us by
20:46:46:19 inputting their information.
20:46:47:14 It is very easy to participate.
20:46:50:00 It’s basically gathering a lot
20:46:51:13 of information and you can just
20:46:52:18 click on, you know, the
20:46:53:27 different fields that are asked
20:46:55:14 and then let us do the rest.
20:46:57:08>>Bottom line is for
20:46:58:26 nonprofits, funding really is
20:47:01:05 the touchstone, isn’t it?
20:47:03:27 I mean, that’s�– without our
20:47:05:21 sector, we wouldn’t have the
20:47:07:00 community that we have today.
20:47:08:05 So, we want these nonprofits to
20:47:10:10 live to see another day.
20:47:11:17>>That web site.
20:47:15:09>>All right.
20:47:16:18 Good to have you both here.
20:47:17:24 Thank you for joining us.
20:47:18:28>>Thank you.
20:47:26:18 MM
20:48:12:09 MM
20:48:23:18>>>This is national pet week,
20:48:25:10 a paw-print on the calendar
20:48:26:18 created by the American
20:48:27:21 veterinary medical association.
20:48:29:28 National pet week is designed
20:48:31:14 to celebrate pets and promote
20:48:33:00 responsible pet ownership.
20:48:34:05 Here now is veterinarian
20:48:35:11 William Griswold, director
20:48:36:22 of medical management at
20:48:37:24 the emergency animal clinic
20:48:39:05 in Gilbert.
20:48:40:03 Good to have you here.
20:48:41:14>>Same here, thank you.
20:48:42:23>>National pet week.
20:48:43:27 What are we talking about here?
20:48:45:20>>Event started back in the
20:48:46:29 early 80s by the American
20:48:49:02 veterinarian medical
20:48:50:06 association to promote
20:48:51:14 responsible pet care and
20:48:52:28 celebrate the benefits that
20:48:54:06 pets provide in our lives.
20:48:55:21>>Good things that pets
20:48:56:27 provide.
20:48:57:10>>All of the good things.
20:48:58:23>>Responsible pet ownership,
20:49:00:06 what does that mean?
20:49:01:14>>It means a number of things.
20:49:02:20 Goes beyond basics of food and
20:49:04:13 shelter.
20:49:05:10 AVMA on their web site has a
20:49:08:21 great list of what they
20:49:09:20 consider guidelines for
20:49:12:11 responsible pet ownership,
20:49:13:28 include things like commitment
20:49:15:03 both in terms of choosing
20:49:16:13 wisely.
20:49:16:23 Not making impulsive decisions
20:49:19:03 when we get a pet, but also for
20:49:21:14 committing to the life’s
20:49:23:08 duration of any pet that we
20:49:24:13 take on as well.
20:49:26:03 Investment of both time and
20:49:27:09 money to provide the things
20:49:28:20 they need including of course
20:49:30:15 food and shelter, but also
20:49:32:08 appropriate training, medical
20:49:33:19 care, budgeting for an
20:49:34:29 emergency.
20:49:35:09 And finally preparedness.
20:49:37:13 Whether it is for disasters,
20:49:39:10 forest fire and what to do with
20:49:41:00 our pets if we have to evacuate
20:49:42:19 our homes or in the event that
20:49:44:00 we can no longer take care of
20:49:45:13 them.
20:49:45:23 And also looking down the line
20:49:47:09 for their quality of life
20:49:48:17 begins to decline and preparing
20:49:50:05 for providing them with what
20:49:51:15 they need at the end of life as
20:49:52:27 well.
20:49:53:10>>I think we all have been
20:49:54:14 through that.
20:49:55:14 Obviously, finding a vet,
20:49:57:03 you’re a vet.
20:49:57:22 You know how important it is to
20:49:58:29 get these little creatures in
20:50:00:16 there.
20:50:00:25 How best do you find a vet and
20:50:04:02 how best do you vet a vet?
20:50:06:06>>The best way I find is to
20:50:08:16 ask friends and relatives.
20:50:10:09 Particularly people who feel
20:50:11:03 the same way about their pets
20:50:13:13 as you do.
20:50:14:10 One thing if you’re crazy about
20:50:15:26 your pets and you ask your
20:50:17:16 neighbor who has a back yard
20:50:19:01 dog, what veterinarian they
20:50:20:28 would recommend.
20:50:21:22 If you can find a family member
20:50:23:13 that shares that same sort of
20:50:24:26 bond with their pets, word of
20:50:26:19 mouth referral is one of the
20:50:27:26 best ways to go.
20:50:28:26 Emergency animal clinic has a
20:50:30:28 list of general practice
20:50:32:22 veterinarians that we partner
20:50:33:24 with to provide after-hour
20:50:36:03 emergency care for their cases.
20:50:37:21 People can go to our web site
20:50:38:29 and get a list of veterinarians
20:50:40:14 throughout the valley who are
20:50:41:23 engaged with the emergency
20:50:42:26 animal clinic as well.
20:50:44:27>>Back to national pet week
20:50:46:13 here.
20:50:46:27 As a veterinarian, do you see
20:50:49:12 differences between dog owners
20:50:51:16 and cat owners?
20:50:54:10>>Not so much.
20:50:55:15>>You don’t?
20:50:56:16>>I own both, so maybe they’re
20:50:58:08 not as�– the differences
20:51:02:00 aren’t as pronounced to me.
20:51:03:11 There can definitely be
20:51:04:27 differences I think between the
20:51:06:17 true cat lovers or only, you
20:51:08:25 know, those folks who prefer
20:51:10:20 cats over dogs and vice versa.
20:51:13:03 Dog owners tend to be a little
20:51:14:23 more outgoing and louder, like
20:51:17:17 the Labrador puppy crashing
20:51:19:27 through the gate.
20:51:20:23>>I read that vets are less
20:51:22:09 likely to see cats on a regular
20:51:24:01 basis than they are dogs.
20:51:25:08>>Yes, that is sadly true.
20:51:26:26 Cats are the most popular pet
20:51:29:01 by numbers in the United States
20:51:30:05 these days, and only 20 to 30%
20:51:33:10 of veterinary visits made up by
20:51:38:13 cats.
20:51:38:24>>I can tell you one reason
20:51:40:00 why folks don’t take cats to
20:51:41:17 the vets, disaster scene in the
20:51:43:29 vehicle trying to drive that
20:51:45:06 cat to the vet.
20:51:46:00 What can you do to make that
20:51:47:11 less stressful?
20:51:48:16>>There are a number of things
20:51:49:12 you can do.
20:51:50:09 Easiest with cats or best with
20:51:52:07 cats is get them used to the
20:51:55:05 carrier before you need it.
20:51:56:17 Simple as feeding them in their
20:51:58:23 carriers, providing a bed or
20:52:00:16 comfortable resting place
20:52:01:14 within the carrier.
20:52:02:16 A lot of cats prefer the
20:52:03:25 soft-sided duffle bag style
20:52:05:21 over the hard plastic carriers.
20:52:07:27 And oddly enough, the smaller
20:52:09:18 the carrier, the more
20:52:11:14 comfortable a lot of cats are.
20:52:12:22 They feel safe and enclosed in
20:52:14:09 a small space.
20:52:15:07 They may be less stressed in a
20:52:16:24 smaller carrier than in larger
20:52:18:00 one.
20:52:18:15>>As far as dogs are
20:52:19:16 concerned, along with cats, but
20:52:21:08 for all�– dogs and cats
20:52:26:02 specifically, spaying and
20:52:27:18 neutering, how important?
20:52:30:15>>Particularly important.
20:52:32:00 There are several health
20:52:33:21 benefits from reducing certain
20:52:35:28 types of cancers to eliminating
20:52:38:06 unwanted behaviors in both cats
20:52:40:00 and dogs, in both sexes�–
20:52:43:18>>What side do you fall on on
20:52:46:24 the neuter and release idea?
20:52:48:27>>That is a tough problem.
20:52:50:11 There are two sides.
20:52:52:28 There are�– on the one hand,
20:52:55:09 the cat proponents and on the
20:52:57:05 other hand to some extent
20:52:58:18 environment proponents.
20:53:02:20 Striking a balance between the
20:53:04:11 needs of native wildlife and
20:53:05:19 the overwhelming number of
20:53:07:25 stray and feral cats�–
20:53:12:25>>You are there in the middle.
20:53:15:21>>I think there is evidence to
20:53:16:28 support both positions.
20:53:18:10 That is where the challenge
20:53:19:25 runs in.
20:53:20:24 Easy for both sides of the
20:53:22:23 matter to�– compelling
20:53:24:22 argument.
20:53:26:11>>Arizona, not in the top 10
20:53:27:27 for the most pet friendly or
20:53:31:00 not in the top 10 for the least
20:53:33:21 pet friendly.
20:53:36:06>>Everybody has a fence or
20:53:38:20 wall around their yard,
20:53:40:07 generally speaking, Metro
20:53:42:00 Phoenix area a lot of
20:53:43:22 businesses that welcome pets,
20:53:45:09 restaurants with dog-friendly
20:53:47:04 patios and that sort of thing.
20:53:48:21>>In the summertime we know
20:53:50:06 you have to watch your pets.
20:53:51:16 In the wintertime, there are
20:53:53:18 nights you have to watch your
20:53:54:24 pets.
20:53:55:04 Do you see a lot of that?
20:53:56:19>>Not so much in the winter,
20:53:57:29 because even our coldest nights
20:53:59:15 most dogs, you know, can huddle
20:54:01:17 up and stay warm.
20:54:02:16 But during the summer, and
20:54:03:28 actually more so even during
20:54:05:02 this part of the year where the
20:54:06:18 days are moderate, but heating
20:54:08:06 up is where we tend to see a
20:54:11:03 lot of exertional heat stroke.
20:54:14:02 Just like with children, dogs
20:54:17:23 accidentally getting left in
20:54:18:20 cars any time of the year.
20:54:20:05 Early part of the summer,
20:54:21:19 initiation of the monsoon when
20:54:23:10 the humidity spikes, we start
20:54:24:24 to see increase numbers of heat
20:54:26:13 stroke in the emergency rooms
20:54:27:11 because the dogs just aren’t
20:54:29:03 prepared for the environmental
20:54:31:01 changes and haven’t had a
20:54:32:13 chance to get used to it.
20:54:33:27>>I think humans have that
20:54:36:11 problem as well.
20:54:37:22 Don’t realize how warm it is
20:54:39:03 and how much longer the sun is
20:54:40:22 out.
20:54:41:11>>Congratulations on being a
20:54:42:14 successful veterinarian and
20:54:43:24 taking care of our little furry
20:54:45:28 friends and we will continue to
20:54:47:09 celebrate national pet week.
20:54:48:18>>Thank you.
20:54:49:03>>Thank you for being here.
20:54:53:14>>>Wednesday on “Arizona
20:54:54:15 Horizon,” we’ll have a state
20:54:55:17 and national economic update.
20:54:56:19 And we’ll hear about a
20:54:57:16 traditional European folk
20:54:58:15 dance.
20:54:59:22 That’s at 5:30 at 10:00 on
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20:55:14:27 That is it for now.
20:55:16:29 I’m Ted Simons.
20:55:17:29 Thank you so much for joining
20:55:19:01 us.
20:55:19:12 You have a great evening.
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20:56:54:04>>>Later on eight HD.
20:57:00:03>>Struggles to find them.
20:57:02:20>>Didn’t dare slow down.
20:57:04:10 There were demons.
20:57:05:18>>Their courage defined our
20:57:07:27 nation.
20:57:08:13>>You just had a sense this
20:57:09:27 guy can do it.
20:57:10:28>>Before they were history,
20:57:12:08 they were family.
20:57:13:18>>All of the Roosevelts were
20:57:16:10 wounded people.
20:57:17:02 Things had happened to them
20:57:18:08 that they had to overcome.
20:57:22:10>>Roosevelts, intimate
20:57:23:25 history.
20:57:25:01>>Tonight at 7:00 on eight HD.
20:57:28:19>>>Ebola was not an exception.
20:57:30:24 Ebola is�–
20:57:32:07>>Jungles of west Africa, to
20:57:34:15 the cities.
20:57:35:17>>You see dead bodies�–
20:57:37:18>>Vivid inside story of how
20:57:40:03 the Ebola virus spread.
20:57:41:27>>Pure craziness, like
20:57:43:22 watching a zombie movie.
20:57:45:17>>And the global failure to
20:57:47:03 stop it.
20:57:48:03>>The world has never faced
20:57:49:26 anything like this.
20:57:50:19 We never prepared for it.
20:57:52:00>>Everybody got it wrong on
20:57:53:01 this one.
20:57:53:24>>A special report.
20:57:54:25>>Tonight at 9:00 on eight HD.
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20:58:36:13>>Next time on Scott and�–
20:58:38:21>>A 23-year-old murder case is
20:58:43:29 reopened.
20:58:44:20>>I don’t think she was as
20:58:47:04 squeaky clean as she made out.
20:58:50:29>>He does investigation�–
20:58:52:25>>Rob doesn’t like how Rachel
20:58:55:06 is handling the job.
20:58:57:09>>You are not behaving like a
20:58:59:03 sergeant, Rachel.
20:59:01:09>>Scott and Bailey.
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