Gmod DarkRP Rags To Riches | Secret Cave Operation! [2]

Gmod DarkRP Rags To Riches | Secret Cave Operation! [2]

– [RoboKast] Welcome back
to DarkRP Rags to Riches,
episode number two, the
series where Rapteh and I
try our best to go from
hobo to millionaire
and make a lot of money.
Now, in the last episode
we were meth dealers,
or blue Pop Rock dealers
if you wanna keep it PG,
and we made a decent amount of money,
but I’m pretty sure Rapteh
gambled all of his away
whenever we logged off.
So we gotta make up for
lost time on his part.
(mellow guitar music)
Today we’re gonna be moonshiners,
and we know absolutely
nothing about this job.
There’s all these random things,
and we don’t know what we’re doing,
we don’t know how it works, none of that.
But that’s the fun part.
Okay, so because we’re responsible humans,
Rapteh and I are first
gonna try to find some guns.
Which, if he could even afford a gun.
You know, I’ll buy you a gun, Rapteh.
And then, yeah, that’s just the end,
I’ll just buy you a gun.
Good thing we got the fan
favorite, Company LAMP,
Guns and Kisses, the best gun
store in all of the lands.
– [Swa] Hello, sir.
– [RoboKast] What is going on out there?
– [Swa] Are you looking
for guns or for kisses?
– [RoboKast] Yes, I am.
Yo, so, how much is it for
like an AK or something?
– [Swa] An AK, do you mean
like this beautiful AK-47?
– [RoboKast] Yeah, the
one on the top left.
– [Swa] Right here?
All right, for two AK-47s,
that would be fifteen thou-y.
– [RoboKast] Fifty thousand?
Oh, fifteen, okay.
I was gonna say, “fifty thousand, damn.”
– [Swa] Yeah, if you just want
to come with me to the back
so we can do this safely.
Don’t worry, you’re allowed to come back.
– [RoboKast] (laughs) This
is not sketchy at all.
Not at all, man.
I don’t see any illegal
activities going on back here.
Appreciate it, kind sir.
All right, so we’re armed.
Well, at least I’m armed,
but I’ll give a gun to him in a minute.
If we can trust him with a gun
with his terrible paper bag vision.
But, lucky for us, our
lack of moonshining skills
can be made up for by
Rapteh’s amazing base
that he built off-camera.
He saved the schematic, and he
created this pretty good base
that he’s about to give us a tour for.
So, Rapteh, give us a tour, please.
– [Rapteh] All right, so
we have the entrance here.
We have all the rooms up here we need.
– [RoboKast] So all of
these are blocked off
just for us, right?
– [Rapteh] Whatever you fancy.
– [RoboKast] All right, this
seems like it should work.
– [Rapteh] They should be.
I haven’t double checked.
– [RoboKast] This is a
solid setup, to be honest.
Look at that, we don’t
even need building signs,
we just hop right into it
and we have our very own base
that Rapteh just pretty
much built on demand.
Can’t beat that.
Yo, Rapteh, can you actually,
can you make this a fading
door where we could escape
if somebody’s raiding us and we have to?
Oh, we even have our own escape route.
That’s literally the best thing
I’ve ever seen in my life.
All right, so we’re
starting out the episode
with $184,648, which, like I said earlier,
does seem like a lot,
but remember our goal.
All right Rapteh, I’ll take this room,
and I guess you could take
this room or something.
And then we could be roommates,
but not in the same room.
– [Rapteh] Neighbors.
– [RoboKast] Neighbors, that’s
the word I’m looking for.
So Rapteh, here’s my
moonshine making tutorial.
I know exactly what I’m
doing, and I’m gonna teach you
how to become a moonshine expert.
Step number one, go in your entities list
and buy a distillery.
– [Rapteh] It’s stuck in the.
– [RoboKast] (laughs) Wow, I
sure am a moonshine expert.
Oh, man, this is great.
Damn, bro, this is some advanced
technology, look at this.
All right, I think, honestly,
this could still work.
We may have to find a new house.
All right, so now that
you have a distillery,
step number two, gotta go in your menu,
and you gotta buy a cooler.
Whoa, that is, okay, Rapteh,
maybe we should find a new base,
’cause this is, it just looks weird.
It’s bothering me.
– [Rapteh] Okay.
– [RoboKast] Our first
property is a lovely
four bedroom condo
located on the outskirts
of a very sketchy community.
Complete with two lockable
and openable doors,
this place is bound to meet
all of your security needs.
And with a view like this,
there’s nothing better in the area.
– [Rapteh] Look at that.
Oh, wow.
And look at this, it’s a spare room.
Oh, wow.
Oh, look at the doors.
And look at the brick.
Can you feel that texture?
And what about this?
A staircase without any stairs?
It’s like a ramp, I think it’s called?
Oh my goodness.
There’s a window here.
– [RoboKast] I thought I’m the realtor.
Where you bringing me, man, this is.
Oh my God, there’s a baby!
(Rapteh laughs)
Did you see that?
All right, let’s go.
– [Rapteh] It’s a trap.
It’s like that one time.
– [RoboKast] Wait a second.
Wait, wait, there’s an underwater cave.
– [Rapteh] There is?
– [RoboKast] Yeah, oh my
God, there’s a cave, Rapteh,
there’s an actual cave.
– [Rapteh] Oh my goodness, there is.
– [RoboKast] What?
There’s a cave.
I can’t believe this is a thing.
I feel like nobody knows about this.
And we could even, we
could still block it off.
You know how hard it would be
for them to raid underwater?
Anyways, Rapteh finished working on this,
and we have a nice little
fading door under the water.
Looks nice and clear and stuff.
And then back here, we just
have a simple flat floor
where we can do some work
without everything falling over.
This is without a doubt
one of the simplest bases I’ve ever seen,
but I also feel like it’s
one of the most secure.
So we’ll see how that goes.
We’re locked and loaded
just in case somebody does try to raid us,
but we should be safe.
All right, so I bought
everything that’s required
and maybe a little bit extra, but again,
I have no idea what I’m doing,
so we’re gonna be learning this together.
One thing I did buy was this grinder motor
which I don’t think was necessary,
but it should just pop on the grinder.
And, yeah, and it goes automatically
instead of me doing it, so that’s easy.
These are the jars.
This is where we fill it.
And then this is, I think,
what you put the finished
jars in or something.
All right, so, oh, and this is wood.
I think the wood goes
under here, probably.
Ah, look at that, beautiful.
100 fuel.
Wait, is it gonna go down?
No, 100 fuel, okay.
All right, so this is
a fermentation barrel,
and I believe you just have
to put everything into this.
So it looks like a paper
bag filled with something,
which I assume is yeast.
I think this is yeast.
You throw it in the paper bag.
All right, maybe you just
throw the yeast in there.
No, okay.
I think we gotta grind something.
Ah, we gotta grind the
yeast into the paper bag.
I see how that works now.
Good thing I got this grinder motor.
It makes it a lot easier.
I don’t have to do any physical work.
But then we take the bag of
yeast, we throw it in here,
and then I think that’s
everything we need in this barrel.
I don’t, do you think, Rapteh,
do you think that we could do
double the amount for extra?
All right, so everything’s full,
and it looks like step
number two is to shake it up,
so I think you just literally just grab it
and hit it around everywhere.
I guess I don’t have to do anything here.
All right, so now it’s turned into mash.
And I think from here, I
assume, you just somehow put it,
yeah, there you go, put it in there.
And then I think everything else
should be pretty self-explanatory.
So, for example, this is doing that.
I just have to make sure the
pressure doesn’t get too high.
And then whenever it does,
I gotta depressurize it a little bit.
So it’s a little bit more of an active job
compared to last time,
so I kind of just have to
keep an eye on it to make
sure nothing goes bad.
Keep the fuel in, keep
everything cool and pressurized,
and should be good.
Somehow it’s producing moonshine.
I just don’t understand what’s
going on with the cooler
and what the purpose of all of this is.
‘Cause it’s still cool,
but, I don’t know, man.
But apparently what we’re doing is working
because it is making moonshine,
so this should work out fine.
We’ll just try it again
and see what happens.
All right, so our moonshine is done,
or at least the batch that we already did.
And as we finish it we put it in here.
Now, I don’t know what the difference
with collecting and extracting is,
but I assume collecting means
putting this whole thing in your inventory
and then extracting
takes the jars back out.
But we’ll figure it out
as we get more produced.
It’s gonna take a decent amount
to get us back to the money
we had when we started.
Wait, why is it going again?
Oh, I guess there’s still more.
I just needed more jars.
But it is gonna take a while
because all this stuff
was pretty expensive.
So we’ll see how it goes,
and we’ll see how long it takes
us to make our money back.
Got some thousand dollar water.
Got some thousand dollar sugar.
Where are we, Canada?
Like I said, since we’re this far in
and we’re already making progress,
let’s go ahead and go all in
and buy some advanced production.
I don’t know how much
that’s actually gonna help,
but considering I have both of
these, I might as well do it.
We’re now down to $77,913,
which is a lot less than we started with,
so hopefully this is worth our money.
All right, Houston, we have a
little bit of a problem here.
Oh my God, Rapteh, I’m
having a crisis over here.
Look at this, look at this.
– [Rapteh] What do you need?
– [RoboKast] They’re
literally stuck together.
– [Rapteh] What are?
– [RoboKast] The barrels.
– [Rapteh] Hold still.
I don’t see two barrels,
but can’t you just.
– [RoboKast] Wait, what?
What the hell?
– [Rapteh] ‘Cause how
many barrels do you have,
you have two here, right?
– [RoboKast] Wait, hold on, hold on,
let me depressurize this real quick.
Wait, hold on, grab one of them?
Move it around.
All right, put it down.
What in the world?
– [Rapteh] What?
– [RoboKast] This one
is stuck to this one.
– [Rapteh] I don’t see what you mean.
I see two barrels.
I see this one right here.
– [RoboKast] Wait, what?
– [Rapteh] And I see this one, right?
– [RoboKast] I could, what in the world?
I don’t know what’s going on, man.
– [Rapteh] Yes.
– [RoboKast] Oh, dude, they’re everywhere.
This thing’s, it’s attached to everything.
– [Rapteh] Are you on drugs again?
– [RoboKast] Yeah, maybe.
What is going on? (laughs)
Rapteh, I’m about to have a
mental breakdown over here.
(laughs) Bro.
Dude, this barrel is definitely possessed.
It’s magnetic, it’s
like everything I touch
just teleports to it.
I called an admin and they fixed it
’cause that was driving me crazy,
and it was really weird
that nobody saw it.
But the bad news is
we gotta buy two more
fermentation barrels,
and we’re already down
to the amount of money we started with.
All right, so we pretty
much have four batches done,
and I think it’s time to collect these
and go and sell them as soon
as Rapteh’s done with his.
This should bring us a
decent amount of money,
and I think we should be able to buy
a couple more titles after this.
(polka music)
– [Rapteh] Are you just gonna
sit there and watch that?
– [RoboKast] Yeah, bro, it’s cinematic.
All right, it’s time
to sell some moonshine.
Let’s go.
Let’s enter our super secure code and go.
See, I felt cool, but I
don’t have a gun license,
so I can’t carry my gun.
So here’s the moonshine guy.
– [Moonshine Buyer] I can’t believe
this day has finally come.
– [RoboKast] He offers $7,000 per jar.
I’m pretty sure it was
like $4,000 a jar earlier.
But let’s click him.
– [Moonshine Buyer] I could
eat a horse, hooves and all.
– [RoboKast] And we’re barely
above where we started.
Woo, that’s what I call progress.
All right, let’s go check
the title prices real quick.
All right, so we literally
only have one title,
and like I said before,
the goal of this series is
to get all of these titles.
So that’s gonna be a while.
But I think we can easily
get the next two or so.
Like, yes, we’ll go down in money,
but we’re also making progress.
So, we’ll buy Power Hungry.
Throw that one on and
no animation preview.
Power Hungry, let’s purchase.
Okay, we’re down to $177,371.
I think we could afford one more.
We’ll go Salty.
We’ll stick with the no
animation thing for now.
Eh, I don’t like this one,
but it’s part of the goal,
so purchase.
And now we’re at $127,371.
– [Benjamin] Hey, come in here.
– [RoboKast] Wait, wait a second,
what gives you the idea
that I’m a moonshiner?
How you know I’m selling moonshine?
– [Rapteh] Thank you.
– [Benjamin] Uh.
– [RoboKast] Don’t assume.
I don’t do illegal goods.
Dude, I’m a preacher, I’m not
a moonshiner, shame on you.
– [Character] I mean, you
look like a homemaker.
– [RoboKast] Rapteh, you’re addicted.
– [Rapteh] No, but look
at this bonus round.
– [RoboKast] Oh, you
already got the bonus wheel?
Watch him win the jackpot, first try.
– [Rapteh] Yeah, I’m bringing it back.
– [RoboKast] 5,000.
– [Rapteh] Well, 5,000.
– [RoboKast] Don’t start
your addiction again, Rapteh.
I thought you were better than.
Come on, we took you to Gamblers Anonymous
for five weeks in a row.
– [Rapteh] Fine.
– [RoboKast] I’ll give it one shot.
All right, I’m done,
I’m leaving, that’s it.
– [Rapteh] You’re bad.
– [RoboKast] We have progress to do.
We have work that has
to be done, my friend.
100% safe hum beef burger van.
I’m vegetarian, though.
Well, that sounds delicious.
Their burgers aren’t even edible, bro.
Well, we made progress, but
we gotta get back on the grind
and get more ahead than we were before.
So it’s time to really make some progress.
Yo, do you think that’s talking about us?
If you want a place to
hit, go to the beach?
I mean.
– [Rapteh] Why would it?
– [RoboKast] What if they’re
going to the beach to plan
to come here and raid us?
– [Rapteh] I think you’re
overthinking it, but, eh.
Whatever the case, we’re fine.
– [RoboKast] Also, I built
these little block things
where we could hide
behind them if we need to.
Yeah, just come back
here, they’re breaking in,
just sneak around the corner and.
(gun fires)
There was a hamburger that
just appeared on the ground,
like the one that I saw
in that little food store,
and then it disappeared.
It was in our base.
There was just a random
hamburger that appeared.
– [Rapteh] I think you’re going crazy.
– [RoboKast] No, right here on the ground.
Look at it.
It’s gone.
I was just proving to
you that it’s not there.
– [Rapteh] Yep, you’re
definitely going crazy.
– [RoboKast] But there was
definitely a hamburger.
I’m not lying.
This is a serious matter.
– [Rapteh] Okay, which one, cheeseburger?
– [RoboKast] It, you’re
right, it was a cheeseburger.
– [Character] Sometimes
I dream about cheese.
– [RoboKast] All right, well,
I’ll let you know if it comes back.
So, we’ve been working pretty hard,
and we’re actually maxed out on the amount
of entities we can have right now.
So we’re gonna have to
go and sell some of this,
which is probably smart anyways,
’cause if we get raided, we’re screwed.
So I’m gonna grab all of these,
and then I’m gonna sell them
and then split the profits with Rapteh.
Before we do that, though,
I can get a cool thumbnail.
Considering I’m at $13,000,
if I were to die before I sold this,
I would be completely screwed.
But, the good thing is I’m
right here, $7,300 a jar,
we’re gonna click it and we get.
– [Moonshine Buyer] God, I’m hungry.
– [RoboKast] $364,299.
So basically we got 350 grand
for selling all of these,
and once I split it with Rapteh,
that’s still a lot of money each.
Rapteh, here you go, my friend,
I got you a present of $175,000 in cash.
And it looks a lot bigger in
movies, that’s for sure, but.
That’s your half.
– [Rapteh] It does.
Thank you.
– [RoboKast] There you
go, I’m at $189,299,
so I’m making progress.
And I say once we finish these
two barrels, let’s be done.
We should have a decent amount of money.
(jazzy music)
Well, we finally finished our last batch.
I feel like we got a pretty good run
in our nice little cave base,
and I’m sure we’ll be returning.
But I think it’s time to move
on to bigger and better things
and see how much money we end with.
All right, so the price
is now $8,000 a jar.
It goes up every time for some reason.
Three, two, one.
– [Moonshine Buyer] Whoa, deja vu.
– [RoboKast] 210 more
thousand dollars, Jesus, bro.
– [Rapteh] Yep.
– [RoboKast] Here’s your
cut, my friend, and now.
– [Rapteh] Thank you.
– [RoboKast] As always,
to spend it responsibly.
Okay, so as I said, we
like to spend our money
pretty responsibly.
So, we’re actually gonna open two crates,
and we’re gonna do weapons crates,
just because we need weapons anyways.
So, we’re gonna do two
weapons crates and two keys
and see if it pays off.
Got the two crates, got the two keys,
and then it’s time to open them.
So all the signs are error signs,
but I could tell by the colors
what’s good and what’s not.
We want a Barrett, Barrett’s gold.
Obviously that’s the best thing.
But honestly I’d be
fine with anything else,
’cause I’m kind of broke,
and I need a weapon.
So, first case.
Of course, the worst gun.
I feel like I’m actually
unboxing CS:GO crates.
This feels usual to me.
It’s okay, though, I’m not discouraged.
Final crate, this one’s
gonna make it worth it.
All right.
The other worst gun.
Wow, that wasn’t a waste of money at all.
– [Rapteh] Ba-blam, ba-blam, ba-blam.
– [RoboKast] (laughs) Oh my God, Rapteh.
I was about to say, dude,
if you didn’t cash out,
I was gonna kill you.
Oh my God, dude, how are you doing this?
Watch this, I go to times one.
– [Character] Oh, ah.
– [RoboKast] And then it just ends.
Every time.
How are you guys doing this?
– [Rapteh] (laughs) You just
gotta hope for the best.
– [Character] Aye, and I must.
– [RoboKast] I can’t get past
times one, man, watch, watch.
Okay, that was past times one.
I would like to just get times
six, and then I’ll cash out.
Even though I’ve lost money at this point.
I’m going down to $170,000,
and I’m not going below.
‘Cause this is rigged,
man, this is rigged.
Anyways, guys, that is gonna be it
for this second episode,
so I hope you guys enjoyed.
We’re ending with $172,691,
and we have three out of
the however many titles.
So we are making progress.
This has been a lot of fun.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
I will see you guys next time, and peace.

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