Gordon Hayward – NBA Player, Video Game Player

Competition has motivated almost
everything I’ve ever done.
I grew up a twin. My sister and I would compete in
everything just because we were always there, together.
Whether that was competing in grades,
competing in sports,
competing in who could get to the van the
fastest and put their seatbelt on.
There was always something that we
were trying to beat each other at
and so video games was another outlet
for that competition for me.
The thrill of being better than somebody, you know,
talking trash to somebody when you beat ’em,
especially if it’s people that you know,
and it’s your friends, that’s just a lot of fun.
I guess I can remember playing video games for the first
time with my dad, like, regular Nintendo (NES)
Duck Hunt, Double Dragon, Contra.
Once it got more complicated
you started having Super Nintendo,
then Nintendo 64. That’s my when my dad kind of fell off
and, and I kind of just took over from there.
I was a big, big Halo guy and would go with friends
to some local tournaments, and uh,
I had to ask coach Stevens
if it was an NCAA violation, because
you never know what some of that stuff,
as far as money is concerned.
And then once I got to college,
I kind of transitioned into computer games.
So I was big into Starcraft, played Starcraft 2, and then
after that I kind of transitioned into League of Legends.
And I’m still kind of stuck on League.
I really enjoy playing League.
In basketball it’s good to be
a couple steps ahead of the play,
to know, you know, how the defense is gonna guard you,
where they’re gonna be at.
I think the same thing
can be said with video games.
A lot of it is, you know, mental speed, how well you know what your
opponent’s gonna do, the strategy behind it.
The quicker you are as
far as thinking, the better you’ll be.
You got to be comfortable
when you’re playing video games, and,
so having a headset that fits you well, that you can wear
for a lot of hours at a time is extremely important.
I feel like I have relatively big ears.
So, the headset really does a good job of encompassing
my ears without there being discomfort.
I think also communication is huge in video games,
especially in a team game
where you need to be telling
your teammates where you’re at.
They need to tell you what’s going on,
what they see.
So you’ve gotta have a
headset and a mic that work,
that function so that you can be
at your best when you’re playing.
For sports people,
when they see video games,
they get intimidated I think,
because there’s a lot that’s going on. It’s pretty complex.
But, the thrill that you get from watching a basketball
game or a football game go down to the wire,
you can get those same
feelings and emotions from video games.
There’s… There’s always intense situations.
That can be very exciting, for sure.

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