Gran Turismo Sport and Lewis Hamilton | PS4

Gran Turismo Sport and Lewis Hamilton | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] LEWIS HAMILTON: Konnichiwa. KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI: How are you? LEWIS: Good. KAZUNORI: Please. LEWIS: This is looks nice. KAZUNORI: (Speaking Japanese)
Gran Turismo. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] LEWIS: The feedback is really
nice with this. I like it. It’s so much like the real
thing. It looks so good; the road,
the shadows, everything. The car’s optimum is here, but I operate it here to get on
power early to get a good exit. My general driving style is very
aggressive. You want to get in as late as
possible. You want to keep the minimum
speed up. KAZUNORI: (Speaking Japanese). LEWIS: Sorry, guys.
I’m just making some changes. If you shift too early,
you get the snap, over steer. I would love to be a mentor for
adults or kids to be able to give guidance. The reason I do the wide motion
is to get the power. Trust me, if you never spin,
you’re not trying hard enough. [LAUGHTER] LEWIS: I’m so happy. KAZUNORI: Thank you. LEWIS: It’s almost endless what you’re able
to do with this thing. Really, really cool.

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  1. Para este tipo de Videojuegos es obligatorio tener un Volante porque sino que gracia tendria?…
    Me caga la gente que juega a videojuegos de Conduccion con MANDO es absurdo…

  2. 1:06 Give us a short vid on the stars he ended up sticking with for road tracks, let me see what my man Hamilton likes

  3. Oh let's go one better and hire Lewis over Nick, but still they don't even have fast and slow rebound settings.
    This is just worn out BS now I'm sorry.

  4. If someone kicks me Off The track and I go to the wall I will get a 10-second penalty this game is not so good as all the other countries most before Gran Turismo lost a lot of his power I will know for sure this game will not sell as they want to

  5. Nice! The GTS is going to be awesome, sounds are great so are the cars and handling. Can't wait to get the Real Driving Simulator! !

  6. Its really makes me laugh out load when people (particularly rival Console Players 'Hatin') say "the Cars don't Sound right in GT Games" I would hazard a guess that less than 5% of these 'experts' have set foot in anything faster than a say a BMW M3 let alone a fully tricked out, highly modified Super or Hyper Car, or something accessible like a R35 GT-R (which I drove today, I work in the performance car industry) and even then certainly not at the Speeds you get to in a Racing Game/Sim – How on earth can they qualify that statement?
    Have they ever thought that internally at 150MPH some of these cars do Turbo whine and pop sounding like a vacuum cleaner and the 'other' titles are using 'artistic licence' to make their cars sound throatier and louder for effect!
    Been playing the demo with a Steering Wheel, for me the balance is spot on, and I love the in car View Sounds, especially through a Soundbar and Sub!
    Stop being Dicks, its a great time to be a Racing Game/Sim fan.

  7. Didn't like the demo, especially rally ice sliding mode. The graphics was not good but with 60fps. if there are 30fps in replays / 60fps in race on regular PS4 and 60/60 on PS4 Pro, so why you didn't make better graphics in race on PS4 Pro. You did all those photo modes and history, but we need more cars, tracks and carrier mode. But the replays, nobody can make the same.

  8. I'm going to have a lot of fun playing this game. But when its time to put down some lap times I will play a game that matters. Pcars2.

  9. The game visuals are stale and lifeless like all GT games not one tree swaying no dust blowing nothing just a nice car and bland track.

  10. Paid the money for commercial…. This money should have been spent on physics and driving…
    Real Driving Simulator…LOALZ….
    If you want simulator with good physics,play Pcars 2 or Assetto Corsa.

  11. I never got into driving sim games at all, but I do remember having such a hard time playing the Gran Turismo demo from the PS1 Underground Demo game. I always bumped into the sides and had spun out. But I had fun.

  12. Anyone remember the vetel redbull concept car in GT5 or GT6. Can't remember what one it was but that thing was nuts.

    Found it. This crazy machine, Red Bull x 2010

  13. To all the GTS haters, tell me another racing/sim game that is FIA sanctioned and a game that pro drivers use to train and compete. What other game has taken gamers and made them real racers. I'll wait.

  14. I will not buy this game sony without a single player mode and forcing people to have membership in play station network, I think I will sell play 4 and buy the xbox one x. I think that the new policies of the companies, like this one, are doing bad to the industry of the video games.

  15. TBH, this game is amazing and I love playing it, but project cars 2 feels more difficult and challenging. Both are great games let me put it short for you, if you wanna play relaxed and without tension thats GT and if u wanna miss your eye blinking and get them dry thats PC2

  16. Jogo péssimo poucos carros poucas pista sem clima chuva só online sem opção de fazer upgrade nos carros jogo pessimo

  17. Its time too GT sport Die!! Im a real fan gt series , im play Only gt 1/6 but gt sport is arcade game!!gt6 fantastik track car, track path editor,ok gt sport very top graphic,bit car settings and drive mode is unreal!!Hey players do you remember Total control of gt6 car??

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