100 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport – Interlagos Circuit | PS4”

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  2. They ripped out the heart and soul of Gran Turismo which was the campaign and buying car upgrades etc doing all the different cups with different limitation etc. Most people like Gran Turismo because of that. The coffee break stuff and the removal of the campaign make this a "Prologue" edition. Focusing on competitive online racing with a title like Gran Turismo is a debatable idea. Its a market thats a lot smaller and less people are interested in "serious" online racing and get bored or shy away quick…its just doesn't have the long time motivation that the Gran Turismo campaign has (or Forza with regards to collecting cars etc) – it just entertains people a lot to have this progression. With only online racing it will be very different game and there is a lot of competition from other racing titles that I think have an edge over Gran Turismo in the racing sim department.

  3. Nossa como um grande fã brasileiro me enche de orgulho ver nossa pista de Interlagos sensacional muito boooom esperando muito pelo lançamento

  4. already got turned down when heard that they killed the career mode, oh god please don't have a stupid loot boxes too.

  5. Too bad GT Sport is so online focused it might as well be online only.

    Gran Turismo is not supposed to be online focused! WHEN WILL POLYSHITTY LEARN?!

  6. Enfim Interlagos no GT um circuito extremamente desafiante com bons pontos de ultrapassagens. Excelente escolha.

  7. my god…
    i was in doubt,but now that there is the best of the home circuits of my country… i am absolutely certain that i will buy GT Sport even if i do not have a PS4 for it. i just wish Sony did ditch the Plus requirement for online play… but i digress… this game is GORGEOUS…. GORGEOUS i say.

  8. Seguid asi! Hay que ampliar con mas coches de todas las categorias y mas pistas, pintaza que tiene, vuelve el rey! 🙂

  9. I was really hoping for a career like that of previous titles, with secondhand car garage and mini games. This just seems to be a prologue with multiplayer.

  10. Don't let this trailer fool you. This game (and even forza now) have varying levels of quality all over the place. Some of the tracks and cars in both games (this and forza) were modeled years ago and other tracks and cars were modeled very recently. The more recent ones look amazing and the older ones look like one or two console generations old. So if someone asks if this or forza looks better, it depends on the track and the cars they are talking about.

  11. You know what makes me laugh is that ponies/ $ony Thinks GT is better than forza motorsport7 if you showed a ponie fan comparison between GT and Forza Ponies will pretend to be blind because the don't want to be beaten by Xbox

    Xbox is the world's most powerful console ever go cry

  12. Wow this game is so so bad , was hoping PD could make a decent game but there still stuck in the 90's, times have moved on shame PD havent

  13. توجد مشاكل بلغه العربيه لا يمكن الدخول اون لاين . والمحكاه والفيزيائيه غير واقعيه اعتقد ان المسؤل لم يعلم اننا نالعب على ps4 لقد تجاوزنا مرحلة ps3ونحن الان نتعامل مع الجيل الجديد الم يشاهدو العاب مثل فورزا او اسيستو كورزا العاب شبه واقعيه .ارجو من مطوري قراند تريزمو ان يتداركو الوضع قبل فوات الاوان ..وشكرا

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