63 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport – PS4 Theme Music Trailer | E3 2017”

  1. Could i get a game key for GT Sport please ? I know its a really bad question but i want to stream the game on my channel and and to make GT Sport communuty a bit bigger because alot of my friends and subs are GT series Fans and we love to play it i have every GT game and loved them all and i really hope that it could work out.
    Im hoping for a positive answer and to own that legendary GT Sport and to feel the experience

  2. The vibe I’m getting from this trailer is that GT Sport wants to be an E-Sport type of game and not just a multiplayer racing game like in the past. Very ambitious!

  3. Lo Mejor En Simulacion GT Grasias Eso Es Pasion Mi Lealtad Por Siempre GT Definitivamente El Mejor…..!!!

  4. Please for gt7 add more street cars. I love grand turismo, but I find myself going back to forza Motorsport because of the variety of regular cars I I can relate too. So please Sony, 300+ cars?

  5. June 12, 2018 This game is amazing and just keeps getting better with every update. Just fix the penalty system plz.

  6. all game of Gran Turismo im very like GT2 play with my andriod app because the classic game tq sony for build PS,PS2,PS3 and PS4 4K…i grow with her

  7. Jogo lixo aff sem chuva poucos carros pista grafico ruim so online poucas dlc deu 2 carros de presente igual muitos erros aff n comprem esse lixo !!!!

  8. I want to play this but I only have pc and Xbox 1. Forza is on PC And Xbox But GT is only on play station. Thanks Obama

  9. This much awaited racing on the PS4 is definitely awesome. It seems from cars to courses, the futuristic graphics makes the coolest ever.

  10. GranTourismo sport that have manufactured cars like Ferrari 458 Italia Lamborghini Huracan Le Mans Chevrolet Corvette Le Mans that can be a favorite cars

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