Granblue Fantasy How to Unlock Row 4 Classes

Granblue Fantasy How to Unlock Row 4 Classes

[Music] I’m going to tell you how to unlock ruffle classes in this video and the most effective ways to grind formats stay tuned hi guys this is current we need to fully and kept a class champion weapon to unlock row for classes yes any one of these weapons it could be Oliver it could be Nirvana just any one of them basically we need to go through five steps to fully and cap the weapon step number one getting a replica we start this journey by getting a replica we can get it from random drops in cups pages we can also exchange for this replicas from shelves using a legendary merit one match a warrior creed and a class distinction mention were crates are very rare the most effective spot to farm for this Creed’s a TX one tree and ef3 one we can get trust distinctions by using the respected classes in co-op for one hundred three hundred and one thousand times this is the only way to get distinction before we reach ring one zero one once we hit ring one zero one we can easily exchange for these distinctions you can go pendants of course we need to fully uncap our replica before we move on to the next step and the most effective way to do it is to use silver bus from casino to uncap this weapons once we get our replica to level 75 we move to step number two now we have to find four special materials like glass of course these items can be easily acquired from coal bosses in the x2 and x3 and also showed our waters and many more again create the x13 or ef3 one i mentioned just now and we also need some toilet papers the best place to find for this rubbish is chapter 34 there’s a special quest called Andy Quarian troubles which costs 80 ApS and we can only do it twice a day hmm one color paper for morning and one-third of paper for night right before we go to sleep well this is pretty reasonable all right step number three we’ll continue to upgrade weapon however we can only complete these steps after ring 1 0 1 because we can’t get that many class distinctions before we get there nothing is really special here silver boss from casino Chris from Cobb again I think weapon in summon fragments are the most important things we’re going to take care of we need 768 weapon fragments in total for step number 3 and step number 4 please remember you can get 10 times small fragments from gotcha weapons or summons compared with malliband weapons so please don’t use your gotcha weapons or summons as father’s when you’re trying to upgrade or enhance a weapon [Music] okay now step number four is a little bit troublesome first we need 30 distinctions that means it would take us at least one month to get a match ready because we can only exchange one distinction a day for each class we also need 512 weapon fragments and 30 Centrum’s from the respective high-level matter bosses these Centrum’s are very easy to get because the drop rates 110 we just need to join high-level battles for 30 times and then we need 15 to 30 books from primer we can either get these books from cops pages in cx4 or level 100 like Medusa Apollo nazar etc the biggest problem here is the silver centrum we need three silvers and trims in total now there are two ways to get silver Centrum’s first you can get it from roll screen and Grady race but some say the drawbridge is pretty low I consider myself very lucky because I hosted three grand a race and got two silvers entrance in order to hold the race we need to farm a lot of animals from primer this is one of the most time-consuming part of step number four it will really care about the silver centrum and the rail rivers I strongly suggest you not to host and pop your grand array during the half ap or bb-bet because there are a lot of irresponsible one punch men nowadays it’s better for you to plan ahead and invite your friends or beauties to help you with array the second way to get silver centrum is the exchange pawn shop we can only exchange for one silver center a month and the cost is 5 grand home [Music] last but not least we also need 200 special animals to complete this step you can get these any marks pretty easily from shoulder bosses under special quest section once you have finished that number one to step number four you unlock a special quest called search for an air in the newbie village you go against computing a woman one-on-one in this quest to unlock Robo classes for example if you want to unlock pattern you have to fight her with the respective rotary class holy saber and the element of this old woman is always the stronger element of yours that means if you’re using win for fight she will appear as a fire boss and so on once you defeat her congratulations you can now unlock the favorite class step one to step five this is how you unlock your role for classes forty distinctions twenty-five blue crystals certified crates 15 to 30 bucks 30 high-level tantrum trees Silver’s entrance 70 to 90 special materials like black and course 40 toilet papers 30 or 40 trivia marriage if you need to exchange for reticles two to five silver bars 57 preference 320 crystal trips and 768 weapon fragments in total I know a lot of players are complaining that these steps are too overwhelming to complete and it’s almost impossible for casual players to overcome this grunt hair if you are thinking the same way probably your concept is wrong because this progress is meant to be completed using a few months of time or even year so there is no point to push yourself too hard 404 crackers trust me if you want to avoid fun I myself I got my Robo classes a lot when I was ranked one or intensity your knowledge and your weapon pool are still the most important factors in this game if you think this video is helpful remember to subscribe give me a thumbs up and most importantly share it with a friend know yourself know again and play like a pro this is good I’ll see you next time bye [Music]

100 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy How to Unlock Row 4 Classes”

  1. Thanks for the video 🙂

    Just wanna add that now with Rose Queen you can get a lot of the items needed such as: creeds (drop), centrum (rare drop), distinctions via trade shop (10 per months, 3 petals for 1) or via share chest (random) and also replica weapons in share chest (random).
    So if you hit lv 101, and know people that can carry you (or join pub, the raid isn't too hard), it's a very effective way to complete your missing items (like distinctions) and speed up a bit ^^
    It can drops rando anima from T1 raids (Nezha to D.A.O) and also helps with getting them to host a grande for your last silver centrum (the drop rate from G.O host chest is pretty high for it now).

    Also last thing, the best way to farm Ancient Cloths is chapter story 70-4 during 1/2 ap fest; if you can get here of course.

  2. All these tips. Only rank 67 but now its time to get good. Not just good but "japanese good" according to my friend
    casually subscribes

  3. Koon, you're the main reason I pushed past the super early stages of the game and am really enjoying it now. Thank you so much for the vidoes and please keep them coming!

  4. That's seems so hard. I'm scared that Row 4 classes is just the glorified version of Row 3 classes and nothing else.

  5. Hello Koon that's again me. ~ I have finished my wind grid now : ( only have to work on two last gun now ) . So now i want to move on light gunslinger and started to focus on luminiera's raid because i wanted to make another use of my BAL cosmo gun ( godmanit farming all the horn and feather… I HATE ZOOEY NOW ! ). The only problem now is… I don't know how to make my light grid as gunslinger, all i know is i have to craft the nebuchad as main weapon, keep my BAL gun and my baha dagger but does i have to make my grid full of Luminiera's gun ? Or i am really wrong ? I am really bad at making my own build so i wanted to ask you sinc eyou've a better knowledge than me. Thanks in advance Koon and have a nice day. ~

  6. thanks for the video koon, but i have a few question : do you get so much merits to make the replica and upgrade it? do you get so lucky in casino?

    because even finding two pair so hard for me T_T

  7. I find it hard to make myself believe the effort this requires is anywhere near worth it. A month because of a time wall? Hell no, lol. I loved this game when I started. but the more I play it, the more I hate it. Ranks are pretty pointless, you rank up to get higher AP but the missions require more and more as well, so why the hell even have ranks….. Apps. Pointless money sinks.

  8. yea i wont get class 4….. you need silver bars…. yea ok i got a few……. THEN YOU NEED Gold bars? to uncap a SSR weapon ……. yea no way in hell i'd be able to do that

  9. Hi Koon, can you suggest me what extra skill shall i pick for fighting Baba for SS Line Job? keep get defeated when her health at 50%

  10. Hey Koon what did you think of the Cagliostro event? I loved it and also wanted your advice on wether adding the New Ssr cagliostro to a dark team as a healer is better than Melinda/Beth ( the sr dragon ).

  11. Koon, i want to ask
    i have 4 gun from casino, is it better to individually reduce it or mlb it together then reduce it

  12. hey koon idk if you have made a video and i cant find it but a guide to making a grid would be helpful i still dont know what to include etc

  13. hey koon, wanna ask ya how to beat the Raging waves rising beat quest.. imma Rank 51 so yea lel.. kinda hard fer me 0w0

  14. Hey Koon, in other videos I have seen people deal absurd amount of damages in raid and their characters have 10,000+ HP. How do they do that? I'm still a bit new to the game

  15. Hi koon, i just started gbf for about a month and i love your guide channel. It help me alot. But i have a suggestion for your video, the game sound is just too loud, it's hard to heard what you says, specially at part that have combat. You have sub but it's unpleasant to read all along the video, i usually playing game while watching your video so i can't do it both.

  16. hi ._.7 i have a question about grablue fantasy.
    probably you already have all 3 row class so… what class you think that is for pure damage or how what class is better for do damage? thanks ._./

  17. Even as an advanced player of GBF, I still can get a lot of fun and relearn something by watching your video.
    Hope you can keep going. Later.

  18. It is possible to get enough class distinctions before lv101, as it rarely drops in EX co-op, but then again, the drop rate is so horrid, you might reach lv101 just attempting to grind it that way…

  19. I have been playing this game for awhile now and I have a question about the SSR character weapons, are they useful?

  20. getting oliver and nebuchad is for masochists all the weapon stones needed and you also need stones to FLB tia and chev guns.

  21. Hi koon we only need do all this step only once right? Then we can unlock all row or we need to do all the weapon replica o_O thanks

  22. Hi Koon, I've complete all the steps and have the requirement to unlock warlock, but i can't somehow 🙁 do you know why?

  23. itll probably take me 10 years to get to level 100. i been stuck at 70 for 6 months. just login n go sometimes. i do the daily omega raids

  24. I'm not sure if this has been asked already but…

    So I'm Rank 66 right now and I've just finished leveling all the Row III classes to 20. When would be a good time to start working on Row IV classes…or should I wait until I hit Rank 101 since I can't finish things until then anyway?

  25. darn after blasting through the first three rows of classes in my first few days of playing i didnt think getting row 4 would be this crazy

  26. I reached rank 100 a couple weeks ago. Do you recommend unlock rank 101 already or wait a little bit? I mean, I' m pretty weak and most of my grids are pretty garbage.

  27. i've been playing for 3 years (idk if more, but at least 3 years) and finally unlucked them (also i'm a slacker, just got lvl 100 after those 3 years as well but let's not see it that way lol)

  28. Just one question, if i craft only one class weapon can i do the quest as many time as i want with different classes or will i craft a class weapon for each row IV classes?

  29. You can also get class distinction from co-op bosses.

    Example :
    If you want to get guardian / and combatant distinction you can go to EX 3-2

    If you farm non stop for 30 min
    You can at least get 5 distinction
    And it also drop creed & boss drop

    So kill 3 birds with 1 stone

    However this method isn't exactly effective, so use this method if you want to farm for boss drop and not for creed and distinction specifically

  30. aaaahhhh i finally got to this point.. took me a year but yea…. now i need golden bricks? to fully uncap the SSR?

  31. I just passed rank 101, so I decided to check how to unlock that sweet berserker. Turns out I have 5 silver centrum in my inventory. Sweet.

  32. Ummm I know this isn’t a right place to ask but after I’ve watched your video, I still don’t know which classes should I unlock first: EX2 classes or Row-IV?

  33. Hello Human c: Did I see it correctly that u can trade class distinctions endlessly now? So it'll be way faster than 30 days if I farm prestige pendants?
    Thanks for these awesome explanation videos!

  34. Hello Koon ! :3 thanks for the guide anyway!
    Basically i already addicted to GBF 🙂 thanks to my friend who drag me to this hell grinding game, but seriously i'm glad i play coz this is challenging.
    Right now im at step 3 on choosing element, gonna unlock IV tier coz its my dream xD

  35. I got a replica as a drop from co-op, step 1 done, and 4 steps to go.. maybe going to get it at the end of the year because i'm barely touching rank 60, wish me luck!

  36. Most of the resources come from raids and event. It's not that hard you just have to grind a lot.

  37. Hello, I recently playing Granblue Fantasy, my favorite character is Carmelina, my mc is a wizard, I almost finished the 1st chapter

  38. Koon, you might need to update the video as you only need to have 100 showdown Anima now? Also there is probably no worries about summoning and use public backup on Grand Order now, sometime they even finish first before max player join because of Dark Opus weapons.

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