GRANDMA Schanbacher Joins The Table! | S5 E42 Poker Night in America

GRANDMA Schanbacher Joins The Table! | S5 E42 Poker Night in America

– From the Rivers Property
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
this is Poker Night in America.
(big band music)
Hello, and welcome to
Poker Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson and
he’s Joe Stapleton,
and it’s our final
night in the 4-1-2,
so let’s get to the 4-1-1.
– That was stupid. I like it.
– [Chris] Day number
two continues here
at Rivers Pittsburgh,
and the biggest winner
so far here on day two
has been Kane Kalas,
and Todd Brunson
has been stuck in the Brunson,
he just can’t get
anything going on.
– [Joe] And welcome
back Mark Puma.
– [Chris] Blinds are $25 and
$50 on Poker Night in America,
and there’s also an
optional $100 straddle,
that goes in after the blinds,
if the player wants to do so.
You get last action pre-flop.
– [Joe] And it makes
the game more fun.
– But I don’t think I was
super high up on my range.
– [Dealer] Change coming too.
– You need change?
– [Dealer] Yeah, please.
Thank you.
– Also expected to be through
that pre-flop by then.
– Huh?
– I expected to be through
that pre-flop by then, yeah.
– [Chris] Ace, King,
Ace, Four, versus Nines.
– [Joe] Kyle Bowker,
the last aggressor.
Pre-betting his pocket Nines.
Puma, no choice now
but to come along
for the ride, try to
flop a Flush draw.
That’s a funny concept,
trying to flop something.
– [Chris] Trying
to make something
totally random
happen in your favor.
– [Joe] Exactly.
Flop is Ace, Seven,
Six, all Clubs.
Deeb out in front.
– [Chris] Three
Clubs on the flop,
and nobody holding a
Club in their hand.
– [Joe] Bowker is continuing
his pre-flop aggression.
– [Chris] Bowker’s
bet was $1600,
he got a call from Shaun Deeb.
– [Chris] And a fold from Puma.
– [Deeb] Oh Seven, he pays.
Here’s tip out.
– [Chris] Five on the turn.
– [JOe] Bowker picks
up a Straight draw,
but has lots of
potential dirty outs.
Even a set of Nines puts a
four-card Straight out there,
or a four-card Flush if
it’s a Nine of Clubs.
Shaun Deeb looking to
protect his equity.
Seems like a pretty easy
fold to me, but okay.
– You were a lost
tip off this hand.
– Hey, don’t lie to me.
– It’s there for proof.
– [Joe] Bowker looking
for a date with an Eight.
– It’s understandable.
– [Chris] Queen on the River.
– I already paid him.
– [Dealer] He
already gave it to me
off your side.
– Oh, thank you.
– [Dealer] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we’re just telling you.
– No, I just threw
it off your stack.
– Oh, already paid off my stack.
– [Joe] Deebs got to be a
little worried about this board.
– Ballsy effort.
– Nines.
– Huh?
– Nines.
– No good.
– Nines no Club,
you think is good?
– Could be good.
– Huh?
– Could be good.
– [Joe] First hand of the
episode and we are already
rolling in the deep.
– So why are we not going
to zoom in on that shirt?
Come on you guys.
You can’t?
Who can move their camera?
– [Joe] Nah, don’t,
don’t we don’t need it.
– No one’s moving.
– Open up this jacket.
– No one, no one.
– Cue, hey, Mountain Dew idiot.
Get a zoom in on this shirt.
– [Chris] Oh, yeah, call
a member of the crew,
Mountain Dew idiot, I’m
sure that’ll get him
to bring the camera over.
– [Joe] That is no way to
talk to Chris’s twin brother,
camera operator Ted.
– You know, you could
go next to it if you…
– He wouldn’t wear
it so I had to,
I had to wear it for him.
– Who made it for him?
– Uhhhhh…
– [Joe] Ha, ha, ha,
these guys think
these cameras have a zoom.
– Was this for today?
– Look at the…
– Was this for today or
you’ve had it before?
– Yeah, we had it before.
– Oh this was way before.
– Look at the hair part though!
Look at the part
around the neck.
Hash tag new profile pick.
– I was stalling.
– I mean it was on
point, but like,
it was kind of predictable
’cause he’s Jack.
You know?
– Oh, so I shouldn’t
came with an easy joke.
– Yeah, you just yeah
gotta like try harder man.
– [Chris] No Jacks for Brunson.
And Kings again for Kalas.
He keeps getting Kings.
– [Joe] Clangers.
– You got me stuck on full tilt.
– I’m all in.
– [Dealer] Play and a call.
– Ah, my timings good today.
– [Chris] Nothing has been
going right for Todd Brunson.
I mean I wouldn’t be
surprised if he got up on the
wrong side of the bed
and then fell off a cliff
earlier this morning.
Like, everything’s
been going bad.
– [Joe] And that flops
pretty bad for him,
doesn’t even flop Draw.
– [Chris] And nothing.
– Oh yeah, and I believe,
I remember that yeah.
– [Chris] And the River.
And nothing.
– I’m quitting.
– See ‘ya Todd.
– [Joe] Say goodbye
to the Todd father.
– Hey Dave, you want to play?
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America.
We have a new
player at the table.
– This ain’t your
grandma’s poker game.
Well, actually, it
kind of is, I guess.
– [Joe] This is Irene
Schanbacher, Jack’s Grandma.
– Now you can Fold,
Raise or Call.
If you don’t like
your hand you Fold.
If you like it Raise, other
than that, don’t do anything.
– [Chris] I love how, I love,
she looks at her cards
exactly like my Gram used to.
– Well I put one in?
– Two.
– It’s two now.
– It’s two this game.
– She’s raising.
– No, it’s a,
does she want to Call or Raise?
– She said two. She said two.
– Oh, they slide out of my hand.
– That’s okay.
– [Chris] Action is on
Shaun Deeb who famously,
once bought his Grandmother
into the World Series of Poker.
– [Joe] You gotta
love Shaun Deeb.
Ah, she reminds
me of my Grandma.
– Raise!
– I’m definitely getting slow.
– Did you slow or
like swear it down?
– I sold my Grandma.
– That’s your Grandma,
you can’t sell
someone else’s Grandma.
– Just take ’em straight
out to see this.
– [Dealer] Raise makes
it $2200. $2,200 to Call.
– You have to put
$2,000 more in.
– At least Bowkers got a hand.
– This is serious.
– I’d have to put a lot
of, almost all these chips
in there.
– Actually, here’s what
you do, you either Fold,
or say All In. Nothing else.
– No. I Fold.
– All right.
– Good lay down.
– That’s too much.
– Sorry, that’s his fault.
In the red hat.
You started it.
– You could’ve just Called,
– No.
I was trying to make it
cheap for her.
– That’s not what you
were trying to do.
– [Chris] Kyle Bowker is
just not all about this.
He’s like, no, I’m here to win.
– [Joe] And Shaun Deeb,
despite being more dominated
pre-flop than a guy
dating out of his league
is now almost a coin
flip to win this hand.
The power of the Flush Draw.
– [Chris] Deeb has $2650
and so action is on Bowker.
– [Joe] Probably
going to just call.
– [Chris] That is correct sir.
$10 K in the Pot.
All right, now we’re doing
it. Let’s see the turn.
No diamond.
– [Joe] Bad card for
Bowker, not bad for Deeb.
He’s bluffing anyway.
But Bowker’s going to be it.
Gotta love Kyle Bowker for
pretty much always knowing
where he’s at in a hand.
Figures Shaun’s not going
to have too many Aces
in his range, when he
just calls pre-flop.
Deebs not Folding his
pair and Flush Draw.
– [Chris] All right,
let’s check out the River.
It’s a Three and Deeb is
just stuck with a pair
of Deuces and a
busted up Flush Draw.
– [Joe] Deeb is in the
weeds, but maybe that
turn call with give
him a free showdown.
– You have so little equity
verse me every time.
You find a way to win.
It’s so frustrating.
– What’d you have Kyle?
– Somewhere in the future.
– [Dealer] Two and
a Call is good.
– This is the best decision
I’ve had in a long time.
– You don’t usually
have good ideas.
– [Dealer] Raise.
– I play poker with
you that’s all.
– If she called the
$700, I was just folding.
– I fold.
– [Dealer] You fold?
– [Joe] She’s definitely not
the worst player at the table.
– She wanted to play.
– I know she did.
– Hey, you know, it’s smart to
play tight is three bet pots.
It’s good strategy.
– [Chris] I just want
to see her play a hand
so I can see her
continuation bet on the flop.
Just one time, like the kids.
– To really stay in it,
you have a Pair, right?
– Yeah.
– And then we’d Stay if
you have two high cards,
you can stay right?
– Yeah. Yeah.
– I really wonder if Kyle’s
actually getting better at
poker, talking strategy.
There’s like a 50% chance that
that’s going on right now.
– She just talks.
– Kyles like oh wow, that’s
something new I’d never
considered that.
– He’s like whoa, that’s
a really good line there.
– He’s definitely processing it.
– You saw the slow little mouse
wheel going in Kyle’s head.
(chips clinking)
– [Joe] Love this
Raise from Bowker.
He’s double gutted, he’s
got a disguised hand.
He can raise with impunity.
Maybe get a better
hand and Fold.
And if not, maybe he
makes his Straight
and gets paid on the River.
(chips clinking)
– [Chris] And there’s the
Straight for both players.
Advantage Schanbacher.
– All in.
– [Dealer] All in?
– Jack, Ten, that’s so sick.
– [Joe] Mike Pence is at
least applauding because
everyone just made a Straight.
(upbeat band music)
– Pull off another set?
– I had Five, Six.
– You had Five, Six?
– Yeah.
– [Joe] Hey, how about
that Granny Irene?
Now she’s got
something to brag about
tomorrow at 4 pm dinner.
– [Chris] Back to the action
here at Rivers, Pittsburgh.
(big band music)
All right, this is Jack
Schanbacher’s Grandmother.
Who’s sat down to the table
for the end of the night here.
She’s got suited
connectors, early position.
– And this was like
seven hours in.
– I thought it was you.
– I know, I thought it
was going to be you.
– Two.
– [Dealer] Two?
– Two.
– I thought it was
going to be you.
– Or more if you want.
– Very likely.
– I think I’ll stay in.
Wait, let’s see.
– [Chris] So she’s
going to call.
– [Joe] Some people like
to go to war pre-flop.
Granny likes to go
to the Flop, pre-war.
– I don’t know if
I agree with this.
– What do you think a
vote of the room, I think
everyone would have thought
that was a quality joke.
– I’ll call either way.
– Yeah, yeah.
Here you go.
– Don’t be that guy Kyle.
– Don’t be.
– Okay.
– [Joe] Nearly a family pot.
– You can’t be that guy.
– [Joe] The only person we’re
missing is the actual member
of Grandma Schanbacher’s family.
– [Chris] All right,
here comes the flop.
It is Jack, Eight, Six.
– [Joe] Grandma’s
flopped a pair,
but she’s about to get
run over by some reindeer.
– Ain’t that a pair
of Eights up there?
– No, Jack, Eight, Six.
– It’ll pair for Puma.
– [Chris] I don’t
know about you,
but I’m getting a little
sick of Puma and seat one
stories that he’s
been telling all day.
He’s always interrupting.
– [Joe] I love how we both
have a Puma and a Cougar.
– Now what do I?
– Oops, sorry.
– Oh, that belongs,
– That rolled over, yeah,
– That belongs there.
Now how much?
– [Dealer] $525.
Five black and one green.
– Five black and one green.
– If you want to Stay.
– Okay, put that in for me.
– Okay.
– I got it.
– [Chris] Oh great, we’ve
got two players operating
her chips now.
This is fantastic.
– So, what to you
want to worry about.
– I can’t say.
It’ll influence action.
– [Joe] Seven on the turn.
– [Chris] Yes! Come on
Granny! Please win this pot!
– [Joe] Come on Irene!
– [Chris] And then totally,
inadvertently, slow roll
Shaun Deebs, you win. Come on!
And when I mean slow
roll, I mean actually
take your wheelchair
and run him over!
– [Dealer] Sixteen.
– Sixteen?
– [Dealer] Sixteen.
– Will you put mine
in, when it’s my turn?
– Okay.
– It’s 16.
– [Dealer] $1600.
– Yah.
– You want in?
– I’m in yeah.
– Yeah. Okay.
(chips clinking)
– [Chris] All right, here we
go, come on! Break the River!
Please break the River!
– [Joe] Oh, that is unreal!
Despite the fact that
Kyle Bowker was drawing
almost dead from the Flop.
He has backed his
way into the winner.
Shaun Deeb left with nothing
but a pair of Seven’s.
– [Chris] God, I hate it when
people at the poker table,
besides me get lucky!
– Is it my bet?
– No, no, no, no, no.
It’s not your bet.
– [Joe] Bowker just
doesn’t lose on this show.
– I pray you have a hand…
– [Dealer] It’s up to you.
– It’s up to him?
– [Dealer] No, no, he can’t make
that decision for
you sweetheart.
You have to do that yourself.
– The boards Jack,
Eight, Six, Seven, Five.
– A Nine and a Four
make a Straight.
It’s up to you.
– [Joe] Probably not technically
legal to tell her that.
But I’ll allow it.
Come on Grandma!
– [Chris] You should Fold.
– [Joe] Yeah.
– I should fold huh?
– [Joe] Careful.
– Fold.
– [Dealer] Fold?
– I have the low end Straight.
– Good Fold Gram.
– How I didn’t
(beep) win that hand.
Like it’s so tilted.
– Gram had you guys
dead on the turn.
– Little turn raise, you
got $12,000 in front of you?
– [Joe] Ladies and Gentleman.
We’ve got a straddling Granny.
– If she’d moved
All In, at the turn.
Would you have raised Shaun?
– Huh?
– With the Queen, Seven.
– I wound a Pair
and a Flush Draw?
Yeah, I’m calling.
– No you would’ve…
– You would’ve called Kyle out?
– I think I would’ve
just called.
– Yeah, I mean you
still really can’t call.
– I mean, he shouldn’t
call the Turn.
But he’s Kyle and he
still calls the turn.
– But I might’ve.
– [Joe] He calls the turn,
because he hates Grandmas.
– It was like $3K more.
– Flush Draw, Straight Draw.
– You had both of
those, you’re right.
– I didn’t have a lot
of outside in, did I?
– Yeah, you were looking great
on the Flop, Turn and River.
– That was one of
your many great hands.
– And then I was
dead on the flop.
– How much?
– [Dealer] $450 total,
so three more black
ones and two greens.
– Put mine in, what is the?
– Do you want to play?
– Kyle, help her.
– Kanes in the hand.
– Hold on, hold on, hold on.
– Do you want to call
or do you want to raise?
– Do you want to call?
– I’m not going to
raise, I’m going to call.
– Okay.
– There we go.
– [Joe] Ace, Queen suitor,
way to under wrap
your hand Irene!
– [Chris] Oh,
she’s laying in it.
Here we go!
Come on Baby! Let’s do this!
The Flop is, Ace, Four, Ace!
It’s happening! Come on!
– [Joe] Grandma’s got 46%
of the equity, four ways.
Not bad.
(chips clinking)
– [Dealer] That’s $550.
– Sorry about this
Sonny, but I’m in.
– [Dealer] You’re All In?
– Yeah!
– Yes!
– Now wait, we don’t know yet.
– Sorry about that.
– She goes, I’m sorry about
this Sonny, but I’m all in.
– It’s okay Grandma,
it’s only money.
– [Dealer] It’s $1500.
– Oh, did I go broke?
– [Chris] Oh, she’s
playing it perfectly too.
Totally undervaluing her hand.
And hoping to get that
other Ace to call.
And she does!
– Bonus hand.
– All right. Let’s see
Gram, what’ve you got?
– You got to turn them over.
– All right.
– Turn them over.
– We know that card.
– Whoa.
– That’s the face
we wanted to see.
– Six solo, Ace, Four.
– Ten, Nine, Eight.
– Ten.
– You’re winning so far.
As long as a Ten
doesn’t come you’ll win.
– [Joe] Cougar versus Puma.
– Okay.
– No Ten, no Four.
– You don’t even
have to fade a heart.
– Yes!
– All right!
– [Chris] Way to go Irene!
– Good job!
(audience claps and cheers)
– Nice bet.
– Oh, my goodness.
– [Audience Member]
Good job Gram!
– Yeah, that was good.
How much did I win that time?
– A lot!
– Oh, about $3,000.
– Oh!
– [Joe] She is straddling again.
But uh, oh, Aces for Kane Kalas,
That’s the best
starting hand in poker!
What a treat!
– [Dealer] Raise to $450.
– [Chris] $450 is
the bet from Kalas.
(chips clinking)
– [Joe] Loose call from Puma.
– Action’s over here first.
You’ve gotta wait for
Kyle, to make a decision.
– [Chris] Kyle?
Never heard of him.
– [Joe] We all want to
steam roll Kyle Bowker.
– [Dealer] Raise to $1750.
– [Chris] Grandma will
sit this hand out.
– [Joe] Kane is going
to be pretty tempted
to put in another bet.
– [Chris] Both these players
have pretty nice stacks
in front of them.
– [Joe] Four bet alert!
– [Chris] And everyone
knows the fourth one is
always Aces right?
– [Joe] Always Aces.
(chips clinking)
Four, three, off? Still no good.
(chips clinking)
Man these guys
really hate to Fold.
I guess Bowker’s hoping he’s
up against Queens or Kings?
– [Chris] All right,
$11,000, pre-flop.
Bowker and Kalas, heads up.
Do some damage on the Flop.
It’s six, seven, eight,
with two diamonds.
That is the kind of damage
that Bowker was hoping for
I’m guessing.
– [Joe] It’s unreal.
Bowker 8% before the flop.
Manages to gain 10% equity
after flopping a Flush Draw.
– We got Grandma in here.
– [Chris] Oh, and he’s
going to get a free turn.
– [Joe] Okay, back
down to 6% equity.
Bowker’s going to try
to semi bluff this now.
– [Chris] $7400 now,
the bet from Bowker.
– Did you see that
big hand she played?
She had the best
hand on the turn.
If she went all in on the
turn, she would’ve won like
$10 or $15 thousand.
– [Joe] Sometimes Aces
are going to be beat here.
But, you can’t fold.
Not against Kyle Bowker.
Who could easily be doing
this with some kind of
draw or combo draw.
– [Chris] $26
thousand, post turn.
Here we go, River.
Brick away, for Kyle Bowker.
– [Joe] Kane Kalas now has a
Full House, so he’s really got
nothing to worry about.
However, I do not think Kyle
Bowker calls another red cent.
Irene knows what
I’m talking about.
Red cents went out of
circulation in 1941.
– [Dealer] $4 thousand.
– [Chris] Oh.
– No jab?
– Please check it
anyways. Seven, Deuce?
– [Joe] Rockets!
Kane Kalas takes a big
pot off Kyle Bowker
and Irene Schaunbacher
wins a $5K pot.
And I think she’s
starting to rub off on me
a little bit.
Stick around, eat
something, you look skinny.
Have a sandwich, come on,
at least and Entenmann’s
you’re skin and bones!
– [Chris] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America.
Let’s take a look at
the final chip counts
for our time here
in the Steel City.
Todd Brunson, got got,
to the tune of $35K.
Austin Wentling lost $3600,
which ain’t nothing
to sneeze at.
And Mark Puma lost a big
pot, with three Aces,
to Granny Schanbacher,
and Shaun Deeb lost $20.
– [Joe] I hope Shaun Deeb can
bounce back from that one.
Pittsburgh Royalty.
Kane Kalas was our big winner,
finishing up over $30 grand.
While Jack Schanbacher
won big and
had quality time with Nana.
Kyle Bowker was up huge,
but things really
took a turn for the
worst when his seat turned
into a Schanbacher sandwich.
– [Chris] Join us next time
on Poker Night in America.
– [Joe] Irene, please let us
know when you get home okay?
I mean it.
– [Chris] And if you want
more Poker Night in America,
we have a new free
social poker app,
that you can download and
have your own Poker Night,
with your friends.
It’s been updated now
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Download that today for Apple
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And also, make sure you follow
our social media accounts
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where you can see full
episodes, live streams and
exclusive content.
For everyone here at
Poker Night in America,
he’s Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris
Hanson, thanks for watching.
– Oh, I’m sorry about
this Sonny, but I’m in.
– She’s all in.
– [Dealer] You’re all in?
– Yes!
– [Chris] Poker Night in
America is brought to you by
Kimo Sabe Mezcal
and Sit and Go, 2.0.

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