Greatest Poker Hands – Daniel Negreanu Calls Against Kings | PokerStars

Greatest Poker Hands – Daniel Negreanu Calls Against Kings | PokerStars

James Hartigan: Poker skills on show at European
Poker Tour, London, in 2010 with season pro
and table entertainer Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu,
up against the comparatively unknown Angel
[Player talk]
James: Dario is going to be in the big blind
here. Angle Shlomi raising under the gun with
William: Shlomi has a big one and he’s not
playing around, he almost makes it 5 times
the big blind.
James: Bonyadi with 6s will call, Negreanu
on the button has 10-9 of diamonds,
William: Negreanu’s loving life right now
on the button with this hand. He’s really
thinking about it, he’s confused with this
5X out of Shlomi.
James: But he makes the call, both blinds
will fold, so 3 players will see a flop.
No 6 for Bonyadi, but a 9 high flop could
get Daniel in trouble here.
William: Daniel looked a bit speculative pre-flop
and now he’s picked up top pair, he might
get in trouble.
James: Shlomi continues. He’s made it 1,525,
it’s a pot-sized bet.
William: No slow playing for Shlomi. 5X pre-flop,
pot on the flop. Daniel still not convinced;
he wants to call.
James: But should he call?
William: Daniel has a tough time folding pairs
and this is top pair.
He should probably fold but I don’t see it
James: He does make the call.
William: A big pot is brewing…
James: And no real threat out there to Shlomi’s
William: Shlomi can’t be too concerned about
this turn card.
James: 2,125.
William: This time he decides to make it a
little bit cheaper for Negreanu. He went full
pot on the flop, right around half pot on
the turn.
James: Surely this is where Daniel lets it
William: Daniel is trying to put the pieces
of the puzzle together.
And he makes the call. He’s not entirely convinced
yet. Again this river really doesn’t change
much; the only hand this helps is 6-7 or 8-9
and Shlomi only fires out 1/3 pot on this
river. He gives Negreanu a fair price to make
this call.
He’s getting 4-1 on his money.
James: Well let’s see if Daniel can get away
from this.
[Player talk]
James: You think right.
William: Daniel really pulled the trigger
correctly on that one.
James: And Shlomi is now thinking, if you’ve
read for me aces or kings, surely you can
beat aces or kings, I have to fold!
[Player talk]
James: If you think
you can’t beat that hand, vote now and share
it with your friends.

70 thoughts on “Greatest Poker Hands – Daniel Negreanu Calls Against Kings | PokerStars”

  1. that was risky as hell O.o i don't know if i like dan's play, he should know that fish don't fold overpairs…so he really had to churn out that sentence on the river fast or he was losing lol

  2. Calling a video "The One where Daniel calls it" is like calling it "The one where Hellmuth loses it" or "The one where Tony G is a prick" lol

  3. he tried it before this clip
    on high stakes poker (huge difference between tournament and cash game) and i agree completely with what you said !!
    dont let the fat boy discourage your avant-garde process of thinking

  4. McFucking walk. That was a good one! Should be campaigned in America.. north to south.. fat fucks everywhere

  5. can someone please interview Daniel about this hand? I wanna know his thought process. It was pure genius.

  6. Actually it wasn't … I would never expect him to say that line if he's better than aces or kings. That's why I would snap call him with overpair in this spot. 😉

  7. I love all these pro youtube poker players trying to say its easy for Daniel to do that. YOUS KNOW NOTHING!!!

  8. That's where leveling comes in: you think he's only saying that when he has a worse hand and wants you to fold, but Daniel is perfectly capable of saying that with a set of 9's or Q's, knowing that his little speech will make a lot of players suspicious. He knows his players well.

  9. I think this is one of the most underrated hands in poker. It put on a truly professional display of reading ability and psychology that makes poker so unique in the world of professional games.

  10. " aren't smart enough to put down the McNuggets and go for a McFucking walk and eat healthy you fat fuck"
    lmao – classic.

  11. I don't think Daniel would of said Aces or Kings out loud vs most Pros. But it worked against this guy. Kind of a tell by Daniel

  12. I desagree.The other guy made a big pre flop raise at under the gun position. he made also a instant continuation bet after the flop because there were two spades on the flop. aces, kings, even queens are a very comon hand to play that way in that position. unlucky daniel is old school 😉

  13. I'm not talking about what the guy actually had, i'm talking about what Daniel said to him after raising on the river. By telling to the guy you either have Aces or Kings is giving away a tell. If the guy was smart enough he would of picked up on that.

  14. Yeah, but in reality it can go either way, right? It could be a reverse tell disguised a tell to prompt a call, or a reverse tell to get a fold. You only know they guy made a bad fold because you saw the hole cards.

    Plus, spotting tells is actually useless unless you can establish a pattern for a certain player of what's normal/different in their composure. Negreanu talks a lot. Regardles of what's he's saying, it's really a 'zero-sum' tell if you get what I mean by that.

  15. In the US so I can't speak from experience, but I have to assume that the lower stakes games still have a fair bit of people who play like it's play money.

    Plus, it's not like everyone's going to fold there, in addition to the fact that Daniel's comment likely induced the fold. In fact, 20x raise on the river is super polarizing. Maybe just a little bit :-). So, if you're raising 20x on the river I imagine you get picked off a lot. I'd recommend against it.

  16. The thing is daniel has read him from early, that pot bet didn't help on the flop it looks like bald guy is trying to protect something, The set is too strong and the pair of tens too weak fpr a pot bet, so it leaves overcards, queens at this stage wouldnt be worthy of a 5 x raise, and he knows daniel will likley give value.

    I personally would of called neagranu because I know how loose and decieving he can be, and he's missed alot of draws, he could well have a set but less likely as its DG

  17. Esto de que Negreanu diga la mano del otro y pregunte si es ilegal se lo he visto hacer unas cuantas veces, no se, creo que el sabra de sobras lo que puede o no puede decir y siempre que se lo he visto hacer llevaba o una pareja (2ª o 3ª de mesa) o simplemente no tenia nada, así que habra que apuntarselo.

  18. If Daniel hadn't announced to the other guy that he thought he had kings, the other guy would have most likely called. Daniel has a psychological advantage over his opponents because he messes with their heads lol

  19. Lol, snap call after the trash talk. If he Knows the other guy have AA or KK, and he s winning, why announce that? If he beats AA or KK, he just wanna get value from his hand.
    So, when u say: "i know u have AA or KK", and keep betting, u r trying to represent a better hand. So, if u have a better hand, why u ll say that for the oponnent?
    Dont make sense. "Hey dude, i know u have AA or KK, but im better than u, so, im raising here. Im ur friend, so fold.

  20. Lol, I love the extra comment Daniel made,

    "I'm just sayin, that's what I thought he had [aces or kings] – but not that I could beat it."

  21. He said you have aces or Kings …but if he had a hand thats beats aces or kings , he wouldn't talk …easy call

  22. @ 1:56 "Shlomi can't be too concerned about this turn card"

    I'm new to playing poker and I don't understand this, the commentator means that with the Q on the turn he shouldn't really be too bothered about backing off a bit – but why? Daniel could easily have Q9, or is it that he wouldn't have gone to the flop with Q9? It seems way too presumptious to just assume your opponent isn't going to make two-pair.

    From playing online I see hands like Q9, going to the flop a lot, even if they're not suited.

    Apologies if I give you a headache with how potentially stupid that is hahah, as I said, I'm new to playing.

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  24. I'm actually surprised that comment didn't induce a call tbh. Seems like an obvious ploy, especially given the way the play went, but I guess Negreanu read his opponent for timid which is impressive.

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