Greg Monroe aka “Moose” | Aus der NBA zum FC Bayern Basketball  | presented by adidas

Greg Monroe aka “Moose” | Aus der NBA zum FC Bayern Basketball | presented by adidas

„ELCH“ – Can you say it? ELCH? I am happy to be here and it has just been…
(MUSIC STARTS) You could just feel my heart beating through my suit and everything. Bavario! How does it feel, your first time in Lederhosen? I feel like Bavario. I grew up on the westside of New Orleans, Louisiana. The city is basically split by a river and I lived on the westside of the river. I grew up there with my mom and my sister. I mean as a kid I really played sports all year around. I lived across the street from a recreational park. They had different sports in season throughout the year and I basically played everything. I’ve always been in love with sports. 6’11’’ – 265 lbs and a voice that underlines this mighty appearance: Greg Monroe. I’m meeting the new Bayern-Center at the teamhotel in Miami for the interview. His daily schedule? Packed. One media appointment after another. In between? Practice. Season preparation. But instead of a stressed NBA-star, I’m meeting a laid-back, almost reserved gentleman. He reminisces about why – out of all sports – Basketball won over his heart. The day my dad taught me how to play, when he actually took me to a park on an actual hoop. I remember that day. I think I fell in love with the game as soon as I played it. I would look out the window and there would be, you know, almost every kid in the neighborhood playing basketball. So it’s just something that I continued to grow to love… … and I’ve gotten pretty good at it! I was always tall, so I didn’t really have a choice. When I was like 14, I was playing for an AAU team… … and my coach was just like, “How serious do you wanna take it? “Cause you could really do anything you want to with it and be whoever you wanna be.” That conversation kind of made me change my outlook on how I want to approach the game. I became more serious about it. He saw something I didn’t see. And his coach should be proven right. His accomplishments at Helen Cox Highschool secured a spot in the All-American team. Followed by an outstanding Freshman-season at Georgetown University, Greg was awarded “Rookie of the Year”. Then – the day of truth, June 24 in 2010, which forever changed his life… “The Detroit Pistons select Greg Monroe, Georgetown University…” I just remember, I was so nervous! I was at the Draft and I remember my sister was sitting next to me… … and I was so nervous I grabbed her hand. And I put it on my heart and you could just feel my heart beating through my suit and everything. When you heard your name, did your heart stop? No, it didn’t because you can’t. One thing people don’t know about the Draft is, that once you walk across that stage… …, once you get off of it, for like the next four hours straight, you’re doing all media stuff. I got drafted around 7.30 pm and I didn’t leave until like 1.00 am. You’re doing media non-stop! You get a little chance to celebrate it, but then you really don’t. It’s just hitting you so fast. But it’s what everybody works for when they’re in that position, … so it’s all fun and you take everything in and take it in stride by stride. Your nickname is “MOOSE” Has anyone told you how to say it in German? No. – “ELCH” Can you say it? – One more time… It’s a very specific nickname. How did you get that? Right. It’s a long story: When I was really young there was this kid, whom I grew up with and one day he would just be like, “Shut up, you big moose!” You know we were really young, like 7 or 8 and it was just something he said joking around. Then one day in Highschool there was this girl I knew from my church. She was just doodling on the board and asked me, “Hey, what’s your nickname?” And right in that moment I said, “Big Moose” She drew it on the board and the teacher left it up there for weeks. So everybody, who had that class just saw it and started calling me that naturally. And then at Highschool when we were in the play-offs they drew some posters with our jersey numbers… … with our nicknames on the back and put them up in the center hallway. So then it got even bigger ‘cause everybody walks in the hallway. I took that poster to college – and how it got all the way to the NBA… Everybody at college called me that, but one of my teammates in college ended up being drafted a year before me to the same team I got drafted to a year later. He was calling me that out of habit. The coach caught on to it and asked me about it and I told him, “Yeah, that’s fine. That’s my nickname.” But he ended up saying it in the media one time and they didn’t know who that was. They were just like, “Who is moose?” And he was like, “Oh, I’m sorry! That’s Greg.” So after that, it was out there and the man, everytime I scored in the arena, he would say, “MOOOOOSE!” It just grew from there. You know, I love it! It’s fun! It doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just something that happened organically. It’s cool and it’s a part of me now and I can’t really get rid of it. That’s a good story! 623 games in the NBA. 417 of which as a starter. More than 13 points and 8 rebounds on average in the best league of the world. And then a career step that made headlines not only in Germany… It just got to a point, where I just wanted to compete and be on the court. This here gives me the opportunity to do that. I still compete at a high level. I’m still playing against some of the best players in the world. When I reached out to teams over here, just talking to the front office here… … about the things this team is trying to do, I thought it was a great fit. I only heard good things about Munich. So all things considered it was a collective decision and I’m happy to be here… (music starts playing) Obviously! On the Bayern-side the sports director, Daniele Baiesi, knows how the deal got sealed first hand. It was the easiest deal I ever had to make or to close. This is what we need. This is what we don’t want to go through. And this is who we are. If you’re not ready to go through this & that in Europe, don’t come! Then, if you want to make this part of the journey together with us, you know, we’re open. We’re excited. I think we had not even a negotiation. It was like, “This is what we have. You take it or leave it.” He took it! Sounds almost too easy to be true. But once you get to know Moose a little bit – grounded is a perfect fit. Miami is like a second home to him. So we’re getting into our Uber and start driving to Wynwood. His favorite place. It’s a newer area. The streetart and the visuals are really nice. They have some nice food, some places to hang out if you want to. It’s a nice area. What are your interests besides basketball? I read a lot. That’s probably one thing I do. What kind of genre? I’m definitely a non-fiction guy. I like stuff that you can apply to real life, just about personal growth and things like that. Do you have a favorite one? “Between the world and me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. He’s probably my favorite author. You’ve already told us that you’re from New Orleans, which is not so far away. You’re pretty familiar with Miami. What do you like about the feeling and culture here? I love it! I come from a place that has a lot of culture. So to come to another place with different cultures and to learn about different people and different ways of life is always fun. There’s plenty of culture to be found in Bayern and our complex giant here seems to embrace it fully. I think, Greg, you might be the perfect new „Lederhosen“-model. SUPER GERMAN! It’s super Bavarian: BAVARIO. Bavario. I like that. How does it feel, your first time in Lederhosen? I feel like Bavario. Yeah, that was fun! I put them on and I think, I looked pretty good in them myself. I feel like that’s a good part of life just to experience different things. So to be able to live in another country, I mean, I would’ve never thought of this in my life. So to be living in Germany, why not take full opportunity to embrace the culture?! When it comes to sports, however, Greg Monroe gets serious again. After all, he came to Europe with a strong mission. It’s just to compete at the highest level and try to win. That’s always been my focus no matter where I play. Do whatever I can to help the team win. I know they’ve been successful already and I just wanna continue to add to that. Continue the winning culture that they’ve built here. Is there like a motto or something that you live by? Trust in god, believe in yourself! I have the letters tatted on my wrist. That’s just always a reminder: No matter what you’re going through, no matter where you are, if you put your mind to it and believe in god, anything is possible! A feeling I can only confirm after our meeting. Sympathetic, grounded, always a little pensive, ambitious, authentic. Greg “Moose” Monroe persuades not only with his stats, but especially with his personality. Welcome “dahoam”. Subscribe the channel for more videos and leave a comment!

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  1. Absolut cooler Beitrag über jemanden der so erfolgreich & gleichzeitig super Bodenständig ist. Aber zwei Tage nach dem Upload nur 500 Klicks ? und generell nur 12k Abos… Für mich als 22 Jährigen kaum zu verstehen, was die Leute, welche sich darum kümmern den FCBB bekannter zu machen, groß treiben. Ich möchte hier nicht einen auf Social Media Experten machen aber ich könnte alleine mit meinen Möglichkeiten ein süßes Welpen, in kürzester Zeit, bekannter machen als den Youtube-Account unseres tollen Vereins… Wenigstens sind es auf Instagram um die 200k, wobei ich der Meinung bin, dass auch dort einiges mehr drin wäre ! Ich hoffe, dass daran gearbeitet wird 🙂

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