Gretchen Carlson Is Suing Fox News’ CEO. This Might Be Why

Gretchen Carlson Is Suing Fox News’ CEO. This Might Be Why

[BOLLING] Some guy came up to me and said,
“I saw you on ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning.
Is Gretchen as cute in person as she is on
[KILMEADE] And what did you answer?
[BOLLING] Gorgeous, gorgeous! Look at her
today. Beautiful dress. You look wonderful.
[BOLLING] Gretchen, you look wonderful.
[BOLLING] Gretchen, very, very beautiful dress
there. Great color.
[BOLLING] In summary, Gretchen’s beautiful!
[JOHNSON] Beautiful. You look beautiful. Thank
[CARLSON] Well, you look fabulous too!
[KILMEADE] Brian, can you tell Gretchen she
is definitely winning today? She looks amazing.
[KILMEADE] And no, it’s not because ‘Fox
& Friends’ is too hot.
But Gretchen is really too hot. Blame her!
[BRIGGS] and skirts—Gretchen, I guess what you’re wearing right now
—the skirt—might cause some problems.
[CARLSON] It would not be advisable for the
pat down.
[DOOCY] Gretchen is gonna ride the mechanical
bull, live from our snowy plaza.
[CARLSON] And a lot of viewers are concerned
that I’m gonna have the skirt on when I do it.
[KILMEADE] I’m not sure, but ‘concerned’—that’s
an interesting word.
[DOOCY] In the next two minutes, will Laura
Ingraham be able to change outfits, because
she has come to the studio dressed identically
to Gretchen. What are you thinking?!
[CARLSON] All women should be reading bra stories,
but then again, some men are experts at this.
[KILMEADE] You learn that at Broadcasting
[DOOCY] Bra-casting
[KILMEADE] Yeah, bra stories—defer to the
[KILMEADE] Doesn’t waxing hurt?
[DOOCY] It does. [CARLSON] He looks at me for that!
[DOOCY] We’ll try that on an upcoming episode
of ‘Fox & Friends.’
[KILMEADE] Do you like a woman masseuse or
a male masseuse? Just so I know.
[DOOCY] Not on TV.
[INGRAHAM] I am not gonna answer that. I am
[CARLSON] You know what, Laura—now you know
what I go through, okay?
[CARLSON] Would you like to correct yourself on that other talking point,
about men being dominant?
[KILMEADE] Oh, we don’t have any time. I wish
we did. We’re running over.
[CARLSON] Okay, ’cause HR’s on the phone because
you called me a skirt.
[KILMEADE] Yeah, I apologize. I gotta read
that manual again.
[CARLSON] I’ll bring it to your office right
after the show.
[KILMEADE] It was the only sexist person that
came on here and made you laugh, alright?
[CARLSON] Other than sitting next to you every
[KILMEADE] Right! That’s true. I’m not—but
I’m having fun with it.
[CARLSON] You’re a jest sexist.
[KILMEADE] Yes, I jest that I’m sexist.
[DOOCY] Jest! Just in time.
[CARLSON] I think we should read the headlines.
[KILMEADE] I think it’s just you.

100 thoughts on “Gretchen Carlson Is Suing Fox News’ CEO. This Might Be Why”

  1. I'm lost. She has about a $1.5M Salary and wants to sue for harassment? I wish I could get paid that much and teased for looking good.

    I wonder if she knows that if she sue's she can kiss her job goodbye or at least any chance of being used for any further bits in the future.

    People in this world are becoming a bit too sensitive. I highly doubt those men were out to ruin her day with their compliments. Sometimes when a girl is really pretty a guy will say dumb stuff due to lack of not knowing what to say to make him seem cool.

  2. When you work with dudes all day then you see a women come in she'll always get more than the attention she deserves.

  3. Who cares about Fox and Friends, people actually watch this junk, CNN. MSNBC, just turn these over paid people off.

  4. Really?! Rupert Murdoch and his sons Lachlan and James have decided to remove Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, following a sexual harassment lawsuit by former anchor Gretchen Carlson.

  5. Looks like shes playing right along! lol But everybody has to be offended these days. Weaklings. pathetic
    I hope Gretchen finds her "safe place" where she can go and suck her thumb.

  6. yeah…this isn't happy hour…a lot of this should not be said on air. A lot of this be uncomfy even at happy hour.

  7. Jesus what's the big problem? you pay someone a compliment and you're nailed as a perv? give me a brake people…btw nice tie(problem?)

  8. The House of Christian Values now in the throes a huge sex scandal and Roger Ailes about to be fired.

    You gotta love Christianity.

  9. As a once-upon-a-time Miss America, Gretchen should be happy that men still find her attractive nearly 30 years later.

  10. I'm usually the type that says "Stop being so sensitive", "Its just a compliment" and all but I gotta say, this is just a clear cut case of them demeaning and devaluing her day after day on national television. Respect to her for finally standing up to all this.

  11. Compliments are great. People love to get them. These "compliments" however, are much more than that. They're becoming more degrading over time. Rather than being complimentary they're reducing her to appearances only. Look at the responses below "Would you rather get called ugly instead?" and the obvious answer to that is NO. There is no reason to comment on her looks at all.

  12. at first, when it started, I thought it was just a nice complement. the it progressively got creepier and creepier. O.o

  13. Those dudes are so sleezy. one compliment, ok sure. But looks like it's a constant barrage, and the massage comment was just pervy as hell. Made me uncomfortable and a little sick to my stomach just watching, I feel so bad for her

  14. On one hand, some of the things just seemed like they were complimenting her, but it was clear that she was very uncomfortable with it. I wonder if she told them that it made her uncomfortable– given some of her comments, I think she did. If she did tell them, then it was inexcusable for them to continue. From the way the guy on the right was talking, I think he knew full well he made her uncomfortable, but both guys seemed to think it was perfectly ok.

  15. Oh come on most of the jokes were funny af, this feminazi is too PC, overly-sensitive and butthurt. I'm glad people no longer find her attractive enough to host a popular morning show anymore, but those hooters are still poppin' tho!

  16. Wow…she handled it well, with humor…On screen at times it was funny, other times quite cringe worthy…We don't know what went on behind the scenes, all though it's coming to light. Glad Fox got rid of Ailes and is growing up. It will be interesting to see what the station evolves into now.

  17. It's curious that women talk at great length about their clothes, but if men do it is sexual…hummm. Can we discuss this intelligently?

  18. The reason I stopped watching F&F is because BK is a sexist pig. Also, as a middle-aged female, I got sick of the parade of mini-skirted female cast members after GC and EH left. How many times do we have to watch them pull their skirts down? The whole vibe of the show makes my skin crawl.

  19. Any woman who worked in the corporate world has dealt with this, some worse than others and some more public than others. And sadly, everyone (men and women) "put up with it" because to stand up to it is so exhausting. This is disgusting to watch in 2015/2016. My god, man, what an ass. They look like two men at a meat market and they are on national television.

  20. I'm shocked, shocked that the family values advocated by Faux news is pure BS. Disgusting that so many US viewers support this channel.

  21. She recorded the stupid old sleaze on her iPhone. Good for you, Gretchen –

  22. I remember when Grechen Carlson sexually harassed "The Old Spice Man on a Horse" on live TV. It was really awkward and rather pathetic. I can't believe people never called her out on the suggestive remarks made to him in the way she did. Seemed quite hypocritical to me.

  23. No matter what her personal struggles have been, in my book, her truth is outside in what she has done to public discourse while selling herself as Roger Ailes vile instrument.

  24. She is Consperacy theorist !!!!! Now how ya like that shit Gretchen!!! Even though you know it's true…. Your a crazy Consperacy theorist!!!!

  25. There was NOTHING sexist about ANY of the comments made by the hosts of Fox and Friends in this video. Whoever posted this has got VERY thin skin!!!! I found the comments amusing and entertaining —– not offensive. The hosts of Fox and Friends are just being REAL and TRUE TO LIFE. I find their candor quite refreshing. And I find your hypersensitivity quite nauseating. LIGHTEN UP FOR GOD SAKES!!!

  26. If the colors of the flag you were holding seeped from red, white, and blue, to confederate orange, you wouldn't say it was because you were uncomfortable about repenting unkindly, would you?

    I'll skip my right to comment. Fun, guys.

  27. If she didnt like the comments— there is a simple remedy— Please Stop!! Men will flirt if they think a woman enjoys light Banter! If you dont like it, say so.

  28. She isn't bad looking, but I don't get it. There are a lot of other women there at FOX NEWS that blow her out of the water. I'm not a harasser, but if I were I'd be going after Monica Crowley or Lisa Booth. I know that doesn't sound very good, but it true.

  29. obviously this must not be the whole story. i can't see how this is sexual harassment. being told you look good everyday must be tough. some were borderline insulting to some women but there was no physical contact in these videos anyway

  30. Never tell a beautiful woman that she's beautiful.  Why not?  To begin with, you're not telling her anything she doesn't already know.  She's known it ever since daddy started telling her when she was just a little girl.  Second, nothing good can come of it, only bad.  The best thing to do is ignore her, it will piss her off and she'll start to have self doubts.


  32. I bet they are the type of guys that pass each other little notes saying " do you think she likes me?"

  33. I LOVE her TED talk!

  34. You could put a montage together for anyone on that show, male or female, and create the same impression. They gave her her own show after Fox and Friends.

  35. Whoa, that's fucking creepy. They treated her like a piece of meat. It's Fox though. They're making America great again with one creepy comment after another.

  36. Being told you look nice and being called "hot" are not means to the same end. It's one thing for someone to say my skirt looks nice and I look slamming sexy in it. How do people not see the difference?

  37. I'm sorry they told her she looked nice to many times.My friend from nursing school who was kidnapped and raped.would trade places with her if she could.

  38. and they are STILL on the air….. Fox news has NO SHAME. and now they are supporting Trump no matter what? This garbage "news" station needs to be off the air.

  39. Lmao this broad should be told she's ugly as fuck which is true anyways instead of complimenting her, same results.


  41. First they lift her up as pure and white as the driven snow,they put them up on a pedestal,now they just wanna see their crotch so much for honoring their woman,so called white men are just cave beast from Mount seir aka the Caucasus mountains of Georgia Russia perverted sickos gymnastics volleyball are all Olympic perverted sports to excite the so called red edomite man,and he enjoys little girls more than older women just grab um by their goat hair and drag um back into the cave.gieco

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