this is the new casino for GTA online
and what the hell did even happened here
this does feel like GTA online that’s
the car right inside the casino which
you can try to win and here’s my bad new
car super car just by spinning a wheel
I won 25 grand
can see there are so many slot machines
here these sound like some different
games I haven’t played them let’s let’s
put the max bet which is 2500 insane for
a slot machine did I want it I’m just
losing the money
that’s how casinos work I wanna win and
I mean yeah but I lost much more trying
to win this is the casino in GTA san
andreas we are gonna take a good look at
some of you were complaining about my
background well joke’s on you I don’t
have one I’m so damn ready to lose
everything and we are gonna go towards
the slot machines first these guys are
very playing good what is even going on
I stuck it between them I I can’t pass
oh I I can this is there is a slot
machine and it’s just $20 let’s win
let’s win let’s win let’s win let’s win
and no N
just one win please no fucking way
still no mean maybe am I even going to
win this game oh oh
jellies cherries I tried it almost
hundred times cherries cherries
yes give me the drink or should I take
it my master give me this give me this
these things I just cardboard this is
how you will look if you stay in the
casino for long you’re gonna get some
drinks there’s some stuff here this was
worth it
– everything is so worth it here babe
Italy look at this what do we have here
some horses and stuff I select horse
randomly whenever my mouse stops again
and I will do it again
it stopped somewhere yes say tasty Black
Rock rooster blessing deep max let me
get a better look
that’s a number 5 hits he’s the last one
I can’t believe yes dude go go go beat
that – dude they don’t know the Creator
hey no man I don’t see any such a great
competition between 1 and 2 I’ve evolved
an upside there’s no hospital in GTA
selling this inside the casino but we
have something else here ok this is the
machine we are supposed to use I guess
so to select our horse this time I’m
going to generate a random number using
Google and it is – here
and let’s first change it but that it’s
a fall you’re choosing the fourth number
let’s say Hendrix job thanks Hendrik I
was his for and he it’s actually leading
in the first place I dare dance to golf
yes coming faster in the first Lane no
yes I can’t really uh Hosford better by
just generating random number from
Google that’s some luck right here I
don’t know how to play these games never
done it let’s put some on the red stop
at some red stuff you got to love the
red man black is bad don’t do it shit
took everything
yes and she’s about to stop ID where I
know this I’m a poor at this game
right I played every day and lose
everything in GTA on day shut up
hey red red wallet I’m placing the bet
on red all also in my favor
our disparity bills to pay I have to pay
for my most insurance for my opus about
to yes ninety thousand yes that’s their
that’s their I won’t give you my money
he placed on she placed a black no you
aren’t burning that I am this is gonna
be there for sure
yes flicking hundred thousand and one
bet on the best for losing your money
how much is your bet dead cows on chefs
train dozen thousand that is how much I
spent on the slot machine not cool a
million yes please
yes that please that please read please
please Nate thank you
and I would less more because I wanna be
more the awesome thing is I can’t even
see the ball in the crewneck table
pretty legit I will again shit man I
love this scheme hello casinos yeah no I
hate casinos this is blackjack and I
don’t know how to play this thing first
okay I got it
and I’m ready to place my bet I place
the max bet place my bet I’m all with
I’m all-in
I have 11 with me 30 or no your car
dealer sky I want it I want the other
car kill me
all know I hit 12 yes yeah that was
awesome I didn’t know how to play this
game exactly I had to delete the first
tab before
no he won by one point yes I would
yeah I win
yes cool yes I think I do
Clinic he has a black trying to win 21
this school we both win man half women
half a shit yes I’ve been yes i wink
Alvin no yes that’s how I do it yeah
when I lost it yes I mean no so I lost
almost all my money that’s out casino
words I don’t wanna beat this guy
I don’t wanna play more I don’t know
give me all the chips you let’s try the
black check how much is this 1 million
yes please
I’m going in like hell I will place more
than everyone else
I’m 2020 so I will stick with it
yo well yeah sure hell I’m I know I lost
on yes one that’s it blackjack don’t let
me lose this time unless you don’t know
what I will do I won’t okay the next
time I lose you will know what I can do
yes sure I lost take again oh dude the
hostage I still going to play I wanna
win before I die I will definitely win
the same yes I went no I don’t like this
I don’t blow this slot machine real
quick now I have something to blow the
slot machine I don’t like it
that’s how I do it I destroyed that slot
machine okay let me show you something
more the GTA 5 has to offer
break house this school look at it for
doors that’s awesome
stop staring at me dude
thanks for watching Ellen if you liked
this episode of template please hit that
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  1. OMG couldn't wait for this video Again Not to mention Best channel in the World ❤️💯💥✨😍

  2. Yesterday I tried the giant wheel , I have 1 chance on twenty to win the car, and a win the special car in the giant wheel
    I was so shocked 😯

  3. Granted gta sa had three but the games were simler.

    I live in the states so it legel tho i hear rumers certin states cant play it.

    For my vote it gta 5 it may only have one casino but it worth it.

  4. finally a nice indian youtuber in the community… im not racist but L-Series needs to be stopped, apart from that Congratulations for the great videos you make!!

  5. Everyone just submit to rockstar feedback page that they should nerf the oppressor mk 2 if enough people submit then they cant ignore us all for example passive mode

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