what’s happening boys welcome to this
segment right here on your boyish
Sheriff and guess what man we are gonna
talk about a solo unlimited money glitch
I’m gonna have some gameplay happening
of this money glitch in the background
we’re gonna discuss everything about it
like we always do
like the King Squad always does so why
are we documenting a solo unlimited
money glitch well it’s not a surprise
because two things actually the first
thing is some of you guys have been
leaving comments on the channel and even
on the Xbox Live sending me messages
saying how come you’re not documenting
solo unlimited money glitch as anymore
and that’s heartbreaking
okay you see you guys sending these
messages and I want to relate with you
guys and let you know things a little
bit from my side
the first reason that I’m gonna tell you
about it is not because Rockstar is
striking down channels and taking them
out left and right it’s because the
glitches are not what they used to be
let’s face it what got you into glitches
in the first place for me it was very
simple we need to get a ton of money
there’s a brand new DLC coming toward us
we got a stack up on it and since the
beginning of this game every DLC has
been more expensive so I’m going to show
you the only active solo unlimited money
glitch that’s worth your time I’m gonna
be honest with you from the beginning
this is not the easiest glitch I’ll show
you all the steps we’ll talk about it as
we go throughout this video now right in
the beginning I’m gonna tell you the
stuff that you need and I also want you
to make note of the time on the
dashboard of the PlayStation there is a
few things that could make this a glitch
easy for you and it will speed up the
process a little bit first thing first
let’s say you have the MOC okay you also
have the most expensive vehicle inside
that mu C which is the arena meaning
once you have it fully upgraded that car
is gonna sell for 1.7 million it’s a lot
of money okay but again we go back to
the glitch and what the glitch needs you
to do the second thing that you need is
the nightclub and inside the nightclub
if you don’t want to do the scuba glitch
which is spawning like a gazillion tank
in order to move the faggio then you can
do it in a different way a game is gonna
involve the value we’re gonna get into
the first or make that the second level
inside the nightclub you’re gonna order
yourself a value now I put the value in
spot number two you can put it in spot
number two if you’re comfortable with
this glitch or spot number three from
here I’m gonna go ahead and call on the
MOC because I want to make sure that I
got the most expensive vehicle inside it
from this point you can go ahead and
return the MOC inside your bunker now
remember a few things right here I’m
skipping time because this is gonna take
a while I am saying in an invite-only
session that’s on free aim with the
PlayStation 4 is very easy to jump off
of people that don’t even know you’re
using their names they’re part of the
community and they’re playing either on
full aim lobby or partial aim lobby and
this way you can start a job pop the
menu go into the community and off of
their name you gotta go a little bit low
in the community post in order to get
somebody that’s playing and partial aim
or full aim and from there you can
teleport yourself if you are unable to
do this because you’re on Xbox one
you can always spawn the helicopter from
the CEO and you can go ahead and drive
it back and forth between the bunker and
the nightclub do not call a personal
vehicle outside okay
another step that you got to do right
here is you gotta have a ton of snacks
stack up on them and this is something
that’s gonna come down the line that
might make or break the glitch for you
and it’s gonna make it a little bit
frustrating ok so we got everything in
place we’re gonna go down toward the
bunker and we gonna pop the arena
meaning out of the MOC drive it inside
the bunker close to the MOC and just
leave it there get outside the car and
then get outside the bunker once you’re
outside you can drop teleport like I’m
gonna do on the ps4 or you can go ahead
and get inside your helicopter and go
all the way to the nightclub
ok you’re at the nightclub you’re gonna
get inside the level that the fag use in
it could be
level from two three or four at this
point you’re gonna pop up the
interaction man you’re gonna start
eating snacks the eating snacks part is
by you clicking the X button once and
then twice holding it down and walking
towards your faggio so this will give
you the effect of your character walking
toward them the faggio and at the same
time he’ll be pushing it now he’s
pushing it ever so slightly ever so
slightly so you might run out of snacks
on this and this is part of them the
tediousness of this glitch that he can
spend a ton of money right here not
money I mean time and at the end it
might not work to your advantage so
that’s exactly what happened to me I had
all the snacks I kept pushing on this
value until it got to the steps once it
gets to the steps and it falls side way
it’s the same as the other glitch that
we used to do with the tanks now you
have to position that value between the
table and the bench because you want to
teleport on and off the value okay so
for me I didn’t have enough snacks to
get it at the right table I got it at
the table that’s position before it and
at that table you can’t really teleport
on it that easy you have to go to the
second table and do it there so keep in
mind that if you are running out of
snacks it’s gonna be a problem for you
in order to get it toward the table so
for me it didn’t work but I’ll tell you
what’s gonna happen right here let’s say
you positioned it between the table and
the bench and you can teleport on it
you’re gonna be standing right next to
it before you teleport you’re gonna hold
down the gas trigger on the specific
system that you’re playing and you’re
gonna click the Y button in order to sit
on it now it’s Y or triangle depending
on the system when you’re doing that
you’re also hammering right on the d-pad
in order to sit on the bench right
beside it so you’re doing multiple
things at the same time it might sound
complicated it’s not really complicated
but again you might end up failing right
here at the step after wasting all that
time to get the fact you’re positioned
in the proper area so let’s say you’re
holding the right trigger you teleported
with the Y or the triangle button to sit
on it and you’re hammering down the
right d-pad if that’s done correctly you
spawn outside the nightclub was out the
fag you there okay now we’ve done this
before we’ve done a glitch like that
before from here you can job teleport
over to your bunker or fly there with
the CEO chopper you’re gonna get inside
your bunker the arena mini should be
sitting inside the bunker all you gotta
do is sit inside it you’ll see the plate
change get outside of the mini get
inside your MOC walk outside the MOC get
into the mini and drive it in you should
get the message that tells you there is
a vehicle in here and we’re gonna
teleport it over to your nightclub
that’s a glitch so it’s not the easiest
glitch it’s not the hardest glitch but
there’s too many factors to it and when
i factor in the time that I have on the
weekend and between everything that I
have in my life I can’t really sit and
keep doing a glitch like this back to
back to back because there’s a high
failure rate to it between having the
enough snacks in order to move that
value all the way to the bench and then
also wait for you know the teleportation
the gassing and clicking the right d-pad
so that’s basically the solo unlimited
money glitch right there now I ask you
at the end of the video if solo
unlimited money glitch s are dis
complicated with this high failure rate
do you really blame me for not
documenting it on the channels you guys
I can understand man I have like I don’t
want to blow my horn or anything but I
have so much responsibility in real life
and I’m sure some of you guys are the
same whether it’s school that you’re
studying for or you have an actual job
in your hand that the glitches have gone
through a transformation right now
that’s they take so long they’re not fun
to do and at the same time I sometimes
ask myself don’t I just want to play the
game and enjoy it all right so that’s
why you see me doing other stuff like
but like you see in the background right
now now that brings me to what is there
somewhat solo that I don’t have to
depend on anybody to do well the premium
braces are gonna give you a hundred
thousand apiece and I try to document it
for you guys the minute they come out
this is what
the best ways to make money it’s not
only gonna make you a ton of money if
you know what you’re doing you’re also
ranking up really fast and for somebody
who’s in my case that’s you know doesn’t
get much time with the game yet he’s a
high ranked player this is one of the
best ways to rank up I think you get
like 5,000 RP but I also know this is
not everybody’s cup of tea because if
you’re struggling with money you’re
probably thinking to yourself I’m not
gonna put $20,000 on the line then you
need to hit the double payouts double RP
adversary modes that they put towards
you that’s your best bet at this point
it’s not only gonna give you the rank up
it’s gonna give you a ton of money and
you’ll be ready for the next DLC
I hope this explains everything for you
guys if you do hit this glitch like a
boss do let me know I’ll see you guys on
the next segment and thank you for being
part of your Sheriff peace out everybody
peace out from a passive people because
they’re not sharing I’ve read mostly
it’s very realistic I think that’s why
they’re not giving us some they’re not
giving us private lobbies and solo
lobbies because I want it to be like the
wild wild west you know now and then you
come around a corner and someone shoot
you dead I try to do your trick it
didn’t work I was like okay whatever do
what we D says yeah you got first I’m
like what I’m over there flipping


  1. Here is your active solo unlimited money glitch that will get you everything for free in GTA 5 Online's New CASINO DLC 🔥 I always call it how it is, and this video is no difference

  2. Nah bro, I am totally irresponsible.
    But seriously, the glitches are crazy tricky now amd the people who can still find them have the patience of a saint.

  3. You do know there are other solo glitches that are way better than this trash you haven't been keeping up with the community I see…

  4. YouTubers aren't making many vids cause other bitch "Glitchers" are reporting other good channels.

  5. Glitches in 2017: make your friend start a job and stay there
    Glitches in 2019: now you need 7 bases, a MOC, if you BREATHE the wrong way the glitch is ruined and you need to start your whole gta 5 online character over again, you also need 8 friends who need to click the A button at the same time

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