GTA 5 Online: *$20,000,000+ Per Hour* Best Solo Money Glitch Right Now! Car Duplication XBOX & PS4!

GTA 5 Online: *$20,000,000+ Per Hour* Best Solo Money Glitch Right Now! Car Duplication XBOX & PS4!

what’s going on everybody my name is cash
nation and welcome to today’s video
today’s we all be showing you a solo
money glitch and help you make over 20
million dollars just like that as you
see top right on my screen I can go
show you a clip of my other video of how
much money I had before and this how
much I got here back in the maze bank
and as you can see right there in that
clip 6 mil and I got 20 plus mil right
now so I hope you all having a great day
today and I got some poor announcements
to make on this glitch make sure you
follow through throughout the video do
not skip out any steps because if you do
you look this glitch would not work for
you I’m sorry if you do skip out
throughout the video and you miss out
pouring information to the glitch it
would not work for you so it’s like this
it’s the same glitch but not necessarily
it because Rockstar did go patch the
glitches that was out for bases of the
cliffs towers and come to your bunker
you know duplicate any car you want to
duplicate but they passed it where you
can’t park about opposed no more and
they patch the eclipses towers we go to
the Heights Planning Board you know how
everybody struggles on that part even me
because the game sometimes I want to act
like it want to work sort of start these
little what you want to do is go ahead
your se inside your MOC take it outside
your MOC and park your car right in this
very spot as you can see I kept going
forward and back it’s unclear play that
right back so you can see on what I did
I kept on backing up and making sure I
had that alert on top look at my screen
that says press right on the d-pad CIC
said I had backed up a little a little
too much being on the scoot up just a
tiny bit and got that alert on the title
of my screen to come up once you have
that go ahead get out the car go outside
the bunker make sure you go to your
interaction menu and go ahead go down to
the height options or high jobs and you
want to go and have this on custom so
when you open your maps you’ll see all
the highlighted job
on your map and that’s what you will
need make sure you’ll assist like
missions not on assisting aim make sure
your aiming is on free aim okay and also
your matchmaking on clothes you will be
doing a teleportation glitch where you
go ahead and go to the job and you set
the first alert and decline the second
one by joining a friend or a random
player that’s in a different target mode
in him you can go ahead and join my crew
also it’s open to everybody so what I
did was at this point at the bunker what
I did was go to my map and i teleported
at a job right by my Eclipse Towers now
make sure you have the heist planning
board with a setup done and you only
have one mission left which you can go
ahead press the right d-pad on your
screen I’m going to show you in a minute
but are you as you make it way to the
Eclipse tower make sure you have no
person because outside make sure you
parked it at the same location in the
first step and make sure you didn’t
request any personal vehicles if so you
will mess up the glitch it would not
work later on now this is a very hard
part in hard step of doing this glitch
you have to go ahead go to your plant
heist planning board go to your
apartments tiles by going to your
interaction menu and go ahead click a on
one of the styles and go to the next
style and hold the interaction menu and
press right on the d-pad and then quit
out the heist planning board you what
you’re trying to get from doing this is
your mini-map to disappear and once you
get that mini-map to disappear then
you’ll be all good to go for the next
step but as you can see here it goes
keeps coming back so all you do is go
ahead press a on the apartment style
you ain’t buying it you’re just
previewing it and go down to another
apartment style once you do that you can
go ahead press right on the d-pad
spamming and press B so I’m going to
tell you in order from this clip right
here go to your apartment Styles click a
onto any apartment styles you’re gonna
preview it then go down and press a hold
the interesting view and spam the right
deeper at the same time and when you go
to the high school a number like this
press B and then
you should get the no mini-map if not
you’ve got the mini-map still keep on
doing it if you still stuck on this step
go ahead please go to creator or restart
with detail application and go to a new
invite only session now after this step
when you got the know mini-map you
inside the apartment to wait for your
only way to get out is to use a job
that’s why I said go to interested me
you and go to hi jobs and show other
jobs in your mini map so you can
teleport and get out to eclipse towers
so now you can go and make your way into
the casino penthouse if you have the
casino penthouse or you can make your
way down here to the arena war shop or
you can go and make it way to the
nightclub which everyone you want to use
it’s all on you but in this video right
here I’m going to show you the penthouse
method so I’m going go to the job right
near my penthouse and I’m going low into
that Lobby once I lowered it to a lobby
I’m gonna go to a friend or random
player that’s in a different targeting
mode at me I’m gonna go ahead and join a
game except the first alert and decline
the second alert so what you want to see
is after you do that it will cancel out
the lobby that you’re in right now and
it was teleports you right next to the
nightclub or the arena workshop or the
penthouse so as you see there are simply
the first alert and client that sickling
alert and then boom i teleport at my
penthouse if using a penthouse you
should hear cars around you but you
should see none alright so as you can
see the parking lot is empty there’s no
cars around me whatsoever so what I’m
gonna do is make my way into the
penthouse garage so make sure whatever
whichever one you’re using the arena you
can go use the arena it also works for
the arena the nightclub in the penthouse
like I just said but make sure you have
a free rh8 inside so you can go ahead
and take it outside your arena your
nightclub or the penthouse
so which I’m gonna do go ahead making
over here as you see I already got some
RHA stocked and ready to be duplicated
so Guinness tile the Reta and drive out
once you drive out
black screen then you should come back
and you should be walking you should not
be inside a car
some people are unfortunate they will
actually drive the car outside and they
will have the car outside so if that’s
the case go ahead restart this glitch
again from step number one but if you
came outside just like I did and you’re
walking on foot go ahead do the same
thing that friends teleportation glitch
and make your way back to your bunker
now same thing
go ahead go to the job near the bunker
you want to go ahead go to the friend or
random join a game accept the first
alert and decline the second alert once
that happens you will spawn right by
your bunker and then just go ahead make
your way inside your bunker now if you
came this far to the glitch thank you
because now you’re one step closer to
becoming a millionaire already by doing
this glitch I’m telling you right now I
am close enough to hit 30 mil just about
doing this cuz as of right now I’m still
duplicating my car with this solo money
glitch now go ahead share with your
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once you get inside the SC or any car
that you duplicating it could be any car
by the way but make sure you do not
press right on the d-pad right away
count to 10 seconds to 15 seconds and
then press around the d-pad and once you
do that you should get an alert saying
person vehicle storage is full in the go
ahead accept that alert but it will go
it will go to a black screen once it
goes to a black screen should
automatically show up in such MOC that
the car inside the MOC so you should
have a copy of your SC or whatever car
you duplicating inside the MOC and one
inside the penthouse or whatever other
building like the arena or the nightclub
inside there as well
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really appreciate I hope you all have a
great day today my name is cat nation
and here’s my duplicated car right here
as you can see but I’m glad y’all
enjoyed this video
gosh that like come down below and I see
you in my next video

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