Yerrr what’s poppin let’s welcome back to
the channel
this is Dimez ENT aka Glitch Guru in this
GTA 5 online video I’m gonna
be showing you guys the horse betting
glitch 100% solo unlimited money glitch
I just wanted to give you guys update on
it it is still working right now
currently you guys can do this glitch to
make some money and you guys can use
this glitch to get you some of the
things that you will need for future
glitches like a bunker MOC CEO building
and all that good stuff like that so
really quickly want to give a shout out
to the founder of the glitch
Sandman 689 and notification squad
everybody who has notifications turned
on well let’s get started you want to
come over to inside track select single
race we’re gonna choose our horse horse
number one he has the best eyes of
winning once we get here we’re gonna
hover over this right arrow now once you
get over there you want to use your
touchpad to make sure you highlight that
arrow after using the touchpad to
highlight the arrow we’re gonna hit down
on the d-pad that’s gonna take us down
to place bet so now what you guys want
to do is get ready to press X on place
bet and then you guys want to quickly
press down on the right side of your
touchpad and hold it throughout the
entire race that’s gonna select the bet
and raise it at the same time and then
we’re just gonna be raising it in the
background as we’re racing right here
okay so since we highlighted it using
our touchpad the first time whenever we
hit the right side of our touchpad
that’s gonna take us right back to that
right arrow and then when we press the
touchpad in and we select it then that’s
going to confirm that bet and place it
and then you guys will raise the bet in
the background and when you win you guys
should win big so we went about 20,000
right here very good money you do want
to be mindful of how you press the
touchpad though because you know when
you hit it or you touch anything on the
touchpad it is very sensitive and it
moves around a lot
so if the touchpad is moving around a
lot when you go to press it on the right
side of it and it moves off of that
Eero sometimes you can see it before you
go into the race you can see that the
touchpad or the mouse has moved off of
the arrow and you don’t want that so
when you press the right touchpad guys
don’t press it too hard or otherwise
it’s gonna go crazy all right so once
again I’m going to do it i’ma hover over
that right arrow with the touchpad press
down on my d-pad to take me down to
place bet we’re gonna select X over
place bet and then we’re gonna quickly
touch and hold the right side of the
touchpad all right press it in and just
hold it throughout the entire race into
your horse crosses the finish line and
when you win you guys should win pretty
big when you lose you will only lose 100
chips maybe 200 chips and no more than
that so you guys will be always winning
money with this glitch whenever you hit
it and if you fell then all you have to
do is just try again there’s really no
harm you only lose 100 chips which is
only $100 again I want 30,000 chips
right here you guys can start this
glitch off with an account that doesn’t
have any money on it at all you guys can
just walk into the casino go over to
inside track and start betting I believe
on a new account and start you off with
about 10 to 20,000 so you guys can just
go buy some chips and start betting and
start making some money really fast and
it’s really not that hard to do this
glitch you guys so this is the one you
guys really been waiting for so jump on
it right now because there are no
requirements needed for this glitch you
can start it off with a brand new
account level 0 you don’t need anything
so start saving up some money using this
glitch right here and I suggest that
when you save up enough money you buy a
bunker MOC arena workshop the binney’s
mechanic get yourself a free elegy rh8
and then try to upgrade it to a Benny’s
original custom the elegy retro custom
and it doesn’t have to be maxed out
right away I would say you know put a
little bit of money into it duplicate it
sell one of the duplicates get a little
bit of money go back upgrade the
original even further duplicate the
original so now the duplicate is
upgraded and worth more money and you
keep doing that until you have
duplicates that are maxed out and worth
max amount of money that you can get for
a car but that’s all we have time for
guys in this video I hope those tips
helped you so make some money get rich
really quickly if it did help you leave
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subscribers so please guys please help
me help you and keep bringing you these
great GTA 5 online videos until next
time this is your boy glitch guru
officialy you peace stay low are you


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