GTA 5 Online: Best SOLO Car Duplication Glitch *$1,700,000+ Every 1 Minute* Money Glitch XBOX & PS4!

GTA 5 Online: Best SOLO Car Duplication Glitch *$1,700,000+ Every 1 Minute* Money Glitch XBOX & PS4!

what’s goin everybody welcome cash nation crew welcome noti gang welcome
to viewers that click onto this video
welcome my name is cash I bring you GTA
5 money glitch is my start this video
with the glitch straight on to the
straight to the points so now first
thing you want to do before you even
start the glitch I’m still number one
makes you go ahead go to online make
sure you have your matchmaking on open
and make sure you are in the invite only
session this video right here I already
made a video on this last video but this
video right here might explain all your
questions and everything that you having
trouble with in this video so now you
ain’t inside an invite-only session you
inside you’re in a workshop all you do
make sure you have the car that you
trying to duplicate which is any babies
car or any arena work vehicle vehicle if
you want to keep duplicating over and
over again but if you wanted to
duplicate one car and just sell the
original copy then you can go ahead do
that I’m gonna go ahead sell my vintage
Atlanta and sell that for two point six
or two point eight mill so that’s only
one time though because you can’t sell
the dupe version of a supercar only the
original copy
so go ahead join a random find a random
person if you can’t find a random person
to join on GTA online if you have no
friends on the line right now is playing
and you try to do the glitch go ahead go
to cruise go to leaderboards and go to
IGN crew and just find someone off there
because you have to join up somebody
that has a my sister okay anybody with
the same target mode as you that’s the
person you want to join so come over to
the spectate box you just go ahead press
aiona spectate box and this is where it
comes clutch at air by having problem
with you they saying again stuck on a
black screen it’s not working for them
well here’s the case the one the reason
why you had tried to join the rent on
the beginning to get that alert to pop
up quickly because right when you see
loading with this circle right here
disappear you should have the alert
pop-up right there right when that white
circles loading by self you should have
the alert message come up and stand do
you want to join the GTA online session
which is the random with the same target
mode as you wherever you see it and go
ahead press a accept that alert once
you’re stuck there alert you should go
ahead be under the map with this loader
scream just like this and then
as soon as it goes away now you will see
this what happened this what happened to
your character this will happen to the
game you will be inside a public session
so you an invite-only session in the
beginning of this step and beginning of
this glitch you will be merged you’ll be
dragged over into a public session now
you’re falling under the map view the
sky dive in and boom you’re on top of GT
online the map you’re not under the map
no more so you’re basically back onto
the surface and right here I have my
free RHA that I’m gonna use to go ahead
and get rid of to duplicate my car my
vigilante now it doesn’t matter your
personal vehicles Nixie or on the map
this go get to a personal vehicle make
sure you don’t leave outside just grab
it take it to the arena workshop if it’s
not already been Hardy there but my free
RA was already inside my workshop I had
took that out so just take the car to
the arena workshop if it’s already
outside but your personal vehicle is not
outside do not call in a personal car go
ahead just call in a buzzer or you wanna
go ahead and get a oppressor it doesn’t
really matter make sure that not your
personal vehicle though we’re going
Sarge arena war go ahead go in side your
rh8 I said kind of said that off a
little bit but go inside the RHA or a
car you do not mind losing and drive it
to the beany some mechanic or basically
that workshop and then when it
disappears you should not be in the car
it should disappear you should be able
to drive it you should not be outside
during the war if it’s so please do the
goods again from step number one because
it’s not gonna work throughout the rest
of the glitch so you want to go ahead
and grab the original car that you’re
trying to duplicate and go ahead and
move it to the rh8 that disappeared into
the spot was that so as you can see
right there I move my original copy to
the duplicated RHA that was glitched out
and then boom it duplicated my car now
what you want to do and do not go inside
your duplicated car that you just try to
do or you’ll lose your car so make sure
you pay attention to what car you had
switched out because I almost
I almost grabbed the duplicated car I
actually forgot what which one was the
RHA and which one with the real Benton
NT so don’t mind me but this car right
here is my original copy so what you
want to do is go ahead pull up your
phone go to activity go to golf race
like go to any attic activity that you
know you can go to play alone there
won’t be nobody in the lobby okay if so
why don’t you go ahead go to golf or in
your TV alone just drive straight out
did you get a black screen like I just
did or it drives into a lobby doesn’t be
matter just go ahead leave the session
leave the lobby just like I you see I’m
gonna do right here I’ll let the game
excuse me I just I’m trying to get this
video up because I seen all the
questions I had and I’m trying to get
updates all with this video right here
explaining a little bit better now you
drive out us our workshop and say he was
in a lobby just like I was you will
spawn outside and then your car will be
outside – like this now your car outside
like this good go ahead bring up your
interesting me go get the MOC taking
inside MOC so this car can be saved if
not this car will go back to a free Reta
or whatever car you try to get rid of if
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video and let’s go

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