GTA 5 Online: Best Solo Money Glitch Out Right Now! (No Requirements) $1,000,000 Every 5 Minutes !!!

GTA 5 Online: Best Solo Money Glitch Out Right Now! (No Requirements) $1,000,000 Every 5 Minutes !!!

this right here is unacceptable finally
you here come on innn!!! what is going everybody
my name is Kade nation would it do
what’s up
ASA boy welcome you to so another GTA 5
video shout out to everybody I’ve been
coming a very nice comment on my videos
my two last videos thank you so much
here’s a shout-out you want a sound
let’s go ahead just do what they’re
doing on the screen as you can see but
you you right there I better win
but anyway start off this glitch right
now you can do it solo you don’t need
nothing you can go to the casino and do
this but I recommend having a penthouse
because you’ll better to have oh my in a
way if you want to find out what
happened to that scene later on the
video please stick around because I’m
trying to talk GTA trolling online be
doing something like this some like this
referring to like kind of like basically
so turn through that two-on-one make
videos on it to have y’all laugh hey I
someone like something like that please
go ahead leave a like subscribe turn on
post no vacations and get ready for this
glitch now before it still won
go ahead and please vote on the poll I
will be happy and appreciative if you do
so so as you can see here the dealer had
bust I had basically the high score cut
the day ahead but I won that hand
instantly now you win the hand I have to
do is quit the game not the GTA app
itself but quit the blackjack game go to
your styles and go to your outfits and
change your outfit to get the orange
loading circle now here’s the real mind
clear this is why I call it a money
clearly the money exploit because if you
lose your wanting to close a GTA out but
right here as you can see place bit I’m
a place 50 bands just like that 50 bin
so I got 17 she got 16 I don’t know
I’m gonna double down again but I lost
but it’s okay if you lose that one right
at that point you can go ahead close
your GTA out
and you will not lose none of your coins
that you just lost now right here
I’m gonna go double down cuz I just got
lucky right here 19 and the dealer had
80 I glad I doubled and boom $200 on my
pocket yeah I got it anyway I wanted
200k just like that with one hand and
paired so after that you know I might go
ahead quit the game so when I quit the
game I’m going to my interesting menu
and I’m going to outfits and changing my
outfit even though it’s the same outfit
it still gave me the orange loading
circle boom did like that when you get
that and go back into the game but you
gotta say fail please try go to another
online session because it would not work
for you because that’s saving fail you
want the orange loading circle or save
successful oh my god
your face look familiar I was playing
that later in the video but I’m go ahead
bet 50k again I got blackjack instant
win right there I said instant hand cuz
you can’t believe you can’t beat the
blackjack so I win the hand offer up
automatically so another honey some cake
add on to my pocket added to my chip but
hmm find out what’s going over here this
is too crazy right now I can’t believe
this oh my God look at this mess look at
all of this mess like who done this I
hosted one party for the police you
cannot clean your mess place water on
the floor and come on everything what
the fuck is yo what the hell is that
something that they drawers in here man
come on this is over here no no no no no
no no no I’m gonna call something right
now is my clean this I’m not clean yes I
need somebody clean my room I didn’t do
this somebody employees didn’t know how
to control these hips so I need a
cleaning service right away to my room
right now for free no charge all right
hello do you hear me okay finally here
bro oh my god what the hell yo did you
disturb me up okay my character look so
good never confuse – yo you right there
oh my god y’all ready you’re already at
work huh you’re already working I was
just playing blackjack with you did you
put on the wig and came to clean my room
I gotta find out right now because
there’s no made no sense bleh V new to
my channel please subscribe click the
occasion bill and like the video there
you are Hey

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  1. #Notigang 🎮 bro that’s gone be entertaining cause I already know it’s gone be chilled and funny at the same time 😂😂💯 just with This video alone

  2. Thank you all 🙏🏽💰please vote on the poll I will be doing the funny troll videos online and making vids with glitches if you would like please go vote your opinion matters💯. Subscribe. Like. Comment. And enjoy have a good day🙏🏽💰💰🎮

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