GTA 5 Online: Easy Solo Car Duplication Glitch *$2,000,000+ Every 1 Minute* Money Glitch XBOX & PS4!

GTA 5 Online: Easy Solo Car Duplication Glitch *$2,000,000+ Every 1 Minute* Money Glitch XBOX & PS4!

what is up what it do it’s ya boy and
welcome youtube welcome everybody’s
watching this video
I got a duplication glitch right now
they’re working as a as we speak right
now working on his boss and ps4
duplicated to my venture lands he’s
right here as you can see they both the
same copy they both the same one this
one I had did in my video that show Joe
in my last two videos ago but this view
right here I’m gonna head go ahead to
show y’all right now
two vigilantes either duplicated from
this glitch and I’m gonna go ahead use
the arena car se so you can use the
penis car if you want to but it’s gonna
get to this video now in this video
right here I’m gonna show you how to go
ahead and duplicate your se or beanies
car or any car you have right now I’m
gonna use the SE for this video and make
sure you have a free Archer in Sarge
arena workshop I’m gonna tell you the
requirements that you need to have
before you start I’m going to show you
my sale price of my se it’s 2 mil I can
make 2 mil every time when I do this so
basically if you see a 2 mil in the
thumbnail there’s no that’s where I got
it from and before I start this first
step off make sure you go ahead and go
to matchmake and make sure it’s on open
and your you’re targeting mode is gonna
be assisted aim later on the video I’m
going to tell you when the glitch really
ends and then later on tell you what
happens later on because I believe I
should be doing some other videos on GTA
also like trolling or anything like
special moments or funny moments or even
happy moments like on GTA playing on my
subs playing my viewers and so on like
that something really happened and he’s
only levels 12 or level 16 and I just
helped him and I told him I ain’t gonna
spoil it I’m gonna spoil y’all I can’t
just watch the video to the end if you
want to see what happened with me and
the sub that was playing with now to
start this glitch I’ll walk up to the
spit a box load up to any random player
that you trying to load up to get that
alert mixture to pop up and say that you
want to join your session decline the
first one open it back up again so make
sure it’s come up quickly
then go to spectate boss you press a and
then make sure you an invite-only
session okay Michigan and Viton this
session you’ll go to a black screen as
you can see there I had my alert message
pop up too early a little too early saw
decline that alert now I see this white
circle by itself on a black screen I
want to quickly get this alert message
to pop up and I set it quickly as I can
Marvin alert pop-up this go ahead spam a
just spam a now if you’re doing this I
can this is a good solution to mostly I
ain’t like questions I have y’all say
y’all be having a black screen I’ll be
stuck on a black screen or I’ll just
have a glass friend and say loading at
the bottom of your screen the whole time
this is what’s going to do and i’ma show
you right here in this video in this
clip I did it the first time okay I load
it into a I got a load of screen its
clouds in the background
then soon my background gonna glitch out
I’m under the map and then boom my black
screen i’ma tell y’all what to do from
there all you have to do is go ahead
close or DTA application now this is
what it should have happened
I’m under the map instead of a black pen
like that I should went straight under
the map and start diving but that didn’t
happen so what you want to do go ahead
close your GTA app and reopen it back up
and go back to an invite-only session
and do step one again when you do step
one again and go all it to the spectate
boss you got the session loaded up the
alert message you spend a you join in a
session and this is what exactly is
gonna happen the lowness screen would
disappear and then it should be you
should be under the mouth just like this
and then boom you start falling you
should start a skydiving all the way
down to the ground looking at the town
that’s why we got haters anyway
you stop your skydiving all the way down
to the ground then BOOM you on your
surface you’re on your feet you’re not
falling no more you are in a public
session lobby now you’ve just been
pushed over from an invite to a public
session now when you do that for me
personally you can go ahead call a
personal vehicle in but I’m just gonna
go use my buzzer my co vehicle and this
fly over there
boy all you can do is go to vehicle and
request a personal vehicle or calling a
rotate inside Zarina workshop mixtures
inside the arena workshop not no other
garage it will say you got to transfer
that car or you can just go and go
inside put inside a different garage
that has spacing now shout out to Delvin
he he’s the one I was talking about
later on the video funny things
happening a lot of lot of good things
that happen and Hilton let’s get him
million a million dollar car basically
so which one doing you inside Zarina
workshop go to your free Archie get
inside and drive it straight to the
mechanic the workshop area once you do
that come to the blue circle and which
one do you see this right here the RHA
is gone now
go ahead grab a card at you trying to
duplicate and you want to merge over and
put it where the rh8 was originally was
at now as you can see here I have a SC
right here that says rhe and I have my
se that’s over here this is the original
copy right here go get inside the spot
where your original SC was that before
you moved it so basically this is the RA
check it’s an RNA copy what I’m gonna do
is get inside this se right here or any
car that you’re duplicating right now
open your phone go to jobs on the wire
went there go to jobs go all the way
down to activity and then go to darts go
to anything go to play alone once you do
that drive out once you drive out it
will be a blast gram right there it
might be there for a minute or second oh
god what the fuck I came out – what the
hell when I came outside to seeing a
flying ghost truck hating my fucking
helicopter and blowing it up yo what’s
going on bro it’s probably Lobby saucy
but I’m going to make my way to my MOC
so to save this dupe car or any car that
you had duplicate it doing this glitch
you want to go ahead and request your
MOC so you can save the duped copy if
you do not calling your MOC and put
inside your MOC I’m telling you right
now it will go back to the original form
which is the rh8 and you don’t want that
to happen because basically you did is
this for no reason
now at these 13 side to moc that’s all
you have to do and then you want to
repeat this process over again this go
ahead and go all the way back to step
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GTA 5 money glitch –is and solo no
requirements etc this way there’s no
that got some more GTA 5 money glitch
that will help you make millions on the
way now if you’re just here for the
glitch and that’s it they can go ahead
leave the video fright now but I’m gonna
show you I’m out of sell this car right
now that you can better sell this car
after duplicating the car you can be
able to sell the car right away or you
can just store it into your garage but
right now I’m I sell it but I have
Delvin falling behind me this whole time
just following I thought somebody trying
to kill me he was it trying to come
alone hey buddy what’s up ye now I’m
just playin come over get in the car oh
oh he did come on bro get in the car
watch me sell this car and get billions
anyone close my door
all right
go sell this car for 1.7 and I’m
explaining why it’s selling for 1.7
early in the video I showed you was
selling for two mil you go to the arena
and sell the car
you’ll get basically two mil you get
more money if you sell at arena let you
go to the los santos customs and we
start to sell it from there you will get
less money then you should regularly get
in arena but i don’t know understand it
I looked at it lay out huh why’d I got
1.7 meters if I was to move but right
there boom I got the 1.7 meal add on to
my account I don’t – my money added to
my bank and now I got the millions by
doing this glitz you can also do it also
and make millions on GTA to subscribe
and join the gang now my buddy here
Delvin I might take him to the casino
I’m not showing where the big balls come
in I told him to get the casino chips
for the visitor bonus I said a bro you
spin spin that wheel you will win maybe
a car but then this girl right here try
to look what’s she gonna get oh my god
you got some clothes you got some
clothes how lucky you are gonna stick
with that I believe I’m gonna stick with
that for real oh oh he wasn’t too happy
with your reward all right double your
turn spin that thing boy go ahead boy
what you doing why you let go okay right
that wheel boy spin that motherfucker
Yee get closer
I ain’t gonna get close you know yo he
just got a car
he doesn’t want a car 16 level 60 I took
him to the casino and so don’t spin the
wheel he’s won a car in his first ride
he happy you see the missus in hell yeah
alright y’all wanna see more of this
please leave a like comment down below
please and subscribe I’m out
thanks gang but watch it and I’m

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