Yo what’s popping loyalist welcome back to
the channel this is Dimez ENT AKA
glitch guru today GTA 5 online video i’m
gonna be showing you guys a solo
unlimited money glitch i’ll show you
guys how to do this the right way this
is the orbital cannon glitch so first
off guys what we want to do is switch
our targeting mode to free aim because
we will need to join somebody who’s in a
different targeting mode you guys can do
this and story mode from here i’m gonna
start up a invite-only session you guys
can also do this in a public session so
you can get 750 thousand per time you do
this glitch but i’m gonna do it right
here and then by and only session it
seems to work really well and we’ll get
five hundred thousand per time we do
this collation so the first thing i’m
going to do is make my way over to the
facility and now we’re gonna check to
see if we can find a friend and a
different target mo before we do this
glitch because we don’t want to get to
the end of the glitch and come to find
out our friend wasn’t in a different
targeting mode so i’m gonna join
somebody on my friends list here he has
no idea i’m doing this we’re gonna get
this alert message now we’re just gonna
accept this alert message and if our
friend is any different targeting mode
then we should get a second alert
message saying are you sure you want to
change your target emote we’re gonna
select no we just wanted to check to
make sure that this person is any
different targeting mode i actually
don’t even know this person but he is on
my friends list so shout out to him now
let’s make our way over to the orbital
cannon what we need to do now is force
the game is safe so we can do this a
number of ways we’re gonna open up the
interaction menu and we can select our
outfit that we’re wearing currently or
we can switch our outfit and switch it
back doesn’t matter
and back out of this menu once we do
that we’ll get the Rockstar cloud save
an icon at the bottom right we want that
to show up and disappear there it is now
let’s go over here to the orbital cannon
from here you guys want to stand over
here by the table getting the option to
enter their orbital cannon but we’re not
gonna do it yet now we’re just gonna
find our friend who’s in a different
targeting mode and join his session and
then we’re gonna spam right d-pad to get
pulled into the orbital cannon so right
now we have this black alert screen and
we’re also in the orbital cannon so
while we have that black alert screen
hit the PS button and go to your
network once you get to your network
DoubleTap the PS button is gonna take us
back to this alert screen right here now
this is gonna kick us out of the orbital
cannon but not this alert screen you
will hear the little indication that you
can hit right d-pad again so while we
have this black alert screen what you
guys want to do is spam write d-pad hit
it like once or twice that’s gonna take
you back into the orbital cannon now you
guys should be able to hear the orbital
cannon in the background once you guys
can hear the orbital cannon in the back
all you have to do is press down on the
d-pad one time to select the option to
shoot the orbital Canyon for 500,000
when you do that you should hear that
little sound like this alright that’s
the sound that we want to listen for
that means we’ve selected the option for
500,000 or if you’re doing this in a
public session you can press down on the
d-pad again to select the option for
750,000 all right so now once we’re on
this alert screen we have our double tap
setup to get back to our internet
connection what you guys want to do now
is select x2 this alert screen and the
next one in the next one really fast all
of the other screens we’re just gonna
spam X until we get to this screen and
we’re in the clouds once we’re in the
clouds what you guys want to do is wait
for it to say loading and double tap the
PS button disconnect your internet
reconnect your internet and just wait
right here on the home screen for 40
seconds once we have waited on the home
screen for 40 seconds for our internet
to reconnect we can now go back into the
game and we’ll have this screen and
it’ll say loading now we’re just going
to wait until we get a message that says
we’ve been timed out this is gonna take
about 1 to 2 minutes so I’m gonna fast
forward it here
all right here it is once we get this
alert message all you guys need to do is
join a friend who’s in a public session
I would say not an invite-only so I’m
gonna join the same friend that I used
earlier and it doesn’t matter if they’re
in a different targeting mode or not
once we do that we’re gonna get kicked
off of that alert message and we should
get this alert message right here coming
up all right we should get this alert
message right here asking if we want to
join a online session just want to hit
yes to that and we should be going
online right now once we get into this
online session if you did everything
correctly you guys should see that you
get five hundred thousand in your bank
account there it is we have the five
hundred thousand from the orbital cannon
we didn’t spend any money to do this
glitch but we did gain the five hundred
thousand so that’s how you do to glitch
you guys if you don’t get the money
right here at the end you might have a
free shot on your orbital cannon so just
go into a public session and check and
if you do use it and get rid of it and
then come back and do the glitch but
this is how you do the orbital cannon
glitch you guys it is really easy this
is the easiest it’s ever been so I hope
you guys are able to hit this glitch so
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  1. Guys if it doesn’t work it’s because you don’t have over 500K money you need at least 500K to be able to do the glitch

  2. It does take a bit and u would need to try to join a friend that’s not in a full lobby or it will miss u up also must need 500k or 750k to do this glitch it works 💯 I got most my money from this also the hardest part is the timing I always miss up on that part : hopefully this help y’all out

  3. Which building has the fucking orbital cannon??
    Edit: this glitch is amazing thanks for finding this you ninja

  4. This method is 100% reliable and credit to the dude for putting this out, follow all the steps and it will work. I’ve made 3 mill so far in 30 mins so this is very good.

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