here what’s going on guys welcome back
to the channel
Dimez ENT here aka glitch guru in
today’s GTA 5 online video I’m gonna be
showing you guys how you can get modded
outfits from the DM glitch working right
now currently after the patch 1.47 so
let’s get right into this video guys
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never miss a single video so the very
first thing you guys want to do to get
this glitch started is you want to make
sure that you do have a bird unlocked in
story mode I will put a link to a video
so you guys can find that cool once you
guys have that bird character unlock the
very first step of this glitch is go to
any story mode character open up the
interaction menu and go into the
director mode once then direct the most
I like actors animals and we should see
the bird right here and we want to press
the triangle for the bird to
shortlisting I believe that is why for
you guys on xbox so shortlist the bird
back out go down to online characters
and we’re gonna shortlist our online
character as well so once we’re here
we’re just gonna press triangle once
more to shortlist our online character
or wive here on xbox now we’re just
going to back out of this menu back out
of that menu as well and we’re going to
exit to story mode
once this story mode we’re gonna pull up
the pause menu and we’re going to go
into an online session play GTA online
and invite-only session once you guys
get into the invite-only session you
guys want to make your way to the
current time trial this location may be
different for you depending on when you
watch this video now that we’re up by
the current time trial you guys want to
open up your interaction menu and put
your location on last location once we
have our location on last location we’re
just going to open up the interaction
menu again we’re gonna go into style and
we’re gonna change something on our
outfit to get the game to say we’re
gonna force the game to save so I’m
gonna go into style accessories and I’m
going to put a hat on simple I’m a back
out we’re gonna get that loading icon at
the bottom right once we have that that
means the game is now saved from here
we’re going to happen to a vehicle and
we’re gonna drive it to the time trial
now what you guys want to do is hit
right on the d-pad
to start the time trial once we have
started the time trial we’re gonna hold
down on the d-pad and flick to any story
mode character any one you want guys
once the story mode we’re gonna open up
the interaction menu and we’re going to
go into director mode once in director
mode we’re gonna scroll down to where it
says shirtless actors and we’re just
gonna keep flicking back and forth
between our chicken and our online
character that we have shortlisted and
once we start doing that you guys will
see that the birds will start
duplicating over here and we’re gonna
need to do this for approximately twenty
six and a half minutes during this stage
you guys can go afk and put a rubber
band around your controller or you can
put it face downward with the left
analog stick up that way to keep
flicking between these two characters
we’re gonna need all of these birds to
duplicate until we see our online
character spawn over there by the birds
on top of the haystack so I’m just gonna
fast forward here we go so after 26 and
a half minutes our character finally
switched from the trailer over to the
haystack we’re just gonna keep going
back and forth a few more times to make
sure our character stays over here once
our character is stand over here we’re
just going to press search we’d sit back
out we’re gonna go into actors and we’re
gonna select beach bums it’s gonna take
us back over here and while hovering
overboard Walker we’re just gonna hit
square to change our appearance or X I
believe it as excellent Xbox to change
their parents and we’re just going to
keep changing our parents until we find
an outfit that we like that also has a
Christmas mask all right I’ll try to put
like a photo right here so you guys can
see which Christmas mask work so we’re
just gonna keep changing our parents
until we find an outfit that we like
with a Christmas mask we also need to
make sure that the outfit doesn’t have
any components on it that is blacklisted
so Christmas pants shoes shirt all of
that stuff is blacklisted
so what outfit like this might work I’m
not sure if those are Christmas past
though so I’m just keep changing until I
find an outfit that I am sure I am
positive will work
all right cool so I found an outfit I
think I like it’s pretty dope
it has a Christmas mask it falls under
all of the rules of the DM glitch I
don’t see any Christmas pants I don’t
see a Christmas shirt
so we should be okay to get this outfit
so what we want to do is press triangle
to shortlist this outfit or why here on
xbox all right after that we’re gonna
back out we’re gonna back out again and
we’re going to go to shirtless actors
and we’re gonna go down to that outfit
that we just shortlist all right so this
is the outfit we just shortlisted and
we’re just gonna select x over it and
we’re going to go into the rectum mode
with this outfit on once in director
mode with the outfit we’re just going to
wait here for around 30 seconds so we
just need to kill some time so being in
all right 30 seconds have passed from
here we’re gonna open up the interaction
menu and we’re gonna go down to quit
director mode except this alert message
after quitting director mode we’ll be
back in story mode now so we just want
to wait his story mode for another 30
after killing some time in story mode
we’re now going to go into a online
session so hit the options button to
bring up the pause menu go down to play
GTA online and go into a invite-only
session once we make it to the invite
only session you’ll see that you have
the outfit on but wait no alert message
arrah arrah arrah
it’s okay guys it’s okay we want that to
happen once we get that alert message
just hit OK to that alert message we’ll
go back to story mode which is fine once
back into story mode we just want to go
back into another invite-only session so
a lot of back-and-forth but once we get
back into our invited only session this
time we will have the outfit and we will
no longer have any error messages so I’m
gonna hit the options button to bring up
the pause menu go to online play GTA
online invite only session and once we
get into this invite-only session you
guys will see that we do have the outfit
from the DM glitch oh yeah from director
mode we’re doing good we’re feeling good
we’re feeling great we’re looking good
alright so now we just need to go down
to a clothing store and save this outfit
alright guys go to a close this store
and save the outfit so once we go into a
clothing store and we save this outfit
no worries you now have a modded outfit
from director mode oh my god I can’t
believe it Dan’s E&T
people out about it how big ditch oh my
yeah so guys I’m Zante I got you guys
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ready and as you guys can see I switched
my outfit hair and I switched it back to
show you that it is here to stay
alright guys but that’s it for this
video I hope you enjoyed it I hope this
is easy for you guys to follow it was
pretty easy to do the hardest part about
this glitch is wait into 26 minutes
while you duplicate those birds but let
me know in the comment section what
outfits you guys get it is pretty random
I know but you should be able to get
something good just take your time but
glaze your efficiently
they know


  1. 👍 Nice. And to see this original d. M glitch still works found boy my by Boca Bhoy way bk legend. Tip you don't got wait 30 seconds take outfit exit d. M then go story then invite online as long as there is no blacklisted items or any invisable parts easy 😎

  2. Yup you need to do exactly as this man does here in video guys 👍😎 except you can leave 30 second part just go dm exit trailer then exit to story mode then to invite only

  3. Can anyone help i tried 3 times already and it didnt give it to me once i went to the private session at the end!

  4. I’ve been doing this shit for so long and my damn game is just frozen, can someone help or do I have to restart the whole thing.

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