Yooo loyalist welcome to the
channel this is Dimez ENT aka
glitch guru and today’s GTA 5 online the
video I’m gonna be showing you guys how
you can get multiple outfits from the
solo director mode glitch I’m not gonna
be showing you this glitch from
beginning to end because I’ve already
done a video on it two to three times
but I will post the card right here at
the top right so you guys can go check
out one of those videos I suggest you
guys check out the freeze mask glitch
because it is very effective for going
back and getting multiple outfits
alright so you will need to know how to
do the freeze mask and glitch to get
multiple outfits alright so here we go
basically we’re gonna do this collection
without duplicating our birds over right
so this is gonna save a lot of people a
lot of time it’s been a day since I came
back and got an outfit I came in here I
got an outfit yesterday and I closed my
app shut the game off all of that I’m
gonna go back in there right now and I’m
gonna brain guy outfit back with me imma
bring it online I’m gonna show you guys
how you can do that it is very useful it
saves so much time you guys can really
save all of those outfits that you see
and you want but you know you can only
come out with one at a time but you can
shortlist those outfits and I’ll show
you how to shortlist them save them to
your recently used and go back and get
those outfits alright so here we go I’m
going here now I’m gonna make sure I got
my simple outfit on and put my parachute
on make sure I have my spawn location or
last location here boom right there boom
and then I’ll just force the game to
save by selecting the outfit that I’m
wearing or putting on my parachute and
the game should save from here we’re
gonna go and we’re gonna start this time
trial up is down by the docks now all of
those who don’t know smack right on the
d-pad start that up and switch to any
story mode character
let’s try to get this video up to 300
likes alright so here we go
cool we made it to story mode from here
we’re just going to enter director mode
now here’s what you guys want to do once
you do the glitch you got all these
outfits you’re selecting your outfits
and you’re looking through moderate
outfits you say hmm I like this one you
sure listing correct when you sure list
an outfit to guarantee that you have it
when you come back I suggest you guys
use that outfit so once I’m doing a
glitch I’m in the glitch as you can see
I have my mask frozen I did the freeze
master glitch it’s not frozen here but I
did it previously so all of these
outfits that I have shortlisted still
have this mask on it because when you
use the elf mask that has this beard the
sideburns with no glasses like this you
can leave director mode and come back
and they’ll still have the mask on so
that is very effective so that’s why you
want to do the freeze emasculation
because when we leave director mode and
come back to director mode our character
will still have our Christmas mask on it
which is this one this is one of the
only mess that will stick along with the
penguin mask but I use the elf mask I
like this one alright it’s pretty easy
to get this one to freeze so I have it a
my shirt list so once I’m in like in the
game with it and this side you guys can
get a nice amount of outfits this was
one of the outfits that I said I was
gonna come back and get later right so
what I did was even though it isn’t in
my shirt list just in case it wasn’t in
my shirt list because I was trying to
get the green duffel bag so I was taking
up a lot of space in my shirtless you
know I was erasing things that were
older in the shirtless and replacing
them with new outfits that I liked that
maybe had the duffel bag on it or maybe
had something else on it that I wanted
and I saw and I liked it so what you
guys could do is you can select that
outfit while you’re doing the glitch
selected and take it into director mode
while you’re doing the glitter looking
through outfits when you see one you
like shortlist it go to your shirtless
and take it into director mode
all right so here we go I’m going into
director mode with this outfit boom some
pretty decent outfit too especially
without the body armor which we could
take off so once we’re in director mode
all we have to do is just open up the
interaction menu go back to the casting
trailer and it will not mess with the
glitch you guys it will not interrupt
your glitch when you come back you can
still go to beach bums all of that stuff
press square to change their parents and
you’ll still have mater outfits there
okay you’ll still have your modded
outfits I don’t recommend that you guys
do this while doing the freeze mask
alleged oh okay so shortlist the outfits
and then take them into you know
director mode when you’re confident that
you no longer want to have the masks
frozen because once you go in there the
mask will unfreeze but we now have this
over and our recently used as well so
when we go to recently used I can find
this over here should be able to find it
okay there it is so it’s now not
recently used and we can delete that
from my shirt list so we wanted to
delete it from our shirt list to make
some room for other outfits that we
wanted to grab then we can go back to
our short list press triangle and remove
it from our shirt list we can just
remove any one of these that we no
longer want from our shirt list like
let’s see let’s remove that boom all
right and we’re good to go now you want
to take this outfit online so we came
back to grab the outfit that was just a
little tip and trick to help you guys
save your outfits and compile them all
right safely so from here we want to
take the outfit and go online with it so
to do that we want to go to actors
animals and go to the bird that we were
using to duplicate with and select it
and go into director mode with it from
here we’re just going to do the glitch
where we killed the bird and get the
wasted animation I didn’t want to do
that not that you guys die like that
no worries you’ll go back to director
mode and you just want to select the
bird and go back in there alright be
very careful with this bird that is very
easily and I’m just gonna look in the
direction where cars are coming alright
let’s go this way I’m at a text to fly
once I’m flying in the air like this and
just open up the interaction menu go
down to quick director mode and I’m
gonna try to fly low and we’re gonna
smack right into this car and right
before we hit the car we’re just gonna
spandex oh I’d kill myself thank you
right me before I hit the guard too all
right so one more time we’re gonna do it
again it doesn’t matter how many times
you fill this part you can do it over if
you get taken back to story mode just
open up the interaction maybe you go
back to director mode and select your
bird and try it again the bird takes off
so weird and it’s so hard to control
this thing all right here we go
I can’t control it honestly I
so try to pay for a big vehicle so you
don’t miss so I’m gonna aim for this
truck right here and every time I move
and I’m just gonna spam X before it hits
me oh that was too soon I was way too
all right way too soon we felt it’s
probably gonna take us back to story
mode yeah so if it takes you back the
story mode we’re back inside the rectum
oh you guys get to see me fill and what
to do when you fail just like actors
animals and select our bird all right
let’s try this again without dying I’m
over flying my bird right now I’m not
gonna aim for that vehicle because I’m
not lined up all right you just want to
aim for the vehicle try to fly like
close to the grille of the vehicle and
you want the grille of the vehicle to
hit you all right so like right about
here should be good this car is like no
I’m not gonna use that car because it
turned it did some weird stuff did a
really weird turn right there alright
this one and I’m just gonna smack
and I tried to spam X but it didn’t work
I didn’t get it in time I didn’t get my
menu to close in time the car killed me
before it happened so one more time
let’s try it again
fourth time’s the charm I guess
alright there’s a really monsterous
truck right there open up the menu and
it turned alright let’s see if we can
get this car to hit us and spam X close
all right
spam X until you close the interaction
menu like so if you hit it correctly you
should get a long loading screen like
this 4-minute and Dennis should say
wasted you’ll get that wasted animation
screen which should be happen and if I
hit it correctly there it is don’t waste
it and that’s what we’re looking for
this is going to help us bring the
outfit online all right so from there
you’re gonna get pulled into an infinite
Black Lotus screen like this once you do
hold interaction menu will hold the
touchpad to open up the interaction menu
you’ll hear it click and then just hit
up on a d-pad and select X you should
get this alert accept it
now we could take the outfit that we
want online that we came back to get so
I had this outfit waiting for me since I
did that green duffel bag video a few
days ago and I’ve just been waiting to
come back to get this outfit the blue
joggers I’m like I’m gonna come back I’m
gonna make sure I get the blue joggers
and we just we’re gonna select this
right now so I said I’m gonna come back
and get the blue joggers and I might
make a video of it alright so basically
what we did here we just went into our
short list or I recently used and you
can read short list it and then once you
guys do that select the outfit and from
here I’m just gonna run around boom for
a second just go straight to a story
mode character anyone that’s available
alright I like to walk away from the
spots that I spawn in alright like so
and this outfit shouldn’t have anything
blacklisted on it if it does have
anything blacklisted on it when we spawn
into the session you know we’ll have
normal clothes on but at the same time I
don’t think not if it that yeah if
anything black let’s they donate we
won’t be able to spawn into the session
what I was about to say is sometimes
when you come back to direct mo you seen
your outfits with like invisible lanes
and it had pants before like that
character that pants that means it has
something black listed on it and then
usually you know we just show you right
away by giving you that indication that
you know this was this was black list
that you got invisible homes now you got
a visible legs now but sometimes the
outfits don’t do that every outfit
doesn’t show like that but we know this
one is going to work joggers I’m
checking it out boom boom boom we know
this is gonna work so from here we’re
just gonna go online and start up an
invite-only now if it didn’t have
anything blacklisted on it once we get
into the invite only session we should
see that we have that outfit on but we
will get an alert message saying since
I’ve era but that’s okay we’ll just hit
OK to it start up another invite-only
session and when we get back we’ll have
the outfit and we can go save it
all right let’s see
there it is got the Jagger’s you can see
it briefly before you get this alert
message so that’s what we’re looking for
to see the outfit okay yep got it boom
once we see it get that alert message
accept it as fast as possible we want to
get back online so we can get this
outfit right and save it so it’s gonna
kick us back into story mode once we get
it to story mode we’ll start up another
invite-only session and we should be
good if this video has helped you please
leave a comment down below let me know
hashtag that three three three if you’re
a part of the notification Ganga’s well
put that in the chat alright here we go
invite only started back up let’s go get
our blue joggers now these outfits
aren’t really hard to find joggers white
joggers blue joggers it’s really easy to
find you just got to sit there look
through the outfits for a little bit
they pop up all the time guys
so once again I just want to mention
that when you do this glitch and you’re
trying to get multiple outfits make sure
you guys freeze the elf mask without
glasses all right
the elf mask that doesn’t have glasses
on it because that’s the one that’s
going to stick the one with glasses
won’t work all right so as you guys can
see I bought a new outfit online without
duplicating my Birds I had this one just
sitting in my shirtless I did not own
this outfit yet I don’t have it so I
have it now I’m about to go save it no
nice finally got my blue joggers man
that’s crazy
so another thing guys very very very
important about the short listener
recently used less you want that to
stick you want your recently used to be
what you recently used in order for that
to work when you go back you want to
have the same thing you you want to pick
up where you left off right so you need
to save the game in story mode I learned
this the hard way I went back multiple
times and I’m like well why’s why are
these outfits like the outfits that I
shortlisted maybe a week ago or
something I’m like why are these I hope
is still here and I just thought about
it I’m like well maybe the game saved in
a story mode and it saved it so once you
update your list once you get it where
you want it you got every outfit you
want in your recently used or your shirt
list wherever you have it go back into
story mode at some point it doesn’t have
to be while you’re doing the glitch but
at some point if you’re done with the
glitch go back and just save the game
force the game to save do a quick save
on your phone and story mode that’s
going to save your list and director
mode that’s gonna save all of your
outfits that you have on that list and
director mode and your recently used in
your shirtless it’s very important guys
very good information right there I hope
you guys use it so for me I’m just going
to go to the clothing store save this
outfit and be done with it but uh that’s
it for this video you guys boom just
like that the closure guru is showing
you guys some
chicks and hopefully this video didn’t
take too long but as always I’m trying
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something like that we’ll see how this
video goes see if anybody needs help but
just click one of these four videos
that’s popping up on a screen right here
guys let me know if you can hit this
glitch but as always this shit boy
glitch guru officially yep peace
remember stay low


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  8. In my opinion a great way to have money on gta v online always seems to work for me

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