GTA 5 Online Solo Freeze Christmas Mask Frozen Xmas Mask Director Mode Glitch White Joggers

GTA 5 Online Solo Freeze Christmas Mask Frozen Xmas Mask Director Mode Glitch White Joggers

yo what’s up guys it’s your boy imrobertz1 coming at you with another brand Theft
Auto V GTA 5 online glitches video in
today’s video I will show you how to
freeze any Christmas masks in a director
mode allowing you to get white chocolate
rockers any joggers and some sick modded
outfits after the new update be sure to
take the bell icon to get post
notifications and hashtag notification
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into the video the first thing you need
to do is start single-player then go
into director mode and short list your
online character and a bird if you do
not have the bird get the bird in a
peyote mission in single-player now
leave the rectum mode then go back to
single-player then go online to invite
only session once you’re in
single-player put on any standard outfit
with no glasses and no hat then put on a
parachute now go to the time trial on a
map and start the time trial then pick
your single-player character once you’re
back in single-player go back to
director mode then switch back and
forward on your short list actors the
birds should start duplicating do this
for about 25 minutes then your character
should end up on a hey Belle
once your online character ends up on a
hey Belle remove the bird then go to
actors then change appearance on
different actors if you see your actor
change back to the original actor
shortlist the bird again then switch
back and forward into your character
ends back up on the hey bow this is to
make sure your online character doesn’t
change back to the online character
while you’re doing a glitch once you see
your online character is not switching
back you can now finish the glitch now
short list 3 Christmas masks I recommend
using the turkey mask in a gingerbread
mask because those masks seem to work
the best
now scroll through the mask really fast
then quickly go to actors and then
switch appearance I found while zooming
in and going to actors in switching
appearance I froze the Christmas masks
faster what you’re trying to do is like
the game enough to get the short list
actors Christmas Mass frozen onto the
actor once the Christmas mask is frozen
onto the actor you can now search for
the outfit you want in my case I’ll be
getting an outfit with the great joggers
shortlist the outfit then pick the short
list outfit then go into director mode
now pick your single player character
when you spawn in you should still have
the moderate outfit now go online to an
invite-only session when you spawn
online you should still have the
moderate outfit it might give you an
error message and kick you to single
players but when you go back online
you should still have the moderate
outfit save the outfitter you’re done
like I said before gaming online is all
about looking unique and different and
have any sick modded outfits would
definitely set you apart from the rest
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awesome showcase glitches tips and
tricks that’s all I have for you today
I’ll see you guys in my next video

48 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online Solo Freeze Christmas Mask Frozen Xmas Mask Director Mode Glitch White Joggers”

  1. ♛ Text Tutorial ♛

    1. Start Single Player go to Director Mode

    2. Shortlist online character and Bird

    3. Start Invite only lobby put on standard outfit with parachute

    4. Start time trail and hit right on D pad to start

    5. Switch to single player character Franklin

    6. Go to director mode switch between shortlists online and birds

    7. The birds will duplicate switch back and forward 25 minutes

    8. Online character will in up on the hay with birds after 25 minutes

    9. Delete Bird then make sure actor doesn't switch back

    10. Change actors appearance on different actors to make sure

    11. If actor changes back to original actor, shortlist bird again

    12. Switch back and forward until online character is back on hay

    13. Go to actors beach bum and change appearance

    14. Shortlist 3 modded outfit with Xmas mask remove online actor

    15. Scroll fast through 3 shortlist outfits and quickly go to actors

    16. Switch appearance until the Xmas mask freezes

    17. Find and outfit you want then shortlist

    18. Bring that outfit into director mode

    19. Then switch to single player character

    20. Outfit with Christmas mask should be in single player

    21. Then go online to invite only and save outfit

  2. ok am I missing something or are there s couple frames missing around the 2:09–2:11 mark? I'm real familiar with this glitch and it looks like you skip from the Shortlist straight into the Downtown menu, which isn't possible. what am I missing here? also, this vid implies it's in real time. How long does it take you to actually freeze the mask?

  3. cheer glad this still works Rockstar actually are cool for not patching this glitch and really great tutorial help a lot 👍 #imrobertz1

  4. Hey how can u get the bird easier for the joggers I got like 4 of the animals in story mode and it took me like 30 minutes. It’s very boring and I want to try and get the white joggers

  5. How are you spose to delete your online character from shortlist bc the glitch won’t work for me if I fo

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