hey welcome to the channel this is Dimez E.N.T. aka glitch guru and today’s gt5
online the video I’m going to be showing
you guys this unlimited money glitch
that is 100% solo alright we showed it
on a channel yesterday we’ve been
showing it a lot lately but we’re gonna
show it again for those who are on Xbox
a lot of people been hitting me up in
the comment section on the other video
telling me that how do you do this on
Xbox I can’t get it on Xbox so I’m gonna
be showing you guys how you can do it on
Xbox this will also work for you guys on
ps4 as well and the previous method that
I posted for ps4 still works what you’re
gonna need is an arena workshop you’re
gonna need a RC Bandito you’re also
gonna need to free LG RH eights inside
of your arena workshop and you guys are
going to need the Benny’s mechanic for
the arena workshop as well alright so
let’s get started man make sure you guys
smack that like button subscribe to the
channel let’s go first thing you guys
want to do is take one of the LG are a
chase into the workshop I would advise
you guys get two different colors so you
don’t get confused this can be confusing
with the same color but you take one of
the free LGR a chase into the workshop
and then you just back out and you want
to hit exit the vehicle all right we’re
just gonna hop out of the vehicle next
we’re gonna walk over to the RC Bandito
we’re gonna hit right on the d-pad just
to check to see if it needs to be
repaired if it does repair it if it
don’t just back out next we’re gonna go
into first person and we’re gonna go to
the edge of this toolbox here and we
want that message at the top left to say
smack right on the d-pad to modify the
RC once you’re in position you just want
to hit up on the left analog stick right
on the d-pad and exit the exact same
time it’s very easy to do once you guys
to do it correctly your camera will do a
spin like you guys saw my camera
spending a circle alright once your
camera spins on a circle like that you
guys can come out of first-person and
get back into the vehicle now we’re
gonna hit right on the d-pad and now we
need to edit something on the car right
so we just need to change one thing I’m
gonna change the license plate something
that is very cheap doesn’t really cost
any money for us alright so I’m just
gonna change the plate now I’m gonna
sell the vehicle
right we’re gonna go down to where it
says sell via qu we’re gonna confirm it
and once we confirm this we will get an
infinite black loading screen alright
really quick one very important detail I
forgot to go over for you guys on Xbox
you must start this glitch in free aim
so you can go to creator and then press
options and then switch it to free aim
before you guys can go back into story
mode and switch it’s a free aim
you must which are targeting modes are
free aims so we can join somebody who’s
an assisted aim so we can get that
screen to accept the first alert and
decline the second one when joining
somebody who’s in a different targeting
mode all right back to it so once you
guys have back we’re gonna sell this
vehicle we’re gonna get the infinite
black loading screen now you guys on ps4
can still use your recent activity here
to get off of the infinite black loading
screen but for you guys on xbox what you
guys want to do is join a friend in a
different targeting mode you’ll get this
alert except the first alert declined
the second alert and you guys are off of
that infinite loading screen and you
guys are free to continue this glitch so
how about if the vehicle by pressing
triangle and now we want to go over to
where the blue circle is and we’re gonna
switch that car that’s inside of the
workshop with one of these vehicles that
is out here alright so we just want to
switch it with this elegy rh8 right here
you guys can switch it with any card you
want alright so I swapped those two cars
around you might not be able to tell
because they’re the same color that’s
why I said you guys want to use
different colors here but I swapped
those vehicles around the car that was
in the workshop is now out the elegy rh8
that we have yet to take into the
workshop we are now taken into the
workshop and this is gonna be the
vehicle that we make the money from so
once we’re in a workshop we’re just
gonna select upgrade Benny’s original
motor works we’re gonna hover over it
where it says elegy retro custom for
approximately six seconds then we’re
just gonna press circle to back out
circle again and select exit the
workshop okay
exit the workshop once we do that we’ll
get a black screen the car will be so
and we will gain eight hundred and fifty
eight thousand most of you guys are
gaining nine hundred and four thousand I
have no idea why I’m not gaining as much
money as you guys but it’s probably got
something to do with upgrades and stuff
being ourself and me things being a lot
cheaper for me than it is for you but
that is if it is lit you guys very
simple way I think we did it even faster
we did in the first video so you guys
can do this glitch in less than two
minutes all right guys 900,000 and less
than two minutes now be careful with the
daily cell limit you could hit a daily
cell limit and get stuck with selling
one vehicle per day but the DLC is
around a corner if you guys don’t care
about that then you guys could sell up
to about 15 to 20 of these only thing
that’s gonna happen is you guys will
eventually get stuck with selling 1 to 2
vehicles per day but if you don’t
necessarily care about that you can sell
15 to 20 of these
I hear people have been doing it and
getting about 15 to 20 mil in the
process so enjoyed this glitch you guys
please let me know if it’s working for
you down in the comment section below
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guru officially out stay low


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH BROO!! You the first one that actually works!! U just earned a sub and a like!GREAT VIDEO🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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