hey what’s going on guys this is Dimez ENT
AKA glitch guru and today’s GTA 5 online
video I’m gonna be showing you guys a
money glitch / money method that can get
you guys a lot of money make millions
really fast with this so this glitch can
be for people who don’t have the
penthouse and for people who do have the
penthouse so if you do have the
penthouse that you could make more money
a lot faster but if you don’t have the
penthouse you guys can do the same thing
that I’m doing in the casino at the
blackjack table so to get this glitch
started you guys want to first come to
your penthouse put your spawn location
on your penthouse – as well but if you
don’t have the penthouse picture spawn
location on last location so walk
outside of the casino put your spawn
location or last location and then just
force the game to save by switching your
outfit so that’s the very first thing
that you guys want to do is just force
the game to save and switch your outfit
to do that with this glitch we need to
acquire some chips so we can turn that
into money so just purchase some chips
you can do this over at fire services we
can purchase the maximum amount of chips
which is 50,000 not a lot of money guys
so that’s gonna cost you 50,000 not a
lot at all Commission’s if you guys
don’t have that money
once we have those chips we just want to
force the game to save once more you
guys can do this by selecting the
current outfit you’re wearing or switch
our outfit and we’ll get that loading
icon’ and then once that shows up and
disappear the game is now safe so from
here we’re just gonna walk over to the
blackjack table once again you guys can
do this in the casino but if you do it
in your penthouse you can bet
significantly more money you can bet
50,000 chips at once and down in the
casino you can only bet 5,000 chips at
so we’re doing it up in the penthouse
here’s some of the rules for blackjack
guys let’s go over the rules for
blackjack really quickly here blackjack
the aim of blackjack is to beat the
dealer’s hand without going over 21 this
game uses the four standard 52-card deck
which are shuffled at the start of every
hand insurance is not offered if the
dealer’s face-up card is an ace you can
split your hand once if the first two
cards have the same value so basically
the goal here is to get to 21 without
going over 21
so we want to deal
to Dilys cards until we feel like we are
close enough to 21 without actually
going over 21 could be confusing so here
let me show you what I’m talking about
basically we can adjust our bets by
hitting up or down on the left d-pad or
we can just press triangle to place the
max bet so I’m gonna press triangle to
place the max bet as you guys can see I
put down 50,000 chips my first card was
an ace my second card was a queen so I
automatically have 21 blackjack so
there’s no way that we can lose the ace
can count for an 11 or a 1 so we went
automatically so the moment you guys win
what you guys want to do is just back
out press circle and then you want to
open up the interaction menu and you
guys want to force the games to save we
can do this by going down to style going
to outfit selecting our current outfit
or just switch on our outfit and
switching it back once the orange
loading icon shows up and disappear the
game is officially saved and we can go
back to playing blackjack and play our
next hand
now if we lose a hand we will just
immediately close the app without saving
and when we come back into the game
it’ll be like we never lost anything so
let’s go over a few things in my last
hand I started the game with 95,000 I
placed the 50,000 bet it took me down to
45,000 and we won 125,000 that’s a
difference of 75,000 so we came up
75,000 chips that’s a lot of money you
guys can keep doing this in this hand we
had 16 the dealer has 17 so we bust we
lost at a house what you guys want to do
if you lose is close the application
immediately do not save the game this is
a no risk reward type of thing guys
because you will not lose your money
every time you lose you just close the
app and you get your money back when you
come back in the game but that’s it for
this video you guys I hope you enjoyed
it make some millions off of this glitch
but glitch giver officially out peace
one straight path this time big bad
monster straight bastard


  1. Glad too see you back on Gta bro, I made over a million in chips yesterday on the Roulette by closing app when I lost lol

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