GTA 5 Online Solo Space Ranger Helmet Glitch Director Mode Glitch 1.48

GTA 5 Online Solo Space Ranger Helmet Glitch Director Mode Glitch 1.48

yo what’s up guys it’s your boy imrobertz1 coming at you with another Grand
Theft Auto V GTA 5 online glitches video
in today’s video I will show you how to
get the model space furniture helmet
using the solo director mode glitch
after the new update be shortened
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section for a shout-out ok let’s get
right into the video the first thing
need to do is have your female second
character have the paramedic outfit I’ll
have a link in the description on how to
obtain the paramedic outfit you need a
paramedic outfit hat on your second
female character to glitch in the model
space ranger helmet ok to start to
glitch the first thing you need to do is
start story mode then go into director
mode now go to actor’s online characters
and pick your second character as a
female or paramedic outfit now walk out
of the trailer into director mode so you
can have her as the recently used now go
back into the trailer then shortlist
your first online character and a bird
now leave the rector mode then go into
single-player now go online to him by
only session now make sure your online
character has no hat or glasses then go
to the nearest time trial now start up
the time trial then pick your single
player character once you’re in single
player go back to director mode
now buddies shortlist characters and
switch back and forward into the birds
start duplicating do this until your
character ends up on a hay bail make
sure you open through the birds even
after your character ends up on a hay
bail this will help the glitch alive now
once your characters on the hay bail
remove the bird now for the actors
beachbum and switch appearance once this
should show you a modded outfit now go
to recently use and hit X once on your
female character this should put your
female characters face on your male
characters body now put an actor’s beach
bum and short list about seven outfits
with Christmas Mass that’s thick these
are masks that will stay even after you
leave director mode and come back I
recommend using the reindeer Mass elf
with no glasses and around gingerbread
mask those work the best
make sure the outfit doesn’t have any
blacklist clothing like Christmas
sweaters Christmas pants or single
player clothing now once you have enough
outfit shortlist with Christmas mask
remove your online character from the
shortlist now go to actors beachbum and
change appearance once
now put a recently used and press X on
your female character now go back to
actors beachbum and switch the outfit
now exit director mode when you’re in
story mode go back to director mode now
once you’re back in director mode go to
shortlist you’ll see all of the outfits
will have the space ranger helmet now
take wanted to shortlist outfits into
director mode then pick a single play a
character when you load into single
players you should still have the modded
outfit now go online to invite only
session when you spawn in you should
still have the outfit but you’ll get you
the story mode all you have to do from
here is go back online you should still
have the outfit save the outfit and
you’re done like I said before gaming
online is all about looking unique and
different and having a modest Space
Ranger helmet would definitely set you
apart from the rest
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that’s all i have for you today i’ll see
you guys in my next video

39 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online Solo Space Ranger Helmet Glitch Director Mode Glitch 1.48”

  1. Text Tutorial:

    1. Start Story Mode and go into Director Mode

    2. Go to Actors online pick 2nd Female Character (Paramedic Hat)

    3. Walk out of the trailer so you can have her as recently used

    4. Now shortlist your 1st online character and a bird

    5. Leave Director Mode to single player then go online

    6. Make sure you have no hat or glasses drive to time trail

    7. Start the Time Trail then pick your single player character

    8. Go to Director Mode when in single player

    9. Go to shortlist switch back & forward online character & bird

    10. Birds should duplicate, make sure you over duplicate birds

    11. Character ends up on the hay bale remove the shortlist bird

    12. Go to beach bums and switch the outfit once

    13. Go to recently used and press x on your female character

    14. Go to Actors beach bums shortlist 7 outfits Christmas Mask

    15. Pick only Christmas Mask that stay in Director Mode

    16. Reindeer, Elf with no the glasses, Round Gingerbread Masks

    17. Go to the shortlist and remove your online character

    18. Go to actor beach bum and change the outfit once

    19. Go to the recently used and press x on female character

    20. Go back to Actors beach bum and switch the outfit

    21. Now exit Director Mode

    22. When in Story Mode go back to Director Mode

    23. Now go to the shortlist you’ll have the Space Ranger Helmet

    24. Go into Director Mode with outfit pick single player character

    25. When in Single Player you should still have the outfit

    26. Now go online, save the outfit done

  2. Requirements:

    Paramedic outfit Hat on your 2nd Female Character


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