Yoo what’s popping loyalist welcome back to
the channel
this is Dimez ENT AKA flinch guru and
today’s GTA 5 online the video I’m gonna
be showing you guys how to transfer the
duffel bag from one outfit to another
and also how to save it once you
transfer it to a different outfit so the
very first thing that you guys want to
do is select the outfit that has the
duffel bag on it and then you guys want
to call out a buzzer or if you don’t own
a buzzer you guys can use a helicopter
from Merryweather you can request a
helicopter and then you can just steal
the helicopter and fly it yourself so
basically what we want to do here is
grab the helicopter while wearing the
outfit with the duffel bag on it and
just fly up really really high also
we’re doing it over by the mass shops
because right after this we will need to
save this outfit and the only way to
save it with a duffel bag now is to do
it over by the mass shop so I’ll show
you that in a second but once you are up
high in the plane all you guys want to
do is jump out and pull your parachute
immediately so you guys can have time to
open up the interaction menu go down to
style and I’m just gonna switch to the
outfit that I want to put the duffel bag
on and when we land we’re gonna select
this outfit right as our character is
taking off our parachute alright so here
we go
try to land safely like this and write
as your character is taking off the
now select X to switch your outfit and
the duffel bag should transfer just like
that very easily guys alright if it does
not transfer right there it may mean
that you have something glitched on that
outfit that you’re trying to transfer it
to so you might want to use a different
outfit or try to figure out what’s on
that outfit that is glitched and remove
it so now that we have the bag transfer
to the outfit that we want it on the
very next step is to save it so you
might have to wait a little bit to call
out another buzzer but it’s like a
minute now so it’s a very short
the time so only waited like about a
minute to call out this buzzer and from
here we’re just gonna fly up again we’re
over by the math shop so this is why
it’s important to be over by the math
shop also when you jump out the buzzer
you won’t get any wanted stars so that
is really convenient so you won’t have
to worry about getting shot as you’re
doing the glitch because the helicopter
will fall right into the ocean so for
this one we’re gonna pretty much do the
same thing we’re gonna fly up really
high and then we’re gonna pull our
parachute as soon as possible and we’re
gonna try to line ourselves up with the
math shop all right so you can also use
your mat to do this so I’m gonna click
my mat open I’m expanding a few times so
I can see exactly what a math shop is
and I’m gonna just try to line myself up
with it so you guys just want to follow
my lead here so I’m gonna open up my
mini mat right there expand it and imma
just try to fly right up to the mash-up
okay we don’t want to get too close to
the ground at this point because we want
to do it right as our character is
taking off your parachute so I’m apply
as close as I can to the math shop if we
hit it that’s cool just hold forward on
your L stick and spam right d-pad okay
before your character gets up and takes
off the parachute completely and you
should get pulled into the math shop
menu and from there you guys just want
to save the outfit all right so just
save it right over the same slot and
you’ll be good save it over this slot
that you have right here okay so once I
save it I’m just gonna name it something
I will find a place to put it I’ll save
it over here look mom no hands so I’ll
save it right over top of this outfit
and when we back out you’ll notice that
the parachute will fall off but when you
select that outfit again then you’ll
have the duffel bag back so I’ll show
you right here what I’m talking about
so we just saved the outfit and now I’m
a back out my parachute fell off but
it’s okay we still have the duffel bag
I’m gonna open up my interaction menu go
to style select the outfit that we saved
it over and I suggest you guys save it
over the outfit that you were wearing
when you did the glitch and you just
want to select it and you guys will have
that outfit on and you will have the
duffel bag with it so that’s pretty much
all you have to do guys to hit this
glitch very sick very easy very simple
after I showed you guys how to get the
green duffel bag a lot of people was
asking how to transfer it so this is it
hope you guys really liked this one man
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  1. I’m currently trying to freeze the Christmas mask and can not plus my dumb hurts I’m also buying save wizard so when I do I’ll send u the code dimez

  2. When I do this the outfit doesnt have the duffle bag whenever I save it, but the mask shop says I have one on

  3. Still can’t transfer and save. When I switch to the outfit it shows that the duffel bag is invisible

  4. In my opinion a great way to have money on gta v online always seems to work for me

  5. Bro pls try to find a solution for the duffle bag turning into a parachute every time one changes lobbies… it’s fckn annoying… I want a duffle bag that sticks… the reason for this is probably the save method with parachute jump on the mask shop

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