GTA 5 ONLINE – ULTRA RARE PAINT JOBS by Dimez Ent | Modded Enus Paragon R Sports Car

GTA 5 ONLINE – ULTRA RARE PAINT JOBS by Dimez Ent | Modded Enus Paragon R Sports Car

yeah what’s going on guys this is Dimez E.N.T. aka glitch guru and today’s GTA 5
online video I’m gonna be showing you
guys a paint job that I just came up
with for the brand new car the Paragon
it is very dope guys so check this out
and you guys put this on other vehicles
if you want and we’re just gonna do a
parallel sense glitch but on this
particular vehicle he came out looking a
lot different than it would because of
delivery so let’s check it out the very
first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna go in to respray we’re gonna go to
the primary color and we’re gonna go
down to metals and we’re gonna put fresh
black still on the vehicle after putting
brush black still on the vehicle we’re
just gonna back out once go into
metallic you can scroll down one time
back out after that we’re gonna change
one thing on the vehicle so put a crew
emblem on it or change the license plate
or something like that from there you
guys just want to go back into the
primary color and then go to peril
lessons and that will be on lock once
per lessons unlock then you guys want to
put the Simon paint para lessons over
the vehicle and it’s going to come out
looking really really dope
now that we have that we can take it one
step further and we can add this livery
over the vehicle called doing busywork
makes it look very dope and gives it a
deeper color so it’s crazy with the para
lessons and we got the brush black still
and even when you take it outside this
vehicle still looks very colorful very
dark very rich in tone I like the way it
came out as crazy it’s very unique and
different for one and it also has a
really good shine to it that you just
gotta love right so look at my boy
checking it out that’s ex-con set one
right there damn dance you got that heat
yes I do we must have a car show and
also once the give cars to friends
glitches back working I will be willing
to trade cars with you guys again
so if you want this car from me you will
have a chance make sure that you comment
hash tag three three three in a comment
section below for your chance to get one
vehicles and that’s it for this video
you guys I hope you like this paint job
as much as I do it’s definitely one of
my favorites but as always I’m trying to
get this channel to 100,000 subscribers
so please help me help you you guys
share this video with a friend hit the
like button subscribe to the channel
turn on post notifications so you never
miss a single video and that’s it for
your boy glitch guru officially please
stay long

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  1. Look at this dude with ads. Congrats Homie. Been with you since you only had 450 followers. Dude blowing up!

  2. Not related but have the servers been really crap for you? They work perfectly fine for me in the morning but like in the afternoon they go to shit

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